I like junk. I really like the rusty, crusty stuff. I enjoy re-purposing things. I see the good in the ugly! :)

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Shabby Side Table

I just grabbed some wood I had laying around & created this table.

Upcycled Industrial Cart

A friend was selling this industrial cart & I had an instant vision for it, so I bought it & fixed it up!

High Top Door Table

I decided to put a different spin on a door table.

Upcycled Typewriter Table

I found a rusty/crusty metal typewriter stand that someone had welded a metal top to.  The top was bent, so I used a sawzall to cut it so that there was a 2" overhang around the table topnbsp...

Door Dining Table

This idea came from my mind that is constantly spinning with ideas!

Trash Can Table

I went to an estate sale this weekend & dug through a shed looking for treasures.

Vintage Grocery Cart

I saw this cart posted at an estate sale & was on a mission to get it!!  Luckily, I did.  I cleaned it up, sealed the patina with a clear coat & just used some reclaimed lumber to...

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

I scored a lot of fence boards with the perfect patina, so I decided to make a cabinet.

Reclaimed Wood Bottle/Beer Caddy or Tote

I was lucky enough to get some reclaimed wood & I decided to make a bunch of carriers for bottles.

Scrap Shelf

I just took pieces of scraps that I had leftover from projects to make this.  The ladder portion is from the table I made & then I used some scrap pieces of fence I had, along with bits of...

Shutter Shelves

I was stashing some shutters for a project & finally decided to use them on this piece.  I cut the shutters to size & used some reclaimed fence boards for the shelves.  I just put...

Ladder Table

I acquired a really cool ladder with rungs & decided to make a table from it.

Sewing Table Desk

I was able to acquire a sewing machine table, but the center was missing from the top.  I ended up cutting out the middle to make it more uniform, then I undermounted a piece of plywood.  I...

Bumble Bee Fish Tote Coffee Table

I ran across an old Bumble Bee wooden fish tote along the Oregon Coast a couple of years ago.  I knew I wanted to make a coffee table out of it, but when I curb-shopped some free fence, I...

Upcycled Laundry Cart

I had an old laundry cart that I was using for storage because I wasn't sure how I wanted to upcycle it.  I saw the GadgetSponge post where he made a top for a similar cart, so I decided to use...

Washboard Memo Station

I stuck some magnets on this washboard & it just looked too boring hanging on my wall.  I looked in my stash of project material & found a fence picket, yardsticks & some chicken...

Singer Sewing Table

I had been looking for a sewing machine base for a while & last week I found one at Goodwill!  I was so excited!  I already had the walnut table top in my overflowing stash of...

Shabby Little Door Table

I had this old door sitting in my garage for a while just waiting for a project like this.  I decided to bust out my new circular saw & try it out.  The door was 72" x 24", so it was a...

Rusty Wagon Wheel & Milk Can Table

One day I was sorting through treasures in my garage & I happened to sit a wagon wheel on top of a rusty milk can.  I had a light bulb moment & decided to create a table!  I had a...

Rusty Sifter Planter

I found a couple of old, rusty sifters at the Goodwill.  They make excellent planters!  They already have built in drainage & I think they look great!

Rusty Milk Can Table

This was my very first project!  I used an old milk can, along with some trim boards that were salvaged from a 100 year-old house that had been torn down from my Grandfather's farm. I lightly...

Recent comments

Re: Shabby Side Table

Thanks! If it doesn't sell soon, I might have to bring it home. I like how it turned out. :)

Re: Upcycled Industrial Cart

Thanks!!! I hope someone else thinks so! :)

Re: High Top Door Table

Thanks!! I'm starting on another door table today!

Re: Upcycled Typewriter Table

Thank you! I've been selling a lot of industrial pieces, so I figured I'd stick with it! :)

Re: Door Dining Table

This table sold in just a few days! The buyer was going to use it as a desk! :)

Re: Vintage Grocery Cart

This sold, so it's gone! I hope I can find another one someday! It was really cool! :)

Re: Door Dining Table

Thanks!! I plan on making more & some a bit smaller with just 1/2 of a door. This one went in my vendor space, so we'll see if it sells quickly! :)

Re: Trash Can Table

Thank you! I have 4 more trash cans to do something with. Trying to come up with a new idea! :)

Re: Vintage Grocery Cart

Thanks! Yes, I am very excited to have it!!

Re: Singer Sewing Table

Thanks, everyone! I am just now noticing your comments!! I wasn't active on JMS for a while.

