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Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is made from an antique baby bottle warmer, brass candle stick parts, mixer stand.  If you look close you can see a little astronaut looking out the window.

You Shall Live

Made this one for a friend who collects Day of the Dead stuff.  It's my second wood and skull robot, this time with a steampunk twist. The wings are made from typewriter mechanisms; body is the...


Elephabot is built from an electric tea pot, antique roller skates, and fan blades. She emits a soft pink glow from her trunk when she's happy.

Help me think of a name!

I'm not sure what this guy's name is but he sure seems happy.  6" tall, metal candy tin christmas ornament, rc car parts, camera lens, typewriter parts, clock cogs.


I made Greeniebot for my oldest daughter for Christmas 2008.  He's modeled after a robot in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.  Bicycle headset, led flashlight, typwriter parts, electric motor...


My wife and daughters, who have pronounced my robots as cute, are all creeped out by by this fellow. Indeed, this may be the 'darkest' robot I've made. He's one of my favorites. He's also my first...


My youngest daughter (12) had to build a model of an arachnid for science and asked if she could build a robot arachnid.  My only suggestions for this one were the copper toilet tanknbspfloat...


These are some of the first robots I made.


Robopup is totally house trained, loves kids and other dogs and robots.  He's made with an antique flashlight, rollerskate wheels, some sort of chrome grill thingy from an old car, and fan...

Laser Pistol

Laser Pistol is made from a vintage solder gun, brass candle stick, vacuum tube.


Piperbot was a gift for a pal's new baby.  The family has four of these bots: Kristoferbot, Ivybot, Piperbot, and Elibot.  Antique wood blocks, vintage vacuum tubes


It's a boy!  Featherflite was supposed to be a Christmas gift but ended up as a 2nd Sunday of Lent gift.  He's 26" tall & 25 lbs.  He's the heaviest and tallest I've made yet and...

In progress

Just about done with this one.  He's going to be a Christmas gift.


8", miniature transistor radio, flashlight,ice cream scoops, pewter box cover

Happy Boy

14", antique Hunter flashlight, natural gas line, plastic gears, electrical conduit, measuring cups, antique Erector Set instruction book cover, fire extinguisher guage, plastic action figure

Junk Angel

12" tall, wood and silver salt shaker, circular saw blade, wiring, antique Erector Set cog.


Coffeebot is made from a 40 cup coffee pot, camera lenses, bun steamer, towel hook, and extension ladder feet.


Grinderbot is made from a Starbuck's mint tin, vacuum tube, Dremel brushes, copper tubes, and electical motor parts.

Altered Altar

I've got this old altar and I'd appreciate your ideas for what to do with it.  It also has a mantle-shaped base that is 3 inches wider on each side. 

Recent comments

Re: AAJMS.... A Work in Progress

Hi Sue, I only get to the Twin Cities a couple of times a year and I always stop at Art & Architecture. I was there yesterday, Fri. October 8 and I lamented that I was missing your opening by just one week. A fellow named Jim invited me to go upstairs and check it out.

It's fantastic! My favorites were the "Fun" room and the big ol' jar of clock parts. Saw lots of good robot parts so I can't wait to get back when you're officially open. Please tell Jim "Thanks" from me.

Darin Wiebe

Re: Custom Cigar Box Guitars

Sweet! Wish there was a way to hear it.

Re: You Shall Live

Oh, and totally by accident, it's head bobbles.

Re: Elephabot

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Elephabot has struck a lot of fancies. I'm not opposed to cute but my next project is a skeleton angel in flight. Stay tuned.

Re: Arachnibot

The grades are in. She got 100%!

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

I love that place! Looks like a good reason to travel to the Cities.

Re: Junk Angel

Thanks for the kind words everybody. Nothingwasted, I just used a pneumatic cutting wheel. Not a lot of precision with that tool; I had to grind and file the curve of the wings. I didn't dull the blade at all. It's pretty old and worn as is, and missing some of its carbide tips. I just used one blade by chalking the basic curve I wanted, cutting it out, turnin it over and repeating.

Re: Altered Altar

My wife and I are both Lutheran pastors. We were serving a congregation in northern Wiconsin that had renovated its sanctuary 25 years earlier. One night at a council meeting a member said he had been storing it in his barn for 25 years and it was time for him to get rid of it. Nobody said a word, so my wife said, "We'll take it." This was the beginning of our junkmarket life. I did suggest using it as a headboard (it'll fit a queen) but my wife says that would be bringing our work home. :) As for now, it is a warm adornment to my office. Thanks for the input, I'll chalk up one more vote for headboard.