Oshawa, ON, CA

I have alway loved to re-purpose and re-use junk and fabrics. I used to make Jean Jackets from re-cycled jeans and quilts from old wool skirts. Now I am into penny rugs and make do pincushions. I also love to cruise flea markets, garage sales and second hand shops. My husband is just barely hanging on these days when he sees what I have brought home. I cant help myself, it is a compulsion!!! I am sure a lot of you can relate!

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Upcycled Pillows etc.

The pillows are mainly made from old wool blanket fabric, I felt the blankets and some pieces of the wool have been dyed with dollar store dye on top of my stove to give me more variety with...

Upcycled Purses Redux

More Purses made from Upcycled materials.  I have had to take a part time job, yuck, so I have been slowed down on my rate of output.  I find myself just desperate to get home and get...

Upcycled Sweater Purses

As I have stated previously, I have a short little span of this week I tried making something new.  I had picked up some old purses at the thrift shops and dove into my statsh of...

Mp3 / Cell phone Cozy

My newest projects this past week were coming up with these little Ipod/cell phone cozy things.  My oldest Daughter needed something to keep her Ipod in inside her purse so Voila.  I have...

Upcycled Wool Cuffs

Hi All, I have now moved on to making these cute little cuffs!  I am so excited whenever I finish something new, I feel giddy!  I love,love,love to use old wool coats, the fabric is perfect...

Another Penny Project

This is another project using up the coats, sweaters and blankets that I have felted and cut into circles.  It is suppossed to be a subtle message to my husband to pipe down about my wool and...

Recycled Sweater and Coats Now live as Brooches!

Hi All, As you can see I have a short little span of attention so after making Penny rugs for the last week or so I switched over to these small pin/brooches.  I can't seem to stop thinking up...

Obsessed with Penny Rugs!

I ususally go to my favorite charity shops at least once a week...don't know why but I love picking up frames, real wooden ones, not the plastic that is in the stores today.  I have now found a...

make-do pincushions

I have been picking up candle holders from 2nd hand stores and using old felted sweaters,coats and blankets to make these.

Recent comments

Re: Pennyrugs revisited

Hi, haven't checked in for a while, I do appreciate this piece, it is stunning! What a feast for the eyes and for Penny Rug lovers! Well Done!

Re: Offbeatunique

Love your booth! Wish I lived nearby, there are no decent flea markets within striking distance of my house!

Re: Upcycled Pillows etc.

Hey Colleen, you may need to repeat the process if you don't think the sweaters have shrunk enough. Sometimes I throw in a pair of sneakers or some tennis balls to provide more agitation, the seaters need to be beaten up a little to really shrink up. Bye the way, I am going to be featured Tuesday on, a blog about using recycled sweaters. The Blog writer found me on Flickr and saw the pillow pics. I am so flattered that people like my work! Cheers, KIM

Re: I feel like felting...

Very nice work Oldnews! I am a felting fool as well!!!

Re: Upcycled Wool Cuffs

Thanks for the comment Andrea, I work in the dining room too! I was gonna post a picture to show how outta control it is but the file is too big to upload. Glad to know that I have sista's out there!!!

Re: pincushion

These are adorable, you have done a wonderful job with these!

Re: Meme...Altered Doll

Really cool project! I used to have a Barbie head that I kept on the end of a pen but my kids made me throw it out. They said it was creepy.

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

This now has a real Shaker look to it, simple lines. Love the color you chose to paint it!

Re: Recycled Sweater and Coats Now live as Brooches!

Thanks so much for all of your encouragement! I am so glad that other people think that these things are cute too.

Re: My Potting Shed

Looooove it! I want one real bad.

Re: Photo Wall

I love this look, gives you lots of room for more pictures!