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In both theory and practice, I am a salvage artist. I love coming across pieces with stories, pieces that have already traveled far in their journeys, pieces that have since been abandoned. The beginnings and the middles of the stories of my pieces are all the same: unknown starts, bustling lives, and then discarded, reclaimed, deconstructed, repurposed (that

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Galley doors

Adding a little form & function to the pantry...

A "pretty" point-of-view

Of the many and varied cast-offs I come across, there are a few items that seem to pop up more frequently than most.  Old windows and antique sewing machines are two of them.  So, I decided...

From garage to grandeur!!

This baby was a beast to load, but free and full of potential, so how could I resist?!

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Re: Tool box "jewelry" box

This is so great! I can't get enough of old drawers, and always seem to find a way to justify keeping every set I find! ;)

Re: Welcome to my office

I love how you've sectioned off the area, from the side, as well as above.. Gives me great ideas for the "sitting area" in my bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Chippy repurposed old door knob backplates

These are so perfectly pretty!
Welcome to JMS! :)

Re: Picker's Paradise Tag Sale

When, when, when???

Re: Gear Mirror 5 Different Ways

Sue, these look great! I love mirror...there is nothing better to give a contrasting "clean" look to an (already lovely) old piece of junk! :)