Gailmarie Haller, Menomonee Falls, WI, US

Graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), with emphasis on soft sculpture and weaving. This led me in time, to a home business in "wearable art." Besides painting clothes, purses and accessories, I would take apart computers, radios, clocks, watches (whatever I could get my hands on) and/or reuse old costume jewerly and antique buttons, to create one-of-a-kind pins, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I recently found "Junk Beautiful" at our local library and fell in love with the ideas because it uses the principles I have used most of my life - namely: RECYCLING and REUSING, to create works of art. My husband is 100% behind me, which lets my creative juices flow. I only wish we lived in a bigger house!!!

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Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

LOVE your table!!! Everything about it screams "coolness." Unbelieveable how you can take bits and pieces and make something as magnificent as the dining room table pictured. The patina is a great addition. The "crossover" fitting adds a nice look to the piece....kind of "funky-cool." BRAVO Jim!!! gailmarie

Re: More from the front porch

Would love to come over and chat some night!!! The setting looks SO inviting. gailmarie

Re: The locker room

Excellent use of the lockers. Love the fact they can be used to store "stuff"!!! They look great. gailmarie

Re: New use for an old crate

WONDERFUL!!! gailmarie

Re: Panel Door Headboard

GOREGOUS!!! These photos MUST find their way into some sort of style magazine. Please look into it. You have such a flair with your work. Excellent eye for color and pattern. gailmarie

Re: The ATV from hell

Okay, now THIS is a piece of work!!!! LOVE this (and the title, too). I can only guess your neighbors are in awe of you and your artwork. gailmarie

Re: Confessions of a Suitcase-a-Holic

FUN!!! Especially like the "dingle balls" (pom poms) inside the smaller case. I can only guess your daughter adores you and her/your projects, for your extra flair. gailmarie

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

What a WONDERFUL gift!!! Especially like the fact you used your MIL's jewelry. How fun is THAT???? gailmarie

Re: Framed Wrapping Paper

You are probably one of the rare few, who can pull off a pink wall!!! Your cunning sense of style and artwork really bring the beauty out. I have been enjoying you various postings, showing your pink, black and green colored palettes. Spiffy!!! gailmarie

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

I can not stop laughing at the fringe!!! very....ummmmm....interesting (I don't want to tell you what I really think!!!).

You have created a masterpiece my dear. Simply MARV-elous. What a creative mind you have. This lamp is a sight to see and a work of art. Oooooo-la-LA!!!! gailmarie


LOVE wht you did with the flour sack bag!!!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Painted Foyer Table Project from several years ago.

Goes EXTREMELY well with your decor. LOVE how you use colors!!! gailmarie

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

GORGEOUS!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Pantry Door

Love what you did to the door!!! gailmarie


WOWIE!!!! I adore the look of this beauty. gailmarie

(LOVE the hearts all around the base.)

Re: rolling pin collection

What a clever, CLEVER idea, using an old wine rack!!! Your display and collection are WONDERFUL - WOW..... gailmarie

Re: picnic again!

VERY nice!!! gailmarie

Re: First project of the New Year!!

Thanks Alice!!! I will have to make an effort to get to Hobby Lobby (some 20-30 mins way) to check out their lettering. Just LOVE what you did with yours.....gailmarie

Re: Let the music move you!

Midge ~ this piece is FAB-ulous!!!! LOVE the piece used. Who wouldn't want this in their home??? If you ever want to part with this piece, let me know...... (yeah, like THAT'S going to happen!!!). gailmarie

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

This was posted a little before I joined and let me tell you....I am SOOO glad this got featured, so I can see the beauty of this piece. Amazing!!! LOVE the rust, the colors and the overall look of the piece. What a wondeful gift!!! gailmarie

Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

What a great redo!!! Glad things worked out so well for you. It sounds like everyone was pleased, as they well should be.

SOOOO glad you found us. This is a wonderful site for anyone interested in junk (new, old, rusty, tarnished, shiny, vintage, etc). So many wonderful ideas to choose from. I am hooked, and I'm sure you will be too.

Can't wait to see more!!! gailmarie

Re: "One Cup, with Cream and Sugar" CoffeeTime Lamp

This was meant to be!!! Fun title, as usual. gailmarie

Re: Silver pitcher

Another great find, Marie!!! Isn't it wonderful how much silver is being sold at local thrift stores these days??? I bought 40 spoon and forks for ten cents apiece the other day at GW and I thought I was in heaven (they will make great feet and hands for my little guys)!!! With the amount of us junkers popping up as of late, soon TarnX will be a product of the past!!!!

LOVE the little touch (necklace) you added to the looks like it was there from day one. gailmarie

Re: I had a bright idea for this grill...

Marie, what a GREAT light this turned out to be!!! LOVE the old grill as it is, but you added your style and charm to make it even more special. LOVE it!!! gailmarie

Re: Display for vintage fishing lures

Very, very nice gift. It is truly fitting you ended up with it. What a nice remembrance of days gone by. gailmarie

Re: "One Legged Flamingo" Mini Lamp

This is a HOOT!!! LOVE the look AND the name!!! gailmarie

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

Don't tease us about the flying saucers and us, show us.....ASAP--->(notice, all letters are in caps - that means really soon)!!! Can't wait to see your chandeliers.

This piece turned out just perfect. LOVE the coffee print on the lamp shade...too fun!!! gailmarie

Re: First project of the New Year!!

WONDERFUL project Alice!!! Was a little sad to see all your Holiday decorations are down already. How fast the season goes...

LOVE the saying. LOVE the lettering (where did you find the lettering???)

What a great saying to start the new year with. gailmarie

Re: Moma's Old Smidgen Shop Treasures

WOW, what I wouldn't do for a walk through your Mom's Smidgen Shop!!! I'll bet there are ALL kinds of items that would interest me, if what I have seen is any example of what might be left. What SUPER finds!!!! gailmarie

Re: The Front Porch

Good finds, good saves. Love them both!!! gailmarie

Re: Edelbrock clock

Very cool!!! gailmarie

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Kenda, How did I miss this one??? The nightstand turned out SUPER and looks absolutely perfect in your bedroom, with the headboard, etc (that you had posted a while ago).

Modge Podge is one of the many products I have used over the years. I remember using it some 20+ years ago, when I first started making jewelry. Recently, I have started to use it once again with my collages.

Love your postings and comments!!! gailmarie

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

This is one COOOOOOL light fixture!!! I feel at peace and relaxed just looking at it. My house is way too small for something like this, but I can dream can't I??? Who knows, maybe someday I too will have an amazing fixture like this in my house. gailmarie

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

I can see endless uses for this beauty!!! When I first saw it, I thought of it being used in a bathroom, to hold towels, soaps, etc. Then I thought maybe the bedroom, were it could hold candles, potpourri, jewelry, perfumes, etc. After that, I thought this would make a very classy bread basket. Oh my, I could go on and on and on. This is a lovely redo. Glad you shared this with us. gailmarie

Re: last score 09

Adorable!!! gailmarie


WOW... Loving your work shown here!!! Your self portrait is SUPER!!! I am loving all the junk you've included with this piece. What a truly original work of art. gailmarie (bfa; specialty: fibre art - now working in vintage assemblages)

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

Larry, I am loving your work immensely and am enjoying your extra comments as well. I may suggest getting yourself into an art gallery, as your work shows true originally and much creativity. Besides your website, there is also on-line, that is for handmade items. This appears to be a good site for many fine and talented artists. (I haven't started selling my work there yet, as I need to build up my stock, plus I am in one art gallery at the moment, with another one of great potential in the upcoming Spring.)

Can't wait to see more of your fine work and witty humor that appears to go with each and every piece!!! gailmarie

Re: "Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

These are ULTRA cool!!! SOOO glad you were "forced" to buy them both. A pair makes more of a statement, I think. I can only imagine these babies will sell "tute-sweet" (I have no idea how to spell that, so as usual, I make up my own spelling)!!! gailmarie

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

I LOVE this one!!! It is truly amazing to me, that you are able to find "just the right books" for your work.

Where do you sell your pieces? I wish you much success. gailmarie

Re: Country Pump Lamp

WOW, does this bring back memories for me!!! We used to have one of these pumps at our cottage, when I was younger. We used to think it was the COOLEST pump it to get water!!!

TOO funny using an old shirt for the lampshade. This turned out great!! gailmarie

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

AMAZINGLY beautiful!!! You never cease to surprise me with your projects. They are always so lovely, with so much charm and grace. This tree should have been featured in a magazine for more to see and enjoy.

How unique to use treasured pcs (your grandmothers' mirrors and brushes), glass door knobs and other bling. I LOVE the ornaments you made out of old napkin rings....ingenious!!!

