Danville, KY, US

Ive always been intrigued by making something pretty out of something that has been cast aside. Before moving to my small Kentucky town from a big city, I was not able to create as much as what I would have liked. To combat the sadness related to moving I started making jewelry and selling it locally, much to my surprise! I also love to paint wild furniture for my therapy room, where I work with young children, or sell it. I still miss the big city, but have found that through creative means I can still feel alive!

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Geeba Geeba Monsters

These silly monsters were created from jeans, felted sweaters, and other pieces of clothing that have seen better days!

Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

My latest obsession is incorporating grapic and floral tins in one piece, such as my layered and stitched hearts seen here!

Goodwill Tin

A short trip to Goodwill and one $1.00 tin bucket became this bracelet....wonderfully battered and aged.

Ceiling Tin Heart Pins

Here are some yummy heart pins made from vintage ceiling tins!

Grate to Great!

Our school is having a HUGE yardsale this weekend and we have goodies lining the hallways everywhere you turn.

No Candle Needed

This was another find from our mounting piles of junk to be sold at the school-wide yard sale today....just something fun to do with an old candlestick!!

Upcycled Tin Jewelry

I've been working with making paper jewelry, but thought I would try my hand at putting some tin to use!  TheMadCutter.etsy.com  

Play the Music...Then Wear It!

In my favorite Sanford and Son junk store hangout, I found this beautiful aged piece of music with a copyright date of 1904 for a mere quarter!  The artwork on the cover was enough to make my...

Behind Door Number One Is....

Not a novel idea, but something fun to do with some old doorknobs laying around!  I found some great ones for .50 at my local Sanford and Son hangout!  I was happy to have a way to display...

Jewelry from magazines?

New to my hobby list is making whimsical jewelry from images found in the everyday world of print...mostly beautiful patterns from magazine pictures.

Spring Has Sprung!

I was at a furniture store yesterday collecting upholstery samples for another project and mixed in with them was a chair spring....what luck!!  It is different than a typical spring and I was a...

Why keep them in a drawer?

My newest creations are necklaces and bracelets made with pieces of vintage postcards and varnished for protection.  Some of the artwork on the old cards is incredible...why keep them hidden...

Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

Here we have some scenes from this weekend's 400 mile yardsale that runs through Kentucky...I, of course, did not go the 400 mile distance, but I did go quite a ways and captured some pictures.

More jewelry from Pieces of the Past

These pieces of my creations will be shown at an art show in Kentucky in the end of May.  The first is a mosaic bracelet made from an old pitcher.  I love the pieces of the birds that I was...

Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

I make quite a bit of jewelry with the typical elements such as buttons, other pieces of jewelry repurposed, typewriter keys, etc...but I love to make pieces with pieces of dishes such as these. 

A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

These pictures were taken in an "outdoor garden" behind one of my favorite haunts in St. Louis...Purple Cow Antiques.  It was chocked full of the most wonderful collection of stuffstatues...

Beyond Measure

Got this old fold up measuring stick at a flea market today and remembered seeing this idea recently in a magazine...can't remember which one. I thought it was a cute idea to hold cards, or...

A Little Mood Lighting

Hi All!  A while back in a magazine I saw a project using these old light covers.  They had taken strong wire or chain, strung them through the holes and hung them from a porch or deck...

Can you say "Cute Candy Caddy" five times...fast??

Happy October, fellow junkers!  I am enjoying this site so much!  Well, here we have one of those caddies that once held oil and vinegar bottles and are quite expensive when the set is...

Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Wondering if your guests are snooping in your medicine cabinet??  Chances are, they are too busy looking at these not so typical shower curtain hooks fashioned from Grandma's old clipon...

Funky Painted Desk

When I saw this idea for a desk in "Junk Beautiful" (page 14) I got excited...I had the exact vanity pieces in a storage locker and only had to add a piece of glass.  I did go a tad funky with...

Recent comments

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Super cool....I love it!!

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

I love this!! VERY COOL!

Re: Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

Sorry to just be answering this, but yes...you can see my tin jewelry at themadcutter.etsy.com. All of these have sold, but different ones are on there now! Thanks everyone!

Re: Chalkboard from the side of an old dresser.

Though I'm still not quite sure how you made this (your directions are clear, but I'm not good at "picturing things"), I just love this!! I actually need something like this for shows that I do, but I don't have the parts to make it! Maybe someday I will!!

Re: Pack Up Your Troubles

This is SO cute....love it!!!

Re: Singer Sewing Table

You got really lucky finding that base!! It turned out really good!!!

Re: Mannequin

WOW...look at the patina on that one! I just love it!!

Re: Vintage dress form all dressed up...

This is so cool!!!

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

Fit for a princess!

Re: Making a flea market cart liner with leftover materials

I've been wanting one of these ,too. Is the cart vintage or is it new? You did a great job!

Re: Dressed Up Vintage Bottles

Cute! I really like it!!

Re: From upside down in an alley to this...

See, that alley shopping has its perks! I love your choice of colors...very old world!!

