Hampton, NH, US

I have been a junker for as long as I can remember. Its the most wonderful feeling to look at something that was disregarded by everyone else, and see the beauty and potential in it.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it ~Confucius

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Birthday: 07/10/1982

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A Fairy Library

When I'm not working (as a school librarian) or fixing up furniture and decor for my house from roadside finds, I can be found working on my dollhouses.   This little project is a combination of...

roadside find- bench

Last week I saw this bench on the side of the road. It was too big for my car so I made my husband go back for it in his Jeep. It had a large split in the side so I had to stabilize it first, and...


I got these for free the other day from our school's art teacher. They fit me, and I've had fun wearing them aound the yard, but they're obviously not practical at all, so I'm trying to think of...

roadside candle sconces made over

Back in April I found these sad looking wooden candle sconces on the side of the road with some other stuff. I removed the little holder for the candle tapers, so that each sconce had just a simple...

reclaimed wood mermaid

A while back, my husband answered an ad on Craigs List advertising free wood, so he went to get some (we have a wood burning stove). He was disappointed that the free wood wasn't really firewood...

dream catcher from vintage doily

I got inspired to make one of these after seeing linda choate's post a little while ago.   I had a whole stash of vintage linens and doilies, and I also had a bunch of beads and little dodads...

vintage bassinet found on roadside

what shall I use it for?

Free and Homemade Christmas Decorations

So I haven't posted anything in a long time, although I have been checking in and seeing all the amazing things you all post. Thought I'd post a few pics of my holiday finds and projects to get back...

Mixed Media Collage

An old magazine page and a generic decoration plaque are the base of my mixed media collage

My Mermaid Chair

I think this chair was a roadside find. It sat for a long time in my side yard, waiting to be made over. I love mermaids, and I decided I wanted at least one piece of mermaid-centric furniture, but...

Roadside Find Chair to Shabby Chic Dining Chair

I think I am furnishing my entire new home with stuff I find on the roadside.  . .

Dresser from Roadside

Sorry the pic isn't great, I took it using my MacBook b/c I couldn't find my camera.

Another stool

This old stool came out from an old barn. It just begged for a children's book theme. What better story for an old barn stool than Charlotte's Web?   Sorry the pic is kinda dark and blurry, but...

Book Mobile

Been wanting to do one of these for a while

Another Children's Book Inspired Furniture Piece

This just a plain old wooden stool.   I really enjoyed making my Wizard of Oz themed chair a while back, so I decided I wanted to make another book-themed piece.   The Giving Tree idea just...

Another kitchen chair redone

This is the 2nd chair that came from that huge stockpile of vintage stuff my husband and I found on the roadside. The first was was redone in a strawberry/calico fabric that I found in a thrift...

Chairs from the Roadside

My husband and I found 2 chairs along with all the other vintage stuff. I reupholstered one yesterday with this fabric from the thrift store- perfect for my future, vintage-inspired kitchen!

Vintage Finds from the Roadside!

Last Friday, my husband told me he'd seen a bunch of stuff on the side of the road a couple blocks away. We took a walk down there to check it out, and came away with this great vintage loot, plus...

Antique Chair: My First Attempt at Reupholstery!!!

One of my colleagues gave me some stuff from his barn b/c he knows I like to refinish and refurbish. I think this chair is from the late 19th century, but I'm not sure. It's very regal looking, and I...

Computer Monitor Diorama

I'd been wanting to do something w/ an old computer monitor for a while. I searched craig's List, but I ended up getting one from a guy that was donating them to Goodwill. I asked if I could just...

Side Table from Found Sled

I'm sorry the pictures are so dark- the flash on my camera cannot compete with winter mornings. I found this antique sled on the side of the road in Maine, ready for the trash truck! The wood was...

Photo Display from Old Frame

My 1 Year Anniversary is this weekend! My husband and I decided that instead of buying gifts for each other, we're going to make them. I've had this old brown frame for a while because the glass...

Roadside Dining Chair Makeover

Found this old dining chair on the side of the road. It was an ugly, 70's yellow color, and had an equally ugly upholstery fabric on the seat.   It seemed dirty, so I started scrubbing it, and I...

Wizard of Oz chair

Found this chair on the side of the road. Was sturdy and stable, but the ugly dark green paint was chipping off. Since it's the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie) this year...

Ugly Wood Laminate TV stand makeover

I forgot to take a photo of this ugly, wood laminate Tv stand thing before I did the makeover, but I think you all know what they look like when they're straight out of the box from Walmart or Big...

Porch Reconstruction= Architectural Salvage!

So I rent an apartment that is located in an 1880's mansion in NH. I LOVE my apartment and the house its in, but because the home is antique, there is always something that needs to be repairedMy...

Driftwood Christmas Centerpiece

I know it's too early for Christmas, and I wasn't planning on making any holiday decorations- this one just came together on its own.   I found this great, long piece of driftwood on the beach...

Rocking Horse rescue

Found this rocking horse on the side of the road one day. Was plain wood, and labeled 'hand crafted in Maine". I painted it a nice blue color and since this pic I have distressed it a little bit to...

Free Roadside Table

Found this table for free on side of road. Carried it home w/ hubby's help. Was clean and stable, but unremarkable. a Alittle primer, paint, distressing and stenciling and it looks much better!

Roadside Find

Last Saturday I found this sweet, vintage doll crib on the side of the road. It's in rough shape for sure, but I think I can save it!

My New Apartment!

After living in a slum for about 2 years, my fiance and I are extraordinarily lucky to move into this charming place. It is a portion of a Victorian mansion! The man who built it used his wifes...

Sad Little End Table

I saw this sad little table waiting by the dumpster and decided to save it. The tapered, curving legs reminded me a of a ballet dancer, with a starched tutu above. And the shape of the top reminded...

Branch with suspended glass pendants

I have been wanting to try this project for months now, but I didn't have the time or a good sized branch. A couple weeks ago I went for a walk in maine and found this one, so I decided to bring it...

Wedding Decorations Thus Far

Hi everyone! Been very busy lately with wedding planning. Just thought I'd post some of the stuff I've done so far. The reception is going to be in a lodge called the White House. Outside is pretty...

Quick Chair Makeover

Sorry I do not have a before pic of this chair, but it was nothing special. plain wood, kinda dirty.   I painted it white at first, but it looked too plain. Yesterday morning I got bored so I...

Vintage Christmas Collection

I love vintage Christmas stuff!

a 'Novel' idea

this is a project I helped out with at work. Every 2 years, there is a Festival of Trees in our area, and the library I work at always submits a creation to be judged. This year we made a noveltree...


So.  .  .two weeks ago my Eric took me up to Vermont for a "weekend away". When we arrived, there was a beautiful log cabin, with a view of the mountains, tucked in the woods that was...

More Windchimes

I LOVE making windchimes. They're so easy, there are so many possibilities, and I love the sounds they make. I end up keeping almost all of them, but I think I am going to make at least one for a...

UGLY nightstand transformation

I do not like to use the word "ugly' a whole lot because I believe that eveything has its own unique kind of beauty.  .  .but I really had trouble finding it in this nightstand that was...

Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

I found this little end table w/ built in magazine racks at the dumpster, waiting to be hauled away. Even though I am quickly running out of space in my apartment, I knew this little table would be a...

scrap molding and golden birds

I had thie piece of decorative molding kicking around for about a year. I found it at the Crumpton auction sometimes last year when I still lived in Maryland. I had the teal and white paint left over...

wicker chair make-over

That ugly, broken, faded wicker chair from my previous post?   Yup, this is the same one. With a few coats of red paint, a new cuchion (goodwill) and cover (also goodwill) it looks much better...

Latest Curbside Find

I love wicker furniture. I rescued this chair from the curb on my way home from work today and i cannot wait to give it a new life.   Anyone have any color suggestions? I am thinking shiny...

another windchie/suncatcher chandelier

I made this suncatcher/windchime chandelier out of old jewelery and do-dads from Goodwill and a hanging basket (upside down) from Dollar Tree. I love making them, but I am running out of places to...

Crystal suncatcher mini-chandelier

I got the frame by cutting open a mini-lampshade. It was a brassy gold color, so I spray painted it silver. I salvaged the crystals from an old lamp and an old candelabra. I kept the candelabra, but...

dilapidated rocking chair redux

I love giving an old forgotten object a new life. :)

another bird bath

As soon as I spotted that ugly light fixture, I knew I could do something with it. I wanted to make another birdbath, but I didn't have a base. Finally, the Goodwill gods smiled down on me and I...

Isn't it wonderful?

I found this old rocking chair as I was driving home from work yesterday. It wouldnt fit in my backseat, so I had to park at home, then walk back for it, carry it up 3 flights of stairs to my...