Re: Ladder Table

Thank you! I am on the hunt for more ladders! Who knew they'd be great table legs?? :)

Re: Reclaimed Wood Bottle/Beer Caddy or Tote

Thanks! I am making more for tall beer bottles & wine bottles!! I am getting ready to hack up an old crib so I'll have the spindles to use! These are fun & easy to make! :)

Re: Shutter Shelves

Thank you! I'm getting ready to make more!

Re: Scrap Shelf

Thank you!! There's no such thing as a bad piece of scrap wood!! :)

Re: Upcycled Laundry Cart

Thanks!! Those carts are hard to find up here & when you do find them, they are expensive!!

Re: Bumble Bee Fish Tote Coffee Table

Thanks! I love it. Sadly, it hasn't sold, so I am bringing it home for a while. It just takes the right person to appreciate a certain style/piece. It might end up staying in my house! :)

Re: Sewing Table Desk

Funny that you mention that because that's how I originally saw the a little bar with storage for wine bottles. The bottles did fit, but the buyer wanted to use it as a desk. I think the next one will be more designed as a bar. I re-did another sewing machine table that had a lift top & undermounted some boards that a tub sat on in the center. It had a really cool patina to the wood. There are a lot of options for them!

Re: Rusty Wagon Wheel & Milk Can Table

I haven't been on here in quite a while, so I didn't see your comments. It seems to be all over Pinterest now & showed up on my Facebook feed when a friend shared it from another group!

It sold a long time ago, but I hope to make another one at some point. I just need to collect the pieces again!

The glass just sat on top of the wheel. I added those little sticky protectors to the top of the wheel so the glass wouldn't get scratched.

Thank you for the nice feedback!

Re: Washboard Memo Station

Thanks! Yes, I seem to be drawn to them, too. They are so hard to find here. Someone should start a junker buy/sell/trade website so we can share materials & junk! :)

Re: Repurposed Glass Insulator Candlelabra

Fabulous!!! I am always drawn to the glass insulators. This is a very cool piece! :)

Re: Attention Idaho Junkers

I'm only about 500 miles away on the Oregon Coast!! Maybe a road trip is in my future! How are the prices though???

Re: Upcycled Yardstick & Singer Sewing Machine Base Console/Hall Table

Fabulous!!! I'm going to go work on my yardstick table right now! It's not going to be anywhere nearly as neat as this, but it'll do!! :)

Re: Simply candle holder

Very creative! I like it!! :)

Re: Pallet Patina

I am inspired by your pallet projects! I think I'll got tear one I have apart & see what I can create! Thanks for sharing. And, I absolutely love the color you ended up with!

Re: Shabby Little Door Table

Thanks! It's so exciting actually making something!! I'm on the hunt for more doors now. I think I'll attempt a bookshelf next!! :)

Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories

I really love that light!! :)

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Love this! I have a table with pieces of yardsticks sitting on it just waiting to be finished. I just need to finish it! This gives me some inspiration.

Cheap yardsticks can be hard to find now. My mother scored 20 at a junk shop for $15! :)

Kam :)

Re: Fire Extinguisher Side Table

I have a fire extinguisher sitting in my shop that looks a lot like that one. Maybe I should jazz it up!! Love this idea!

Re: Trunk Turned Settee

Just today I saw a fabulous trunk at the thrift shop, but the top wasn't sturdy enough to sit on. It would be perfect for something like this!! Love this!! :)

Re: Trunk Table

So funny....I pinned this on Pinterest a while back. Nice to know where the original idea came from!! It often gets lost. I have a similar trunk, along with several old suitcases that I plan on making tables from. I'm searching for legs right now!

Congrats on the feature! :)

Re: Ultimate Salvage Potting Table

Wow! That's fabulous! It's like a piece of art! :)

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

I have a large canvas bin, as well. It's full of cardboard boxes at the moment. This is an awesome idea!

Re: Rusty Wagon Wheel & Milk Can Table

Thanks! It is actually for sale in a space I rent at a vintage/antique/eclectic shop! :)

Re: How to create a Wall Flower

Those are great! I believe those are rotary hoes that were once attached to a piece of farm machinery. They were used to bust up dirt clods. There are several different designs. I've seen some larger ones that look like suns. The next time I visit family in OK, I'll have to search for some! :)

Re: Rusty Sifter Planter

Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm on the hunt for more. I just love them! :)