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Originally from the NYC area - pam munro has been in S. Calif. for 25+ years - living in old Hollywood.

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Re: Unique Marriage?

I have just placed a large tin tray (English) on top of a sea grass chest from Pier 1 - to make a larger area to put things on top of the chest (in the bathrm). Recently I also bought an art glass plate (from thriftyshop)to put on my vintage nightstand drawers I use as a sidetable in my living room. Now my glasses won't fall off! & I gained a bit more usable space on the top, too...

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

Love the ideas of cloches made from glasses and lighting fixtures! I have an antique statuette that needs a cloche & now I know where to look for it.

Re: How To Resize Photos

Google also has a free photo program called Picasa - which makes re-sizing easy.

Re: button necklace

Great way to use those "neutral" buttons - but how do you get the volume at the bottom?? And are you using thread or wire to connect them to the chain?

Re: Junky Tablescape

Although it looks great, as a musician/music lover who scours around for 2nd hand music - the thought of it being turned into placemats makes me nuts! (Ditto with people making lAMPS out of old instruments that COULD still be playable!)

Re: Twitter

I am on twitter at pamphyila about budget stuff, etc. - Follow & link to me, too - also on w/same moicker - & where exactly are you guys?