Nia Sayers, Bellingham, WA, US

I own a little furniture company that specializes in reupholstering and repurposing pieces that might normally be headed to the trash. I have an Etsy shop called Summerland and LOVE creating comfortable, one-of-a-kind decor that people will take care of and hand down to their grandchildren. I also do custom upholstery for clients and try -- mostly unsuccessfully -- to keep my house in order, my 2 boys off the roof and my husband inspired to join me in my adventures.

My website is and I'd love to amp up my followers on my blog: Introduce yourself and say hi sometime. I love meeting people from all over the world who understand this way of life!

I love this community of supportive, encouraging junkers and am tickled to have found this site!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/15/1972

Member Since: 04/02/2010

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Graphic Punch!

Most of my projects are created to serve some sort of utilitarian function. But not this time. This one is just about something that you hang on your wall to look cool. I made it out of an old...

Built-In Desk Nook

Over the past few years we've been finishing out the building that houses our water pump and filtration system. We call it the pumphouse but it's really supposed to be my office. This desk nook...

Recent comments

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Your work is stunning every time. Looking forward to seeing the back-in-time immense piece.

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

Incredible!! So great that it found an appreciative new owner too. Nice work!


Re: Garden Potting Bench

That could not have turned out cuter! High style!


So pretty! I'm getting my inventory ready for a show coming up in a couple of weeks and chalkboards are on my list. Mine will be much more rustic, though. Good luck with your show! -- Nia

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans

Now that gives me hope! I have 2 boys (just 6 and 7) but here's proof that junking/recycling can be manly!

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

Might just have to dig around to find my stash of picture frame parts and pieces! I know I have at least one box. LOVE the idea! I have a vintage photo from the 40's of a woman on the street standing next to a Santa. I've always loved the photo but couldn't figure out how to make it stand out. This would make a perfect Christmas display. (I know, it's not even summer and I'm thinking about Christmas!)


Re: A Lamp For The Birds

I LOVE this -- and hand drawn scrolls to boot! Nice work!


Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

Beautiful. Well done! -- Nia

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

Love this idea. I wonder if my mom still has hers that I remember from childhood!