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HI everyone in cyber space
I have been a junkie since I was four years old.Looking back on my tricycle days my idea of fun was NOT to ride but rather tip it upside down sitting on the ground and turning the pedals with my hands as fast as I could and calling to the world around mepopcorn for sale!
The earliest memories of going to the hardware store with dad come to me every time I enter thru the doors of a good old fashion hardware store and smell that wonderful unique almost undiscribable rubber smell If you have experienced this you know the scent.I love it more than my favorite french parfum. At the tender age of nine I was allowed to go up the very steep narrow stairs into Granmothers attic again my sense of smell was aroused with a delightful yet curious smell of warm old hardwoods that were used to construct the attic walls and floor.Only to arrive at the top of the stairs and feast my eyes on the past. I have been hopelessly hooked on yesterday ever since.

Today at the ripe old age of 51 I am living my dream and I feel my destiny all along. I own Yesterdays Charm in Buffalo Minnesota. I have been in business for almost five years now. However Taking a leap of faith and moving to Buffalo has catapulted me into a fast track of action and growth. I have been blessed with the best group of women renters I could ask for. Together we nurture and mold Yesterdays Charm into an interesting and welcoming shop.

In which we strive to offer items for everyones personnal taste. If ever your in the neighborhood drop in the friendly atmosphere will surely bring you back time and again. Not to mention the great finds.

Thanks for the opportunity to share
Marge Schumacher

Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/03/1957

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Christmas Sleighs - made from old wooden packing boxes that were cut down, old childrens sleds, old horse reins and fabric remnants.  The front and back have chalk paint, so you can add your own...

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Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

The clock is sooooo cool!
Just to let you know I have two gigantic(well 4and a half feet in diameter : ) ) gear patterns left if someone wants to have
really tell time BIG .
Keep on a junkin

Re: How to Make a Metal Basket Planter

I love the tuba mouth pieces what a find!
Do tell where is the treasure trove in Anoka that you came across them?
I can get to Anoka from Buffalo with out to much road construction:.)
Great job on the planter can't wait to see the next masterpiece
you and the pooch will create


The double screen doors are WONDERFUL!
I have an ongoing collection of Screens as well but yours are by far the grandest at the ball:)
If my some slim chance you ever run across two more I would be in the market to purchase.You have found the perfect home for them. It looks like you built the house around them.

Re: Fargo Road Trip!

I met Kriss while she was visiting my shop in Buffalo. I knew her place was a must see when a quick road trip is doable.Awesome deer display!

Re: Tag Maker Tote

Sue When I saw your storage tote I couldn't believe my eyes!
A couple of months ago I sold an identical box at Yesterdays Charm.HOWEVER,I now wish I had seen the visual you did before I sold it.I would be housing my own supplies in it right now.
Really nice!Mschuey2

Re: Gear Decor

I was looking through all the great creations and found your gear wall display with the sand cast gear patterns.The wall color is awesome! It really lets the beauty of the gear patterns pop.
I am down to my last 20 patterns for sale at Yesterdays Charm.
I will be sad to see them go.Not only are they great art,When they are all sold and no longer out in the public circulation,We will have closed a chapter in history.
Thanks for keeping a part of their history alive.

Re: First Christmas Project

Creative,cute,multi functional
What could be better?
Some warm holiday cookies on those great looking servers you made
Good job!Mschuey 2

Re: Rustic Elegance Floral

There have been several great guesses however I think I know the answer!
The wire cage is from a drop cord a.k.a. light bulb on an extension cord.They generally have a hook on them as well for hanging on your car when working under the hood.Am I right?mschuey2