Janis, you are an inspiration to us all. You talents are off the charts, when it comes to decorating!!! gailmarie

Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

LOVE the lunchbox centerpiece. BOY, what I wouldn't do to own that lunchbox - ultra cool!!! gailmarie

Re: lamp finial

LOVE your Christmas finial!!!! gailmarie

Re: Sew worth watching TV!

WONDERFUL transformation!!!! LOVE how it turned out. Great job. gailmarie

Re: 2009 Christmas Blessings

HEE HAW partner!!! Your tree is GREAT!!!! Although in looking at it, I think it's missing something.....mmmm, what could it be???? Maybe give me a week or so to think about it. Hopefully I will come up with the answer.....

BTW ~ LOVE your barbed wire tree!!! gailmarie

Re: Have Yourself a Junky Little Christmas!

Judi ~ I love this centerpiece SOOOO darn much!!! When I first saw it, I let out a little "whimper"...well, some kind of sound... Luckily, I was home alone, so no one could make fun of me!!!

I think the use of some of your family's heirlooms makes it even more precious. I sure hope I can remember this idea, so I can try my luck at doing a similar piece someday. I can only guess how many "oooh and aahs" you got, when others came in and saw it sitting there. VERY nice!!!! gailmarie

Re: You're So Transparent!

What a super idea!!! I would have NEVER thought of doing that. LOVE the way it turned out. Great job!!! gailmarie

Re: "Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme

Okay now, this one is SUPER cool, with the saying and the poppies!!! Wonderfully creative. gailmarie

Re: Quikie Nite Lite

What a clever, clever idea!!! gailmarie

Re: "Box O Flamingos"- (no birds were injured in the making of this lamp)

Too fun!!! gailmarie

Re: Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

OMG!!!!!! I LOVE this!!!! Welcome to the site. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

LOVE your display!!! gailmarie

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

How fun - LOVE the look. gailmarie

Re: More or less Christmas

Everything turned out "grate"!!! However, loving music as much as I do, I have to say that the trumpet project is my fave. Not to worry about simplicity, it looks WONDERFUL just the way it is. gailmarie

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

I agree with Lindsey, this site provides us ALL with super ideas and support in all we do. Blessings and good health to you all. Happy Holidays ~ gailmarie

P.S. I could kick myself right now for passing on one of those coin holders. The price was too high for me (being out of work), but after seeing what you did with yours, I should of just bought it anyway!!! VERY cool holiday piece.

LOVE the tube... I envy the hostess that get's it. Feel free to give her my email address if she ever gets tired of it (yeah, like THAT'S going to happen)!!! :o)

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

Congratulations!!!! Celebrate and be happy. LOVE to hear wonderful stories like yours. The drummer's hat as an ice bucket, is a HOOT!!! gailmarie

Re: The Holly and the...

An octopus trap??? What a SUPER find!!! It's cool all by itself - but of course with the Holidays, it sure comes in handy for your little Holiday scene.

Love the french fry cutter, too. I have one too (hanging on my kitchen wall), but it is only a round circle with little metal pieces in the middle. You have to push down on the potato and do all the work yourself (I like yours better!!!). gailmarie

Re: Junk on Display

VERY cool stuff. The birdhouse is one of my favorites pieces - did you make that yourself?

What is that large "thing" on the upper left of photo #3? I love, love, LOVE it (and of course, want it). :o)

Thanks for letting us into your home, to browse and envy (in a good way)!!! gailmarie

Re: Candleboard

LOVE the shutter and oar!!! gailmarie

Re: From nut sweeper (!?) to wreath!

TOOOOOOOO cool. It's amazing how much junk is "out there" that we never saw before (or even heard of). This brush is awesome. Great display!!! gailmarie

Re: A Greenery Christmas

COOOOOOOL stuff. LOVE your displays. gailmarie

Re: Grandma's Attic

OMG - this stuff is a junker's dream come true!!! gailmarie

Re: Beads & Buttons

These are wonderful!!! As someone who used to make jewelry out of "old stuff," I know how much work goes into each piece. Hoping to see more of your goodies in the very near future. gailmarie


Janis, these are absolutely gorgeous!!! The simplicity works well with this project. I think the concept is wonderous. Happy Holidays, my creative friend!!! gailmarie

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Jim, thanks for making me laugh!!! GOOD response. gailmarie

Re: I Love Christmas

AWESOME dislays!!! Especially love the trucks and the tinsel boxes (I used to work at a tinsel factory during the summers, while I was in college - too funny). The suitcase is a definte keeper, as are the scales.... okay, I can see, I LOVE it ALL!!! gailmarie

Re: A Traveler's Bag from Christmases Past

Cute idea!!! gailmarie

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

GREAT idea Lani. LOVE the fact that you didn't automatically toss out the lights strands, just because they weren't working (like so many other people would have). The look is awesome. I cracked up when I saw you had used marshmallows too....ingenous!!! gailmarie

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

LOVE the vintage ornaments!!! gailmarie

Re: Our New/Old Garden Fountain 2

Very, very nice. Your hubby did a great job. Love the look. gailmarie

Re: Not exactly "choirs'' of angels, but I do have a few

Adorable. gailmarie

Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

Very girlie-girl stuff!!! You make things look so soft and peaceful. Love the vintage look. gailmarie

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

What a truly original and festive Christmas tree, Jim. The look is divine and would make a super cool front page of a travel magazine.

I want that pedal car in the WORST way. We had one growing up and I remember being in it one day, having fun, going up and down our driveway. All at once, my Mom called me, to come inside (okay, she yelled for me to come upstairs into the bathroom)... when I got there, she proceeded to wash my mouth out with soap (YUCK)!!! To this day, we have no idea why. (I loved that pedal car and having one nowadays, would be a constant reminder to "watch my mouth"!!!).

Wonderful posting, as always. Happy Holidays. gailmarie

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

Geeezzz, each display is wonderful in it's own right!!! I think your idea of using the light part for a postcard stand is awesome. LOVE the Santa bulbs and oh boy, what I wouldn't do to have a crack at some of your vintage tins---I'd probably want them ALL!!! Happy Holidays ~ gailmarie

Re: Junk on the Horizon

OMG!!!! I was going to start off by saying "I want... I want..." but then I saw this was for Dad, so I decided to just tell you how ultra-cool this is!!!! I have never seen anything like this before, but fell in love with it the second I saw it. I can only guess how much Dad will LOVE this gift. Make sure to tell him he is the envy of many a junker!!! gailmarie

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

WOW - it's hard to pick a favorite with THIS patch! LOVE the metal clock frame, the hayloader, the rusty old test tube holder (I want one SOOO bad), and of course, those lovely white vintage trees - the "mini-me" is a HOOT!!!

You sure outdid yourself with this post......what a usually DO outdo yourself on every post!!!

Kathy, everything looks great. You've put me to shame with all your decorating. I only have a very special Santa out on display as of this morning in our house (YIKES). Thanks for the super ideas. gailmarie

Re: "I'm WORKING here!"

You must be an AWESOME teacher, judging by the coolest of your classroom!!! LOVE the shutters, with it's seasonal job-assignments. Wonderful post. gailmarie

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

You did yourself PROUD, Noreen!!! What a super project. Way to go!!! VERY clever coming up with the top for the ornament. I would bever have thought of that. You go girl... gailmarie

Re: infant prague collection

OMG!!! These are just precious. What a fine collection you have. Each one is wonderful as is, but then group them together and you have a thing of beauty. WOW... gailmarie


WOW - you have given my more ideas on how to decorate!!! Great ideas, but I especially like the suitcase one and the centerpiece one, because I have lots of antique suitcases and a collection of vintage canning jars at my house. Thanks for your ideas.... at this rate, I will still be decorating up until the big day!!! gailmarie

Re: Alter-na-tree

Absolutely adorable!!! You did a wonderful job decorating. gailmarie

Re: Old Tree Stand Candle Holder

What a GREAT idea!!!! A+++++++ gailmarie

Re: Christmas Displays

Love the look!!! Super centerpiece. gailmarie

Re: vintage pearls

Love the pearls along with your pitchers. Simply beautiful. gailmarie

Re: Holiday Junque Wreath

Such an gorgeous "Santa Wreath"!!! You did a super job creating your masterpiece. gailmarie

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

These ornaments are adorable!!! I could see them being used over and over again, depending on the color of the ribbons (bridal showers, baby showers, Easter, etc).

Once again, that noggin of yours came up with a winner!!! Do you EVER sleep??? gailmarie

Re: Pop Can Stars

These turned out GREAT!!! What will people think of next??? (BTW ~ I like the Pepsi start too...) gailmarie

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

I LOVE it ALL!!!!!!!!!! gailmarie

Re: I love GLITTER!!!!

