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My Garden Gate

My husband loves to collect junk- I really never appreciated it until we began working on the flowerbeds and a small outdoor space this summer.  We had forgotten about this old gate! Painted it...

Shutter Planter 2

This was the same shutter the year before. I had used a sun that year to greet guests.  The shutters offer alot of options for hanging seasonal things as well- maybe a christmas...

Shutter Planter

My husband had experimented with skids from work to make shutters for our house- the color wasn't quite right on this one.  So I screwed a planter to it, added a plant, and hung the welcome sign...

Milk Glass Birdbath

In looking for creative ideas, I was inspired to try a birdbath after seeing several garden projects made from glass.  I plan to make more for Christmas presents.

Recent comments

Re: Tea cups

Very cute- and original! In all my searching, I have not seen tea cups repurposed this way.

Re: For the birds, too!

Very original idea! Nice job!

Re: One more try with those recycled plastic pots!

They are beautiful! And weatherproof too! Are those made from the pots you get from the nursery? Brilliant!!


Very cute- great for a sunroom!

Re: Milk Glass Birdbath

It works nicely with green glass too if you have a colorful backdrop where the green won't get lost in foliage.

Re: Milk Glass Birdbath

Thank you! I have an old light fixture for the top of my next one- I"ll let you know how it goes. I created my profile a few hours ago and have been monopolizing the computer since. Everyone has such amazing ideas!

Re: Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants

The little garden critters are so cute- did you repaint them with something else?