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I love Patina and saving the unwanted.
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Sandy Rae Carr Carlson
Full Moon & Buck Naked

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Birthday: 09/15/1968

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First Kiss Dresser

Why call it "First Kiss" you may ask. Because the paint color was called that. It was a quite obnoxious hot pink that I had to tone down with some dark stain. Now it is rich and luxurious. I painted...

Stain Art Table

I saw this awesome tutorial on Sawdust and Embyos Blog about this stain technic. She gave great step by step instructions on how she did it. I thought it was so inspiring that I just had to try it...

Nifty, Thrifty Find

Thrift store find, Annie Slaon Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue, Liberon Wax in Tudor Oak and it's off to the next project  

from shabby to chic

I found this white dresser at a garage sale last summer. It wasn't too bad looking but after it got rained on at one of my outdoor shows, the veneer buckled. Not so pretty after that. So finally...

Vintage photo pillows

I saw this idea in the latest Country Living Magazine. After finding these cool vintage photos of my Grandparents, I couldn't wait to get started. The first pic is my Grandpa Wayne Carr age 9, in...

Oh! the Possiblities!

Ok, I'm going to say it, I'm kind of getting tired of painting things white. There! I said it, and I'll deny it if you tell anyone! Plus, I'm sure I'll change my mind tomorrow! I got this wonderful...

I've been framed!

While dumpster diving one day, I hit the antique jackpot! Pulled from the dumpster was chairs, a oak dining table, 5 decanters and these frames. Score!!!

salvaged desk

This was a find from our salvaged house last fall. I knew that it had potential but I never thought that I could get it to look this good. It will be taking a trip to the Junk Jubilee this coming...


I saved this at an auction last Monday. I loved the lines and knew that it had a second life left in it. You know... jusy occasionally, I even amaze myself with the finished product!

Lincoln, NE Flea Finds

I found a nifty little Flea Market in Lincoln, NE just a couple weeks ago. Here are some of my favorite finds. Next I'm off to the UNI_DOME in Cedar Falls, IA for the Antique Spectacular where Ill...

a trash treasure

My husband found this in a dumpster at the union pacific museum. amazing what some people toss.

Happy Holidays Junk Lovers!

Swapped out my summer junk for some warm winter junk to decorate my small porch area. Happy Holidays to all!

my 1st flea market showing

Here's the short story of my 1st flea market booth. weather was in the low 60's and windy on saturday, in the 50's and damp sunday . 7 of 30 vendors showed up. luckily we had a prime location...

Salvaging my 1st house

My husband, my youngest boy and I are salvaging our first home. First we removed some goodies we found (these are just a few). And then moved on to removing base boards and built in. Next will be the...

My junk storage

My husband found this old piece in a shed that was about to be torn down... he knew I would want it. It was loaded down with old rusty nuts and bolts, now I've loaded it down with all my redo...

hoosier redo

another "gift" from the Mother in law, a Hoosier Cabinet that I now use to hold all my recipe books. Next to it is the old green dresser i redid and behind everything is a huge old window frame that...

from green to dream!

This was one of the pieces from my M-I-L. I figured that they painted green because it was damaged somehow.... it wasn't! I added some knobs from Rockler ....and volia!

Inspector 12

It doesn't matter what I'm working on... as soon as I get started, there's Hopie in the middle of it making such it's up to her standards!

From Buffet to Bar

I bought this buffet off Craigs list with plans to turn it into a bar. As you can see, I'm not quite finished. Well on my way though!

New finds

These were just a few of my favorite recent finds.

A Thank you To my MIL

For all the wonderful things my Mother-in-law gave me, I thanked her by fixing up her old sewing machine. I also made it a cover because I'm afraid it will go right back in the basement where we...

Side table re-do

Just one of many Mother-in-law projects done.

My salvage yard box

I love my salvage yard. Another $ 50 find! My before and after pics only differ with a coat of poly. It sure brightened up the lovely blue chippy paint.