They look MARVELOUS!!! LOVE your story about seeing Janis' post and then you running out to your local thrift store - I can see it happening. Wonder how many of us have done the same thing, after seeing a posting on this site??? Great job. Enjoy them, as I know you will. gailmarie


Janis, Janis, Janis.... these little numbers are absolutely STUNNING!!! I adore each one of these pieces. The trophy, the bleached bottle trees, the ribbon, and of course....the BLING!!! You have the knack of making the most everyday items, come alive. Simply awesome. gailmarie

(How do you bleach the trees? Simply put them in bleach? For how long???)

Re: (sing with me) Junkin around the Christmas tree...

Sure hope Santa has some junk left for MY House. Looks like you got a good chuck of his goodies (or should I say his "junk"?)!!! Adorable display. gailmarie

Re: A Diva Christmas

OMG ~ I LOVE this!!!!! What a glorious tree, complete with funky presents and the "Man in Pink" - just adorable.

What a groovy (do people still say that word???) pad you have at work. Boy, do I wish it were my space. I can only guess how warm and cozy your work room must be. Do your co-workers tend to drop by a lot? I know I would, just to get into the "Diva Spirit." Ya did good girlfriend.....REAL good!!! gailmarie

Re: A Handmade Holiday - Chat With Me Live on the Gorilla Glue Facebook Page

This is absolutely precious!!! LOVE the details. You always seem to have the best ideas and (of course) the best junk just laying around. My goodness, what I wouldn't do to go snooping.... oops, I mean shopping, at your house some day!!!

(....okay, I actually DID mean snooping!!!!)

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

Very pretty. Love the colors. Welcome!!! gailmarie

Re: A "Light Bulb" Moment...

Very, very nice. Your last photo simply screams: "WELCOME" (in a nice way)!!! gailmarie

Re: Fun Wood Pillars

Fun!!! gailmarie

Re: Let's Dish Some More

GREAT transformation!!! What a difference a little work and effort can make. Lovely. gailmarie

Re: My Chest is a Basket Case!

Great idea. I can see why this sold so quickly. gailmarie

Re: Tis the Season!

The color of everything all together is wonderful!!! LOVE your fat policeman cookie jar. What a SUPER find that was. gailmarie

Re: My very first project post....An elegant, funky, bird feeder!

LOVE this idea!!! The colors are wonderful, as are the cup and saucer and the feed bag. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

Noreen, COOOL organizer. LOVE you "tale of woe" - don't we ALL have those kind of stories??? - I guess that's what makes us all appreciate our finished projects so much (once we struggle with our mistakes beforehand). You should be very proud of yourself. I can see this being used a LOT!!! gailmarie

Re: Your Frames have been Framed!

Very cool idea. Looks great! gailmarie

Re: THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!! maybe

HAPPY B-DAY, Alice!!! I think you are now ready for your party.

Thanks for the close-ups. I really love to look at all the goodies you have. I think my fav is the peace angel - LOVE the glass ornaments all around the plate. It adds so much.

Enjoy your special day. gailmarie

Re: Vintage Holiday Vignette

LOVE the vintage "ornament holder" - wonderful. gailmarie

Re: Deck the doors!

VERY cool. gailmarie

Re: Art with Architecture

As usual Lani, you didn't let us down with your wonderful post!!! THANKS so much for the step-by-step photos. I always wanted to try to emboss, but was afraid. Thanks to you, it doesn't seem so scary.

ADORE the sprocket in it's glory. What a COOL idea you came up with. I think I may have a few sprocket-type things down in my basement somewhere. Will have to look...

Your work is gorgeous. Always like to see what you have brewing in that cool, junky, creative mind of yours! gailmarie

Re: Old Phone

How fun!!! I can see why you "just had to have it." Enjoy. gailmarie

Re: The lady's in a hurry ...

LOVE this tray with all the gorgeous goodies on display!!! I can see why you love each and every one of Grama's treasures. Each one tells a story, I'm sure. Welcome to the site. You will find out how addicting it can be. Can't WAIT to see more of your postings. gailmarie

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

The boo-boo was well worth the end result!!! This kissing ball is marvelous, Sue. Well done. gailmarie

Re: Hope Inside...

Absolutely adorable, Laurel. What charming gifts these will make. Your creativity is a gift in itself. LOVE your idea(s) and the way this gift turned out. I can only guess how much they will be treasured, for years to come. gailmarie

Re: Cozy Cotton Sweater Throw

It is SOOOOO cold in WI right now, what I wouldn't do to snuggle up in this beauty!!! gailmarie

Re: More Junky Displays

Just when I thought your first picture was my fav, along came the second picture, followed by the third and fourth!!! Each one is very unique and shows wonderful use of vintage pcs and ideas. Fun stuff!!! gailmarie

Re: Knobs, Levers & Bones

Very cool! gailmarie

Re: Bottle Tree

I've seen a tree like this made out of beer bottles, but THIS, this is WONDERFUL!!! Love it. I can only imagine the look on people's faces as they admire your tree. gailmarie


I totally agree with Lani and Sue about the cloches!!!

I was hoping for a close up, so I could view what's inside the cloches a little better. Your displays are festive and puts the viewer "in the mood" for the upcoming Holidays. PLUS, I'll have you know, I am humming away with a medley of Christmas tunes!

Alice, do you keep some (or all) of the cloches up for the other holidays coming up??? I could see vintage goodies in them for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.

Great work, my friend. gailmarie

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

OMG - the skates are "the best." I have never seen anything like them. They must go WAY back... You got yourself some wonderful finds, at that estate sale, Jim. LOVE what you did with them. Very classy, in a vintage way. Wonderful waking up to this gorgeous project. Hats off to you and your creative mind!!! gailmarie

Re: encyclopedias

Glad I proofread before I submitted. UGH - what I MEANT was: "Every idea here, is a keeper!!!" Sorry for the

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

Pretty - the grate is gorgeous!!! gailmarie

Re: encyclopedias

Everything idea here, is a keeper!!! gailmarie

Re: This one was 'sew' simple...

Cute as a button! gailmarie

Re: Elmer's Glue

Very, VERY cool display. gailmarie

Re: Extreme Tree Trimming

FUN!!! Absolutley love this little number. gailmarie

Re: Framing up a Favorite Item

Looking good!!! gailmarie

Re: A peek into our booth at the Scott Antique Market

Those clocks.....those clocks......they're calling for me.....

Love your photos. This sale looks like it would be LOADS of fun (and profitable) for those selling their wares.

ADORE the white cabinet. Sure wish I lived closer. I would have attended for sure, and who knows....I may have even bought you out (the clocks I mean)!!! gailmarie

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

I LOVE your work of art!!!! Can't wait to see more of your fantastic works. gailmarie

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

Suzanne, VERY nice work!!! Your Mom must have been SUPER surprised, when she got not one, but FOUR wonderful birdbaths for her birthday. Welcome. Hope to see more posts. gailmarie

Re: Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

SweetMelissa, where have you BEEN??? I've missed your posts over the last past months. Glad to see you "came back" to us!!!

Your faux fireplace is adorable, with the ice skates and the frames and other tidbits (better known as: junk) all around.
Please contiue to post, if you can. gailmarie

Re: Barbwire Christmas Tree

Very cool, yet rugged. I LOVE the crystals on the barbed wire. It looks like a "marriage made in heaven" to me!!! gailmarie

(Tell Hubby he did good (by bringing you home the barbed wire!!!)

Re: Potty Talk...

Not sure what T.M.I. means, but your idea is just perfect for your son. Such a good Mom you are, constantly coming up with ideas for your little ones.

How funny the scale is magnetic. Whoda thought that would be necessary? But in your case, it was!!!

LOVE the little extras around the scale. It adds to the charm of your scale. gailmarie

Re: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

OMG Sue ~ the cart "is to die for" and the clock is fan-TAB-ulous!!! I really wish I could go to the places you shop, to find these gorgeous pieces. You always find thee coolest things.

Love what you did with the cart. The gift wrap is a super idea. With the red ribbon, it looks perfect. gailmarie

Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Kenda - your bedroom is LUSCIOUS!!! I love what you did with your headboard. The matching nightstand in the corner completes the room, making it appear to be homey and relaxing.

Thanks for your idea about using doors for the King Size bed. I have searched for YEARS to find a headboard for that size mattress and never found anything. Now you give me hope. Maybe after the Holidays, I can go out looking for doors for our bed (that's sounds weird, but you know what I mean, don't you???).

Excellent work, my friend, gailmarie

Re: 'Tis the Season

Oops....I see Kathy already told you what the can was....never

Re: 'Tis the Season

Sue, I went in search of what this can is... my search paid off. Not sure if you will like what I found....but...the can you have, is an "Eagle Oily Waste (and biohazard) Can" - Model No. 906FL. Herbert Williams fire safety company sells them, as does Hopefully, from the looks of yours, the can you have is clean and never used (????). Mystery solved.... gailmarie

(I originally thought maybe the can was used for cig butts).