Re: 1920's dresser that just needed a little make-up...

Be still, my heart...I LOVE THIS!!

Re: Modern Shabby???

I saw a post on Pinterest where someone had just installed boards to make shelves where the drawers were. I thought that was really cool! I love this one!

Re: Clean Sweep???

I make these doorknob things, too! I love the look of them...and I love the broom!!

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

I could probably KILL For these....just sayin!!

Re: Grate to Great!

I'll take up the opportunity for a free plug, of course!!

I work at Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville, Kentucky. If anyone is within any kind of driving distance, do COME!! There are treasures galore!!

Re: Help Everyone.....Old chandelier I need help on identifing age and value!!

WOW! Did YOU hit the jackpot or WHAT??? LOL! This is really cool!! Do you plan to keep it or are you selling it?

Re: Yeyas Antiques & Oddities. Making a Junk Idea A Reality!!

junqueartiste, I lived in St. Louis before moving to Kentucky! What part do you live in??

Re: mason jars & burlap =elegant country-shab

E6000 glue works well for this project!

Re: Jewelry from magazines?

Thanks, everyone! I've never made it onto the feature page before!

Re: Sign for New Antique Store

This is just so cute!! I was thinking of doing something like this with an old headboard that a friend gave me....just gotta get around to painting it!!

Re: Up-cycled Leather Jewelry & Accessories

I LOVE this idea!! VERY cute!!

Re: Pixie Button Flowers! They last forever.

I've always loved these!! They are so colorful and fun!

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

I have always loved the look of something worn and rough paired with the pretty and soft....this fits the bill! GOOD WORK!!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

How did you get all of these plates?? It is so cool!!

Re: Beautiful Blooming Flowers.....even in Fargo!

Do you glue these in place or sew them? I love the look of them, but have not quite gotten the hang of the best method yet!! Thanks and great job!!

Re: Candy, Anyone?

I LOVE this!! It's so simple, yet cute!

Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

I never get sick of looking at these things because I never find good junk like this!! GREAT WORK!!

Re: Cherished Treasures Abound

I love your style! It's fun to take pieces that are great on their own and make it yours. Great job!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry for AA/JMS

Your creations never cease to amaze me! You have a way of making the most common of elements really pop and take on new life! I can only hope to make stuff like this!!

Re: 2 little fun finds

LOVE LOVE LOVE those Barbie cards...I could so see those as some type of price tag for some vintage goodies! LUCKY YOU!

Re: Redo's get it sold!

I would have bought the original color in a heartbeat as well...goes perfect with my living room colors! Oh well...I missed out! Glad it sold so quick!

Re: Curtain Up!

Boy, did you luck out or what??? I love the patina on that frame and the girl? Well, she's just been given new life and ready to dance it up again! Congrats!

Re: Did I mention I rescue broken chairs?

This is really great! I do jewelry shows and I'm forever looking for new ways to display my stuff. Sad...I just got rid of a chair that was just taking up room in my garage...I could have done this!

Re: Commercial Laundry Hamper

If it were in MY house it would be filled with all the magazines that I am hopelessly addicted to!!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

You never disappoint...I love it all, as usual!

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

Haha...I grew up in West Virginia and those hollars do hold some good treasures! This looks great!

Re: 1 of a Kind bathroom vanity

I've always admired people who take this project on! I have thought about it before, but never have gotten around to it. Yours turned out great!

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

I love anything made with old silverware...beautiful!

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

I hear what CoolJools is saying, but I guess I've always been of the mindset, what better way to show off these beautiful pieces but to make something of them. Like most people, my postcards are all in boxes in the attic...they aren't out to be enjoyed. That, to me, is a bigger injustice than actually using them to make something beautiful.

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Thanks so much...no, they are just in lace edge settings.

Re: The Kitchen floor

This is just beautiful! Let me say, too, that you must have a strong, strong marriage....if my husband and I were doing this we would probably strangle each other in the process and ON the floor and never be able to enjoy it! LOL!! GREAT WORK!

Re: Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

I much prefer to picture this scene in the summer with me sitting on that porch, nice cold Coke in hand and watching the clouds float by! That is a nice cooler!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Um...you're a genius!

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Every time I see makeovers like this it makes me wonder: How did something so great wind up at a thrift store?? Didn't someone see the hidden potential?? Oh well....their loss is your gain! Great job!

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

Great piece! Where did you find the hands?

Re: Bucksaw Studio Booth NOW OPEN!

This mall is really cute and I've seen this exact booth! When I go to visit my mom in Ohio, I always stop at this mall. It's great refuge since there is virtually nothing between my house and this place. I let out a sigh of relief when I see the exit! If anyone is up this way, go check it out! Welcome to the site! I'm so excited to actually have visited something featured on here....everything else is too far away :(

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

Well, when you are done chilling the wine I say you should let that little guy put on the hat and march proudly around the room to celebrate his deserved good health! What a wonderful thing to reflect upon at this time of year!

