April Green, Lafayette

I was a junker from day one. My grandmother (Mema) ran a thrift store. I use to spend all day on Saturdays there in my own little world. Its trully a treasure hunt when I go junking. Theres nothing like it. Now Im a flea market vendor. My booth is called Offbeatunique because I carry things that are funky, colorful and eclectic. I love to paint furniture, repurpose found objects, make art pieces out of strange things. I have gatherings at my home called Art Nite. My friends and I are avid thrifters. I dumpster dive, thrift, flea, you name it. Anything to get that special piece of junk that looks perfect in my home or my booth. Not all the things are vintage, some are newer used items. As long as they have character! I feel like Ive found my tribe here with this site. I cant wait to post some pics & check out all the creativity & fun going on with other junkers.

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Birthday: 04/06/1964

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Darling Desk

This was a roadside freebie that I picked up & spraypainted today. Wow, I actually got a project done the same day I brought it home! I'll have to write that on my calender!


Thought I'd share some pics of my flea market booth: Offbeatunique. This keeps me so busy I don't have much time for art projects right now. That's ok though, because I've decided to...

Shiny Bouquet

This is something I put together with some odds & ends from my "junkbasket". I challenged myself to do this w/out gluing anything. I just tied & wrapped. It worked out pretty good...


I painted the rocks with some inspirational words. The doorknob coat rack came from a thrift store. I left some of the chipped paint on it for texture then got out my metallic spraypaint. There can...

Welcome Wagon

This is a work in progress. I'm always adding & subtracting & rearranging. I find the statues at thrift stores. Sometimes they're painted. Sometimes I paint them myself. I love rusty metal...

Spraypainted Office Chair

My boss was gonna toss this chair so I tossed it into my truck. Then I proceeded to have a spraypaint party with it.   


jeweled welcome sushi tray gone wild punk blue ceramic steer head

Recent comments

Re: Junky front porch Christmas

Super cute! I especially love the wreath. Rusty metal's the best isn't it?!

Re: Stirrup Photo Frame

That's adorable! I like the contrast of the rust and the glittery crystals. Great job!

Re: Gypsy Clock

That's awesome! I love anything with skulls on it!

Re: My Junk Lamp

That's adorable!

Re: Online Garage Sale!

What's an online garage sale? I can't believe I didn't know about this. This sounds wonderfully fun and potentially dangerous to my pocketbook! By the way, I went to your blogsite & you've made some really cute things!

Re: front of my house

What a fun porch, makes me wanna hang out at your house & have tea!

Re: One of a kind...

What a great way to make make use of cool ties in the thrift stores!

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

I love the pink! It reminds me of a pink bathtub we had when I was growing up. Great find!

Re: Junk Doll

OMG that's so cute! I used to do hair, so I remember those permanent rollers! This is a much funner way to use them!

Re: Cash Drawer

I absolutely love this!

Re: Sewing Machine Table

That's really pretty!

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

What a lucky dog and a great idea!

Re: tin can gifts

OMG, these are so cute! Was the rooster already on the cans or did you paint them on?

Re: Welcome Wagon

It just sits next to my porch steps. Each statue symbolizes something different and special to everytime I walk by I feel blessed. Hopefully my guests enjoy it too.

Re: Salvaged Brass Keyhole Necklace

Wow, I love the tiny collaged paper pieces. How did you keep from going cross-eyed doing those?! I'm impressed!