More goodies from the Mother in law

I've got big plans for these pieces. you may not recognize them when I'm done. Give me a couple of weeks for the finished project pics. Thank you Mother in law!


My Mother in law is kind of a hoarder who has  decided to downsize. I was the lucky one who recieved all the goodies. Can't wait to get started on updating them all. And there is more to come!

barrels of fun!

My husband brought me these barrels home from his job. They were headed for the landfill. He figured I could do something with them. I've used them for everything from seating at a grad partynbspto...

how to store recipe books.

My hubby brought home a bunch of cool boxes so I swiped them to hold my recipe mags and books. I figured that once good junk is in the house, it's fair game for whom ever finds a use for it first!

Travel Trunk going nowhere now

I tried to make this old trunk useable again. I briefly used it as an end table in the spare bedroom to hold an alarm clock and family photos. Now it's been moved to the man cave to hold old tools.

soldering irons

we have so many old tools that really are not worth anything as is. so this was my first project with some of them.

claw foot curtain rod holders

I bought these hoping some day I'd find a great new use for them. I think I did!  I have only 2 windows in my south living room and thought they'd make great curtain rod holders. What do you...

Croquet anyone?

Now that I have removed the handles and epoxied the mallets together... what can I use the handles for?

Another $50 salvage yard find

At the moment I find myself painting in black or antique white. I hope to have the courage to explore other colors! I keep this dresser in my kitchen holding my coffee station.

salvage yard sink

I updated my kitchen on a tight budget and all by myself. I had been searching for an old dual drainboard sink and couldn't believe the prices on-line. Thank goodness for our local salvage yard...

Recent comments

Re: Junk Jubilee Here I Come!!!

Can't wait to meet you finally! and welcome to Iowa in advance!
The Junk Jubilee is a great show. This will be my 3rd year as a vendor. Looking forward to the whole shabang!

Full Moon & Buck Naked

Re: Vintage toy Cars

love these! great find!

Re: Dresser Bench project

good job, you are a busy bee!

Re: End Table to Dog House


Re: Restoration

nice save!

Re: First Kiss Dresser

Julien, I don't mix paint and stain but use stain over the top of paint to give an aged look. Toning down the paint color was just a bonus in this case.

Re: Artique Project


Re: Artique Project

How fun is that! Love it! Keep up the originality!

Re: Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

great inspiration JunkerMidge! I picked up my piano today and plan on making it into a bar. It will have to wait for warmer weather though.

Re: ~Christmas Jewelry~

All I want for Christmas to see you modeling your creation. Come on, Jim. You're our JunkMarket Style Calendar Guy! We need a little eye candy to go with that jem of a necklace!

nudge, nudge, wink, wink,
Merry Christmas, Sandy

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

So happy that you shared this. Old buckets with natural patina are getting very difficult to find.

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

I have no idea how in the hell I missed this post! I could give you some lame excuse but I won't.... this time. I love that you call them "soda" bottles. Here in Middle America we call them Pop. Allways have, always will!
Wonderful Collection, Jim!

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

sweet, Jim! I always love seeing what you create in your spare time. I'm particularly interested in what you will make with the VW emblem. My Dad was a mechanic for the Omaha dealership back in the 70's and I still wear his old work shirt. I also love the Galaxie 500 one. Now hurry up and get busy on more wonderful designs!

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

the whole numbers thing is my favorite part.
Nicely done, Jim. Now, next time, don't stay away so long!

Re: A messy styled horse gated bedroom

I love the staged messiness of it all... I'm thinking that part comes natually for me! Ha!
Beautiful Donna!

Re: Wire Basket for My Jars

I have always loved old baskets and now I'm into the old mason jars.
Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter don't you think?

Re: Junk on my porch

I have a very tiny porch but, I'm all about Junk on it too! Very nice.

Re: Old sink turned planter

I am all about the ols sinks! Love it!

Re: Quirky Tablescape

love that it is so simple but extremely elegant. I have not seen those old hair pins and curler clips since I was a child and my grams was using them.