Simple Snowflake mobile

I've been hoping to make a chandelier soon, so I've been looking online at a bunch of different designs ttrying to get inspired. I came across a little decoration that used an embroidery hoop and...

simple canopy from pretty sheet

Some time ago, I  saw a project in a magazine about making a simple, light canopy to hang in the backyard to read under, and just relax underneath (there were also instructions how to make a...

Norma Jeane wine bottle lamp

I got this bottle of wine as a Christmas present. I saved it for a little while, and then after I enjoyed the wine i couldn't bear to get rid of the bottle. So, naturally I turned it into a...

Tightening the Belt(s)

I know that some other people have done belt chairs before, but this is my first one. This ladder back chair was given to us by my bf's parents. It had the rope/raffia type seat, but my cat decided...

is it almost time for the junk swap?

Is it almost time for the junk swap? I've been waiting all year- it's like  a second Christmas for me! I haven't heard anything about it yet, but I hope we plan to have one this year. I've been...

In need of inspiration! lots of lamp junk to use!

I have lots of lamp junk that I need to use! Would love to hear your ideas!

sweet little find

just something sweet

Simple Little Desk Makeover

I picked up this little school desk for $3.99 at Goodwill last week. The top of it was dirty, with stickers, scotch tape remnants and paint splatters stuck on it. The metal portions were painted that...

Fun Flea Market Finds

The Mary Frances Cook Book from 1912: $1. If the girl onj the cover seems familiar, its b/c the illustrator is Margaret G. Hays, the woman who created the Campbell's Soup kids! The book is in poor...

Tag Sale Finds

I peruse Craigs List regularly for free stuff/ tag sales to check out. There was a tag sale to benefit a youth center, so we drove 30 mins to it. When i first walked in, i was really disappointed bc...

Shell Candles

I collected these shells myself from Hampton Beach. Going to the beach is fun- the water looks beautiful, it's peaceful, and there are no tourists around to steal all the shells before I get to...

baby blanket from sweaters

After my first sweater blanket turned out to be a success, at least to me and my mom, I decided I would do another one. the first one was a Christmas present for my mom, and on Christmas, I found out...

The Saga of Thrift Store Barbie

As I mentioned in my previous post, since I havent found a decent flea mkt to go to, I've had to settle for scouring the local thrift stores. I collect vintage toys so I always look through the toy...

assorted finds from today

It's been a while since I had an amazing find, and I have an urge to create stuff. So I decided to go treasure-hunting today. I happened across a Lions Lodge in Maine that was having a little tag...

bird candle sconce

OK, I didn't make this, but I found it today at Goodwill for a buck fifty so I had to share it.   I love it, and my bf noticed it immeditaely when he came home and said it looks nice.

little crystal windchime

I found 2 crystal prisms at the auction when I lived in MD, and I used to hang them in a tree in my yard. Since I moved to NH, I am back in an aprtment, and I have no yard. Therefore, I decided to...

my Christmas Junk Challenge

This wooden craft, shovel thing was given to me this Christmas as a joke by my bf's parents. It's pretty hideous and the handle keeps falling off- but they said that since I am always making things...

Gift Wrap, JMS Style!

I know that it is only October 30th, but I foresee December being a very hectic month, so I'd like to be able to enjoy whatever free time I have and not have to worry about shopping and gift...

Upcycled Sweater Blanket

I bought these sweaters at Goodwill. I felted them, cut them into various sized patches, and then sewed them together by hand. The backing is an old, cheap, fleece blanket that I had. The gray fleece...

dollhouse with found materials

A couple of years ago, I decided that my fairy doll, that I'd had for a number of years, deserved a house. So I set out to make her a suitable home. But it couldn't be just a runofthemill...

2 little fun finds

As I wrote in a previous post, my mom was visiting me for a little while so i didn't get to make my usual 'auction free stuff' post. I took my mom to the auction while she was here and we found alot...

my new desk

I wish I had a 'before' pic of this desk.  It was UGLY! My bf dragged it home from school one day (they were throwing it away) as a replacement for our computer desk, which is falling apart. It...

finally finished my bird bath!

I had alot more pics of what it looked like before and a close-up of the cardboard mold w/ Plaster of Paris in it, but no matter how many times I resized them, they would not upload. I kept getting a...

my yard art

These are just some little things that I've put in my yard so that it reflects my love of junk and whimsy. I didn't want my yard to look like Fred Sanford's, but it looked much too boring before.

free find favorites

I found so much cool stuff todaY!  I had to cut myself off after a while because  I had so much stuff (and I am supposed to be moving later this summer-doh!). But I was glad to walk away...

more free finds!

Just some more things I've found at Crumpton auction.

my work room is starting to fill up again

I have one little room that I use as my work room/studio. It's starting to fill up again with projects and 'future projects'. I keep reminding myself that be moving soon, and that I should be...

I heart instant art

I found 4 of these little frames at the auction a while back. They were an ugly yellow-ish color and has faded pictures of mountain scenes in them. I've only got 2 done so far, but I have ideas for...

from brassy to classy

This is my new candle-ier! Thank you so much to everyone that gave me advice in my last post! I first unscrewed the blulbs, then removed the plastic sleeves that look like the candles, then just...

the loner

This is the only thing I found today on my weekly trip to the auction. It's from an old desk (probably 40's-50's by the look of it). I just loved the lines on this piece of molding, but I have...

Aully, Aully, Auction FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so disappointed not to be at the Art & Architecture JMS event; I HAD to console myself. I stopped in at the auction this morning and bought a slice of choc. chip cheesecake from the...

BIG glass mosaic

I found this frame at the auction months ago. It sat on my porch for a long time, and then I tried to sell it but the people who showed interest ended up not taking it. I've seen some interesting...

another free picture

This is the white chippy picture frame that I found at the auction a while back. The glass was even intact! It just needed a picture. I rescued this print on Wednesday. I am not sure what building it...

my junky bird feeders

Two little bird feeders.

cabinet door turned to shabby chic art

cabinet door found abandoned at the auction. I white washed it and let the carved design come through, and then I added embellishments from old costume jewelery.

Mother's Day project

I've had this teacup and saucer for a while- they're also from the auction. They're very pretty, and it says on the bottom they were made in occupied Japan. They're kinda chipped and cracked...

candle stand

I love making candle stands-they are so incredibly easy and they look so pretty in my home. I thought I had a 'before' pic of this, but I cannot find it now. It was just a small lamp base that i...

Crumpton Stuffffffffff

i found all these wonderful wooden pieces today at the auction. The cabitnet door is going to get painted an embellished. The finnial will probably be used as decoration, but it will need a coat of...

Father's Day project

I found this wooden box last week at the auction. I immediately noticed how heavy ('sturdy') it was. It was painted a grayish color, which i did not mind, but it had splatters of neon orange paint on...

Assorted do-dads that I found at the auction today

Well, I only found a few things at the auction today (not all are pictured here). I was only able to stay a short while since Wednesdays are now one of my work days (boo). But it was a nice day to be...

Pictures of my home: Living Room

As with my kitchen, I have manged to furnish and decorate my living room with lots of bargain finds and free stuff. Just thought I'd share some pictures of my favorite room in my house.

Pictures of my home: the kitchen

Since I will be moving soon, I have set out on a mission to document Maryland, including my home, in pictures so that I can look back and remember it fondly. My house is a cottage on a farm, and...

does anyone want some JUNK???? Online Junk Swap- from me to you!

I hope this is OK with Sue, if not then please let me know. I am cleaning out some of my junk, not because I do not love junk anymore, but simply because I am moving soon and I need to downsize alot...

Junk Swap project: my first attempt at a mosaic

I had been wanting to try a mosaic for a while now, but I lacked the time, inspiration and materials. Finally, I decided to just go for it and see what happened. The wooden frame came to me in my...

JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

I went to the auction yesterday for a bit in the morning. I only got a few things, but I like them all. I might have been able to get more if my bf hadn't been with me; I like spending time with him...

Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

More stuff from my haul today at the Crumpton auction- all FREE of course

Junk, glorious JUNK!!!!!

I hadn't been able to go to the Crumpton auction in a couple months because I'd been working on Wednesdays, but since I am on my break right now, I decided to go out there today. This is part of my...

vintage magazine art: Part 2

Here's my other piecartwork that came from an old magazine. I just love the colors in it, and I also love the fashions from that time period. I already had the black frame, so this was was also 100...

small decoupaged box

This small wooden box came in my box of goodies from my junk-swap partner, Gloria. I had an old Dick and Jane workbook so I decoupaged some of the pictures from it to the box outside. After this pic...

vintage magazine advert

When I saw LaLaVintique's post about her "Mad Men" art, I decided to share my own version of it. Quite a while ago, I found a stack of old magazines. I went through them and tore out all the adverts...

more Junk Swap goodies

more goodies

First Junk Swap project!!!