Re: Spiced up for the holidays

Oh, this is cute! I have one of these and actually posted something with it last Halloween. I rolled up patterned paper to make cones and put candies and little toy favors in them for the holes. I love this idea for Christmas! Out of the garage it comes!

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

I'm so jealous of people who can do beautiful mosaics such as these...everytime I try it, it never turns out for some reason! Beautiful job!

Re: One of my favorites!

This is one of my favorite colors to use on my painting projects...it's such a fun color that I don't think you can ever go wrong with it. Your cabinet is so eye-catching now!

Re: Door turned desk

Words cannot express how jealous I am that you have this table and I don't!!!!!!! I really love it!

Re: Dress form

This is really cute! Did you paint the skirt or is it some kind of paper??

Re: Trick or Treat

I have but one simple question: HOW DO YOU GET SO LUCKY???

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

Thanks oldnews...I found one on ebay and I LOVE it, but shipping is a killer--they are out in LA. I may just have to spring for it! I want one that looks old.

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

I love all of this, especially the shoulder bag, but I am mainly in love with the MANNEQUIN! I have searched in vain for one of these to display my jewelry on at shows that I do. I have one that is junky...nothing like this beauty! Does anyone out there have ideas for where is a good place to look??

Re: "While visions of giraffes and zebras danced in her head"

VERY cute!! You've made the jungle proud!

Re: New life for old objects

I love the frame, but what I'm really drooling over is the old dress form behind it. I see these all the time in blogs and stuff and always wonder...where are people lucky enough to find these?? I've never struck gold yet! :(

Re: Birdbath Rescue

I love old bird baths! Although a table would be cute, you would have to then remove the little feathered friend. Why not leave it as is, put it in your bathroom and fill it with sweet smelling soaps? I think things like this look great in their original state. How about putting it in a room with old photos or keys in it?

Re: Garden Cloche

This truly is a great find! I think it would also be cool to use as a food cover at a fancy par-tay!

Re: Freeby :-)

I would for sure paint it...but then again, I paint anything I get my hands on! I'm not sure my color choices would jive with too many (they are wild colors!), but a nice distressed cream or green would be great, as would a distressed black. I would maybe marry the two pieces, but this would make a cute sideboard with some cool pieces on the top (that you flattened...great job on that!) Post pics when you decide and finish!

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

Sorry...not EAST, EASY!

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

This is your FIRST attempt?? texasjunkermom is right when she says this isn't east. I have tried it and haven't been able to get the technique at all, so kudos to you! I think it looks great!!

Re: Coke machine

Maybe he'd part with that flocked tree for me???

Re: Junkin' Jewels

I'm a little surprised that Gretchen hasn't commented on what I'm about to say....I could use lots of that for my jewelry!!


I love these chairs, too...I'm currently looking for some like them!

Re: Gotcha covered

I love it! The thing I love the best about it (if I were to be doing it myself; which I might!) is that the lines of the floor were already there...no uneven measuring! Great job!

Re: Glass garden flowers

I like these also, but I'm with KAJUNK--how do you attach the pipe?

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

Glad to have you here on the site...these roses are very pretty and I would have never thought to use the patterns!

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

Where did you ever find such a great find??!! I also love the way the old numbers look...brings back lots of memories of soda pop from the corner store with my best friend. Haha...if I was ever to have a necklace made from one of these it would have to be the "Paid Out" piece...that's how I feel every time I go shopping!! Great work!

Re: Suitcases

I agree with Candy...I would have NEVER thought to paint suitcases but the black is chic! I'm now on the hunt for some to paint very bright colors for my office at work!

Re: Painted Bedside Table

I love all of the bright colors! Nice work!

Re: audballs

I LOVE that mosaic ball! How do you get those pieces to go so nicely on the ball? Mine would be a mess if I tried to do that!

Re: Vanity Makeover

Doesn't this just make you wonder what kind of a person would throw something that fabulous out?? This is such a great piece and you did a great job painting it. I sure wish I could find something like that!!

Re: Big Girl Bed

This looks a lot like one I'm working on right now in my garage with a table to go with it!! I love painting furniture, too! I bet she loves the bed!

Re: Glammin' up my girl

Ghetto Fabulous...I love her!

Re: Time to use some of these buttons...

LOVE IT!! I may need to copy this!

Re: More Garden Junk!

Tinkerbell would be proud!! I love your little garden whimsies!

Re: fencing in the platters

I agree...I just love that old garden fencing and it looks so homey with the great collection of platters!! (another one of my favorite things--just bought one yesterday at an estate sale!)

Re: Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

I always did love the look of mixing the fabrics...you did a great job and I sure could use your painting skills as I am painting a twin bed and table right now!

Re: More junk pile saves...

Why change it? I like those pretty flowers in it!

Re: Successful Vintage Treasures Market

Those lamps with black fringe made from globes are really sweet! Thanks for posting the pictures!

Re: ~ Vintage Ornament Wreaths ~

I've always loved these, but my mind doesn't process puzzles very well and so I don't know how I would do. Where have you find all of your ornaments to make so many?? My favorite is the last one with the bright pinks, but anyone who knows me on here knows I love bright colors!! Great work!

