Self taught artisan and artist, and decorative painter. I love finding all the goodies people think are no longer useable and turn them into beautiful treasures that I can give new life.
Ive been at my crafting and the forsee for design for near on 30 yrs. now. WOW!! Long time Huh?!
I have oodles and oodles of lovely items that had almost headed for trash. I see beyond the norm. I see what it can made to be. I know for certain that Im amongst others that have this vision too. And kudos to all us beautiful and creative minded folks. Im glad I finally took the time to become a member as I have lots to show. The pictures will be coming as soon as I fix hubby something to eat. Ha Ha!!
I love all the beautiful items on this site. As matter fact I have the book too!! Ha ha!!
Thank You. I hope you like my treasures.

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Tiny Wheel barrel

One of my best friends gave me this about 5 years ago. It was just the plain ole ugly brown gathering cobwebs. I saw it's potential. It wood go nice in a cottage or country cabin. My freehand...

Drab to country fab.

You know,,, to tell you the truth I can't remember if I got this at a flea market for a couple bucks or if I found it horseback riding. I did find another tray riding. Yep,, painted it up and turned...

Plain ole board turned floral beauty

I think I had this for scrap wood. You know me and the paintbrush. AND,,, these flowers are hand painted by me. Not decoupaged. He he!!! I believe I gave this away as a birthday gift. I think it...

Pretty green Mirror

I fell in love with this little mirror. It was hardened gesso and white and dirty. I saw the potential in this little beauty. The painting I wanted a little rough looking but not too rough. It hangs...

What a trade!!!!

I put this bench together and painted it and added little flowers in descreet corners. This turned out lovely. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The trade off was that my friend had a genuine Mexican Cabinet...

Straight back chair turned beautiful.

This was your typical wood straight back chair. I got the paint out and went for it. I can't remember where I got this. I think out at my family's old home place. And the decoupage of course. This...

My beautiful horse, thought I'd share.

Just wanted to show you my beautiful horse. No,,, not for sale. I've had her for 11 years now and she won't let anyone ride her but me. She's my babe. Her name is Cody. She's 14 now. I used to run...

Decorative Milkcan

My Mother gave me this milkcan. It was the old trditional green with a gold eagle on it. Done in the late 70's. That's not me at all. So I picked up the brush and went to town on it. And of course...

From Pickle jar to this.

Yes,, I got the paints out and the decoupge. I love the stuff. I have boo coo tablets of paper for decoupage. It adds soooo much character to the right item.

Refurbished old school chair.

I found this prize in a ditch close to our home. I no longer have it. It sold very quickly. Of course the paint brush and decoupage, it turned out spectacular. I really liked it. But didn't have room...

Tiny Bird and Cat

Very tiny decoupaged bird and cat

A look at what I start with.

Your ordinary trinket boxes at their starting point.

Terra cotta Clock

Pretty Terra Cotta Pot Saucer turned unfunctional clock. For looks only.

Pink Music Box

Cute wooden Music Box

NASTY old Filing Cabinet

This little cutie was an UGLY grey,, and wh lah there I go again. Paintbrush and decoupaged. I have a couple more pics. I'll post with it. Check it out.

Painted wooden Clutch and Tote.

I did this little bugger last night. I never put thought into it,, I just paint pick decoupage,, (I guess you' ll know by now ) This turned out very, very sweet. Multi purpose with this little item.

Finally on Frog

I know I posted the before and afters of these, but this is the pic. I was trying to find, so it showed her red toenails. I also added pretty eyelashes to her. She's a cutie. And a Diva. Ha Ha!!

Large Floral decoupaged Frame with original glass.

I've had this piece for sooooo long now. I just love it,, but boy let me tell ya',,, soooooo much cutting gift wrapping paper the flowers GALORE!!!! I still have this beauty. We live in a three...

Before and after Frog and Cat

I did these for a friend and client. Ya know,, I can't draw alick anymore, but the paintbrush is amazing!!! They turned out beautifully! She was really really pleased.   I have another pic. of...

Before and After vintage chair

A chair I picked up for free from a dear dear friend. I believe it was his mother's and she passed on and he gave it to me. I'm a sucker for twole (sp)? But I have to admit this turned out just...

Tall plant stand

I put this together using a pot,, a thrown away table leg, and a flat base I had. I sold it in no time.

Lovely wooden box

Of course I painted it. Then decoupaged torn lettering along the edges, and floral motif on top. I keep post its and spare pens in it and some stamps.