I received my junk swap package from Gloria (AKA MakinItHappen) on Wednesday. I picked it up from the post office n my way to work that afternoon. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot at work, I...

this old drawer

I found this drawer last year for free. I loved the distressed look of it, so I shoved it into my already packed car to take home. I used it for storage on my screen porch for a while, but I recently...

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

"The caged bird singswith a fearful trillof things unknownbut longed for still" ~Maya Angelou I've had this little cage for a couple years now. I originally bought it on clearance at Peebles ($1.99 I...

shabby chic picture frame

This isn't really the greatest photo- the glare from the lights and camera splotch it up, but I wanted to show my latest creation. I found this beautifyl shabby, wooden frame (say it with me!) at the...

I'm such a dummy. . .

I ALWAYS forget to take before pictures! When I get an idea for a project, I just set to work on it and then later I think "I should have taken a picture of it before I started".  .  oh...

My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

Somewhere along the line, i started collecting vintage dishes that have pink roses as their decorations. I didn't plan to start collecting them, but before I knew it I had a whole box, so I decided...

The Mystifying Oracle

I know that it's a little late, or way too early for Halloween, but I have always loved Ouija boards. I found this for free at the auction (where else?) in December. It was just laying on the ground...

does anyone collect old photos?

All of these photos have been found for free on the ground at the auction- what to do with them?

Old white window frame

Found this window frame a couple weeks ago. I LOVE white chippy paint!!! There's no glass in the frame, but the frame itself seems pretty sturdy. I keep looking at it knowing that it could be...

wooden architectural thing

Yesterday I found this piece. It's wood and I am thinking it was supposed to be a lamp because of the big metal thinh but I am not positive. Maybe it's something else??? I picked it up for free and I...


I found this typewriter at a school yard sale a few months ago. It cost me 2 bucks! I haven't done much with it yet- it's sitting on the old school desk in my bedroom surrounded by beloved antique...

Madame Alexander doll from yard sale

Sorry I have been MIA for a while- my own computer does not have a program to resize my pictures so I had to do this on a comp. at work- does that make me a bad employee?? This post isn't about...

more candle stands

I made 2 more standle stands recently out of other wooden posts that i had. The tallest one is solid, heavy wood and it has supports that I made out of wood I found next to my shed and 3 brackets I...

junk sconce display

I found this old gold wooden frame at the auction quite a while back. It originally had a mirror in it but it was broken beyond repair so I just took it out. Then recently I found the little...

shadow box from an old drawer

I found this old drawer a couple weeks ago. It's all wood, but it was scratched really badly, and it was missing its handles. I painted it white, then sanded the paint so it looks aged. The I...

vintage magazines

found these old magazines on the ground at the auction. I picked them up so that I could tear out the old advertisements in there.

gorgeous teddy

I found this handsome guy in the dirt outside the auction house! When I found him, his head had come off and both of his legs were ripped open. I took  pity on him and packed him up. When i got...

candle stand

I found these wooden posts at the auction a while back. I knew I wanted to make them into candle stands. I bought a round wooden disc at Walmart for $1.12 that I attached to the top w/ Gorilla Glue...

old metal candy box

found this 2 weks ago at the auction. It's pretty, but I just wish there wasn't so much rust on it. Is there any way to clean the rust off w/o damaging the paint?

the ugly little bookshelf that could. . .

Some of you might remember my post a while ago about an ugly bookshe;f that was giving me a hard time.I found it for free and I desperately needed another shelf for all my books, but man was it...

addicted to old windows

I found this window over a month ago at the auction. I cleaned it up but I couldn't decide what to do with it. I ended up inserting pieces of WWII maps in the panes and my boyfriend, the history...

ugly bookshelf

found this next to the dumpster behind the local thrift store. The back of it was coming off, so I just nailed it into place again. This piece is giving me trouble- first I tried to paint it white...

wooden posts

another find from the auction. Someone didn't want them, so I grabbed them. I'd really like to make candle stands out of them- just need to find the rest of the materials now!

salvaged wood architectural piece

one of my finds from the auction today! I found it on the ground w/ the rest of the frame (I think  myabe it was hall tree, or maybe part of a fireplace) and grabbed it. No work needed, I just...

white mirror

found this at the auction last week w/ my cousin. a great mirror (no cracks!) w/ a solid, heavy wood frame. The frame was dark wood, and had some scratches and marks on it, so I bought some white...

part of dollhouse?

I found this but I have no idea if it's a part of an old dollhouse or if it's some sort of model, or maybe it's meant to be like a room-box??? I don't think it's broken off a dollhouse because all...

box of old bottles

someone left behind a big box of old bottles so I grabbed it. After looking through them, I kept the ones I wanted for my collection and these are all the ones I don't want. I just can't believe...

I keep bringing home chairs!

I always seem to find chairs! I have too many of them now! But, I couldn't turn this one down. It's in the porcess now of being painted a pastel pink, to match the rosey window that I created. After...

coffe table w/ no top

I liked the designs on this little coffee table. It doesn't have a top to it, maybe it was supposed to be glass? Anyways, I haven't done anything with it, mainly because I do not have any room for...

japanese parasols

I bought the one with the birds and the small one w/ dragons at Salvation Army a couple years ago. Then a friend gave me the peacock fan, and then this past week at the auction I found the parasol w...

random wooden pieces

Another find from the auction. My little cousin was w/ me and when I picked these up he was like "what are they?" and I said "I have no idea, but I can't leave them here". So now I look at them...

old wooden sign

I found this old wooden sign on the ground at the auction this past Wednesday. I do not know what it was suposed to say but right now it says "JICELON". I loved the paint on it, but it has a ton of...

old side table

this little side table with yellow/orange chippy paint was in the trash because it was falling apart. I took it home and put it back together. I haven't decided yet what i want to do with it, so its...

school days, scool days, dear old golden rule days. . .

I can't believe no one wanted this vintage school desk! The auctioneer couldn't get anyone interested in it, even though the bid went as low as $10. They passed it over and went onto the next lot so...

more windows from the auction! yea!

So its been a while since I posted- lots of reasons. 1) there's no auction during the holidats 2) the weather ruined one and 3) I couldnt find my camera cords ANYWAYS- I found these 2 old windows at...

old silver chest

this was a chest meant to store silver in but I ripped out all the fabic lining because it discolored and it smelled funny. So now its just a box. I might end up paiting it but I haven't made up my...

little red drawer

found this cute little drawer abandoned at the auction on Wed. I don't know what is goes (or went) to, but I picked it up and took it home. I spray painted it red, then put some white acrylic paint...

Christmas on the Farm porch

I found this Flexible Flyer sled today at one of the local thrift shops for $25. Not sure if it was an awesome deal or not because Ive seen them cheaper, but Ive also seen them priced higher so who...

window w/ new bling

well, I liked the simplicity of the old window with the black and white photos in the lgass, but it was still a little too plain. Iwas at Michael's the other night and their Christmas stuff was...

plaster dog

a lady didn't want this at the auctions, so I grabbed it. I think it's made out of plaster because some of it has started to chip off. I think he'd be good on a shelf or holding a door open.

free light up santa

found this light up Santa abandoned today at the auction house. he still works! I am going to keep him on my porch for some holiday cheer.

finally did something w/ one of the windows

I posted a while back about the pair of old windows I had gotten for free. I finally did something w/ one of them. After cleaning it up a little, I printed out some pics of me and my bf in black and...

more vintage gloves

found these beauties in the dirt in the filed outside the auction house. Took them home and put them right in the wash and they came out lovely. There are 2 pairs, and then 2 mismatched gloves. For...

Scrabble Mania!

So after seeing all the wonderful Scrabble creations from you all, I decided to try making my own. Instead of using a Scrabble board though, I used an old board from a vintage board game called...

Kitchen Light Decorated for Christmas

This hanging light fixture is in my kitchen all year long. This year for Christmas, I arranged faux greenery in a wreath shape around the base of it, and then I strung some vintage Chrsitmas...

vintage children's playing cards

found these on Wed. at the flea market/auction in the trash pile. They were too cute to throw out, but not sure what to use them for.