Re: What do you do with a bedspring, fabric and shuffle board puck? Make an Art Doll of course!

This is a real work of art! Thanks for sharing it!

Re: I have a new email!

I was wondering why I hadn't seen much from you on here! You know, I always think that if these hackers put as much energy into a REAL career as what they do when performing these scams, they could probably be very productive citizens!!

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

This is really cool! The only thing I can think to improve this would be to fill up those bowls with candy and desserts and THEN invite us all over...just sayin!

Re: Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be...will be...by none other than Doris Day!!

I've had a stressful day, but seeing this project just made me smile and melted the stress away in a snap!! This is such a cute project and I love it!

Re: Fire-Planter

Where did you find this little treasure?? That is a beautiful piece! I would love to stumble upon something like that!

Re: Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

Thanks Salegal! Do you live in Kentucky or do you travel here for these sales? I live here and if you do, too, then let's go junking together! I have nobody to really do it with here!

Re: Chalkboard Room Divider

Now this is something that I need! I could use this at home or work, but more at work! Chalkboard paint is a wonderful thing...I love it, too! You did a great job!


You did a great job...and you always find the best stuff! How about painting the black portion of the tables white but leaving the insets with the flowers intact?

Re: Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

Yes, the 127 yardsale is the first weekend in August and I'll be there with bells on! This sale is always the first weekend in June and it's the first time I have gone to it. I will be back next year for sure!

Re: Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

Thanks, Jim. Do you have any ideas for how to "seal" the chair so that the patina will stay but I won't have the itchy rust on my skin when I sit on it? I had to use the word itchy to pay homage to The Itchy Dog!!

Re: typewriter

I just found two typewriters today...one was $2.00 and the other was $5.00. I snapped them both up as they were excellant bargains. I normally rip off the keys for my jewelry, but I had someone once tell me that they put theirs out on a table on their front porch with a blank piece of paper in it and a sign posted "If I'm not here, type me a message". She was stunned at how many people would drop by just to type a little something! I thought that was kind of a cute idea and I just may try it with one of these. In a world of email, maybe a nice old fashioned message on a typewriter may be nice!

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

Very cute, and I hear you...I'm having trouble too. When the site first started I wasn't having any trouble, but it seems something has changed with the set-up. I will look into Sue's advice to try to change the setting on the camera.

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

Hi Joaniemic, I just now noticed your post...not ignoring you! I get mine from "abuttonlady" on ebay. She has tons of them. Good luck and sorry so long getting back. I hope you get this!

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Awesome! My mom actually got to meet Tom when she worked in a doctor's office and he came in! She's a big fan and I know she'd love this lamp (and the album beside it!)

Re: Another album challenge entry ...sort of

This is cool...it looks like a piece that would be in a industrial loft!

Re: Cinder Block Raised Planter Bed

This is really good! You SHOULD win the prize for the best project because anyone that could haul that many cinder blocks and then paint it this pretty has my vote! The way it is designed and painted it's hard to notice that it is made of something so humble!

Re: Shopping and Signing -In That Order!

As a maker of jewelry you know I gotta be diggin the #4 necklace...great job, Gretchen! I love it--especially the old glittery flower earring!

Re: One cool ride

Hahaha...I just love this kind of stuff! Can you imagine how long it took to do all of that!!

Re: Anitque wood window signs

This is a creative use of old windows that I haven't seen! Would you consider making one of these for my business? If so, please email me at karen.wellman@roadrunner.com and we can talk pricing!

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

He looks like he's ready to create!! Have you ever looked into becoming an art therapist?? They do exactly what your goal is! I worked in a school where one would come ever so often and work with a certain group of kids. They have a cool job, I think!

Re: Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

I think this is so cool!

Re: back door message center

Don't you just love blackboard paint?? What took the person who invented it so long?? Great work on your door!

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing

I really love any project that elevates something so simple as backs of frames. They are always neglected, but I agree with greencolleen--the velvet is nice and should be shown off a bit! Great job...I love it!

Re: Quick simple fix

I recently bought a HUGE frame at a junk store for $22.00 and I used plywood. I really loaded on the blackboard paint and used a primer first. I think there are 5 coats of paint on there! I like the red paint you used...I'm still trying to decide what color to paint mine. The frame is REALLY old...I may just leave it what it is.

Re: A lamp is a lamp, is a lamp...again!

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! I just love that old Brady Bunch type of stuff! Great work!

Re: Bathroom "Chandelier"

This is really a great idea that came from an "oops" situation, huh?? How did you do this?

Re: You Will Always Hear Me

You know, other people would probably have passed that paper right up (including me!), but you have turned it into something of such grandeur! Did you do the artwork? It's perfect for the paper! Great job!

Re: More jewelry from Pieces of the Past

Thanks Gretchen...I wish we lived closer, too! For anyone out there who lives in Kentucky, this show is called "Art in the Alley" and it is in Greensburg, Kentucky. Come one, come all if you are close enough!!