Re: 'Tis the Season

COOL-man-choo!!! What a lovely combo you came up with, Sue. Puts me in the mood just looking at it.
'Tis the season to get busy,
falalalala, lalalala.....

Re: Xmas tree from a thrift store planter

Good thinking Crafting Wendy!!! Everything works well together. gailmarie

Re: Hostess Gifts with a Junk Twist

Great looks....great ideas. LOVE the bags and the vintage ship tags!!! gailmarie

Re: Outdoor Christmas Sled

Nice job!!! gailmarie

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

Cute tree. LOVE the strainer!!! gailmarie

Re: Christmas with Georgia

The photos have left me (almost) speechless... To be able to shop in this store would be a dream come true for me. Everything is just gorgeous - from the colors to the pieces themselves. Thanks for giving us access to your shop. gailmarie

Re: Scrabble Board..Family collage

Nice job!!! I've seen this done before, but I like what you did with all the photos and tinkets. Your MIL with FLIP when she opens your gift. gailmarie

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

You go girl!!! REALLY turned out great. Loving the wash tub as a coffee table.

Something just came to the summer, you could put a plastic tub inside, to line the bottom of the wash tub (to protect the holes on the bottom) and fill the tub with ice and throw in some drinks. What a COOL beverage stand that would be, at a summer get-together!!! gailmarie

Re: playing with JUNK!!!

Good work combining all the pieces, to make one heck of a display!!! gailmarie

Re: Silver Memories Tree

Very pretty!!! gailmarie

Re: Junk Beautiful - out door

LOVE the look!!! gailmarie

Re: From trash to treasure.

White paint is like a facelift...covers and smooths out the imperfections!!! These pieces look SOOOOO much better. gailmarie

Re: Photos from my booth at the antique show.

I see some things I have, but many other things I want! Hopefully, your sale was successful for you. Cool stuff. gailmarie

Re: Vintage Boxes

As a fellow Mixed Media Artist, I can appreciate all the hours spent on creating such wonderful pieces. Hope to see more. These are just great. gailmarie

Re: Blooming junk

What fun pieces you have, Marie. Glad you and your pieces survived the gusts. Can't imagine 80mph winds. I'm sure you were safe inside, working in your wonderful studio, creating more projects. Can't wait to see what's coming next. gailmarie

Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Yes indeedy, you have the knack. Your birdfeeder tableau is GORGEOUS. However....I absolutely ADORE the piece with the sled in it. OMG, do I wish I could get my hands on that piece for my house (good thing for you, I live on the southeastern part of Wisconsin....way too far to sneak over to your house and "borrow" it for the Holidays!!!).

Lani, as usual, your work is superb. These pieces could easily be featured in a decorating book. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: "PARIS" chairs, what was once old is new again!

Oooo-la-LA!!! These chairs are GREAT!!! Welcome to the is very addicting. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Simple Holiday Wreath

The bling is the thing!!! Looks great. gailmarie

Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

You did the right thing, saving this wonderful piece from the salvage yard. VERY cool look. gailmarie


What a great marriage of "junk"!!! Very cool, my friend. gailmarie

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Hey Jim, I'm with you.....let's all sing this together..... everybody now (use the melody from "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"). Here goes:

"All I want for Christmas,
Is some vintage junk,
With lots of chips and faded colors.

All I want for Christmas,
Is some rusty stuff,
For making things, that I can sell.

All I want for Christmas,
Is some vintage junk......some vin-tage junk!!!!"

GREAT use of your vintage goods. You never cease to amaze me with your projects. Really puts me in the mood for the Holidays. Guess I will start to decorate this weekend. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas. gailmarie

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

Your centerpiece is absolutely FAB!!! You seem to bring out the best, in whatever you create. LOVE the buckles on the shoe forms. They totally look like they belong.

Happy Turkey Day!!! gailmarie

Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

Words can not express fully how much I LOVE your "vases." They turned out absolutely marvelous. Lovely pictures. Great sense of humor...the toilet tank is a super idea for least for a while!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all ~ gailmarie

P.S. I would find it VERY hard to return the carriers to Lani (sorry Lani, but it's true....they are just way toooooo cool).

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

Okay now, that's just plain fun!!! what a clever idea. gailmarie

Re: There's No Place Like a Midwest Home Show!

Your photos are lovely, as are your wonderful projects. SUPERcalafragalisticesbealadoshush!!!! gailmarie

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Toy????? Did you say "TOY"?????? Do tell.....

Very Interested Indeed :o)

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

I recently returned from a much needed trip to FL (temps in the 80s and sunny during my extended stay). Since I had no access to a computer "down there," I thought I would check in to see what I missed while I was gone....

Kathy, your project is WELL worth coming home to. I LOVE your paperweight ideas - especially Bingo and Lucky 7. Absolutely wonderful. SUPER idea overall. I can see these babies selling right away. They are perfect for Holiday gift giving!!!

Missed this site and all you fellow junkers.

More later ~

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

I love the giant flower frog just as it is.... ahhhh, to own such a piece..... you are one lucky junker, my friend. Really enjoy your posts. gailmarie

Re: RE Boutique Sign

Well this beats all..... this is one of the best (if not THE best) signs I have ever seen!!! The detail is just great. Funky, yet welcoming. LOVE the fact the patina will get greener and greener as it ages. Keep your work coming. gailmarie

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Your collection has me spinning (round and round of course)!!! I want the wooden box and wire basket-thing from the first picture, and of course those CLOCKS!!!

Everything works together so well. Thanks so much for sharing with us all your wonderful junk. gailmarie

(The bubble table top is funky+++++) :o)

Re: Ta Da!

HUGE improvement!!! Your project turned out great. gailmarie

Re: Junkin' Punkin" at the Library

Just adorable!!! I'll bet everyone wants to touch this little guy. Fun, fun, FUN!!! gailmarie

Re: October Floral of the Month

Snazzy, jazzy, ooo-la-la... the bride-to-be is adorable (but I think you know that already). What's her name, by the way - Ima Goner???? (Hey, that's the best I could do at such short notice!!!)

Sue, does this make you the Mother-of-the-Bride???

Can't wait to see what's next. gailmarie

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

VERY cool!!! As always, you come up with the neatest ideas. gailmarie

Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

What I wouldn't do to be able to shop at your warehouse. AWESOME stuff you have ther Troy!!! Best of luck. Makes lots of $$$$, so you and your partner can buy more (and hoard more) junk!!! gailmarie

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

LOVE this piece!!!! What a cool table it turned out to be. gailmarie

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

Okay, sing with me if you know this tune:

I'm in heaven.....
I'm in heaven as I look at all your junk...."

WOW!!! This would sure be a place I would have a BLAST at!!! OMG, what a cool place to shop. Sure wish Milwaukee had a place like this. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us all. gailmarie

Re: Junk Pumpkins

How FUN!!!! Looks like SOMEbody was having lots of fun this weekend. :o) gailmarie

Re: Steel Spring Table

I have missed seeing your artwork/handiwork. SOOOO glad you didn't forget us. BOY, so I ever love this piece!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Looking forward to more of your work. gailmarie

Re: back porch halloween

The door and the scales are my favorites!!! Fun Halloween display. gailmarie

Re: Junk Style Centerpiece

LOVE the latern!!! Great idea with using it as a centerpiece. gailmarie

Re: Keeper of the Bling

What a great idea, my friend - and it looks good too!!! I see what you mean about the "bling-thing" - "the more the merrier," I always say!!! Keep those projects coming..... gailmarie

Re: More Freebies!

WONDERFUL freebies!!! gailmarie

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

WOW!!! I would certainly love to tour your home someday and see all this lovely junk in action!!! gailmarie

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part One

The gears and the stool are my favorites. I too, have a thing for circles. LOVE your collections. gailmarie

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

VERY unique. Quite stunning. gailmarie

Re: Suitcase endtable of another sort

Cool beans..... this is a great idea. gailmarie

Re: Tin trunk end table

That's it....give me your address and give it to me NOW .....I'm coming to take over your condo!!!! :o)

UNbelievable that this was a mere $10. I am still sitting here with my mouth open.... Awesome end result. gailmarie

Re: Hatchery pipe plant stand

Cool find. Lovely as a planter. gailmarie

Re: Hallway hat and coat rack

You're killing me here!!! Everything you have posted, has been wonderful to look at. Wishing we lived closer, so I could take a walk through your super cool condo. You and your wife must be very happy with what you have done to the place. SO glad you found this website and started posting. Keep 'em coming... gailmarie

Re: Tripod lamp (small)

I bought a surveyor's tripod at a local thrift store ($4.00) and have been waiting for my husband to make it into a lamp. Hoping this will happen soon!!! Love the look. gailmarie

Re: Book lamp

What a great idea!!! (Something tells me Jim (Healy) will be interested in this as well.)