Greco-Roman column

a woman gave this to me on Wednesday because she had bought it, but didn't have the room for it in her truck. (The truck was piled with lots of other stuff) I am guessing it's a plant stand. I...

recent Raggedy finds

found these at the auction a couple weeks ago. I paid $2 for the one on the right side because I have a collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Later that day, I found the other one in the trash...

vintage scarves

rescued these from the rubbish pile as well- a bunch of vintage scarves. I only took the ones that were pretty colors. All of them are sheer except for one tan one that's satin/silk. Theyre...

rescued from the trash-gorgeous old picture

I found this on the ground in the trash pile this past Wednesday at the auction- this gorgeous old black and white picture of a woman in a white dress, resting. It's not a real photo, it's a cut out...

vintage dollhouse

vintage dollhouse made out of masonite (I think) have no idea what to do with it.  .  .it was free.  .  .but I already have 13 dollhouses and I dont need another onenbsp...

black chair

I like the way this looks, but I have not found a place for it in my home yet- its still on my porch.


someone at the auction today didn't want these, so I took them home and washed them. They each have a tiny crack in them, but its not noticeable. now I have to decide what to do with themnbsp...

vintage child's dishes

found these at the auction a while back. The bowl has "this little pig went to market" on it and the plate has cute little pictures around the edge- I think one is supposed to be Mary had a little...

cart on wheels for displaying dollhouse

I just found this little cart on the side of the road this past weekend. I passed it, then turned around and went back for it and crammed it into my car before heading home. I knew that it'd be a...

old window adorned with lights and ornaments

I know I already posted the old window that hangs above my bed now, but it has more decoration now and I added little lights that cost me a quarter a strand at the local thrift shop. I know it's kind...

vintage Chrsitmas cards

I found this frame, ready for the trash at the flea market. It had some vintage Florida postcards (from the 30's!) and although I liked them, it's Christmas time now so I replaced them with some...

architectural sculpture

I really have no idea what this piece is or is supposed to be udes for, but it was free. It's pretty heavy-it looks like some kind of cast someone made using a cement type material. It had a wire...

very old child's school desk

found this old child's desk abandoned at the auction house. It was falling apart and duct taped together- I think that's why no one wanted it. I figured "hey, it's free" so I took it home and decided...

vintage linens

put all my vintage linens together in this shallow basket. there is a pink head wrap/scarf, with an old doily and embroidered tea towel on top of it. The vintage gloves were my great aunt's.

my new little Christmas tree

OK, this tree was bought in a store, but it wasn't alot of $ because I found it in Big Lots. BUT, I adorned it with vintage christmas ball ornaments in silver and dusty pink which I found for free or...

old deck chair

another free find from.  . .you guessed it!.  .  .the flea market abandoned furniture! I love the lines of this chair, and I can't decide if I should paint it a nice crisp white, or...

antique mason jar and bottle collection

I bought this shelf for $2 at a thrift store when I first moved to MD last year. I had been given some old mason jars by one of my aunts, and over time I found other antique jars and old pop bottles...

old window

found this old window in a trash pile. I was thinking of paiting  it, but I couldn;t decide on a color, so I just left it the way it is. It's hanging above my bed now. The sign that says "always...

joan doll

this chair was found on the side of the road, looking exactly as it does in the picture, painted and everything. I took it home, and placed it next to the bed in my guest room. Upon it is an antique...

Ballerina dress

well, this pretty little pink dress was actually brand new- it just looks vintage. I used to work at DEB, a store in the mall, and after prom season all of our fancy dresses would get marked down...

salvaged wooden post

another free find- old wooden white post of some sort- maybe from a stair case or a front porch? don't know what to do with it yet.  .  .

salvaged architecture pieces

I found these for free and I like the look of them, but I have not figured out what to do with them yet.  .  . any ideas?

small bookshelf

this small shelf was rescued from a trash pile. I took it home and painted it a shiny apple-red, and now it's a small display area for all the antique books that I have collected. All the books were...

Singer Sewing Machine

antique hand-crank operated Singer sewing machine, found in a trash pile at local flea market. Brought it home and set it upon my antique radio (the radio was free too- it was given to me by my aunt...

Chocolate tin

found this in an abandoned box at the flea market. I liked the design on it so I put it on a wicker side table in my living room. Not really a project- but just another junk market find that adds...

Extra Chair

You can never have too many chairs.  . .so I brought this one home from the flea market for free. I like the color and the look of it, it just needed a little something extra- so I displayed...

Candle Stick Holder

I found this candlestick holder while 'dumpster diving' at flea market. It's made out of cast iron and is held together with screws. They're coming loose so it's kind of wobbly, but I just LOVED the...

old leaded glass window

I found this window for free as well. It was in a lot of other windows, and the person who bought them didn't want this one because it has some broken panes. I plan on getting it restored when I have...

framed piece of antique book

I bought the frame at a Dollar Tree, and spray painted it gold with some paint I already had. The little Victorian picture is a piece of an old book (i think it was a hymnal of some sort) that I...

cupcake tiers

tiered plates to hold cupcakes, cookies, mini potted flowers, candles, whatever. I made them out of glass candlestick holders (from a thrift shop) and from plates I found for free while dumpster...

Recent comments

Re: Blue Enamel Porcelain Clock Teapot Upcycled Bird House

I love how quirky this is- awesome!

Re: Jewelry/ Scarf Holder from drawer front

I love the way it turned out! And using the chalk is a really handy tip- I'll have to remember that.

Re: DIY Fancy Clock

it has a nice, shabby-chic kind of look

Re: Using Vintage Textiles In Home Decor

I have tons of vintage linens- thanks for the ideas!

Re: Recessed light planters

wow- I never would have thought to make lighting hardware into planters. They look great. I hope our spring weather arrives soon here in New England.

Re: reclaimed wood mermaid

Thanks, Jim. I don't have any pics of my bathroom on hand, but it does feature one of my earliest JunkMarket creations/posts:

Except now instead of my dance mementos, it holds jars of shells and a book about mermaids.


Re: Hinges and Chalk board door

I love the way it turned out. I'm planning to do something similar with an old green door I have in my garage now, so thank you for the timely inspiration :)

Re: Mrs. McGregor's Tool Shed

beautiful, and perfect for Easter time

Re: ALOT Of love for ya

They all look great, but the one in the center is my favorite.

Re: Junk Market Swap

How did I miss a junk swap?!

Re: RARE 1950's Crosely Television Re-purposed into a Side Table Lamp

It's amazing- I love it!

Re: dream catcher from vintage doily

I started another one recently, but instead of using an embroidery hoop and 'sandwiching' the doily between the pieces, I used a random metal hoop I had in my stash (maybe from a lampshade?). I used jute woven through the edge of the doily to attach it to the hoop. It was more challenging because I really wanted the doily perfectly centered, but I think I came close. I am trying to decide what kinds of embellishments to add to it. Maybe thin strips of linen or lace?

Re: Reclaimed Wood Mantle with Repurposed Elements

I love it! The yardsticks really add personality to the piece.

Re: Falling Flowers Spring Sign


Re: Aeroplane table

great transformation!

Re: Upcyced Pallet Bench/Table

Great color choices, and the finished product looks very polished and professional. Well done!

Re: Farmhouse Style Shelf

I love it! The shelf looks authentic, and the composition in the photo is also fantastic.

Re: dream catcher from vintage doily

Thanks Jim! It was fun, and easy. Working on some more now.

Re: Progression of a dream catcher

lovely! Dreamcatchers give a space a breezy, bohemian feel. I'll have to try to make some myself to hang in the trees in my backyard.

Re: Painted Wood Bowls

they look great! I love it when I have something laying around, and then suddenly inspirations strikes. I envy your ability to paint such wonderful details

Re: Steampunk Upcycled Vintage 1920 Remington Typewriter Repurposed Plasma desk Lamp

fantastic! I love it!

Re: Two repurposed element lamps!

I love that little tin lighthouse!

Re: Alcohol ink on metal chair

I love it- it looks very steampunk to me


very cute!

Re: vintage bassinet found on roadside

I like the idea of using it for vintage quilts! I've dreamed of doing a vintage theme nursery for a long time. . .but to do that I'd have to have another baby! :-O

I'm sure it will 'speak' to me at some point, but I knew you'd all appreciate what a good find it was.

Re: Free and Homemade Christmas Decorations

Thanks Jim! I honestly think it's just a combination of dumb luck and having no shame; I'm willing to stop my car almost anywhere and dig through anyone's roadside pile!

Re: ~Christmas Mantel

I love the mantel. Is that the original finish, or did you create the lovely distressed paint look yourself?

Re: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Table

I love the way your dishes are mixed and matched- it's very homey and welcoming

Re: Repurposed / Upcycled Silverplate & Brass Mystery!

this is beautiful! Looks like a Victorian fountain or bird bath to me.