Re: "old School"

I've always wanted to have lockers like this....you are so lucky!! I agree with leesee--these would be awesome in a mud room ,but with a cool paint job these could also be kinda cool in a kitchen, even. You'd have to have room for them, but they would make a great industrial look!

Re: Letter "M"

Where is your store??

Re: Umbrellas

This is really a cute idea...I just love umbrellas and the fact that they are so colorful really does add some pizzazz!

Re: Shabby Chic Costume Jewerly Holders

I never tire of looking at these...great job!

Re: Moasic server

I never have quite been able to get the hang of doing mosaic work...therefore, I'm very jealous! GOOD WORK!

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

Now, THIS takes vision! I LOVE IT! Aren't you glad other people just drove past those treasures!

Re: Creamy Shelf

WOW...if I were there I would buy this in a hot second for my office at work! Something like this is kind of a once in a lifetime to find, I think!

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

Boy, you could sell this in Kentucky (where I live) in a heartbeat with it being the horse capital! I really love it!

Re: Doll Leg Vase

LOL...now THIS is cute!

Re: shoe forms-lots of em!

These look like delicious popsicles to me! It's very cute!

Re: Altered Altar

The obvious to me would be a headboard, but I can't tell how wide it is. This is absolutely georgeous! Where did you get it???

Re: Vintage Clock to Fresh Chic Chalkboard

Man, I've not found anything this cute at the Goodwill in quite a while, so kudos for the find! This turned out really good and my mantra is: You never can have enough chalkboards! Welcome to this fun site!

Re: Junky Clipboard Turned Handy Photo Holder

This is such a cute idea! You say it's been done before, but it's the first time I've seen it. I'm sure your sister will have that clipboard worn out from pulling it down to look at it. She will cherish it, I'm sure!

Re: "Spirit in the Sky"

HAHA...PERFECT record to use for your project! VERY CLEVER...I love it!

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Very cool displays! My favorite ones are the clock and the eggs with the bunny. I don't have a lot of room to display cloches in my house, so I'm envious of those who have room to set up stuff like this. That old lamp base was quite a find!

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

What a great friend you have! This is so cute...I love those old buttons!


I love it all...very creatively displayed!

Re: Homemade Cloche

This is awesome! You are right...those cloches do tend to run a lot of money. I will be on the lookout for something like this now!

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

This is a beautiful table! I just nabbed one today at Salvation Army, too! I don't have plans this big for it, though...GREAT JOB!

Re: ribbon message board

I love old frames...and never met one I could walk away from! You did a great job!

Re: Repurposed Brass Dangle Necklace

I love this..I make jewelry too. I'm wondering what this used to be?

Re: More Repurposed Jewelry

This is very unique..I really like it!

Re: Old Dresser re-painted

I agree with some others...it looks cute out there, but because your daughter did such a great paint job, I'd find room for it inside!!!

Re: pincushion

I can taste that "icing" in my mouth right now!! I admire people who can sew...I break out in a cold sweat just thinking of having to sew on a button! Great work!

Re: Shoe Form Pencil/Post-It Note Holder

Darn the luck!! You beat me to this! I just bought two of these types of shoe forms and have been dragging my feet on doing something with them. I had an idea to turn it into something to hold a picture, but this is very cute, too!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

I never met a suitcase I didn't like or couldn't use somewhere. Those "mod" suitcases with the hippie flowers (those lovely ones from the 60's) are great for me to use in my colorful office at work to store toys and other goodies for my students. I got one of those at a yardsale for 50 cents! This look you have is so warm and rich...love it!!

Re: From SCHOOL to "COOL"

This is incredible...how lucky were you to find this????

Re: One of a kind...

I think I know where you saw this....I loved it when I saw it too!

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

Where do you find the hands? Are they part of a statue? I think this is so pretty!

Re: Junk Vacation - Part II

Oh, this could be a dangerous place for me! Can't wait to see some posts of stuff you got there!

Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

I love that glider...I've been on the lookout for one for quite a while!

Re: Piano Turned Puppet Theater

This is very creative!! I bet your kids really love it and I'm sure the memory will stick with them for a long time! Great post!

Re: Saucers Anyone?

I love these old saucers...the colors were so brilliant. This is such a simple little project, but has great impact. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

Living in Kentucky....horse capital of the world...I am on the look-out for some stirrups now!! This is so cute!

Re: Mailbox turned table...

What a great find....aren't you glad you have the gift of vision??

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

These are really cool! I'm with Tuttibelle...what did you use for the holes? My favorite is the tin one.

Re: Cinderella Story

I'm like irishrovr...I always wonder who wore these little shoes? What childhood adventures did they go on? This is a great little project that is so simple and easy to do, yet makes a fun statement. Thanks for sharing...I'm on the lookout for old shoes now!!

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

Grammie25, you can see some instructions for this in this thread of comments from me. All you need are blank bracelet forms, E6000 glue (I get mine at Walmart) and the pieces of dishes the right size to mount on the bracelet. I sand them with a dremel tool. You can intermingle buttons, coins, anything you want with the plate pieces. Have fun!!