I am loving your postings!!! Thanks for showing us all your "lovlies." Can't wait to see more.... gailmarie

Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

COOOOOOL...... gailmarie

Re: The Art of Entropy

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

HOLY MOLEY, Jim....This is one COOL lamp!!! LOVE the fact you left the original tag on. It adds so much to the history/fun of the piece. Even better, the brushes are to "DIE FOR"!!!! I am on the look out for old, beat up brushes. If ever you want to get rid of them, I'll be glad to take them off your hands.

The paint can is awesome, with the vibrant colors. The name cracks me up, because I never knew there was a brand of paint with that name. "Gold Bond" to me is foot powder!!!!

Super job ~ gailmarie

Re: Another great grate!

Marie - will you quit changing your photo on me??? I am getting confused (which is easy to do right about now)!!!! I sat there looking at your photo, telling myself you looked familiar.....and then realizing it was the "new you"!!! (This photo is yet another good one of you, by the way.)

Grate idea! I could see more of these little guys all in a row... OR what about Christmas greens around the grate with the lights in the middle, for the holidays, with bulbs/ornaments hanging on the greens??? If you'd like, I could send some snow down to you, as we get closer to Dec!!!

Re: From discarded pottery....

GREAT ideas!!!! Love them both. gailmarie

Re: Recycled Garden -- fence and all

Wonder-bar!!! This turned out just great. LOVE the fence and the wreath. You nailed this project down to perfection!!! gailmarie

Re: Glass Flower

Yah betcha it's perfect!!! This is absolutely adorable. LOVE the combo. gailmarie

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

CUT.....IT......OUT!!!!! What a BOO-tifully, wonderful idea with the scissors and carmel apples!!! The look is ultra cool. LOVE the other decorations. OOOOoooooooo, everything together, makes one heck of a "scary" tableau. I'd like everything at MY house though....everything that is, except the bone (a little too scary for me). Signed, Witch Hazel (better know as: gailmarie)

Re: 8 Pew Country Church Birdhouse "For Birds of Pray"

LOVE the look, love the name!!! WONDERFUL birdhouse. Do you sell these? I could see these fly off the shelves (pun very much intended). gailmarie

Re: Junky Tablescape

LOVE the use of sheet music for placemats!!!! I have more sheet music/piano books, than I know what to do with. I'm sure someday when I have my theater friends over for dinner, they too, will freak over this super cool idea!!!

The the old doorknobs and their use as placecards are a very clever idea as well. gailmarie

Re: Take a Stand

I LOVE your collection!!!!! If you ever tire of it, please let me know. :o) gailmarie

Re: Wallpaper side-table...

Nice.....very nice. gailmarie

Re: Oh my!!! Not another window :)

Truthfully, I had to stare at the photo long and hard to even find the so-called boo-boo!!! I think it looks PERFECT, just the way it is. Don't tell anyone and they will never, EVER know the tulip wasn't part of your master plan!!! gailmarie


BOOOOO-ti-mus!!! What a cute and clever idea. I think I will have to have my niece and nephew create their own version of the "Junkin' Pumpkin'" this weekend, when they sleep over. They will LOVE creating this little number!!! Best of all, they can use whatever junk they want - after Halloween is over, I'd just take the junk back, wash and reuse (simple as pie). Thanks for thinking of this idea... it's SCARY WONderful!!! :o) gailmarie

Re: Trick or Treat

Hey Birthday Boy~
I can just imagine you sneaking into a crawl space, in search of forbidden treasures!!! Lucky for us all, your hunt paid off. Love the Halloween pcs. They bring back memories for Grama had the same cat and skeleton she displayed in her classrooms over the many years of teaching (way back when)!!!

Sorry to say, I got rid of my skirt hangers years ago. I had one exactly like the one you showed (red rubber pcs and all).

The box of letters and numbers was a SUPER good find, I must say. Did you do the "happy dance" when you saw them??? gailmarie

Re: teddy bears

LOVE these teddy bears!!! Each one has their own personality. Judging by how cute these are, I can only guess how many you sell. Beary, beary cute!!! Do you name each one? gailmarie

Re: Trinkets and Treasures Cake

OMG...if only I'd have saved those wonderful Cracker Jack prizes we got as kids, I too, could make a cool "cake".....

This project is a work of art, in it's own funky way. LOVE it and what it represents!!! gailmarie

Re: Old Bedding into Christmas Stockings

HoHoHo....fill 'er up!!! These are wonderful stockings. I'm sure they will sell quickly. gailmarie

Re: Edible Centerpiece

Yummy.... I'm talking about the wooden gear mold of course!!! What a beauty. LOVE what you have done with it, too. gailmarie

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

I am SOOOO jealous of the organization!!! You did a pheNOMenal job. I was going to say you get an A++ for your efforts, but in looking above, I realize Kathy beat me to it (that'll teach me to read others' comments before writing my own)!!!

I keep looking at your pictures over and over, trying to figure out how to get my work area to look like yours. I realize I could get the look I want (that you have), but only in my dreams!!! (haha)

This is by far the best studio space I have ever seen. Your hard work obviously paid off. BTW, I adore your mannequin in her finery. VERY artsy-fartsy!!! gailmarie

Re: First one door...then two!

OMG MARIE!!!!!! LOVE your new photo!!! I didn't realize it was you until I read your bio.

Your studio door is WONDEFUL. What a super idea to keep your dogs out of your studio. The painted border is lovely. VERY talented my friend!!! gailmarie

Re: Fall Decorations

WOW! Talk about being at the right place and the right time. What a great buy!!! gailmarie

Re: Happy Autumn

OMG.....I'm in love!!!!! The cart is a perfect display for your pumpkins and flowers. Lovin' that pail too.

Jim, you always seem to know just what to do with your treasures. What a great post to wake up to.... gailmarie

Re: button necklace

Lovely necklace!!! I can see why you get lots of compliments when you wear it. gailmarie

Re: Family Jewles

GREAT job Marie!!! LOVE your "family photo"!!! Each piece has their own personality, just like real family members. Keep on creating these little lovilies. I am sure they will sell for a very long time. gailmarie


You are outnumbered.....this is a VERY clever idea you came up with!!! Love the fact you change the "inards," depending on what room the piece will be hanging. gailmarie

Re: Garden Junk Ensemble for Fall

Karen, this is a great piece "as is."

Howeve, after reading the others' comments, I can also see taller grasses in the back of the tub, with herbs in the front or different colored flowers and greenery in the front. I too, found a tub like you have and an waiting for next spring/summer, to plant my herbs or flowers in it.

I can also see you adding a wind chime onto the upper part of your lovely little chipped rooster piece. Not sure how you'd add a piece of metal to the rod, but I'm sure there'd be a way to do it.

Lastly, the gear gets an A+ in my book. What I wouldn't do for that little number in my garden!!!

Enjoy the piece ~ it is wonderful. gailmarie


Wonderful stuff in this picture! Your workshop must be amazing. gailmarie


I have made a few button frames over the years and find them not only fun to make, but nice to give as gifts. Your frame turned out great. I really like the fact you used a dog statue instead of an actual picture. Very fun!!! gailmarie

Re: Shutter doors

Your "new" shelf makes me "shutter" with delight (okay, don't groan too loudly at my bad choice of words!!!) Love the look and overall feel of the shutter doors. I never would have ever thought of this. What a clever, clever idea you came up with!!! I can't wait to see what you post next. gailmarie


Janis....only you, my friend, could make sure a charming little piece for Halloween. This is absolutely adorable!!! I give this piece a "two thumbs up." gailmarie

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

Cleaver idea Marie. What a wonderful save! I would never have thought of redoing an old grill to make a potting station. It's people like you, that make people like me, keep coming back to this site to see what's new!!! Thanks to you and everyone else for your great ideas. gailmarie

Re: Potting Table

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the potting table. WOW, your husband and you sure make a good team!!! Your niece is adorable sitting there. I wish I could get a potting table as cool as this one..... gailmarie

Re: Festive Fall "JUNK" Scarecrows

These are GREAT!!!! I can see why you had so much fun making these babies. Thanks for sharing. I am sure many of us got new ideas and will no doubt try to make similar "scarecrows." gailmarie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

I LOVE all the stuff you have!!!! BOY, would I have fun snooping around.....

If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I have lived in our house for over 8 years and we STILL have things in boxes that isn't put away!!! Lots of it is junk, too, so I know what you are talking about here. Thanks for making me feel as though I am not alone!!! gailmarie

Re: Junk on "Parade"

LOVE the "juicer" (it kind of looks like a vintage apple corer though)....regardless, I am in love with it!!! Keep us posted in the weeks to come. Best of luck with "la tour." gailmarie

Re: NFL Team Old Country Window

SUPER idea!!! Love the fact the team signed the piece, making it even more special. This is a win-win project all around. gailmarie

Re: bench

What a beauty!!! gailmarie

Re: new use for vintage pokerchips

Good job. I can bet your jewlery sells like crazy! gailmarie

Re: Painted Side Table

Very fun!!! This is such a cool piece, I wouldn't want to put anything on top of the table. You are very talented. Can't wait to see what comes next. gailmarie

Re: I'm all out of tissues...

