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Would love to see it as a table of some kind. Betty G in NC

Re: All wood whats it !!!

Hi I make dolls so I think you could use the balls to make parts for a doll or use some of them to make a doll and then paint it.Also would make nice ornaments for the tree when they are painted or docopauged. Betty G in NC

Re: Message Boards

Hello Loved this idea and it will help when I set up my sewing room. Thanks for the great idea. Betty G in NC

Re: Rust Brothers No More

Hello Like your idea of the conservatory. My husband collected all the old windows, glass sliding doors and anything and everything in that catagory. He then mada greenhouse out of all of it. He had a green body not just a green thumb. He keep all kinds of plants in there and even did hydroponics. He gave away many, many clippings of his plants until finall y opened a nursey business. Your windows bring back many lovely memories of him. Please post pictures when you get the conservatory done. Betty G in WC NC