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Wine a little bit .......

  I made from a found plaque from thrift store that states "Wine A Little Bit And You'll Feel Better." I attached to frame from thrift store that I painted, of course, wine. Added are wine...

Spring Fling

My husband and I found this wooden chair curbside on an early morning walk. The sweet man that he is, carried it about 1/2 mile back home for me. I painted it a fun color that I had on hand from...

Free and Cheap Garden Accents

Recently found objects and thrift store buys that have joined others in my garden and outside areas.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Redo

Bought this dresser for $60 at local thrift store. I painted it with paint I had on hand in bright blue, orange, and green to match my grandson's comforter. Replaced the knobs...

Tuesday Trash Finds

Some of my latest neighborhood trash finds. Red wooden table with coasters, red axe handle, 2 boat oars, 2 bar stools, very sturdy wooden chair. Any ideas on what to do with any of this would be...

Wheelbarrow Update

I have posted this wheelbarrow before but it is ever evolving. I took out some plants and added some junk. The base was part of a column that broke off and the red glass is the base off an old coal...

It's a trashy day in the neighborhood.

It's a trashy day in the neighborhood.

Junker's Jackpot

I am so glad I started back my walking program today. Look at the awesome curbside find. Five boards of hardware - some almost full. I almost ran back home to get my Tahoe to pick them up. I was so...

Christmas in July

Out thrifting on a very hot day in the south and found a little bit of winter comfort.

Shadow Boxes

I made these shadow boxes for my daughter and son-in-law. They were made completely from recycled objects including game pieces, license plate, Shell road map from the 60's, small vintage toys...

Once upon a time.......

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Mississippi, there was a Chiminea that warmed the hearts and souls of the Humans. Then an evil wizard broke the Chiminea and it was place on the roadside for...

O Spring of Junk

I am decorating my garden with curbside finds and thrift store bargains.

Wreath of Rust

Wreath made from rusty chicken wire from neighbor's garbage, vintage watering can from thrift store, old garden tool I still use and rusty tin butterfly and bee. 

Suzy V Dressed for Spring

I bought this wicker mannequin at an antique flea market. My mother was horrified that I would actually pay for this and she named her Suzy. The lady at the flea market said she was Venus so now I...

Heart of Toile

I made this for my mother out of recycle items. It started with a wooden heart found at the thrift store. I love toile and never pass up material or in this case wallpaper. I put different toile...

Mirror of Memories

This was a labor of love for my sister. Included in the design are wallpaper decoupaged to the surface, tatting made by our grandmother many years ago, mother or pearl buttons that belonged to...

What do a rusty wheelbarrow, gas can, and hand saw have in common?

Answer: Yard arrangement. Rusty and old items found curbside.


I found this little brass and copper potpourri simmering pot and brass candle holders at thrift store. I made this to hang on my newly built deck.

Halloween Decoration

Picture arrangement made from photos taken in nearby city of real "spooky" locations. There are 3 8x10's connected with Spanish Moss on corners and fringe at the bottom of middle picture. Except for...

Friday's Trash Finds

I love trash days. Look what I found down the street. A lamp, 2 shades, and old clock. Any suggestions.

Wooden Utility Spools

To the junker who inherited all the utility spools. I saw these in front of store in New Mexico. Great stuff.

Fall Arrangement

Just obtained this squirrel from thrift store and thought he would make good fall display at front door. Any suggestions on arrangement. Haven't glued anything yet. Also shutters were made from old...

Recent comments

Re: Bread Bag Tabs Art

This is too cool!

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

I have shed envy.

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

I have shed envy.

Re: The rest of the wall.........................

Love it. I too have lived with the arrangement over my sofa for a couple of years but ready for a change. I love your smile board. It has inspired me. I rescued some cabinet doors recently from the garbage. One would be perfect for that. I also have old measuring stick. Will be copying you. Thanks.

Re: Tie Chair

I like the way you twisted the ties. How did you attach? Never seen it done this way before.


I love this. I have an old calendar with Audrey's pictures. I have one framed in my dressing room. I have recently started looking for vintage handbags and didn't know why. Now I know. Fellow junkers must have a special brain wave or something.

Re: Suzy V Dressed for Spring

Junque. I can't part with her but she has a twin at Arnold's Furniture & Collectibles, 118 S Main St, Ripley, MS 38663 (662) 837-6004. You don't know how funny it would be for him to be contacted about buying it. They were shoved down under a display. I had to literally dig them out.

Re: toille trunk

Beautiful. I love toile as you can see in my "Heart of Toile." You motivate me to try something big.

Re: Okay I admit it, I'm addicted to Thrift Stores

Hi, my name is Sharen and I am a thrift store addict. This site enables. Gotta love it. I go thrifting every Tuesday. Always come home with something.

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

I thought I had a lot of suitcases. You have me beat. I'm jealous. And not only stylish but wonderful for storage. I have one with a Harlem Globetrotter sticker on it. The stories they could tell.

Re: Solar Chandalier...

That is the greatest idea.

Re: "Yes" another window project!!

I absolutely love your style. I have a few 6 pane windows and you just inspired me to "get funky with it".

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

I actually have an apron that belonged to my grandmother that is made very similar to yours. I am going to look at it closer and see if it is made from a sack. I'm pretty sure it may be. It is also an off white color with red trim. Love all your items.

Re: Window

I love your window. I have 5 old 6 pane windows that I picked up last year at a garage sale for $5. Is the glass still in the window?

Re: Drawer Caddy

Also good for under bed storage. But this one is too pretty to hide under the bed. Love it.

Re: Door Headboard for the Guest Room

Love the headboard. My headboard is also a door. Love the height of yours. I also save the toiletries, especially the good stuff, and also have them available in guest bath. Your containers are good.

Re: What can I do with all these?

Saw great furniture in store in New Mexico. Painted great colors.

Re: Fall Arrangement

What a great idea.

Used some more of that wood on wall at the end of kitchen. Will post picture. Still have lots left. Any suggestions?

Re: Garden Adornment

Love the look. I've done similar using the head and foot.