Re: Make a branch handled tray

beautiful, farmers market season has started and this would be wonderful in my booth. thanks once again for your inspiration and imagination.

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

Lucky numbers, un-lucky numbers, your numbers up, what's your number? Go home at 2 with a 10, wake up at 10 with a 2. Gotta love numbers!
great post, Jim!

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

sweetness! Of course I love it! The shapes are so interesting and weathered to perfection.
like always, worth the wait!

Re: Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

I Love it! Great job!

Re: Restored Victorian Chair

total sweetness!! I am in love!

Re: The Ooh-La-La Table


Re: Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

I am the worst about hanging up my clothes, but you have inspired me to get my act together. Thanks Donna!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day

You are such the romantic! These photos are amazing and that wood piece...I am at a loss for words! Oh My!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Re: The Vintage Wedding

Love, Love, Love! Every detail seems like it has it's own story to tell. History, memories and sentimenal value all wrap up in a sweet book.
P.S. Your Mother is beautiful!

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Love, Love, Love! Every detail seems like it has it's own story to tell. History, memories and sentimenal value all wrap up in a sweet book.
P.S. Your Mother is beautiful!


Love your story, I'm not sure I could move it either, but it does look great!!


nice job!

Re: best job interview ever

Super finds... that does qualify as a great day!

Re: Recycled Shutter Art

great idea!

Re: junk table

I Like It!!!! love the chairs too!!

Re: The onion footstool

sweet! I love uncovering those layers too! Although some times they get pretty nasty. Your finished project is amazing!

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

I am always speechless... the way that you can just take random items, paint, distress, hammer, wreck and plain ole' kick the sh*t out of it and it morphs into beautiful, old, one of a kind Junk Art... You are my Hero Jim! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

Oh!!! I am so in love...sshhhhh... don't tell my husband, but I would actually leave him for this industrial junk!! Let the love affair begin... Thanks for sharing, Lanette!

Re: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod Lamp

cool beans!

Re: Trunk Turned Settee

love it! I have been wanting to try this for awhile. Yours turned out terrific!

Re: JMS Member Review 2011

we appreciate you too Sue! Thanks for giving us junk love'n fools a place to gather!

Re: High School Varsity Letter Pillows

I just love me some pillows! I'm workig on photo pillows right now. This idea is so clever! Thanks for posting

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Just like Santa, working on great Christmas suprises right up until the sleigh takes off. Very cool, Jim.

Merry Christmas,

Re: Christmas Bells


Re: Wreath Holder

Very cool! I love when unusual uses are found for everyday items.

Re: Dresser Repurposing Take 2

great finish!!

Re: What is holding the wine glasses?

I have two rake heads I'm still needing hang. Thanks for the reminder!

Re: JMS I need help

Burlap fan here!

Re: Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

sweet story, I also enjoy the sentimental value of a gift with history. even if if didn't previously belong to a family member, I love wondering where it came from and what it might have meant to somebody.

Re: Holiday Mantel

especially fond of the wheel and small wreath, oh and the bed springs.... wait! the 25 too!
Ok! so it's all wonderful!!...
did I mention the color scheme?

Re: Redesigned Christmas Ornaments

they are all so lovely. my favorite being the no melt snow balls, B-e-a-u-t-i-ful!

Re: Fabric Rosette Brooches

I just love these!

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

I did this same thing in a past post, although mine doesn't nearly look this good. I just picked up another trunk this weekend, much larger than the last, I think this one will make a better coffee table.
Nice Job! Sandy

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

totally in love with those corbels! This was well worth the wait. once again, your talent amazes me.

Re: Vanity Seat Makeover with Coffee Sack

Oh MY!! I am especially fond of the pillow!

Re: ladder back chairs

$15 is cheap. I'd snatch them all up. Here in IA
ladder backs sell anywhere from $25 to $40 each. I usually am lucky enough to find them in pairs of 2 (great for the ends of a dining table) or sets of 4. The only one I found as a single, I use as my desk chair and love to pieces. You won't ever see that one in one of my shows!

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

Adorable! Time to dig out my rulers!