Good save Marie!!! I can also see a light or tea light underneath, for a delightful little lamp, with cool shadows on the wall. Very sweet. gailmarie

Re: RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

Howdy Stranger - we've missed seeing your posts...

This is a GREAT potting station!!! I absolutely LOVE the look and all the pictures you posted. What a GREAT post to wake up to!!! gailmarie

Re: Magnets from a vintage dictionary

Very cool idea!!! They turned out great. gailmarie

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

Great idea. Love how it all came together, so nicely. gailmarie


FUN!!! I never thought of making a stepping stone using keys and watch parts. I think I will have to let my neice and nephew have that honor someday soon, as they have made MANY stepping stones for their Gramas and Grampas, Aunts and Uncles and Godparents. I think they will get a kick out of using things other than stones and jewels. Thanks so much for coming up with this idea! gailmarie

Re: Artful Rust

You ended up the winner out of this fun story. I am so happy for you. This piece is GREAT for anyone's home. What a super way to save and preserve history. Tin roof pieces are ultra-cool in my book. WAY TO GO!!! gailmarie

Re: Dramatic Red Side Table

I am SOOOOO impressed. LOVE the color and the stunning fashion "model." Your project gets an "OO LA LA" from me!!!! gailmarie

P.S. If you ever get sick of her, I know someone (namely ME) that would give her a good home.....LOVE this piece!!!

Re: found object assemblage

Super job with your collages!!! gailmarie

Re: A great grate

Clever idea. Looks great!!! Now you've got me thinking "french bread!!!" gailmarie

Re: earring Christmas ornaments

LOVE the salt shaker as a tree top ornament - just adorable!!! gailmarie

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

These are magnificent!!!! Your project is coolness-plus. I need some of these pipes for my walls... gailmarie

Re: Tetley, a different breed of dog

FUN!!! gailmarie

Re: Funkalious, Junkalious Lamps

Wild and cRaZy!!!!!! Love these lamps!!!! gailmarie

Re: Hemming-Way

Sew Jim.... once again, you came up with a winning post!!!

I too have a couple of these skirt hemmer thing-a-ma-jigs, wondering why I kept them and what to do with them. Ah, they sure do bring back the memories of my sisters and me, taking turns, standing on top of the kitchen table, as my Mom hemmed our skirts for school (pleated skirts, no less!!!). SEW sorry you missed out on that "fun," being the man you are (all the "yelling" to "stand still," etc, that came with this event!!!).

These make great frames, I must say. Thanks for sharing this idea and letting me take a trip down memory lane.....gailmarie

Re: Warrenton, bay-bee!

What GREAT stuff you found!!! I absolutely LOVE the little chest. How sweet is that??? Also, the pharmacy notes can't be beat. You did a super job with your purchases. BEST of luck with your business!!! gailmarie

Re: "Olive" She's one trashy lady!

Love Olive (Oil)!!! Very cool piece. gailmarie

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - Part II - so much to see and so little time!

#1 - I LOVE the new picture of you!!! Cute, but sassy!!!

#2 - Bingo scares me, but I'm sure someone will find a nice home for him!!!

#3 - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the greenish cabinet. Is this your's? Should I be jealous of you???

#4 - I need more of the small globe you have any extra you need to get rid of???

#5 - Sue, in top right photo, looks EXACTLY like one of my sisters!!! When I first saw the picture, I thought you were talking about my sister Kay!!! Next time you see Sue, tell her her "double" lives in Milwaukee, WI.

Lastly - LOVE your post on this sale. You always have a way of bringing us along with you, as you stumble onto new and wonderful items of interest. As always, thanks for taking us with you, to what appears to be "the greatest show on earth"..... or at least in the Midwest. gailmarie

Re: Miniature US License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

WOW-ZA!!!! This baby must have taken "forever" to complete. I am so impressed by all of your works. Keep 'em coming.... gailmarie

Re: CandyLand 50th Anniversary Tin turned Tin Wall Clock

What a great clock for a game room or child's room!!! I too, love the candy-like ribbon. You go girl - can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Silver and Walnut; My favs

Your key holder is wonderful!!! gailmarie

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

LOVE these!!!!! I also adore the cute little frame holder in the last picture. You certainly are one heck of a classy junker, my friend!!! gailmarie

Re: Fall Apple Fest Centerpiece

Beautiful!!! gailmarie


Beauti-mus!!! I always enjoy when you post. I know I can expect top-notch pieces, and you have yet to let me down. gailmarie

Re: You Can't Take the Fancy Out of Fancy...

Sorry, my husband interrupted me when I was trying to write my comments (below), so I didn't get the chance to proofread..... what I MEANT was: "Only you, Sue, could think of THIS and make it work!!! ...... (oh, it's going to be a long day!!!!) :o) gailmarie

Re: You Can't Take the Fancy Out of Fancy...

Only you, Sue, could think of think and make it work!!! gailmarie

Re: My Simple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Project!

"Wunaful, wunaful" (that's my very bad imitation of Lawerence Welk)!!!

I especially like the chimney cap table. So sleek, so simple, so cool...

All three tables are great. So glad you thought of these to share with us. Amazing as always. Best of all, they're E-A-S-Y breezy (now.....where have I heard THAT before?) gailmarie

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

This table is ADORABLE!!!! I want it!!!! Will you be in coming to Wisconsin soon???? gailmarie :o)

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

LOVE the serving dish! What a super idea, Kathy. It's amazing what one can do with an old lamp fixture. I would have never thought to create such a unique piece. Keep on posting, my friend. Always love to see what the experts come up with!!! :o) gailmarie

Re: Recycled Fire Place Pumpkin

VERY cool!!!! gailmarie

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

What a transformation!!! Your time and efforts sure paid off. This piece is wonderful in looks and how it holds your sewing and other supplies. Love not only what you did to the tool chest, but the overall look of your craft room. GREAT job, my friend!!! gailmarie

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Lovely. Simple, yet elegant. Love the look. gailmarie

Re: Half-size Hall Tree

Great idea!!! gailmarie

Re: Thank You One and All

Great post, as usual!!! LOVE the photos and stories that went with each picture. WONDERFUL gifts and ideas shown.

Happy Birthday wishes come your way. Blessings to you and yours for continued success. May your friendship blossom and grow and may you stay healthy and happy. gailmarie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

What wonderful ideas you have, to showcase your GREAT junk!!! I really like each and every idea shown. gailmarie

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

This is incredible!!! I love the look and "feel" of this piece. What a winning combination. Such talent you have..... you da MAN!!!! gailmarie

Re: Vintage Notion Box Turned Funky Jewelry Box

This turned out SOOOO darn cute!!! I love the look. gailmarie

Re: Drawer Caddy

Love this piece!!! gailmarie

Re: Sunny Table transformation

I agree with Janis!!! This is a darling little piece for sure... I can only guess it will pretty much fly out of your place. Don't get too attached to it. It won't be with you much longer!!! (or should I say: "$$$$"). gailmarie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 1

I can TOTALLY understand the clean living room issue. We have the same thing at my house and it's only my husband and me!!!

Some great ideas you have shown here. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Just Plain Horse Sense

Now THAT'S funny!!! Love the quote and the starburst-rusty-gear-thing that goes with it. Great post!!! gailmarie

Re: Old grain elevator rack....

I love, love, LOVE this piece!!!! As soon as I saw it, I looked to see where you lived, to see if you were close enough for me to come to your house and get it, but alas, WI is too far away from VA.... although, I DO have two sisters that live in VA....mmmmmmm....

You are so lucky to have found this piece. It's the ultimate clothes rack. Someday I hope to find such a wonderful piece of junk!!!


Re: Rock on Monday!

Happy bday to you!!! What a super idea with the rub-ons and the rocks. The birdhouse and rocks are adorable. ROCK ON my friend!!! gailmarie

Re: Vintage Girl Jewelry Displays

TOO fun!!! Love the look. The vintage "mannequins" makes your whole booth area come alive. gailmarie

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

SUPER sign. OMG - who WOULDN'T love it?????? I can see why you won't price this baby.

Fun stuff you show in your photos. I can only imagine how good you will do at the antique mall. BEST of luck to you. Please keep us posted. gailmarie

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Very nice displays. LOVE the mannequin head!!! Hope you did well. gailmarie


Oooooooo-la-la Janis. This is a winner in my book. I will have to show this to my nephew, as he and a friend toured Europe this summer, prior to going off to college. He raved about Paris, along with some of the other places he went to.