White with floral frames

These were just your average wooden frames. There I go with the paintbrush. I also decoupaged torn tissue paper of beautiful birds and twigs. The pics. in the frames are just out of a magazine, so I...

Large blue vase dorned with jewels.

Just your regular outside vaase. An old man I took care of gave it to me and it was natural cement, but I can;t resist picking up the paintbrush and my goodies and make my own creation. I added diff...

Nasty wood to pretty purple / Jewel Box

This was a girlfriend's of mine and she started on it. I smoothed it back out, the Gesso,, did a smooth finish, painted a very pretty purple and I decaled her name on the front as I was going to give...

Small Trinket Box

This little ,,(I guess it's octigon),, sweet for earrings, trinkets, keys, or just your fav. stash. I did a BUNCH of these and sold boocoo of these. They are very very sweet, even for a little girl...

8 x 10 frames

These were your ordinary wooden frames and I painted them then did a dry brush, the decoupaged beautiful flowers in the oppisite end corners. These are very sweet. Put in them what you like.

Colorful terra cotta pots painted

I bought the clay pots, and decoupaged and painted, these are very very cute. i did tons of these over last year summer. i have more to show. these are very cute for small pots for delicate flowers...

Colorful Galvinized Bucket

This was just your ordinary galvinized bucket. I turned it into a magazine, or newspaper holder, and puzzle books, remote, etc. I saw this in a book and thought it was charming, so I tried to...

White with Cherries

I just love the natural clay pots. I've done duzzin's of these in varying sizes., and in many diff. mediums. I made a refreshing trio out of these three. I actually hand painted the cherries...

Italian wall shelf

This was given to me or free. It was an absolute mess when I got it,,, With a little TLC it came out beautifully. I also decoupaged grape vines on it to give the Italian look.

Heavy hand made jewlrey box

I bought this unpainted raw wood and it's HEAVY. I decoupaged beautiful flowers on it and it sets on my coffee table now. It holds my post-it's, etc. I think I gave 2 bucks for it.

Gold Frame and pillers

I can't recall where I aquired these. I think at a Flea Market. They were dingy and dirty, so wa-la,, the power of paint and imagination. They make a beautiful set.

Cottage storage box

This was just your ordinary box unpainted. I tore paper and decoupaged it all over randomly. I keep my pens and pencils in whih I collect. I get that from my mother I guess. haha!! It's very cute...

Oak Towel Rings

These were your ordinary oak towel rings, so I painted them up and painted tiny roses on them. The pic. doesn't do them justice. They're in my shop down stairs.

Antique lanterns

From rusty to usable. These turned out so cute. I still have them and I use tea lights on them.  

Decoupage caulk gun

I painted this little ugly caulk gun and decoupaged it. I hope this comes up this time as I had a heck of a time with my Safari Wooden Box to describe. I'll stop here and see if it works. Cross your...

Safari themed wooden cigar box

I did this wooden ciger box in a Safari Theme as you can tell. I have put in this decription in about four or five times and it woudln't display the short description. It won't let me place my curser...

Painted Turquoise Box

Hand painted Turquoise Box

From mud dobber nest's,, to beautiful in my kitchen

Italian painted antique cabinet

Sweet dog bed and mirror

Animal print and sweet dogbed.

My painted goodies

My trash to treasures

Recent comments

Re: My beautiful horse, thought I'd share.

Thanks Makinithappen. She's my BIG BABY. Ha ha!!! I'm riding after bit matter fact. She gets full of pee and vinegar and I have to let her know who's boss. You certainly can't let an 1100 pound huge animal rule you. She's 15 hands. A BIG Girl!! She knows I make her mind but in a gentle way. We trust each other after 12 years together.
Thanks for the comp. Have a great day!!!

Re: Vintage Office Chair Redo

Very retro and chic all at once. My Goodness I luuuuvvvv this chair. I would have it in my office proudly. Great work!!!!
I especially love the bold black and white print, with a little taupe. Again,,,, KUDO's !!!

Re: Wooden Cigar Box Purse

I have a safari box on my site too. Check it out. I absolute luuuvvvv yours.
This is what I w3s talking about wit ALL these intelligent folks on this site,,, heck,, I even get inspired by these wonderful women, artisan's, and artist, business women and etc. on this site. I love this one very much. Gives me a few ides's, ( yea,, I meant to spell it like that from this little ole hic. Very proud. I'll add a "sensible hick"
Yea,, I'm gonna go get me some more of these cigar boxes in the raw. They're very fun to do. The possibilities are endless.
Very very lovely, and an impeccable job my peep,

Re: Beautiful Old Wicker

I love this. Sweet, updated, and chic. Love the pop of reds and pinks against the green. Great job!!

