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Yes, I, too, love junk. Its so refreshing to find others like me! My day job? I'm a writer. My secret passion is to buy an old barn and fill it with junk, so I could rework it, repurpose it, paint it and sell it! (Of course, I would end up keeping it all, so that could be a problem.)
Other things I enjoy -- watching my three boys play sports, decorating, traveling, photography (note my profile photo), walking, skiing, reading, and going to garage sales.

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Little lady bug chair

My friend was going to toss this, but thought of me  first (thank goodness). Very easy project...sanded, gave it a base coat of bright red and added black lady bug dots with an eraser...

It's a zoo out there!

Another rocking chair created for my friend's little baby boy. I used the same colors that were in his sweet little room. This was five dollars at a garage sale...just had to use a little elbow...

How does your garden grow?

I have a thing for little rocking chairs! I created this for a silent auction fundraiser. Found a freebie rocking chair, added wood cutouts, craft paint and imagination.

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Re: 2 Painted chest of drawers

Wow! This is so cool. You are talented and an inspiration to me...I love painting furniture, too.


I love the look! By the way, you are very talented.

Re: It's a zoo out there!

Thanks for the kind words!