Re: vintage student desk

very nice job!

Re: ladder back chairs

I just love ladder backs. I buy them whenever I can at auction. I haven't had the guts to paint them, but they always sell quick in my booths.
Great job!

Re: Junky metal box necklaces with sassy gals to inspire your life!

love them all!

Re: Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

That is so cool! I'd love to have your creativity!

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

sweet! I'd kill to have your imagination!

No! Really! I'd kill!


Re: Winter Greetings Basket

I love all the little details.
Great Job!

Re: Junk Redesigned Jewelry Display

what a coincident, I just made a bracelet display rack out of an old gun rack.
You're looks better than mine though!

Re: Photo/note holder from garden fence

Sweet! Welcome to the wonderful world of Junk, you are among friends and neighbors, I'm from Council Bluffs.

Re: Cheers!

Happy Hours at Jim's Place!!! You noticed I said Hours!! Love it! Once again, you are the Man!
Now, I feel like a beer.... Thanks a lot!! I don't even like beer!

Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

If the swing beds a rock'n.....
well you know the rest. Great project!

Re: Resale Table Turned Garden Furniture

That table has kankles like me!! although, those look much nicer than mine!
I love thrift store finds!

Re: Refurbished Thrift Store Tables

fun and funky, great combo!

Re: A Piece From The "Something Old, Something New" Bridal Collection

love, love, love!!!

Re: What did I do wrong???

I agree with Jim.
Don't ever give up and keep at it. Sometimes my biggest screw ups turn out to be my favorite pieces.

Re: Silage Shooter

I absolutley love that! I really had no idea what it was so thanks for the lesson in Junk 101.
Everything in your post was perfect, except....I think Sangria and a few Junk loving friends would complete the last picture.

Re: HoJo's Menu

Jim! Where on earth have you been? I check JMS several times daily waiting for one of your amazing creations and let me tell you, they are too few and far between.
This one is so cool that it just might hold me over until the next.
Being from Iowa, Hojo is unfamiliar to me. Big Boys was the diner of choice here. But all the same those memories of true diner food came flooding back.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Re: In Honor of 4th of July

love it!

Re: Funnel flower pot

I think those funnels are so cool but have never owned one.... time to find one! looks great!

Re: Flea Market Junque


Re: Decoupaged Map Buffet

That turned out NICE!!! Love the color!!

Re: Tre Verde

that is so cool!!! I always have drawers I'm itch'n to do something new with! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Checker Top Table

that is too stinking cool! Love what you did! and wouldn't mine finding a few of those boxes myself!


that is too creepy cool! Love it!!

Re: Iris

Iris I had one of these!!! teeheehee! Great job!

Re: Summer Deck made from Pallets

cool beans! what a grate idea! get it?!

Re: simple chip clip

i love these things, been looking but can find them! Lucky You!

Re: old sugar mold becomes useful container

your picture are terrific! Love it!

Re: Cedro Basilo

those cedar planks are wonderful. I've been into building potting tables lately... to much fun!

Re: A Vanity Just Like Grandma's - my 1st post!

Great job! Welcome to JMS! Hope to see more of your postings. This is also a great place for inspiration.
Have fun!

Re: Tell me whatcha think... I need an idea.

if it were me, I'd just do a good distressed finish on it. Make it look like it's been in a barn for the last 60 years. I love making old look even older!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

hmmm... I remember the 90's. Rather not go back there unless it was to shop in your Store! I'm with Donna on seeing Wreckage becoming a Hot Spot! Love your past work but totally drool over what you're doing now.

Keep'em coming Jim! You've got fans to entertain!!


Re: Fireplace Screen

at first I couldn't tell how big it was so thanks for all the pics. That piece is great! A keeper!

Re: Thursday's Junque...

that is one sweet basket!

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

That is so cool! I can think of a ton of people that would want that!!!

Re: Old Family Farm Drop Leaf Table Turned Into Wall Art

very creative!! love it!

Re: Old Screen Memo/Photo Wall...