Re: A look at what I start with.

My goodness,,, thanks once again you all. Aahhhh,, now I know I'm home..... he he. I absolutely LOVE this site!! You folks are great!!
Msjunking,, sweetie,, I'm in the "Bluegrass" state of Ky.
My name is just a little of how my life has been "as in Murphy's Law",, so I just put it together. The good Lord holds me by the scruff of the neck and leads the way.
I'd like to visit the market your talking about though.
And thanks once again suziart.

Re: Pink Music Box

Wow,,, what a compliment siziart. Thanks so much honey. You're very sweet for saying that. xoxoxox

Re: Tiny Bird and Cat

Thank you georgiamoon. I haven't been on in awhile to respond to anything or anyone. Dealing with illness at the present time so I've slowed down considerably. Nice handle by the way.
Seriously. They are cute little buggers.

Re: A look at what I start with.

Just wanted to show you all with what I start with. These sweet little and some not so little I just love. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, my imagination goes CRAZY!!! Anyway,, I'll post the magic when they're done. The raw wooden one is the "Pink Music Trinket Box" I posted earlier. I gave it to my best friend. I told that story on that post.
I'm about to start on an early 1900's mirror. The kind that's removable with the OLD pins. It swiveled up and down. The frame itself is absolutely gorgeous. Pretty enough to hang on it's own. This crazy brain is constantly on clickity clack, and wanting to do so much. I do all this on my own, meaning the sanding, ideas, painting, etc. I'm the inside carpenter, and my hubby is the outside carpenter. With 22 acres, a horse, a dog, 5 Chinese Beta fish, there is ALWAYS something to do.
OK,, I've gabbed enough again. I hope you all enjoy my posts. I do ramble on sometimes but this place and the folks on here we are like minded and see things that maybe someone else would not. So enjoy my rants. I'm sure there will be more. Have a good one everyone.

Re: Painted Turquoise Box

This is the little set I was talking about with my friend. I gave it to her for school supplies. I added a matching cup and another piece for different supplies. This also burned in the fire when she lost her home.
She's in college and this was a very pretty set for my friend, the student. I'm very proud of her. She kinda looks like Mia Farrow. I hope I spelled that correct. Respectively.

True blue friends are hard to find now a days so if I sounded gushy on my Music box story, I just stated how I feel about my best friend. We can go for two to three weeks and not talk, we both stay so busy keeping our own lives going and when we see each other we pick up right where we left off.
Have a good one everybody!! I haven't been on in awhile so I'm a little gabby. I need to get supper goin. A nice country supper.

Re: Pink Music Box

Just one more thing. If you see any screw ups such as mis-spellings and such,, please ignore. We all get a little duuhh sometimes. I noticed in my comment a mistake or two so please look over it. I try to catch all I can but sometimes a few mistakes get thru. See ya...

Re: Pink Music Box

OK, I tried this in photo option and it didn't take. Sometimes I get a little rusty. This little box I just gave to my best friend. We've been near and dear to each other for near on 15 years now and she means a great deal to me. She recently totally lost her home due to a fire and over that period of years we have traded trinkets, soooo I'm starting her collection back up. The three piece turquoise box set on here I gave her as a gift as she's also in school trying to better herself too. So this is just a small memento of how I feel about my friend. She's been to the hospitals with me thru surgeries and heart caths and others, so she's very special. I think she a reincarnation of my grandmother that raised me. I worshiped the ground she walked on. now don't get me wrong, we were heathens, and got the switch on occasion, but that was the end of it. Never a grudge held, we got our punishment and she loved us even more. I miss her dearly. My friend Kay, sitting by my side right now, has the same turn (southern term) as my grandmother. So you can see why she's so special to me. Our husbands are the best of friends also. So when they go visit,, she comes down to my house. we're in the country so as a crow flies we could be at each others houses in two min.
Anyway,,,, so this little box is just your average little box. I have no rhyme or reason of the out come. if I studied on what I was GOING to do I'd go CRAZY!! Ha ha! So I just start grabbing and see what I end up with. this would be nice for the guitar player for their pics., strings, etc. Keys. It's not too girly, it'd fit right in Nashville. Right down on Music Row in a front window. Hint hint.
I did this yesterday on my porch enjoying the weather here in Ky. So here's to my best friend. Hope you all like it.
Have a wonderful day every one.

