farmerville, LA, US

Retired hairdresser,58 years old but feel 30 (Thank you Lord)married, to the sweetest man in the world! 6 Children and all are grownup with families of their own .12 grandchildren 1 great, and we thank our Lord Jesus everyday for all the blessing he has given us!!
We live in the country,north Louisiana,and have lived in this area all our lives.
I am a seller on ebay my user name is paintedrosesandoldlace ,I sell vintage finds,gently used items and handpainted items ,most of that being shabby roses.
and I love to make and sell trash -to treasure items,or things that are made from old wood windows and doors and other vintage finds.Plus,Im a professionaldumpster diver.
and I carry all the right tools to get the job done ,in my pickup truck ,Long handle hoe,litter getter,hooks, gloves ,disinfectant wipes,(if your gonna do this it does get messy)so go prepared!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/05/1950

Member Since: 11/10/2008

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All wood whats it !!!

Help !! I found this awhile back at a thrift store ,for .75 had to get it ,its solid wood with wooden balls w/ dowels running from side to side holdin' 5 balls in each row from the top to bottom It...

I've got my pile ,now I'm ready for a sunny day ,this is a cedar lined armoire in the raw.

This pile is all dumpster finds,the tall cabinet was a armoire with no doors .It had been discared along with another one just like it  and as put at a dumpster behind the nursing home where my...

From poor ,pitiful pony to pretty painted pony!

I had forgot about having this o horse ,infact,he had been moved outside for the grandkids to play on and they all outgrew him, so hes just been sitting there like a homeless lil' pony .Now, hes so...

Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

I have one big shed with lots of cubbies for old doors ,windows,shutters, pieces and parts of headboards,tables,old boards bi-fold doors, All kinds of hardware,tools,rusty and not,doorknobs on an on...

Just an old window and old linens.

I just love these old windows,even without the glass.They are the eyes of a home .

Bird house from junk ,I think this one has a old glass insulator from a telephone line on top.

These are made like all my other stuff,just pieces and parts of different items,that I pick up at the dumpster (We call our dumpsters the green mall.)because they are big green containers and most of...

an old drawer found on the side of the road.

This old drawer was headed for the trash ,but it happened to fall of the trash truck .now its a happy lil' thing all dressed up with paint and lined with pretty fabric!

shabby cupboard from dumpster finds

This lil sweetie was at one time a old drawer,old cedar fence ,case off wood shutters,and old hardware .I love to find a good pile of this kind of junk just waiting to be rescued,and redone !

Some of my dumpster /junk makeovers,I can't beleive what people throw away !!!

This is some of my stuff in a wad ,I rent a booth at Bayou Crafters in West Monroe La.

Shabby hp vintage shoes.

This is an idea I think anyone can do (If you love shoes ,and I think most of us do)I hp these but if you would like to do this and don't think you could master a paint brush,just glue on  some...

Shabby hp garden sign on a vintage metal garden chair.

As anyone can see I love all kinds of junk ,this was another dumpster find ! That started out as a old metal lawn chair ,i find these all the time ,because they rust and fall apart at the back of the...

French shabby linen armoire

These are made from all found items .the sides and back are vintage bifold doors and the doors are antique windows all the hard ware is items from other pieces of antiques or vintage items .When I...

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Re: How-To Make a Tricycle Tire Cookbook Holder

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Sewing Machine Drawer Charging Station

I've got all the stuff to do it with, now I'm off to do it!!!-Thanks for sharin'-Rose

Re: A Merry Christmas Conservatory - revisited...

Love it !!!!
Thank you !

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

That is so unique !! And I haven't even pulled out my Christmas tree yet !! Thanks for sharing.......Rose

Re: My sunrrom at Christmas

Ooh my ! Do I envy you,I love your sunroom ! We have been talkin' about buildin' one for a couple of years,and I'm hoping this will be the year! Thank you Rose

Re: Old door bench seat

Hey, thats a work of art !! All the curves really makes it special. Thank you for sharing-Rose

Re: Christmas angels -- junk style

I love your angels and all that junk you make them with!!!
Thanks for sharing! Rose

Re: Make-Up Collage Table

Awesome !!! I love all your stuff,Junkmama1 you got it goin' on!!! Thanks for sharing -Rose

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

Are you the lucky one!!!!!!!!!!I have been dreaming of a find like that! Thank you for sharing!---Rose

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Ok ,thats got to be the record in the word 'hi-heel'makes my poor o' feet hurt just lookin' at it !but that is a work of art!!!!Thank you for sharing.

Re: From poor ,pitiful pony to pretty painted pony!

thank you shamrockerin !its Freehand.-Rose

Re: Bench

Great use of old headboards !! Very talented artist !!
Thank you for sharing !-Rose

Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

i have really been wanting to make a trip to the FM before it starts getting cold and rainy ,if I do I'll stop in #141 and check out your stuff!I enjoy your stuff also!

Re: Primitive Bench

What a find ! Wish I could be so lucky!

Re: Refrigerator Pocket Organizer made from Recycled Frame

That is a great idea.Thank you for sharing!

Re: Ode to Geo's Bicycle Lamp

What a great idea for one of my vintage light fixtures that been hanging in my storage -project shed and that I hit my head on everytime I go in ! Thank you for sharing-Rose

Re: Rust Brothers No More

That lil high chair is darlin'and the tall window,WoW!I love it all.

Re: Another Shutter

Hi Junktiqueboutique! Love your projects !I think we are neighbors,I live in Farmerville,I think about 100 miles east of you .I love to go to the Greenwood flea market on the other side of Shreveport,my favorite sellers are on the outside .You can shop and make a pile ,and when your ready they give you a price for the pile ! WoW ! have I found some neat stuff there makes me want to go!
Thanks for sharing all your projects ! Rose


What a deal! I've got little pieces of lace and stuff I really need a special place for ,so that gives me a idea!Thanks for sharing!

Re: Just an old window and old linens.

Hi Luann, I cut the pieces the size of the opening of each pane,and used a heavy cardboard cut a tiny bit smaller to the size of panes then adhered the fabric pieces to the cardboard,and snugged it in the openings. I used a dab of adhesive on the back to hold it all in .Thank you for taking the time to look !Rose

Re: WISH Scale


Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

What a good idea !


This is so sweet! I love that shabby dresser.
Thanks for sharing.


OOOh My !! I love it ,kinda looks like mine with the old windows .I can just see all the goodies that are created in there!

Re: Latest Projects

That is the cutiest lil'guy !!!

Re: Corbel Shelf

You did a wonderful job ,that is so unique!!!Thank you for sharing it !! Rose

Re: Shabby hp garden sign on a vintage metal garden chair.

Hello junktiqueboutique,Thank you,I believe all our talents are a gift from God. Rose

Re: Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

Hi Kathy,That is adorable!! Good use for old shutters!!
Thank you for sharing .Rose

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

That is so awesome ,it all works so perfect together .I love the white on white -Thank you for sharing.

Re: Dreams

I have so many of these in my shed ,thats another great way to us em'!!! Thanks for sharing

Re: My First Weekend of Junking!

You got a real deal on all of your stuff,but the headboards were a steal!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Shuttered shelf

OOOH soooo sweet ,I can see it in the bathroom w/ bath goodies!

Re: China Candlestick

thats a great idea ,I did a cake plate like that.

Re: I'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great idea ! I love it.