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

This is ingenius! I bet you are the only person who has ever thought of this! Way to go on a great project!

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

Hello all...thanks for your kind words. This is actually very easy to do. I use tile nippers to go around the edge of the plate. Probably the hardest thing is cutting pieces that are shaped suitably for mounting. Sometimes they break apart to small. After getting an appropriate size, I simple take a dremel tool with a sanding attachment and go around the edges until they are smooth. I use E6000 glue...it's the best (sorry Gorilla!). I've had people give me plates from their family to create pieces. This is one of my favorite kinds of jewelry to make. Just be careful though..starting out I really sliced my hands up! OUCH!

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

Straight from the Jetsons...LOVE HER!

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

I think UltraJunk and JunkArchitect should go into business together and open a store! At the very least, put together a book...YOU BOTH ROCK!

Re: Guest Bedroom

Yep, your friend was wrong about the desk! I like the look of the baskets instead of the drawers. I like your peaceful look...I guess because it's the polar opposite of my house of color!

Re: self-hanging collages

These are really cool! So what do you do...buy/find old clipboards and then put the art on them? Do you hang them on the wall as pieces of art? I really like the one with the little girl...isn't this out of one of those "Little Golden Books"? I think I recognize it! Great work!

Re: A Precious Gift

What a sweet gal! I love that little hat...it actually makes her look quite regal! Is her body and old type of pin? How sweet that she was given to you!

Re: Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

I love old doorknobs. I keep saying I'm going to make one of these but have never gotten around to it! Maybe this is the inspiration I need!!

Re: Rediscovered Treasures

I love this set! Pizzawife (another junker on here) and myself paint furniture, too. I recently painted and sold a bed frame and little side table. It is hard to part with the pieces, but so much fun to create them, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Re: 3 Rosy Tables

Great find...The Side of the Road is everyone's favorite store, huh?? lol...

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Well, of course, I'm all over these! They are wonderful! Can I ask what finding you are using to attach the jump ring to and where do you get them? I've been selling my jewelry locally and think that little finding could make my job a lot easier!

Re: Ski Lodge Headboard

This is cool! You painted the sign? It looks like a vintage sign to me! Your son is getting quite the collection of cool stuff...love the Twister spinner, too! Great job! I always enjoy your posts!

Re: Mobile Boutique

This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! What does the outside of the bus look like? Maybe you could post pictures of it, too! How did you come up with this idea and how did you come to get the bus? You've really put the junking adventure on a whole new level...using it to help others and that's wonderful! Shoot, the only thing that would make that bus complete would be to get David Cassidy on the seat in there...just like the good old days on the Partridge Family bus!! GREAT WORK!

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

IF I still lived in St. Louis I would be there, and all of the other great haunts, all the time!! St. Louis has some of the best places to junk around in and I miss it. These pics were taken on a little trip back there this week. Nope...I NOW live where there is really not much of anything going on! I live vicariously through all of you on this site!!

Re: Studio Junk

WOW...how cool are those old doors hinged together?? I love that idea! I would love coming to work here everyday!!


What time is it?? Time for a pat on the back! This is a sweet find. I can see how this would make a wonderful anniversary or wedding gift for someone--maybe a black and white wedding pic in there. You got lucky finding this...I had my grandmother's clock and gave it to my cousin, who never even said thanks!! Sure wish I had it back now :(

Re: A New Year's Resolution

This is cool...I've always been a lover of colored pencils and break them out when I see any old chance at work with my kids. It's something about the worn texture of them and great hues. This piece plays homage to the good old pencil! Never throw them out!

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

In the back of the store there was a door that led out to what was once a courtyard (this, and some of the other stores in this area, were once houses). Beyond the couryard was the garage, which is the main picture you see on here. None of this stuff, from my understanding, is rotated to the store. It is only for gazing upon! Thanx!

Re: Vintage Bulb and Reflector Wreath

Love it...very funky! I especially love the little hand!

Re: Heard It Through The Grapevine Table

I've gotta get on the stick and get some painting done...you are making me look bad! This is great, as usual! LOVE IT!

Re: Mary's Swap Meet

Where is this? Oh...let me guess..Minnesota?? Everything fun seems to be in Minnesota!!

Re: Christmas Lamp

This could make even Scrooge smile!!! Great job!

Re: more button mania

I love those trees! I'd keep those in my house year 'round!


Ooohh...I'd love to get my hands on these for my jewelry!

Re: Christmas on the Farm porch

This looks exactly like the sled on my porch, even the embellishments are the same. I took a pair of little girl's skates and draped over the edge. When I say little, I mean little...they are for a girl of about 3 or 4 years old..very cute find at Goodwill a few years ago! You will love decorating with your sled!

Re: Funky Desk

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Keep posting!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Any chance we could get you to do a monthly magazine?? That would be lots of work...but awesome! How bout it??