Re: Large Chalkboard with Junk

love it

Re: Recycled cookie tin

very nice- I envy people who can paint freehand like that

Re: My Mermaid Chair

Thank you! I DO enjoy combining my love of literature w/ all my creative endeavors. :)

Re: Book Mobile

Thanks! I've seen them before, and I wanted to try making one, just needed to find the right inspiration. I bought those Alice in Wonderland cardboard ornaments YEARS ago at a thrift store, and could never figure out what to do with them. Then I found the book w/ the beautiful cover at Goodwill, and it all came together. :)

Re: Another Children's Book Inspired Furniture Piece

Thanks! It did turn out rather nice.

Re: From Sad Side Table to Sunny Revolving Book Case

great makeover! I'm a librarian, so I especially love this project. :)

Re: Repurposed End Table

I'd love to do something like this for my bunny

Re: Old rocking chair

wonderful paint job- playful and fun!

Re: Vintage TV Dinner tray converted into a serving tray with repurposed handles

i love adding handles to stuff! (Except my hips- I do not like love handles) ;)

Re: Chairs from the Roadside

thanks- I cannot wait to put it to use!

Re: Antique Chair: My First Attempt at Reupholstery!!!

Thanks so much! I'm happy with the way it turned out, and it was a good piece to practice on.

Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

it looks amazing! I probably would have been lazy about it, and just painted it white, but your end result is worth the effort.

Re: 1950's Kitchen Cart

I'm so jealous! I LOVE vintage kitchen items, and I agree that the blue is much better looking than the beige.

Re: Garden Sculpture from thrift store dishes

what kind of adhesive did you use? I have yet to find a good glue for glass- hot glue never works, and gorilla glue always gets yellow and foamy. :/

Re: Old Dresser into Office Credenza

nice job- it always amazes me how something can be transformed just be painting it a different color. Gives it a whole new life!

Re: Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

cool idea- I see those old S and P shakers all the time when I go thrifting.

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

what a great find- lucky you!

Re: Driftwood Christmas Centerpiece

Thanks! I find some amazing treasures at the the beaches near me, and I know I am fortunate to live near them.

Right now this piece is in front of my fireplace since I do not exactly have the table set for Christmas yet. ;)

Re: Upcycle A Broken Umbrella

I am a big fan of stuff like this that can be tucked along walkways or into potted plants for some extra ooomph- great idea!

Re: Rocking Horse rescue

Thanks! I was happy to rescue it. I like the new color, but it still looks a little too plain to me. Any suggestions?

Re: Free Roadside Table

I used some leftover white spraypaint for the bottom coat, just to see if I liked the table that way and also to give the top coat of paint something to cling to.

The top of the table IS a plastic laminate- you're right.

Once the spraypaint dried, it provided a base coat and the acrylic paint went on w/ no problem.

The legs were easier to paint because they're just wood.

but they do make spraypaint that is especially for plastic, which I've used before, and will be using again for my next project.

Re: Free Roadside Table

Haha- yes I'm still on the site, Makinithappen.

I have 3 jobs so I do not have a ton of free time for projects, and I have even less for taking pics/uploading/posting to the site :(

But I'm still lurking around and drawing inspiration from all of you.

Re: Halloween !!!

they look awesome! I'd use them all year round!

Re: Vintage Halloween

love the old witch mask!

Re: Free Roadside Table

thanks! It was a fun weekend project.

Re: Free Roadside Table

Thank you! I used to be on this site all the time, and I've been in absentia for a while now. I've still been working on projects, I just haven't had the time to post pics of them all. :)

Re: Roadside Find

Hi MakinItHappen! I been finishing grad school, working 2 jobs, planning a wedding and at the dentist (almost every other week since May!)

That's why i haven't been on here lately, but I'm glad to be back with my JMS buddies!

Re: Roadside Find

I thought the spindles were broekn as well, but it's actually just the way they're arranged. makes it easier for me. I've already removed the 3 wheels that were remaining: they're very cute w/ heart designs on them.

I also stabilized it w/ some Gorilla Glue since my initial try of wood screws didn't work.

Re: Thimble Necklace

I like it! It reminds me of Wendy's thimble in "Peter Pan."

Re: Paint a chalkboard on textured wall, framed with pallet wood

I dream of the day I own a home so I can also have a chalkboard wall. . .or perhaps multiple ones.

Re: Before and After: Vanity

fabulous color choice!

Re: Turning stairs into a TV stand

love it!

Re: Side table sanded a bit

Ah- distressed white paint jobs. They never get old.

Re: Simply candle holder

looks like it belongs in a cozy cabin kitchen.

Re: A New Life for an Old Thermos and Jar

very cute!

Re: Fireplace

will you share your process?

Re: Branch with suspended glass pendants

"don't you just love it when an idea finally becomes a reality?"

It's one the best feelings in the world!

Especially when it involves Junk Market Style! :)

Re: Quick Chair Makeover

Daisy- I rarely sand or prime. I know you're supposed to, but I usually dont sand unless I am trying to strip the wood to its natural finish or unless the paint is already flaking off.

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

I think it looks great! Did you use an exacto knife to cut the figure?

Re: Our Kitchen Island Transformation

wow! awesome makeover!

Re: Vintage Glass Snail Garden Totem

very cute!

Re: Quick Chair Makeover

Thanks! I have another one just like it that I am also going to give a makeover. I think another nice bright color would be good.

Re: Nothing A Little Stripper Can't Fix

LOVE this! very jealous of your fantastic find and the way you fixed it up.

Re: Vintage Christmas Collection

I've had good luck with finding vintage glass ornaments. I find them alot at thrift stores, but church basement tag sales seem to be the best place for them. My little tinsel tree is topped with a vintage tinsel light-up wreath that i found for free over the summer after a church in the area left all their tag sale rejects out on the curb- tons of good stuff!!!


Thanks so much! Not many details to disclose yet, but I'll definitely be posting the projects/ideas as they develop. I know I've seen some great ideas here before, now it's just a matter of tracking them down and tailoring them them to fit our needs/wants. :)

Re: UGLY nightstand transformation

The blistering was mostly in regard to coloration. The new paint job hid most of it. I did try sanding it first but since the veneer is basically plastic, it didn't really do anything. When there's stuff on top of the table, the blistering hardly shows at all so I am not going to let it bother me.

Re: Shabby chic bookcase for $3.60!

I love the white paint w/ the black and white decoupage job. Looks very chic.

Re: 'Rescued Rubbish' Lamps

I love the washing machine lamp- looks like it gives off a nice soft glow. I also love the book lamps that people make on here- I need to try my hand at that sometime.

Re: Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

I love it! Makes me regret getting rid of those old rollerskates a I found a few years back.

Re: Drawer front repurpose

it looks great!

Re: Coffee Pot Bouquet

I love what you did with the coffee pots? Are they enamel ones? I am going to keep my eye out for one b/c it'd look perfect in my kitchen. :)

Re: Cheers!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am a Rochester, NY native, the home of Genny beer. I have relatives that actually collect vintage Genny beer stuff. They'd be envious of this.

Re: 400 mile yard sale find

i love stained glass. should be very pretty at night time.

Re: Old Toasters can become a "Wanna Be" Trailer Display

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I am always working on dollhouses and miniature scenes, and this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while!

Re: Metal Cafe Chair Planter

great find! and such an easy re-do too!

Re: Washington DC sports Chest

love this! and my bf would pay for something that has his 2 fav teams on it.

Re: Seating Area

I absolutely LOVE the chandelier converted into a birdfeeder! I am going to keep that idea in mind!

Re: The Little Kitchen

it turned out great! I wish I found something that good for free on the street! love it!

Re: End Table Repurposed

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I think these could be sold

Re: I have insulators

I love making candle stands too. Yours turned out nice. :)

Re: File under "virtues" :)

neat idea.

Re: My harvest table restoration

Although I like the before pic, I am amazed at how you were able to restore it. I dont know if Id have that much patience to get through all that paint.

Re: I'm just ducky....

I LOVE them! They are adorable, and definitely cheery.

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

Yeah, I think using wood as a new seat is the best option. I dont have a saw though, so it will either have to be a good size already or I'll have to find someone to cut it down for me.

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

Unfortunately, I don't have a porch. What I'd give for one! I live in an apartment complex with some questionable residents in it, so if I were to put it out in the tiny yard, it would get stolen or destroyed. :(

For now its in my guest room/office/library/studio (yup its all one tiny room) awaiting its transformation.

I like the suggestions though! :)

Re: Repurposed mantle became our headboard

LOVE it! People always think I am crazy when I drag things home, but it's all about the potential you see in them.

Re: Poster Tube

what a great example of an everyday item getting a little bit of flair- nicely done!

Re: Poster Tube

what a great example of an everyday item getting a little bit of flair- nicely done!