This is a stunning work of art. Congratulations on your most recent masterpiece!!! gailmarie

Re: Keeping it Simple

BEEE-YOU-TEE-FULL photos - esp. like the last one, with the autumn flowers and their colors. Love the trophey/vase idea. Great idea about using jewelry around the house. gailmarie


Great job on both necklaces, Alice!!! I too, used to make jewelry many moons ago, so I know how addicting it can become - ESPECIALLY when things turn out so well (as your two beauties shown here). Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: There might be something FISHY about this FUN(nel) lamp!

Right up my alley - LOVE it!!! gailmarie

Re: An old window gets a new job...message central!

Very nice!!! As the others mentioned, once the show is over, I'm sure you will be coming home without this little number. Best of luck at the show. I'm sure you will do wonderfully well. gailmarie

Re: End of the Summer Retro Picnic!

Lani, this deserves to be featured in a magazine, for many more to enjoy. As usual, your post is absolutely perfect!!! All your items seem to call the viewer in to participate and become a part of your festivities. I can only guess when you throw a party, everyone is ready and waiting to see what's on the table......literally.

I adore it all. From the "Pleasure Chest" right down to the ice cream maker and glass tray. You've done yourself proud, my friend. This post is a keeper!!!! gailmarie

Re: A night at the doll cemetary...

My goodness, this looks a lot like my art studio, with assorted vintage doll heads and parts all over the place!!! LOVE your display ideas for Halloween. Very creative. gailmarie

Re: Wish I Had a Penny....

This project turned out G-R-E-A-T!!! Everything looks like it was made to go together. I especially like the tin roof...... I can almost hear the B52's singing: "tiiiiiiinnnnnnnn roooooof....... rusted." How perfect. I too, love the rusty stuff. gailmarie

Re: "Kind Words Will Unlock An Iron Door"

Geez, Jenny, just when I think you can't get any beter, you DO!!!!!!

This is one heck of a great project. So meaningful, so powerful, so perfect. The look, the junk, the saying..... everything is just so right. What a powerful statement. Wish more people could see this. LOVE this piece!!!! gailmarie

Re: Don't Be Chicken! Guess What this used to be...

This idea you hatched up, turned out just SUPER!!! I wouldn't have thought of a coffee table when I first saw it - it's just wonderful the way people's minds work.

I think I need to get up to my in-laws' house/farm (upper WI) asap. I want to go through the barn, chicken coop, and other buildings they have on their property. Both have somewhat retired from farming over that last couple years. I certainly don't want to miss out on getting some real goodies, as you pointed out, with your cool hatchery. gailmarie

P.S. - I am with the others...take a picture or two of this masterpiece, over to the "doubting thomas" that sold you the piece and show him what your idea turned in to. I can only guess he would be AMAZED!!!!! (Also, love the reading material you chose to include in your photoshoot!!!!). :o)

Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

FUNKY, FUNKY, FUNKY!!!!!!! What a cool piece. Great idea.

P.S. I too, love the "new" you!!!

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

I ADORE your three-season room. You are so lucky to have one. The fence wire is absolutely wonderful - what a SUPER duper idea!!! The shutters placed on the wall like that really add charm to the room. Love your taste in decorating - everything comes together so well. Heck, I would think Better Homes and Gardens would like to talk to you!!!! Do you want me to call them for you????? gailmarie


AhhhhCHOOO!!! Oh no, I think I'm sick... Your get well bouquet would sure help me get better (hint, hint)....


Absolutely wonderful. LOVE the uniqueness of the piece. Even the Lifesavers are a good addition to the theme. gailmarie

Re: Spindle Vase - Editor's Challenge Project # 3

Beautiful!!! Simple, yet stunning. gailmarie

Re: Garden Totem With a Light Installed

VERY nice!!! gailmarie

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

I am using a much smaller (hard plastic) version of this for my tools and some odds and ends, but your version is wonderful. Not only does it "do the trick," but it's cute to boot!!! Lucky for us, you saw the piece and knew you could revamp it into this marvel. Super look ~ it makes looking for the small stuff more fun. gailmarie

Re: The Five Feet Table

Thanks for reposted the is FAB-tanstic!!!! LOVE how your mind works. I would never have thought about using the pieces you did, to make such an ultra-cool lamp. As you can guess, I am a HUGE fan of your work!!! Always look forward to a new posting from you. gailmarie

Re: Journals

Very nice job on the journals. I can see why they are selling!!! gailmarie

Re: wagon wheel fence and gate

Cooooool...... gailmarie

Re: coat rack and scale bench

You sure do have some nice junk!!! LOVE the farm scale - it is perfect as a bench. gailmarie

Re: old canadian airforce foot locker

This is a beauty!!! So glad you thought to clean it up and use it. I would LOVE such a bench. gailmarie

Re: ugly bulkhead turned country

Looks good! Welcome to the site....let me tell you, it becomes addicting. Hope to see more of your handiwork. gailmarie

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I'm with everyone else - this is a great door at a great price!!! Can't wait to see what happens to it. gailmarie

Re: The Five Feet Table

I can see why this would be fun to talk about - the foot forms, the wheels on the bottom, the rusty pipes - WOW this is sure a fun piece of furniture!!! LOVE the lamp on top. What is the shade made out of??? Did you make the lamp? GREAT table - full of SOLE!!! (sorry, just had to say that....) gailmarie

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

I ADORE the shelf and it's gorgeous patterns!!! You are lucky indeed to have found this house and even more lucky, the owner was willing to allow you to take whatever you wanted. WOW!!! Can't wait to see the other goodies you have. Lucky, lucky YOU!!! gailmarie

Re: Girls' night at the's nothing but fun!!!

WOW, how much fun you all must have had!!!! The projects turned out great. Each one has their own personality. I can see where this could become addicting. You are sure lucky to have friends to share with. gailmarie

Re: Old Kerosene Cans

Your work is "top drawer"!!! Your pieces never cease to amaze me. Such talent. Each piece is a true work of art. You were given a true gift. Glad to see you are using it to the fullest. Continued success. gailmarie

Re: Additional architectual pieces from my house

These pieces are absolutely wonderful. Sure wish houses today had the personality houses "back then" did. I would love to own an architectural beauty like the ones you posted. I'm sure they will sell!!! gailmarie

Re: Heir-Loom

Funky frame - love it!!! gailmarie

Re: Dad's Junk

LOVE this!!!! The minute I saw your first picture, I thought it would make a great paper towel holder. I wish my paper towel holder was as cool as yours. I would copy your idea, but I have no space to put it (darn) - counter space at my house is extremely limited. Enjoy!!! gailmarie

Re: RePurposing in the Veggie Garden!

This idea is one that really can "grow on you" (sorry - HAD to say that)!!! Very clever idea. Thanks for posting this. gailmarie

Re: Architectural pieces from my house

How lucky you are to have this beautiful architectural piece from 1869 - WOW!!! I am amazed it is still in good condition. Love the "witch" idea - very cute. gailmarie

Re: Witch Hazel Barrel Top Table

Absolutely adorable! What a cool table idea. So glad you found it among the other good stuff you have hidden away. I think I need to move out to CA - you have MUCH better junk than WI does!!! What a great find and what a super project. gailmarie

Re: Glass Garden Totem

I like how this turned out. Good choices with the glassware. gailmarie

Re: A Shakespearean moment

How fun to find a blank spot that needs some work!!! You did a great job "filling" the space. gailmarie

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

I can see why you did so well this year - your wares look great and they are displayed very professionally. Your booth sort of calls people in to come and spend $$$!!! gailmarie

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

I ADORE this!!!! I may have to try and find an old radio to do something similar. It is just so cool. Also, love what you did with the candleholders and bed springs. gailmarie

Re: Junkin' Jewels

What a bunch of GREAT stuff!!!! A lot of the items you have posted, I would love to own myself. I'm sure others will be offering great ideas for your junk. I concentrate on creating works of "Vintage Art" for several art galleries, using junk and antiques, so I doubt my ideas are what you are looking for. Thanks for posting all this marvelous stuff. Best of luck cleaning up everything. Can't wait to see your progress. gailmarie

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

VERY nice!!! What a wonderful idea. Best of all, you can use and reuse year round. Thanks for the directions. I'm sure they will come in handy some day. gailmarie

(One down and umpteen more to go!!!) :o)

Re: Easy Fix for "Lost" Wall Quotations

What a great idea!!! The frame sure made a difference. Good work. gailmarie

Re: husband

TOO funny!!! Love the photo. :o) gailmarie

Re: Sneak Peek and Guess Your Best

What an interesting jumble of mish-mosh you have been blessed with!!! If anyone can come up with a project or two out of this all, it's you!!! I have NO idea what you will create, but I am sure it will be wonderful, as always.

I have to agree with Amy, I think the "mystery" item was used to mark the white lines of playing fields.

I do like those "tubes" (whatever they are) and would love to own a bunch myself. They would make great legs or arms for my art people.