Re: A little Elbow Grease

Great find! I miss estate sales...where I live they only have auctions, which equals sitting all day long only to bid on something that, low and behold, someone else wants just as bad and WINS! Gone are the days (for ME) of going into a house where everything is priced and ready to buy...in other words, UTOPIA! I have my grandma's old buffet and that's exactly what my TV is sitting on! My mom says it's the tackiest thing she's ever seen, but she's not a junker like me (and all of us!) GOOD JOB!

Re: Funky Painted Desk

I didn't know you had commented on this until I came into my page. Thanks for the compliments! I just love this stuff...I can't help it! The bright colors just cheer me up and make this room (which is really actually two closets with a wall torn out) much easier to cope with! I'm a little mad right now as I do have pieces waiting to be done, but no time. Maybe someday we can meet up!

Re: Wild Thang!

Hmmm...you don't live too far from me. I live in central Kentucky! I mostly paint stuff for my office at work, as I am a speech therapist and work with young children. Children are actually the best critics of art work. They will tell you exactly what they think. Everyone at my work calls my stuff "Dr. Seuss" furniture...and it's the ultimate compliment for me!!!

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

Is this the bottom of some piece of furniture...like a chair?? It's very cool!

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

Oh...I love this!!

Re: Wild Thang!

YAY! Someone on here who paints wild stuff like me!! I love your pieces. I have stuff in my garage right now, but I need some time off work (as in Christmas break) to get started. I mostly do stuff for children's rooms. I'm always on the look out for stuff to paint. GREAT JOB, soul mate!!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

I have a whole stack of old bingo cards in my garage studio...NOW I have inspiration for them!! This is a very creative tree. I love it!!

Re: I Love the Details of Vintage Cast offs & New

I've been thinking of putting some old keys as ornaments on my tree this year...when I get put it up! You guys all seem to be decked out and ready for Christmas. I'm running behind! I love all of your ideas--great as usual!

Re: Designer Road Kill workshop

Can I come over and play??

Re: Our Day-after-Thanksgiving show!

I make those magnets and have them all over my fridge and at my office...they always seem to bring a smile when people see them! Love the pink skates...very..Pepto Bismol!

Re: "functional junke"

Yes, welcome to the site and I hope you post more! I love your art and am wondering where you sell it. I think it is just so creative and fun to look at!

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

WOW...for FREEEE??? The junk gods are shining upon you, for real! These are so expensive everywhere I see them. Where did you aquire these??

Re: Card File Ottoman

Hmmm... I went to school with a girl by the last name of Dewey--maybe it's you! If you recognize my mug shot, give me a shout! This is a great project and so useful! Great job!

Re: A Collectible Christmas

I think you were so lucky to find that shelving unit for free! That is such a versatile piece that I would love to have. I also love your pottery collection. I collect pottery like this of all different colors, but I haven't been so lucky to stay off of ebay :(


I think my favorite is the old Bazooka tin...brings back lots of childhood memories of chewing on that wonderful pink gum...now it seems all I chew on is Tums!!

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Same for me...Kentucky is just too far away :( Good luck on the tour--your tree is beautiful! I love the white trees!

Re: Candelabrum

Lucky curb side find...every time I find one of these lamps I like they always seem to have a hefty price tag! Love this look...it would look equally good inside!

Re: Nemo 20,000

Jimi Hendrix never had it this good! This is a wonderful piece. My son plays guitar and he would love this in his room...Hmmm...maybe a project for him!

Re: Junk Finds

Boy...just thinking of the funky paint job I could do on that desk makes me jealous (not to mention the chair!). Yep, heat gun or sander will take it off.

Re: How does your garden grow?

Hello and welcome to this site! I love your painted chairs. We are kindred spirits...I paint furniture, too! This chair would look darling in a little gir's room. I hope it brought you some money at the auction! Keep up the good work!

Re: Beyond Measure

If any of you make it to St. Louis (my home town for 20 years) hit a store called "Roots". It's an awesome store for us junk gals. The owners have such a way of collecting the coolest stuff and reworking it...and they are great people (I miss you guys!) They always have a fun, eclectic stash of oddities, including the great flashcards shown here. Check them out if you can!

Re: Beyond Measure

Nope, Jack isn't a JRT but I do love those little dogs! He's a good ole mutt.

Re: China Candlestick

Now here's something even I can make! I think you angled this picture to taunt us with a peek of the cool conservatory in the back...very tricky!

Re: Glass Bottles!

These are very charming. They really cause you to pause and study the beauty of those simple spoons...something we just take for granted has been elevated here to a different level. NICE WORK!

Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

Oh wow..I just love this! Since I work with kids I'm always attracted to things like these little miniature pieces. They really tell a story. I especially love the little mermaid! Boy, the yardsales I go to don't ever seem to yield any finds like this $10.00 sideboard! I wish I could find something like that for my bedroom. Anyway, good job. I'm sure you enjoy this year 'round!

Re: Window Garden

This is really something....very cool. I bet it starts a lot of conversations. Was this hard to make? How did you do the roof?