You make being organized look so cool. Wish that I could figure out how to do that! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Pets and junk

Very sweet Donna, thanks for sharing. My cat loves to be involved in all my projects too!

Re: Wall Candle Scounce

Pretty darn cool!

Re: This Project Is A Gas

I just got me some oil can spouts at an auction this weekend just to make this! Thanks for the inspiration! Too cool!!!

Re: Steampunk teacup dolls

totally groovy! Love them!

Re: Totally shabby chic junk table

Very cool Tammy! I like how it all came together!

Re: Industrial light cage planter

very nice Tammy. A friend of mine just gave me 2 of those baskets she found on the curb. they both have great chippy white paint left on them. I can't wait to jazz'em up. thx for the inspiration.

Re: My version of "Dresser Turned into a Bench"!

very inventive! I love the whole idea of it and your choice of color and fabric were right on!

Re: Old Shelf with a new look!

that is too darn cool!
great place to display todays bottle of wine with a couple of glasses... kind of like having your reward waiting for you at the end of a long day!

Re: Remnants of Spring: A Tablescape

pretty amazing! I loved everything about it!

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

Once again, beautiful, thoughtful and simply wonderful. Your Mom is a lucky woman!

Re: Candle Holder 101

Amen Sister!!
I'm not conviced that it's spring yet though your vingette gives me hope.

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

love it! I'm all about the chalk boards!

Re: Window Table


Re: Sewing Stand Table

i love curb finds! great job!

Re: Another Simple Spring Wreath

love, love, love! From the tag to the key to the wreath! all around awesome! Get it?! "Around"! teeheehee!

Re: Junque Jewelry

I am a huge fan of blingy keys! Thanks for sharing your creativity! and I haven't been able to paint either cuz of the wet/cold weather... Hurry up summer, we're waiting!

Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

love the idea of birds feeding from it but the squirrels in my back yard would have other plans... I can see them now thinking it was a mini merry go round. I might just make one to watch the fun!

Re: MORE Vintage Ornament Wreaths...

love them! and love your name!

Re: Easter Junking

have you seen the sweet little flower baskets made out of the bed springs? check out Junk Jubilee on F/B if you haven't. they are adorable!

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

so cRaZy clever! way to go!

Re: "Wining Allowed!"

Yes, wine or just bars in general seem to turn up quite a bit here at JMS. I think that it says that we are very "entertaining" people, That we love our Friends, Junk and our Wine! By the way... the corbels are to die for!

Re: Beautiful Blooming Flowers.....even in Fargo!

very cool!

Re: Reel Plant Holder - How to Get the Look

thanks for the tutorial!

Re: Reel Plant Holder

This is so cool! I have been avoiding the whole decorating for Easter thing... but this is so awesome, I just might have to steal the idea and take to my Weston, Mo show in 2 days. Thanks Sue!

Re: Turning up the heat on SPRING!

how adorable! you come up with some very creative ideas! I'm so jealous!

Re: mossy chicken wire cone

I just love these cones! The ones done with bed springs really sweet too. Maybe it's that I love flowers and anything they're put in! Huh?

Re: Curbside Creations

Pretty darn cool

Re: Door Bench

Glad to have you here! You fit right in perfectly! Just to let you know, you can find a lot of your JunkMarket Buddies on facebook. Thanks for sharing all your Goodies!

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

I just checked out your web site! Awesome stuff! I love the ALDEN piece ( I have a dear Uncle with that name)

Re: WIRE BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too cool for school!

Re: Door Bed


Re: Another industrial mirror!

You know, I think I better get me one of those glass cutters! You do amazing work JunkerMidge!

Re: Time in a Bottle

these were some of my favorites from your booth!

Re: Ski hat rack

that's pretty cool!

Re: Soldier Song

just beautiful!

Re: I have insulators

awesome! so glad you came back here Beth!!

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

so imaginative! it is sooo totally cool!

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

i love winning auction bids for little or nothing! Hey JunkerMidge, we here in Iowa say.... "Now here's the Paul Harvey"!
Love the bench!

