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I met Sue and KI, many years ago, when they first opened shop in MN. I went to one big sale and was amazed at all they were doing. I was doing the same at my own house, with tons of things from Garage sale, auctions and hand-me-downs!!
I love to see what we can do with found things, junk being thrown away and from Freecycle.org!! I love to save money and have unique items. Remaking Junk is a perfect way to do just that~

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TV stand

We love making usable projects from free materials.

More projects

more of our fun salvaged projects.

Barn siding and projects

This is a few of our reclaimed remade projects. We love low or no cost materials and these are example of what we do with them.

Our fireplace

Our fireplace is made from all salvaged bricks and was my husband's own design. We have an insert wood burner and it's our main source of heat. We love it. My husband loves archs, so he designed the...

The Kitchen floor

This is the third part of our work on our custom floors in our home. My husband loves to make a floor come to life. Each room is it's own design and all the wood is scrap that would have been thrown...

Diningroom cherry ribbon scrap wood

We are slowly working on adding wood flooring to our whole upstairs with scrap wood. This wood would have been thrown away, we go to the cabinet maker and get it from their trash. They are oak...

Our Scrap wood floor

Our scrap floor is maple, oak and pine. We are working on the dining room which is going to be Cherry and Maple.

Recent comments

Re: Cornice Makeover

What a lovely room... You have a great eye for detail~

Re: My Latest Salvage Yard Haul

What great finds.. What do you think you will make?

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

THANKS so much for the wonderful comments~ We love doing projects together and have so many things planned at our house that we can't seem to decide what to do next. The wood floor has been by far the biggest project so far. All the work was well worth it. I will post other photos as we progress!! Again, THANKS~