Re: Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden

I love old sewing machines too- great find!

Re: From bread bakin to shelf makin!

wow- i envy your luck in finding this. I have so many collectibles that I could definitely use one (of ten) of these. Great find!

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

I love the posie detail on it. It adds a little sweetness to a look that is otherwsie industrial. well done!

Re: Tightening the Belt(s)

Thanks everyone! I secured the belts simply by stretching them as tightly as I could (real leather belts work best) as I wove them together and I fastened them together on the underside. The underside shows all the buckles and loose ends.

You really have to make the belts as tight as possible otherwise the seat will sag.

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

I love this idea! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for large, flat bottomed wire baskets like that!

Re: My new stash of supplies


Re: New and Re-Purposed Vintage Style Aprons

i love that first picture

Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

I tell everyone about the site! It's awesome to be a junker!

Re: Rescued Vintage Table Top

i love the way this turned out! Very jealous.

Re: Grammy's Quilt Rack

the crackle finish does look good. The blue is not terrible, but this is more neutral and will fit in almost anywhere. :)

Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

I love that ladder, too.

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

wow! I want to comission one of these just to put in my house!

Re: Now I see the Light!!!

I agree- the lamp base is awesome.

Re: Miss Scarlett, in the Hall with the Rope!

wow- what a great idea! I have some old Barbie game pieces that I've been trying to find a project for- now I just need to find some photo coasters!

Re: It's a Dilly of a Sign!

looks great! love your whole wall!

Re: redone dresser

I never would have thought to cover the drawers w/ fabric! It turned out great!

Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

I love it!

Re: Box Lot Left Overs - Ticky Tacky Fone Frame

i like the finished product- especially the little picture in the frame.

Re: found vintage quilt top

it looks lovely!

Re: In need of inspiration! lots of lamp junk to use!

Thank you for the suggestions! I appreciate it!

I think I will make a lamp out of the Marilyn wine bottle. I thought I would still need to drill even w/ a lamp kit, but if I don't need to it will be much easier. I should weigh it down with something though- maybe some clear glass marbles- that way they wont disrupt the nice picture on the bottle.

I finally DID get the lamp hardware out of the cermaic lamp bases, and now I am off to Goodwill to look for pretty plates to make pedestals out of them.


Re: Belted Tray

its very sleek- perfect for an unfussy and/or masculine space. How did you get the belts to be tight and perfectly fitted to the frame? This is a project I'd like to try myself (especially for Father's Day!)

Re: 2 Tiered Tole Table

I would love to make something like this! The gumball machine base was perfect for it.

Re: Necklace rack

simple but very pretty :)

Re: Meet "Ol' Blue," then go shabbify your 1970's dining room table...

what a great color- it really pops!

Re: Shabby French Book Page Shelf

I love it! How big is it?

Re: Garden Memo-Board

looks much better!

Re: Simple Little Desk Makeover

Thanks for the Minwax recommendation! I'll look for it. :)

Re: Uncovering the color

I wouldn't want to part with it either- it turned out great! I love the dual color, the little drawer, the brass plate- it all goes together perfectly!

Re: Tag Sale Finds

he does kind of resemble a Kewpie doll, but his face is angry looking, like he is pouting. he kinda reminds me of the Big Boy fast food logo.

Re: New life for this GREAT chair:)

it turned out great-love the old wood for the seat.

Re: Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED

I never would have thought to do that! Great repurpose!

Re: WruffledWren Vinatge Ornament Wreaths

love it!

Re: assorted finds from today

Whoops! Yes, Donald Duck is correct, not what I typed.

Re: Fall Picture Flash Cards

I like the cat one :)

Re: What does before/after, random & giveaway have in common?

I love the dancer plaque- very elegant. And that yellow table looks much nicer now- aren't you glad you rescued it?

Re: Rustic Faux Fireplace

This is fantastic! I long for a fireplace (real or faux) and I'd feel lucky if mine looked this wonderful!

Re: Instant Family...Just add Rust!

I LOVE old photos! They're so much fun to look through and wonder about who the people in them are! Plus, if you ever decide to part with them, photography collectors will pay a few bucks for them on Ebay.

Re: 70's duvet cover

great job! that sounds like a project I'll have to try someday.

Re: 1740s Fireplace Found its Place in my Yard

wow- I am envious of that! Where did you get it?

Re: Winnie

the new paint job looks good! :)

Re: Sea Goddess Nymph

reminds me of the Little Mermaid. You could make a whole themed garden around something that lovely.

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

wow- what a beautiful transformation! It looks well worth the effort of scrubbing 70 yrs of dirt off.

Re: Another Fiber Barrel Redo

It could also be a very pretty waste basket. :)

Re: Painted windows

the flip flog window is adorable!

Re: vintage bike

great find! looks very cute w/ the flower basket! :)

Re: Country Junk Sale!

I love the picture of the cat on the chippy yellow bench. Makes me want to sit back with a good book and a glass of iced tea. :)

Re: All In A Day's Work

love that drawer.

Re: Old crate stairs

They definitely fooled me! I thought for sure you had taken apart actual shipping crates until I read the text in your post. It looks great and it makes me envious. ;)

Re: my new desk

BTW- this desk looks much better in person. These pics don't really do it justice.

Re: my yard art

haha- my mom was visiting me last week so I didn't get to post my usual 'auction finds' post. But I'm working on one that includes stuff from last week and this week as well. :)

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

LOVE that tea kettle! so cute!

Re: Cabinet doors make great wall art!

the Bon Appetit one does look like it would cost alot more if it was bought in a store. great job!

Re: Recyclying a metal vase with Mosaics

they are beautiful! You must have alot of patience to make the mosaics turn out so nice.

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

I like the first one. Very chic.

Re: trash to my treasure

perfect porch display!

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

the toile looks great! How lucky to find some for $1.

Re: Cupcake Server

servers like these are super easy to make, and they always look pretty. If/when i get married, I plan to have lots of these to serve food at the reception.

Re: A Fab Flamingo Chair

LOVE this! I have a small obsession with pink flamingos. The painted one looks great.

Re: I'm a junkie with a bad Thursday night habit

great finds!

Re: Faking Blue Ball Jars

wow that's cool! I am going to try this sometime!

Re: Junque Goddess

She looks great! I have a small white bust similar to this, and you've inspired me to glam her up a little! ;)

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console

it looks great! I wouldn't even know that it was an old stereo console. I love the color blue that you used on it.


i love the alliteration in the title of your post.

"frame fragments finally formulated"= freakin' fantastic!

Re: the loner

Thank you, Rusty Diva! Like I said, I have no intention to use it as an electric light, but I just wanted to make sure it'd be safe. I'm going to try and go back tomorrow for that wonderfully tacky chandelier- hopefully no one snags it before I get there! ;)

Re: just funny

flushing meadows.

Re: Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

what a fun piece! I'm sure she'll be a great model for your necklaces.

Re: Boat book shelves

they look great! The one in the middle picture is my favorite.

Re: Did I mention I rescue broken chairs?

how do you make a broken chair into a swing??? I mean, I can guess the basics, but are there any actual instructions as to what kind of hardware to use? That would be a great project for me some day! :)

Re: 1930's movie theater sign

wow. As an old movie junkie, I am really envious of this find. I'm sure you'll find a million uses for it.

Re: Fun Game Table

looks like alot of fun! :)

Re: Television Table

what a great makeover!

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

this is adorable! I love wicker too, and the colors give it a fun updated look. This would be perfect for a pre-teen girl's room.

Re: Test Tubing

lovely :)

Re: 100 mile garage sale

How did you do this "faux" stained glass?

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

You found some great stuff! I love that old table base, and the crown molding is great too! Be sure to post pics of the finished projects.

Re: glass mosaic

i love this project! It turned out really well. I might have to try doing one of these soon.

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

oh my gosh! These are like the one that I posted a couple days ago! I love your creations! The birdbath one is my fav.


did you apply the cvhalkboard paint right onto the silver platters, or is there a 'layer' in between there? I'd like to try to make one soon! :)

Re: From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

absolutely gorgeous!

Re: Glitter Where You're Planted!

they look great! glitter can improve alot of things.

Re: Shipping Crate Coat Rack

I would def. use this in my home! very cool.

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

I think they look great! Very inventive use! Did they come off an old bathtub?

Re: Crumpton Stuffffffffff

I also found a pink depression glass plate/saucer, some Eeyore plush animals (with Disney store tags still on them) and the book "Flea" which is about flea markets. :)


LOVE it! beautiful picture, and the embellishments really make it pop!

Re: Cork Collection

I also collect wine corks! (not the newer plastic-y ones, just the real cork ones). I've seen people make bulletin boards out of them, which i hope to do someday, but I like your set-up too! I just keep mine in a basket on my coffee table for now.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

love the drawers paired with the old street signs- looks awesome!