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

awesome!!! so bright and beautiful! and I'm all about doing things on a budget!

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

nice bling! sweet bracelet!

Re: Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

that looks wonderful! I love it!

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

She will adore it! But 12?! Really! I Love the shabby chicness of the table and love your apron/vase. But then again... I am easy to please and your creations are always amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Chicken wire Cloche

just perfect!

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

love it! If it were me, I think that I would put an overstuffed linen cushion on it and maybe add some french quotes to the linen. No matter what you do, I know that it will turn out great!

Re: Dramatic Red Side Table


Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

I'd love to find an old work bench like this too! great job!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

uhhhh yeah.... ditto on what they all said!

Re: Wine glass holder

I've got some old wheels just waiting for a purpose! Great idea and love the old sewing drawer!

Re: "Zipper Flowers"

i really love them! very creative!

Re: White coffee chest

Totally love the danity legs with the big cupboard. Great Job!

Re: Junk art door with drawer bins

I AM stealing your idea! I've got drawers and doors up the wazoo! what a great use of everything! Thanks!

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

I was right! There's nothing that you don't know or can't do! I think I have a crush on you and your amazing talent!

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

You've done it once again! Everything you touch becomes just amazing!

Re: New and Re-Purposed Vintage Style Aprons

me toooo!!

Re: Upcycled Chalkboard

personally, I can't get enough of the chalk board frames. I love memo cork board ones too! Keep'em coming!

Re: Moss Picture Frame Wreath

very nice!

Re: Vintage Hoosier Table Makeover

You did an amazing job! Way to go!

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board


Re: Get the Scoop Here!

that's preety cool! Don't you just love finding the junk you already have?

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

I love this place. You fall in love everytime you walk in. I live 2 hours from DesMoines but always stop whenever I am in town. A must see for every junk lover out there!

Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

What more could anyone want? Chippy white paint... check!Wonderful patina...check! Awesome old hooks... check! OH! and a cool old ladder! CHECK!! Love It!

Re: The Party Bird

love it!!

Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

I think she is very sweet and when and if you're every ready to part with her, I hope I'm close by!

Re: Can anyone find the book?

what ever that is with the floating leaves... Love it!!

Re: is it almost time for the junk swap?

I'm in too ... hopefully. Love you pic!

Re: Opening Bell at Flea Market Under Glass!

I am so jealous!! Wish that I could have bought and sold there. Looks like butt loads of fun!!!

Re: Vintage Pattern Art

WoW! Love them, very unique.

Re: Misc. finds from yard sales

OMG! DON"T PAINT THE DRESSER! I had to strip that dresser and save it from a awful paint job. Check out "My Junk" From Green to Dream and see what your dresser could look like with a little love. I too had missing knobs, so I replaced with crackled glass knobs. And just sold the dresser! Yeah!

Re: TLC please

love the color combo!

Re: Kitchen Junk-mas

oh, i meant your celing color!

Re: Kitchen Junk-mas

love it all! even your wall color... it's the same as mine in my kitchen!

Re: Happy Holidays Junk Lovers!

I posted a better pic of that stove door. It has a cool design on it. it usually sets indoors up against my fireplace. Thanks!

Re: Illuminated Cream Bucket

I'm an old bucket fan myself... the beat up the better. I just call them well loved. and anything you can put a candle it... well that's just gravy! Always beautiful things you do! Love'em all!

Re: This is Halloween...

these are the cutest darn things! love them!

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

Oh so Nice!

Re: A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

I agree completely with Gretchen!

Re: Footstool

love the fabric too!


Welcome to Junkmarket! love the shade!

Re: I'll grind your bones...

very hip and chic!

Re: Spooktacular Halloween

very BOOoootiful!

Re: Junk Holiday Part 1

lovely junk!

Re: 100 YEAR OLD DOOR ~ Part Deux ~

this is sooo beautiful! I absolutely love it! are you selling it?

