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My Little Chair

I found this little chair at my favorite junk store for $3. It's amazing what a little paint and a pot of flowers can do. A friend told me she has seen something similar at craft sales for $40. Wow!!

My Patio

I wanted a room divider to cover up the "working part" of my house. I found this one in someone's trash! How dare they!. It was perfect except it was a little too plain. A fern stensil & some...

Potting Bench

This was my first go at a carpentry project. I've always been scared of the saws. But with my sons help I got over that & was abl to build this great potting bench. I used an old door for the...

Recent comments

Re: Do you see what I see?????

Those star thingys leaning against the tree are exactly what I have been lookng for. I want to paint them bright colors & add a smaller sprocket or gear to the center painted a different color. I want to attach them to my privacy fence & then paint "stems" on the fence for some great garden junk flowers.
I have junk envy here!!

Re: Cord Hide-Away

This is really innovative. I love it!

Re: Waiting for spring!!

OMG, I love this. What an awesome idea! And even a drawer to keep your suet cakes in! I love it!!

Re: Crib planter

This is too cute!! I recognize you from another decorating site. Welcome aboard! I can't wait to see more of your creations.

Re: My Potting Shed

Wow! This is the cutest little potting shed I have ever seen! And the fact that it is all recycled makes it even sweeter. I absolutely love this. I will be looking to this for inspiration when I am ready to build mine.

Re: Table

Just beautiful! I love your style. Can't wit to see more.

Re: Chandelier

OMG, whaat an absolutely fantastic idea! I love chandeliers, but sometimes they are just too frou frou for me. This is just perfect! Now I'll have to find a place for one of these. Thanks for the idea.

Re: My Little Chair

Thanks Jenny. I love German Shepherds & have 3 of them. 78 is my house number. This is the entrance to my home.

Re: East meets Midwest

Wow, this is just terrific. Looks like a piece right out of an import store & we all know how much they would charge for something like this!

Re: Trash 2 treasure

Oh my, this is just wonderful! I was thinking along the same lines as everyone else that there really could be no hope for these dreadful tables. But you certainly changed my mind!