Re: Finally on Frog

Thank you Luv,,. I did this for a client and also did the fluffy white cat also. I think they turned out wonderful.
I did a few more items for my friends, plus I did the inside of her home. She's a very good friend. The last I saw them,, the were sitting outside in the elements again, so who knows how long they will stay in this shape. I just adore them.
By the name of your screen-name, you all didn't happen to have chickens and roosters did you? We did. My hubby is a chicken fighter from waaaaayyyyyy back. Reason being is,,,,
Gamecockchic". This one still deos not show her long eyelashes I painted on her. Thanks once again.. I think she's a bute. Like I said,, "She's a "Diva"! My client luuuvvvved her!!! hahahah!!

Re: DIY Garden Urn Turned Coffee Table

Oh MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!! I luuuvvvvv the jewels in the giant urn or vase, then the glass top. This is absolutely STUNNING!!!!! One of my very favs. on here.
Great job!!!

Re: Repurposed Bicycle Rim Pendant Light Fixture

Love this project. Very chic and today. I'd hang it on my wall proudly too.
Wonderful job Brian.

Re: Small Trinket Box

Thank again Luv.... Love the compliments,, makes a gal feel kinda special. I uploaded two more items. Thanks again Jim.

Re: White with Cherries

Thank You retiredbp2 ,, Yes,, they are lovely. I'm redoing my kitchen come spring and might use them,, but if anyone offers me a price,, they're sold!! Hahahah!!

Thank you too CottageElements Yea,, you can do sooooo many things with clay pots, from planterns to 2 in 1 epoxy and make a bird-bath, decoupage them, paint them,, I'm gonna try next to place broken mirror in small pieces and see how that turns out. When I get one done,, I'll post it on here.

Re: Before and After vintage chair

Meant to say,, makes a person FEEL good. Not eel good Haha!!

Re: Before and After vintage chair

Thank you once again Jim. I did another little trinket wooden box purse,, I need to take pics, and get it posted. Thanks once again. Sue has commented on my stuff and that makes a person eel wonderful. oxoxxo

Re: 8 x 10 frames

Thank you so much Jim. Kudo's to ya!!

Re: Broken China Bracelet ~ Vintage teacups and saucers ~ Handcrafted

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd wear it anywhere. Goes with jeans and goes with sass. Lovely.

Re: Olde window flower box

Now, I really like this. I have some old windows downstairs in the shop just waiting for something. These are adorable! !!

Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

This trunk is STUNNING !! Very chic. Love it!!!


I love this idea. I have some kindling downstairs,,, hmmm,, Very cute!!! Soft yet bold.

Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

Love Love Luuuvvvv this piece. Yeah, I know that's misspelled,, I meant that. Yea,, I like this a lot.

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

This is a very sweet little table. I'da picked it up too. Very nice job. I love these kind of saves. Cute, cute, cute.

Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 8

I think these are beautiful.

Re: Oak Towel Rings

I've sold my things and I've given them as gifts. I'll have several projects going at once. While the paint is drying on something, I'm on the next thing,, switch off,, over near on 17 years here in our home,, I've done a number of projects.
Thanks again Sue,, take care.

Re: Antique lanterns

Cute huh? They really are. Thanks Gal.

Re: Cottage storage box

OK,, Now I'm gettin' recognized he he,, Thanks Sue. You're very sweet

Re: Gold Frame and pillers

Thank you again. Back at ya.

Re: Heavy hand made jewlrey box

I think I did this little number about four different times. ha ha,,,,, FINALLY, ended up with his. Then I was satisfied. My next couple projects are going to be mirrors, ( big mirrors),, I'll post after they're done. Thank you loads for the compliments.

Re: Italian wall shelf

Well Hello Sue,,,,
Thank you sooo much. It's nice to finally meet you. I hope you received my remittance to your kind email. You have a Great Holiday Season!!! Everyone for that matter ... PEACE.

Re: colorful fence pickets

This is cute. I had a four foot piece of the pretty picket fence,, I painted it up and painted light florals on it,, didn't think anyone would want,, BAM,, first thing I sold. Go figure. It really was cute. I'll post a pic. on my market soon. Your's is adorable!

Re: Cubbie Table

Love love LOVE this idea!! Soooo much organization, ideas. I think I'm gonna try to duplicate this. It would really give me some space in my kitchen. Very nice. Thank you.

Re: Sweet dog bed and mirror

Why Thank you so much gadgetsponge. My little Bosten just love's it.
I have loads more pics to post.