bragg creek, calgary, AB, CA

i have been collecting, buying,and selling junk, antiques and fabulous fashions for about 1 million years now. i went to art college about 2 million years ago.

i currently live in just restored 60 year old heritage log cabin, in the deep dark forest at the foothills of the canadian rockies. it is here that i live the gorgeous and talented daughter, georgia. joker(stoic elder lab), johnny be good(rescue mutt) and tre cool(terrorist kitten).

i now have the time to live my dream, of combining my many years of retail(1 million) with creating...and so far so good my dears!

i have a shop etsy(suelovesjunk) and a blog-suelovesjunk@blogspot

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/12/1959

Member Since: 07/19/2009

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pocket watch necklaces

i had fun making these, none of these watches worked or were worth fixing, so i though i would try to make some groovy pendants.  they're available on my etsy shop, so that's nice

score! 1920's gas station light

I scooped the pair of these 1920's gas station lights at the world famous "CANADIAN PICKERS"  auction.  It's a TV show just like "THE AMERICAN PICKERS" but betters. I'm going to put them in...

folk art memory bottles

so, i got the idea to do a series of these, from an old "crackerjack" whiskey bottle i got at the local thrift store.  i used broken jewelry bits, single earrings, milagros, old photos and...

free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

this old dresser was actually dropped off(ok,dumped actually)in my back alley. i could have refinished it, but i took the lazy route and made it into a planter.  notice the built in drainage, in...

is it art?

these are a couple of paintings i've been fooling around with. "jimmy" was a thrift store find.  i love amateur or outsider paintings.  so honest and earnest. i just added a little more to...

my junky little garage

i don't think counts as a project, does it? but i thought i would play show and tell. every sign has a memory associated with it.  some people have photo albums, me? i have a garagethis...

1930's movie theater sign

i went to our local antique show this weekend.  there wasn't very much junk at all, mainly fancy shmancy antiques. BUT, i did find this wonderful sign kit. from the 1930's. it was used in the...

painted western belt

i started painting some vintage leather hand tooled belts and purses. the local artisan group i'm in(holla bragg creek) did a leather demo at our last meeting and it got me inspired to do something...

more flea market scoops!

all for under $50.00 canadian dollars! including the fabulous old bellows camera. i'm using the 7-up carton to hold my paint brushes and sharpies inside pickle jars.

my latest flea market finds

my scoops after a sunday of hunting our local flea market all for under $50.00!  i took the skirt hemmer, and used it for a stand for the "forever" collage i put together. i got the idea for...

altered antique bottles and charms

i got the idea from a bottle i got at a flea market years ago. it was covered with plastic crackerjack toys and then sprayed gold. so i took some of the old bottles i've had for a while, and dug into...

leaded glass cross bottle topper

i have collected old bottles since i was 12.  my buddy elizabeth(fabulous stained glass artist) showed me how to make this cross. it is leaded and we soldered the heck out of a flattened bottle...

junk love bingo board

an old bingo board from my fav thrift store, and some new balls from my fav home decor shop

Recent comments

Re: Upcycled Custom Blue Glass Silverplate Tray Bird Feeder

mmmmm, so glamorous!

Re: Making a flea market cart liner with leftover materials

hey, that looks great, i wonder if i can make one in time for The Farm Chicks Show?

Re: Attention Idaho Junkers

hey this is within road trip distance, thanks for the heads up!

Re: Jewelry Display from a Salvaged Lamp

well done, practical and pretty

Re: Miss Che Vious

she is so lovely, and what a great name, perfection!

Re: Garage Sale Cubby Table

i love your room, it is so me. very inspiring, girl!

Re: Mama's Happy and Mama's Open!

oh man, that is my kinda store. next time in Minnesota I'm there

Re: Colander Planter Just add BEADS

i'm stealing this idea, for sure! brilliant!

Re: new cake stand

hellooooo clarshome! i am just going through the junkmarket site. and i found your comments, yes i would love to meet in nanton. go to my website to get my email address.

happy bunny day, sue

Re: Navigational Chart Tote

what a good son!

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

hey good one, to take something so mundane and make it beautiful and useful. you are a very smart cookie!

Re: more flea market scoops!

hey jim, if we went junking together we would both have to wear elbow pads!

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

can i borrow the page garland.....maybe at christmas time? the booth looks fantastic, if i was there i would a bunch of stuff

Re: "W"

this is some impressive Work here! Marie has got mad skills!

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

the globe lamps are the best, so smart!

Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

the galvinized grey and the pink are stunning together...yummy

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

my likey a lotty!

Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

oh my, i'm starting a savings jar tonight, so i can go next year. this just sounds like junk mecca.....junk, cupcakes, anthropologie fashion and like minded junk-a-holics! seriously, i am making that my holiday for next year my dears

Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

oh my, i'm starting a savings jar tonight, so i can go next year. this just sounds like junk mecca.....junk, cupcakes, anthropologie fashion and like minded junk-a-holics! seriously, i am making that my holiday for next year my dears

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

hi ranch dressing, great name..tee hee. it's all in the magic glue! gorilla that is!
cheers, sue

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

hi pofolks, i love the love note mysterious and lovely...
cheers, sue

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Hi sue whitney!
when i picked up your magazine with the dvd in it I thought we were twins too! except your abode is far more "ella-gantay!" mine is more "cabin junque-y".
i am pretty excited as i just figured out how to get to these comments(duh!) i thought nobody was enjoying my stuff. i am going to answer every single one of them.
"that remnants of the past show" looks so good....
please take lots of photos
"junkmarket style" is helping me get through this long winter!
cheers, sue

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

ooooooeeeee, this looks so great, i can't come as it is about a million miles from western canada. pahleese take 2 million photos for us that cannot make it. it's a great concept all the way around!

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

are you kidding me with that tree topper? brilliant on all levels. i really like your stuff

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

wow, you are a smart cookie. this is brilliant, i've been pondering what the heck to do with these pretty frames for years, seriously, years


i used to see these tanks all the time in thrift shops, i liked 'em then but didn't commit 'cause i couldn't figure out what to do with them. now i know, here's hoping i'll see some again

Re: Bottle Christmas Tree

this is gorgeous...what a smart kid you are!

Re: Happy Birthday to ME!

can't wait to see what you'll make with clarinet. i have been drawn to old tarnished, broken instruments lately and i haven't figured out what to do with them yet. the daughter did start painting over one of the guitars though. i'll sneak a photo of it when she's done

Re: TV stand

this is right up my alley, i love the contrast between the rough old wood and the shiney new electronics...and the wood was free? wow

Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

oooh this is so pretty, a magical world made from junk!it puts me in the mind of tim burton

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

i am sooo feeling your love of crappy stiff rusty brushes! and a tin for a lampshade? that is so awesome

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

i love how these look like a fancy museum installation. brilliant using the receipt spike deallies!


o my garsh, i love this idea........i might try it, except that i think my crappy ol fridge doesn't deserve the junk love

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

wow, what a fab joint you have, well done. Your "manny" is officially a "judy"