Re: outside fall decoration

Love the gate...prop it in your house with pictures or other momentos attached...I love that look!

Re: Junk Pug Dolls!

What creativity! I also love that black hinged doll. I don't know how people think to put all of that together! GOOD JOB!

Re: Picture Holder

We're all home folk here...great bunch of encouragers! I like your project a lot. I've been looking for something like this to post things on. I used an old garden gate and painted the frame. I may post that later on. GREAT JOB!

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Just an awesome shed...perfect for my studio or "girl cave" to decorate all of my found treasure in....NO MEN ALLOWED!

Re: A Little Mood Lighting

No, I didn't know that was one of their projects! I have seen the fruit bowls in their books, but not the other idea. Maybe the magazine picture I saw got the idea from them. Speaking of Ki, where is she? I haven't heard anything about her on this site. Is she still involved?

Re: A Little Mood Lighting

Thanks! I really like the color of these also. They have a nice etching design on them as well. Thanks for the great ideas...I like the one about the bird bath or even a feeder, maybe. The fact that there were two means I could use one for one project and one for another!

Re: old window frames

What a great way to show off all of your talent!

Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

Oh, I see what you mean now (from when you posted about my caddy)...I love this! It would also be cute to make some cones to fit it and put in some little Halloween treats for the boys and ghouls. You always have wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: For the love of Clock Faces!

I love to see these clock faces hung on a wall, too. I've been looking in vain for one of those chip clip holders. I did find one in a store, but thought it was a bit much. I may stumble on one someday when I'm not really looking! Thanks for your great ideas!

Re: destroy all humans..lookout it's mr time-o-lite the robot

Could we train him to come and clean my house?? VERY CUTE!

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

Cool lamp! It reminds me of something on "The Jetsons"!!

Re: Spooky Decor!

Eddie Munster...you're my hero!!!!!! I love what you have done here--VERY cute!

Re: From UGLY to Tolerable

Any chance we could get you to post some pictures of your other renovated kitchen projects? We'd love to see your handy work!!

Re: Manequin Jewelry Display

I love this manequin...I wish I had that figure! I wish I had some of the jewelry on it, too! Those are great looking pieces and what a cool idea for storage. I love being in the right place at the right time for cool finds!

Re: Spools, spools, spools

Gotta love a friend with spools...this is cute! Do you have to coat them with anything if they are to be outside?

Re: Like a Ladder in a Candy Store

Now that we are hot on the trail of Halloween, has anyone picked up the latest issue of "Hallmark" Magazine?? I used to subscribe but let it go when I got a little bored. This month, though, there are some really cute ideas to do with pumpkins...not your average carving ideas, but REALLY cute projects. One is turning a bluish green pumpkin (probably a gourd) into a Cinderella carriage using old belt buckles to frame the door and windows on the outside and an old lamp finial on the top. Smaller pumpkins become the wheels. Step by step directions make it easy. I'm wondering if someone else has seen it...if not, pick up an issue!

Re: Like a Ladder in a Candy Store

I love this ladder idea! This would look so cute on my front porch, or for that matter, in my therapy room at work. I'm getting so much stuff in there now that it is looking like a higher class set of "Sanford and Son" HA!

Re: Ugly brown chair turned Shabby Chic!

This is such a cute chair! It has interesting lines that I haven't ever seen on a chair before. I found the cutest vanity (a true antique) at Salvation Army just recently. My heart really started beating as I approached it, only to then see a big SOLD sign on it. It was $20.00....Oh..the luck! (or lack thereof!)

Re: Viewfinder 'Reel' Table

Oh wow...I LOVE this! I love those old tables and it was perfect for the graphics of this project!

Re: A Deal for Minnesota Junkers - See Description

I love these pendants and would like to try to make something like this for my vendor. Where do you get the little "frames"? LuAnn is right...I wish I lived in or around MN with all the good junking there!

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Hi MiMi, I have also made those magnets with earrings and even made some with the bottle caps. I put them on cards, too and they have done really well. I also have collected those 60's mod flower enamel pins and turned them into magnets, as well as old brooches. Those all went like hot cakes, but I quickly figured out that I wasn't selling them for enough money...live and learn in the retail world. One day I saw these flat disk shower curtain hooks in Walmart and thought "Those are so boring! There has to be something that could be mounted on those to jazz them up". I realized I had all that stuff in my studio and went to town on them. The store that sells my stuff can't keep them in there. Collecting is hard for me here. There just aren't enough good flea markets around. I'm bound to ebay for most stuff and well....we all know the pros and cons there!!

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Thanks for your kind words everyone. I also make jewelry from discarded things and selling them locally. I'd like to see some of the jewelry you make, MimiToria. I think the bottle caps from the chandelier sounds like something I would like to see also, Joyful Interior!

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

I'm just jealous that all of you got to attend the Bonanza! I'd probably be eating beans for the next few weeks with all the money I could have spent there! Next year I may have to make a road trip up there. I'm enjoying this site!