Re: Pictures of my home: Living Room

Alicemom, Does your radio actually work? If so, I am jealous! I love the wooden piece above the door too, especially since I found it here in MD, and it shows Black Eyed Susans, which are the state flower. Wherever I am in the future, it will remind me of Maryland. Sorry to tell you that the sock monkeys are coming with me when I move- I could never give them up! ;)

Re: Trunk Bottom Book Case

awesome idea! I never would have thought to do that!

Re: Old sewing table makeover

love the color of the paint you used! looks great now!

Re: Scrap yard beds made good again

they looks great! perfect for a little girl's room!

Re: JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

as of right now, the drawer is on top of my fridge w/ onions, potatoes and other dry goods in it. But I think I need to do something a little more creative with it.

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

love the finished product! I adore chippy paint!

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

I love you built-in desk! I especially love the blue paint on it, and the fact that it matches the chandelier. I wouldn't mind doing paperwork if it was in an office as nice as yours!

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

AliceMom, You may have the bingo stuff if you want it. I'll give it to you for free, if you'll just pay for the shipping. Feel free to email me at:

Re: redo of bathroom adding a 100 year old door

love the color pallette- it's full of vintage charm!

Re: Memo Boards

adorable idea!

Re: Cutlery Crosses

such a simple idea that looks so beautiful! I like the one with the brooch.

Re: dance necklaces using tap shoe taps

I knew a girl who made keychains out the the taps. Too bad I cannot bring myself to dismantle my old tapshoes- I still love putting them on! :)

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

I wish I lived near you- your decorating style has so much character! I love the posts re: your master bedroom make-over. Makes me wish I had a bedroom like that. :)

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

thank you, everyone! I have been adding it since I posted this pic. I really like the way it sounds when the wind blows the glass and metal pieces together. :)

Re: Swap Projects 3&4: Wall Decor and Tea Lite Holders

I knew I saved that pictures of the babies for a reason- love what you did with it. It originally came from a vintage paper doll set.

Re: Swap Projects 1&2: Book Cover and Basket

so happy that you liked the items! I love the CD basket- I never would have thought to use those wood pieces for that purpose!

Re: Easter Junque Wreath

very cute! I love all the vintage Easter stuff! I bought some little flocked bunnies at a thrift store years ago in pastel colors- I love putting them on display!

Re: Tag, You're It!

I love the kitty one- great colors!

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

it looks great! ah, the days of the old card catalog. . .

Re: Airstream Project

wow-that is fantastic! It's hard to pick what my favorite part of it is; the wine cork wall is pretty cool, but I LOVE pink flamingos- the little lights in the galley are adorable!

Re: this old drawer

Yes Sue, I am in the junk swap! got my email today! that is why I mentioned my need for hooks and knobs ;)

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

envious of your loot- just the other day was lamenting that i didn't have any hooks, knobs and what-nots for a project. Hope you put them to good use!

Re: seeing the light

I love your choice of colors- could definitely see see this piece being featured in a photo spread on urban lofts ;)

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

haha- I like the little chalkboard with the "Field of Dreams' quote on it!

Re: My Funky Chairs

love the butterfly chair- so pretty, and it reminds me of spring.

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

awesome find! love the way they look w/ the white candles displayed on them!

Re: fake fireplace out of twin headboard

could you share some more specific instruction as to how you made this piece? I'd really love to make a faux fireplace, but I've never been able to look at one in person to get an idea.

Re: I'm such a dummy. . .

I would LOVE to make a faux fireplace! Any suggestions as to how this piece could be incorporated into one would be much appreciated!

Re: My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

Haha- no I do not work at the auction. I teach night classes at a university, which means during the day, I have time to spare. The auction is once a week and its not far from my house. If an item doesn't sell, it often just gets left there, in the field. OR, sometimes a person will buy a 'lot' of items, and they only want some of them. So, they leave the rest behind.

I have found some great things there! Sometimes I sell them or give them away, and sometimes I keep them for myself. :)

Re: does anyone collect old photos?

I love the ones of the babies and children, especially the hand-colored one of the little girl w/ brown hair, but it feels kind of weird to display them in my home since I have no idea who they are. I've just been collecting them in an old hat box. I also found some vintage yearbooks at the auction, but I did manage to sell those on Ebay.

Re: Alter-na-tree

my favorite part is the little pink deer- so sweet!

Re: Fun Christmas Display

i love the sock monkey! You've inspired me to get my old sock monkeys out of the bedroom and add them to my Christmas decor!

Re: teddy bears

these are simply wonderful! They make me wish that I DID have a fur coat so that you could turn it into a teddy bear!

Re: Cast iron treasures

Some people have all the luck!! I collect antique and vintage toys and I am VERY envious of your awesome garage sale find! PLease promise me you'll keep them the way they are now- they are great pieces that make a cool display and they do not need anything extra. Congrats!

Re: Red HOT Kindel vanity REDO

what a great piece! LOVE the vibrant red color you chose! I also adore the lines of the legs on the vanity- very whimsical and unique

Re: Shabby Chic table and chairs ~ REDO

fantastic redux! look like they belong in a beach cottage

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

wow! what a great selection? How did this junk swap get arranged? I want to get in on one!

Re: Bookends from vintage molding

I agree! They make perfect bookends!

Re: Felted crazy quilt

wow! I love all the colors

Re: Mirror Mirror on the wall

I think it's gorgeous! Great find!

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

LOVE that fabric! very sweet!

Re: plant table

it turned out great! I love the old map of Britain!

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

wow- I have the identical quilt blanket on MY couch at home.

Also, LOVE the dollhouse table. would be perfect in a little girl's room.

Re: Light At The Other End

I am envious of that candle stick holder!

Re: Potting Bench

very nice! it'd look great with some herbs planted in terra cotta pots and quirky little labels on them

Re: a marriage made in architectural heaven

very unique- love the color too!

Re: pincushion

I want one of my own now! Can you post some instructions? I know it probably seems easy, butn sewing is not my strong skill.

Re: Madeover Table found at Scott's Antique Market

most junkers are addicted to, well, collecting lots of junk. But this picture is a perfect example of junk minimalist decorating! Bravo!


gorgeous! I'd love to have a piece like this to put in a sunroom or an a screened-in porch!


the simple, clean lines of this piece remind me of old Shaker furniture. There are so many ways you could use this bench!

Re: chair hole fix

I'll have to remember this trick! I see cane chairs all the time that need fixing, but I never knew how to go about it.

What's the best method when decoupaging with fabric?

Re: A "candle-ier" and some thingamabobs...

I adore the candle-ier! What a great find!

Re: Upcycled Window Frame

where did you find mirror panels to fit the spaces? Or di you cut them yourself? Very Nice view!

Re: "Cherry" guest bedroom

I like the vintage doll trunks! Great finds!

Re: Snowpeeps

I don't know that magazine- could you post the how-to?

Re: addicted to old windows

I've had that book of old maps for a while now, but I think I originally found it in a box at the auction. . .

Re: candle stand

Yes, I think you're right irishrovr, the white walls don't highlight my newest creation. I'll find a better spot for it.

Re: old metal candy box

Ohhhhh! Thanks for the tip! I will have to try that!

Re: the ugly little bookshelf that could. . .

Oh thank you! I am actually looking at some Victorian birds to print out now for it.

It's a very girly shelf, so it's perfect to hold all my fairy tale books

Re: Tea Cup bird feeder or decoration

is there an alternate way to make these w/o using drills?

I have alot of cups and saucers, but I don't have any power tools (or many regular tools)

Re: Little Book Table

I've never heard of a book table before- but I really want one now!

Re: An Artful Assemblage

wow! whgat a transformation! You should do some more and sell them

Re: Valentine Fun

these are very sweet

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

wow! what a lucky find! LOVE old windows!

Re: Recycled Shelf

I like the 'simplify' sign

Re: My Potting Shed

I love the little awning, and the inside is charming w/ the hanginf baskets, old lantern, and Christmas lights hanging down.

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

I live in MD, which is somewhat southern, and we had 2 snow days and a delay due to the the 2 inches of snow we got. Being from upsate Ny myself, 2 inches of white stuff is a joke to me.

You just inspired me to get out my old Scrablle game again.

Re: Pink Roses Fireplace

WOW! You should submit this to some home magazines because it looks fantastic! I LOVE all the pink roses, and Ive been collecting dishes like that too recently.

But I am not brave enough to try mosaic yet.

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

Oh my gosh! That is just GORGEOUS! I am so envious right now!