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror


Re: my 1st flea market showing

Thanks ladies... I wish you had been there too!


i like the reflection pic w/ the trees and window pane. i would try and use it in my office to hide all the stuff that acumulates on my desk. great job!

Re: The rest of the wall.........................

I love it Alice! Great job!

Re: Cool as Ice Junk


Re: Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover

very, very sweet!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Jim, even your pictures look like art, I'd hang them on the wall right over that table if it were mine... could it be mine? Pretty please?!

Re: Coordinating pieces - pie safe, coffee table and end table

great job! don't you just love dumpster diving especially when you don't have to dive in?

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

very nice, love the buffet! But I don't even want to think that far ahead!Thanksgiving...NOOOOOOOO!

Re: The Goods

It's all sooo beautiful!

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

count me in!

Re: All "Dressed" up...

i have one of those copper spools and never knew what to do with it... thanks for the great idea! love it!

Re: My version of the PB clock.

way to go alice!

Re: garden work bench

don't you just love it when a plan comes together!

Re: I've Gone Crow Crazy

You Go Crow Crazy! I love it!

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

Love, love, love.... want, want want! Need I say more!

Re: My junk storage

Yes Jim... I have buckets and buckets full of rusty nuts and bolts. Need some?!

Re: "artistry inherent in the everday"

Very nice! So excited for you, hope it all goes as planned.

Re: We Went to the Salvage Yard!!!

Don't you just love a good salvage yard?! love the shelf too!


Jim is too funny... but we have about the same deal here in Iowa. Seems like all the cool shows are too far away. I am envious!

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

love it! great job!

Re: Hubby's Extra Large Spice Cabinet

Very Nice!... what we won't do for our dear husbands.

Re: A Great Grate

I Like It! i did something similar with some decorative wroght iron and some insulators turned upside down.

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Yep! I could live here! Very nice ladies!

Re: What to do with all of your scrap fabric? Turn into a pair of fabulous Patchwork bloomers

Tina! what are you doing taking a break! get back to work on my sweater! Chop! Chop!... by the way, love the pants!

Re: from green to dream!

believe me, it was! but with some Ready Strip and an endless supply of Mike's Hard Lime.... anything is possible!

Re: High Tech Message Center

great for kids! saves paper!

Re: Vintage towels turned into Fabulous Reversible Hobo Bags

Hey Tina! once again... very cool!

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

my Hubby has a whole man cave filled with antlers... I wish he'd let me do something creative with them!

Re: Beauty and the "sweater" Transform a boring sweater into a Fabulous fave.

i just searched for your brown ruffled sweater in's not there! i totally want this!

Re: Beauty and the "sweater" Transform a boring sweater into a Fabulous fave.

i love this sweater!

Re: Tool Box

i love the rust!

Re: Microscope Lamp

Very nice!

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

this reminds me of my Grandma, she always said "Learn to type so you'll have something to fall back on."
Nice job!

Re: Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Don't you love a bargin?! It's like winng the lottery!


Don't you just love painting things black? I do! Looks great!

Re: Ruth Barnes-Memphis Tn.-Creator "Southern Junkers Group" on Facebook-Ruths redo's and JUNK

I'm a fan of that chair!


Digg'in on those signs!

Re: Great Load of Junk for our June Country Junk Sale!

Alright... I'm checking mapquest to see how long of drive it is. I already see stuff I can live without but shouldn't have to!

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

Just Wonderful! I have similar memories of my father, I still wear his old Volkswagon work shirt.

Re: free find favorites

I was suprised to hear that you walked past the box a dozen times. I'd have swiped it up asap so that know one could get it. Forget about justifing it to anyone. we will support your junking habit!!!!

Re: More goodies from the Mother in law

I can't believe you noticed the cabinet/cubby behind the chair! That is actually a free find of my husbands. It used to hold old nuts and bolts. He brought it home from an old shed being torn down. I was starting to work on it when I recieved all my Mother in law stuff, so it got put on the back burner. I'm currently working on refinishing a very beat up Singer threadle machine to thank my MIL with.

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Just recieved my Rockler cookies. Thanks for the tip! love these clocks!

