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A junker for years, I have developed excellent Toolbelt Diva skills (I have more power tools than most of my male neighbors and they actually come to me to borrow tools!). I consider dumpster diving and bulk trash scavenging to be the finer forms of recycling and reuse of items intended for landfills. I am now a proud member of the local Trash2Treasure Creative Reuse Center, where I get to load up on stuff, drop off stuff, and use my moniker, the Trashy Wench, with pride.

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Recycled Shade Arbor with Stained Glass Window

My cottage home's backyard is tiny, and consists of a surface of wood decking, pea gravel and brick, and I have three dogs.  My landlord lets me be creative, fortunately. I used rescued...

Footboard "Fretwork"

My little cottage home has only two rooms, both of which are dual use.  The living room/kitchen needed a little something to separate the living room from the kitchen without obstructing views...

Cinder Block Raised Planter Bed

I wanted a raised planter bed in my yard along my fence (to make it a little harder for my dogs to dig in the plant bed) and to give me some more color when I looked out my patio doors.  A...

Junky Door Display Unit

I am a packrat in that I rescue things people are tossing that seem like they could be used for something else and move them around with me for years until I figure out what to do with them a...

Sink Strainer Windchimes

I am a windchime addict, and junky windchimes are the best sounding, I truly believe.  I made these windchimes using sink strainers, the metal kind that are formed by a wire screened mesh that...

Shabby Chic Windchimes

A few years ago, I purchased a hanging lamp with an ornate cutout metal rim around it and a tacky 60ish huge glass globe which covered the bulb inside. It didn't work, and I only wanted it for the...

Trash2Treasure Reuse Center Sign

Using a footboard that I bought for $10 from Habitat for Humanity's ReUse Store (which I purchased only for the posts at each end; I removed them, mounted them on top of each other, and turned...

Doggie "Porthole" or Living Room Window in Garden Gate

My dogs would go crazy when other dogs were walked by us.  I solved the problem by using a scrap piece of plexiglas and leftover fence pickets to cut out and fashion a "doggie porthole" or...

Recent comments

Re: Take another little piece of my junker's heart windchime

This is MY kind of garden windchime! I love what you put together!

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

Oh! This lamp is so Neat! And I love and appreciate the little sketch that you included; it makes it even easier to figure out the details we are seeing in the photos! Brilliant!

Re: Another JUNK wind chime...

This "junky wench" likes your junky wrench a whole lot! Now I have to find some for my own set of windchimes! Thank you for the idea!

Re: One cool ride

wowee! my little pickup truck took a beating from Hurricane Wilma, and now the abused areas are starting to look needy. I might just do the paint job it needs myself and see if I can have a Florida Funky Paint Job competition with this car you found! If people ask what color my truck is, I could say all of them! Thanks for sharing this little gem on wheels!

Re: Rusty repurpose!

Wow! Absolutely no effort involved except your creative ability to see something else when you look at that metal cylinder. The best (and easiest) kind of reuse! I love how it looks!

Re: Sink Strainer Windchimes

In response to shabbychic5's question about whether or not I sell items on eBay or a website, the answer is no, but I used to sell these sort of creations at some shops in Warm Springs, Georgia when I lived there while waiting for the insurance to pay for the hurricane damage to the one and only house I ever owned in Florida.

And thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments!

Re: Trash2Treasure Reuse Center Sign

The Trash2Treasure Reuse Center does offer clsses in working with "junque" and I am going to start volunteering to offer a few this summer. They have a pirate theme going there (Share Your Booty" and so forth), so Ihave decided to call myself a Trashy Wench!