Re: ugly bookshelf

Today i was at one of the local thrift shops and I spooted a box of old sheet music and piano books. I didn't have the cash on me then, but I am going to go back for them and try what Bridiemurphy did w/ her bookshelf.

Now that I have harassed the bookshelf w/ coats on paint, glue and wallpaper, I think the sheet music will stick better to the surface.

Re: HELP PLEASE! Sideboard and Hutch is not me....Can you ladies help me with some sort of painting technique?

These are beautiful pieces, but they do look very out-of-date for most people's decor preferences. I LOVE antiques, but I agree that they need a face lift. I agree with Italianpeasant- whitewashing is great because it matches alot of diferent styles, and if you make it look 'primitive' then it match the style of the pieces more.

Good luck!

Re: office humor, sisterly love, and valentine's day

my fav is the 'Sisters' tray

Re: Love this bottle!

I LOVE this! It looks whimsical and romantic- what a great idea!

Re: old side table

Sue, I LOVE your idea for turning it upside down and hanging a mirror from it! Its a nice little table, but its kinda small and short so it looked kinda weird among my normal-sized furniture, but that's a great new use for it!

Re: japanese parasols

yes, I'd be happy to sell both the peacock fan and the parasol w/ black lacy trim.

my email address is

Re: Painted and papered door and desk

I love the ice skates hanging in the oval frame!

Re: My Makeover is finished!

it looks great! an unexpected element inside a house is always fun!

Re: Old window decoration

Ohhh- I just found 2 more windows for free and this is a great idea for them!

Re: Salvage Hot Spot

Ohhhhhhhh- I usually go to Albany a couple times of year b/c the boyfriend's family is there. I am definitely going to have to remember this place!

Re: Snow What?!?

a simple yet cute decoration! Love the way the snowballs look in the metal pail

Re: headboard shlef

very nice!

Re: Towering blast from the past

I LOVE this idea! Im going to have to remember it in case I ever have children. Great job!

Re: A window full of flowers

I think this turned out absolutely beautiful! I'd love for you to tell me more about how you made it!

Re: dog tags o plenty

not to be a downer, but is it possible that these tags were taken off dogs that were euthanized at a kennel/vet's office?

Just a reminder to everyone (especially around the holidays) to spay/neter your animals to decrease the unwanted cats and dogs and please adopt animals from shelters- every animal deserves a loving home.

Re: A Merry Christmas Conservatory - revisited...

this is very sweet- makes me wish I had one of my own

Re: vintage children's playing cards

georgiammon, its not so much as a "trash pile" but more like 2 fields littered with abaandoned furniture and boxes. . .and inside the boxes are anything you can imagine.

Junk Sophisticate: I love the magnet idea!

Re: Tea Cup Birdfeeders

I just made a couple of these myself! But mine are not as sophisticated- just Gorilla glue instead of glass drills. These look lovely all clustered together like that- a real tea party!

Re: Junk Built Wreaths

Oh- that view is lovely! It makes me home-sick for snow!

Re: No mantle-no problem!

wow-what a great idea! I love the greens on top of the window too.

Re: Vintage Stool cover - Ewwww!

ha! I LOVE your play on words!

Re: Going Green? I'm GONE!

gorgeous display!

Re: Just "TIN" it!!!

I love the old suitcase, too. nice display!

Re: Let's Go Skating!!

this looks like a Victorian Christmas card! nice job!

Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

I watch Decorating Cents all the time! great idea- where did you find the pulley?

Re: Sew Cute!

it turned out great!

Re: A vintage Christmas - just a peek...

adorable display! makes me want to listen to Gene Autry's "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

Re: rescued from the trash-gorgeous old picture

Thanks- I appreciate the comment! Wednesday is a day off for me, so I spend most of the day at the auction. The auction is 3 fields and a building of stuff, so at the end of the day, there's alot of stuff littering the area. I poke through everything that gets left behind, or sometimes I'll spend a minimal amount of money ($5 or under) on something special.

My boyfriend is always amazed by the stuff I bring home on Wednesdays.

Re: Repurposed glass decanter bottle tops turned into Christmas ornaments.

i love the beaitiful, rich colors

Re: windows

I'm telling you, on Wednesdays I go to the local auction, wait for the bidding to get going, and whatever doesn't sell or gets abandoned in the field, I scoop it right up and take it home. Its a goldmine for a junk-lover like me!

Re: black chair

When I first moved to MD, I hardly had any chairs, so maybe my year of chair-deprivation led to my newfound interest in chairs. . .

plus, they look lonely when they're abandoned. . .

Re: vintage dollhouse

Oh- I think I saw that in a Martha Stewart magazine.. . . or maybe it was Better Homes and Gardens? But I do know what you're referring to! Unfortunately, I don't really have a utility room- my 'luandry room' is the size of a closet!

Re: windows

the first thing I did after I got them was log onto this site! There are so many great ideas on here that I am having trouble deciding what to use them for!

I love the tables, but I dont have any room for another table. . .maybe one of the photo frames would be good. . .

Re: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire . . .

I LOVE the window! Looks perfect above the mantle

Re: Refinished Furniture

This is precious! I LOVE the vintage chalkboard! Where did you find it! Perfect for a little girl's room!

Re: Vintage Dishes Collection

the colors are fantastic! I especially like the mix of red and blue/green

Re: cart on wheels for displaying dollhouse

I do have another pic of the dollhouse on the cart- I tried to add it yesterday but for some reason it wouldnt let me!

I have about 13 dollhouses in my tiny house- that is my other hobby/obesession. . .besides the Christmas one, I also have a Haunted house, a lighthouse, a fairy house, etc

Re: Having a Ball at Christmas . . . Christmas Balls that is!


Re: Wild Thang!

my fav. is the old radio- very cool!

Re: Christmas Decor Ideas

I really like the clock

Re: Time in a Bottle

wow! I just found some glass bottles in my attic that I'd forgotten about- you've given me a great idea!

Re: A junky little bit of Christmas cheer - part 1

love the old blocks- where did you find them?

Re: Like a puzzle...

love this! wish i had one of my own to hang up in my house!

Re: Here are a couple things i got the other day....

oooh- I am jealous of the glass doors. I definitely think they were worth 10 bucks!

Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

LOVE the Halloween trees, I'll have to try that for my haunted dollhouse scenario!

Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

where did you find the bottle brush trees? Are they the ones you can kind at any craft store for mini holiday villages?

Re: Hand Embroidered Towels

these are perfectly sweet! vintage linens look very nice when displayed together in shallow baskets. . .maybe top them of with a pair of old ladies' gloves?

Re: Another dessert stand, just my version

Just regular $2 epoxy? I DEFINITELY need to make some of these!

Re: Singer Sewing Machine

It actually works too! When you turn the hand-crank wheel, the needle (which is rusty, but intact) moves up and down

Re: small bookshelf

I LIVE for free junk - I can't believe it took me so long to find this community!

Re: Buffalo Finds

Buffalo, NY?

Re: joan doll

yes, some people think "Joan doll" (named after my grandma) is kinda scary lookin', but I have always loved her. Oh yeah, the little sweater she's wearing is a vintage baby sweater that I found w/ the pink baby bonnet

Re: antique mason jar and bottle collection

No! I did not know that! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the tip!

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

I acquire almost all my stuff on here from 'dumpster diving' at the local auctionhouse/flea market. . .

I either find stuff abadoned that no one wanted in the field OR sometimes if I see someone buy something and then take off with only part of the lot they just bought, I ask if they're coming back for the rest. I saw a guy walking away w/ one of these so I asked him about the other one and he told me to take it. Then, he stopped suddenly and told me to just take the pair of them because he thought they were "too rough"

Re: Another dessert stand, just my version

I like the way these turned out? What kind of glue did you use for them?

Re: From poor ,pitiful pony to pretty painted pony!

It looks fantastic! Did you use stencils, or was this freehand?

Re: Architecture in the House!

WOW! thanks for the link to this post! I love what you did with your corbels!

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

aw man! those are such good ideas but alas I can't do anything too invasive on my house since I do not own it- I rent- and I would like to get my security deposit back when I move out. . .

But I am definitely going to hang on to these!

Re: A Time To Say Thanks...

love the old clock!

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

OOOOHHHH! I just found a bunch of old maps and you just gave me an idea of what to do with them!

Re: Extra Chair

actually, I DO find alot for free at the local flea market. Actually, its an auction. People seel 'lots' of items, and if a lot doesn't sell, or if someone buys a lot but they don't want some of the items, the items are just left in the field for anyone to claim.

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Treasures!

LOVE this!

Re: cupcake tiers

i used Gorilla Glue on the tiers to hold them together. It works well, but you need to be careful not to over-apply the glue because it expands as it dries