Re: Always Class-y and Creative at AAJMS

Yeah Rockler! I just got my cookies in today and cannot wait to use them. Thanks to everyone on this site that shares their favorite products. P.S. love the photos, wish I could have been there.

Re: TV Console needs help!

I'm with Redoit. I'd totally make this into some kind of liquor cabinet or wine rack. Hang a glass rack from the top and put those criss cross shelves in to hold the bottles. I'd also paint it black, put a mirror top on it, set some cool vintage bar set on it. Oh, I'd also put glass in the doors and maybe some lights inside. But thats just me. Can you tell I like a good drink?!

Re: Vanity Dresser turned to Desk

Very nicely done! I can't pass up a bargin either! And don't you just love it when it all comes together, the finished project i mean.

Re: Another $50 salvage yard find

Yeah! I just sold this for $2oo! Someone loved it as much as I did!

Re: In the Mail

very nice! I would buy these in a heartbeat!

Re: blue bottle bonanza

hey grabe, the bottles that start out clear are called sun glass. it's the manganese in the glass that when exposed to uv rays turn the glass lavender.

Re: salvage yard sink

Funny story.. after searching on the internet and finding them priced way too high not to mention to far away, I was told about a local salvage yard that had a couple. I fell in love with one of them and at $50 how could I resist. About a week later I went to visit my Uncle on his farm and bragged about my old sink with drain boards and he said "You mean like the one outside by the chicken coop?" The 3rd one came to me from a friend whose parents were tearing down an old house. They knew I'd want it and saved it from the land fill. Goes to show that you should talk to family and friends first! P.S. I just found another on craigs list for $20!

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

You guys are killing me!! I can't go but really, really, really want too! I love all the teaser pics, it's makes me want to quit my job and hitch hike to Minnesota!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

I dream of have a cool shed/greenhouse like the big one. Are those garage doors? Love everything about it!

Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

I love them all! Totally urban vintage chic!

Re: Prepping for Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event in May

I soooo want to be there with you guys and i want everything in your last photo! Maybe next year! Have fun!

Re: Amanda's guitar coffee table

My son would love this for his own place if and when he ever moves out! great idea!

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

let me tell you... my husband had a few choice words to let out while putting these up. he attached some heavy duty "L" brackets to the wall and wired the foot around screws attatched to the top of the bracket.

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

i love how your jewelry stands out against the raw beauty of the mannequin. lovely!

Re: What do you do with 60 lbs of alfalfa seed?

this would be a great tote to go junkin with! love it!

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!


Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

this so so cute! you could also hold recipe cards here or use for place settings for a dinner party!

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

this would make great gifts using particular book titles and special photo from an event. ie Brige Across Forever coupled with a wedding pic for an anniversary gift. Love it!

Re: Old Champagne Riddler

I have always wanted one on these! They are so neat just as they are. Lucky you!

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

I assume they came from a tub. I found them as is, so many times they have paint on them.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

I have this great pic of my Grandma , do you do custom work? Your stuff is B-E-A-U-T-FUL!

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

I love the logo! What a way to hold on to a family memory.


Sooo cool and inspiring!

Re: Croquet Bouquet

I love finding croquet mallets especially cheap ones. But they have to be cool looking and the older the better. Yours are awsome! Let me know if you want to sell them!

Re: Curch Pew Rebuild

I'd paint it black and distress it. But then again I paint almost everything black, if not white. Can't wait to see it finished!

Re: Sewing Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I just love your chalk board! I did something similar with an old 3'x5' dual pane window frame. I use a chalk board for the large pane and fabric covered cork in the small pane. Keep up the great work!

Re: Croquet anyone?

Great Ideas! Thanks CleverJunk!

Re: Another $50 salvage yard find

Sushikay, Thanks for commenting on my dresser. I used a satin black paint, then sanded down some of the features and stained them in a red oak stain. Finally I sealed it all. It does have a little gloss look to it. Thanks again!

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

I love this piece! Clever thinking, Clever Junk!