Best of luck to you. The challenge will be a tough one, but I am certain, you will conquer this and remain - the Queen of Junk!!! gailmarie


What a WONDERFUL idea!!! I love the fact this cradle was once used by your children. This makes the project even more special. Be prepared though - I wouldn't be too surprised if someone would want to buy this as a finished turned out so adorable. I can only guess how much more beautiful this planter will become, once the Bacopia starts to grow and trail down....GORGEOUS!!! Keep your ideas coming for us all to enjoy. gailmarie

Re: Laundry rack made from scrap wood.

Very clever indeed. Your project turned out just great. Love the look AND the colors!!! gailmarie

Re: Ladder-Planter

LOVE this one!!! It turned out great. Glad you were able to find the ladder and birdhouse. The is a wonderful idea for any gardener. gailmarie

Re: Chalkboard Drawer

FUN!!!! I like the little red school house, too. gailmarie

Re: Circuit Breaker Box Clock

Well, it's about TIME you come up with another clock!!! (Hey, that's the only clock joke I could think of....I just spent over FOUR hours rummaging and my brain is fried). AWESOME as usual. I agree with Kathy.... if you lose track of time, just shut the door - too funny!!! LOVE the look. gailmarie

Re: What to do with a pew?

OMG - I have never seen such a fancy pew. This is GORGEOUS!!! You definitely did the right thing in buying it. I would be proud to have in on display in my home (I know that isn't suggesting what to do with it....I think it is beautiful as it). Whatever you do.... enjoy it!!! gailmarie

(Please make sure to show us pictures once your pew has been transformed. Can't wait to see what becomes of this beauty!!!)

Re: Any Ideas ?? I'm stumped!

This is one gorgeous piece of furniture. My first thought was it would be perfect for CDs, but I see you already tried that. I am the same as you, not wanting a bunch of knick-knacks to fill the holes (takes too much time to dust!!!). About the only other thing I could see displayed, would be some antiques and/or books, but not too many, as it would start to get too cluttered.....oh, I'm no help... I just love the piece though. gailmarie


Very interesting....what a unique idea. It is so much fun to see what others come up with. Your buttons add color and spunk to the area!!! gailmarie

Re: Suitcases

Both suitcases turned out just great. Do you have a place you sell your work? I would think you would do quite well with your finished pieces. gailmarie

Re: May finds 2

Great work!!! I love your paintings - such talent!!! gailmarie

Re: May finds 1

Very, very nice!!! These make great gifts for yourself or others. Wonderful painting. gailmarie

Re: 1888 Church Pew

This turned out great!!! I am sure your client will love it for years and years to come. gailmarie

Re: A good junk find

STUPENDOUS!!!!!! Everything here is GREAT!!!

I understand your happiness on this sale. Many times I too, go to sales and wish I hadn't. So often the sales are advertised as HUGE, having the BEST of stuff, only to find it small with stuff no one would want. You just reminded me to be patient and willing to look. Thanks for posting your wonderful finds. Enjoy them, as I know you will!!! gailmarie

Re: What to get for the junker who has (almost) everything??? It's a "challenge" that's for sure!

You are KILLING me with your wonderful pictures of all this cool, COOL junk!!!! What I wouldn't do to become the new owner of the croquet set, the wooden and metal boxes, the wooden grate, the skates, the door knobs and the typewriter...... oh, what I could make with all of that stuff.......

(By the way, the "dunce hat," better known as a strainer for making jams and jellies, has a twin at my house. I have been working on my "little dunce" and hopefully will have something to show you all in the next week or so.)

Enough of me being selfish.....(but I can't help it!!!!). This is GREAT stuff that any junker/artist would LOVE to have. I already have ideas in my head for what I would do with it all.

Whatever ends up at Sue's doorstep, I know will become a "masterpiece." Ooooooohhhhhhh, can't wait to see.......

Thanks for letting me rant and rave about your junk. Seriously, if you need my address (or are ever in the Milwaukee area), I'll be GLAD to give you my address!!!! :o)

Your junk is "da BEST" - wish I could give you ideas, but they are stuck in my head, becoming creations of art as we speak. Besides, after looking at my work, I'm SURE you can guess what your stuff would become IF I had it all!!!

I can't WAIT to see what you pass onto Sue and what she creates. Your post is a hoot and a half. Thanks for making my morning so much fun!!!! gailmarie

Re: Sentimental Junk...

Thanks for giving us a close-up of your dishes. They are wonderful!!! gailmarie

Re: Nature's Junk

LOVE how this turned out. What a great table for your porch. gailmarie

Re: Sentimental Junk...

WOW!!!! Even your hubby is talented and creative. :o)

Love the story about the house he built. How romantic is THAT?

Thanks for the info regarding the dishes. Would love to see the true pattern hurry. Love the fact you are a mix and match kinda girl!!!

Keep on posting, my friend. You never disappoint!!! gailmarie

Re: See what $3 can buy?!

Looks SUPER in your bedroom!!! Love the black and white motif. gailmarie

Re: wine & cheese cart

How fun is THIS??? Wonderful idea. Very unique. I'm sure you will hear many positive comments from your family and guests. What's not to like??? gailmarie

Re: Phosphorus centerpiece

VERY nice use of your salvage finds. Great way to show off wildflowers. :o) gailmarie

Re: wild and wacky custom desk / table

Your table turned out GREAT!!! I can see why you love it. What a wonderful story about all the tables and door coming together, to begin it's new life as your desk. Enjoy!!! gailmarie

Re: aquarium stand

SUPER job!!!! Your efforts sure paid off. gailmarie

Re: Camp Lamp

LOVE the thermos. Red and black are my favorite colors, so this project is a winner in my book!!! This lamp is perfect for a cottage or house in the woods. And yes, I can smell the pine and campfire.... wonderful lamp. gailmarie

Re: old coke signs

I'm with Janis. Will work for cool vintage signs!!! gailmarie

Re: old coke signs

GREAT barter!!! gailmarie

Re: Sentimental Junk...

WONDERFUL posting. Love the stories that go with your "goodies." It's always more fun when you have a story to tell about a piece. I think a story helps the item "come alive."

Your hutch is amazing - the windows were a perfect find. Best of all, you and your husband found them on your honeymoon - what a wonderful story to tell, with lots of good memories, I'm sure!!!

I absolutely love your dishes. Where on earth did you ever find them? I've never seen the pattern before. The dishes are plastic, right? Are they from the 50's or 60's?

The "cross" is a keeper. Not sure what it is, but I do know it is from the art world.

Your skis look great on the wall. Bless your husband for doing the clean-up on them. They look great.

Thanks Laurel, for letting us into your home and sharing with us your marvelous treasures. gailmarie

Re: Clean up finds

You sure found some great treasures! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with all this wonderful stuff. gailmarie

Re: What do you do with an old window and $1 garage sale shutters?

VERY nice job with this mirror. As usual, the end result is a work of art. gailmarie

Re: Country store beaded board bird house

Very cool birdhouses!!! gailmarie

Re: Our Name in Junk!

GOOD job!!! gailmarie

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

WOW Janis, your posting is gorgeous!!! Your charm and creativity shines through with each photo. The flowers are beautiful, your ideas are amazing (simple, yet chic). LOVE the bling you always attach to your work. It adds so much to all you do. I never would have thought of using kitchen items (esp a jello mold) for the base of your centerpiece. How truly brilliant! gailmarie

p.s. love your photo!!!

Re: Crib Conversion

What a CLEVER idea. Glad to see you were able to reuse the crib. This project turned out GREAT. The best part - it keeps your toddler safe!!! gailmarie

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

Looks like the real thing - great job!!! gailmarie

Re: Old farm to new home!

SOOOO glad you were able to figure out how to post your pictures. These turned out great, as did your projects. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!!! gailmarie

Re: Rug for Safety!

Gorgeous!!! What a clever idea adding sand for traction. gailmarie

Re: Calling all folks in Arkansas !

Oh, what I wouldn't do to get there.....(sigh).

I can't even imagine how BIG this sale is going to be!!! 160 MILES of yard sales? Will there be anyone in or around town left to SHOP????? :o) gailmarie

Re: Ribbon, ribbon, everywhere...

Good idea Marie!

Re: I live behind a white picket fence!

What a super job you did on this! Your hard work paid off. gailmarie

Re: A new garage from Salvaged Wood

WHOA!!!!! Very, very nice job. Awesome that this was done using salvaged wood. Sure wish I had something as nice for my studio/work area. Enjoy!!! gailmarie

Re: Old Washing Machine now a Planter

I'm jealous, if that tells you anything!!!!! :o) gailmarie

Re: Well.......Trying to figure site out...but....

I too had trouble for a while trying to figure out how to post my pictures. Now that I know how to do it, I can't be stopped!!! Hoping you will feel the same way soon. Can't wait to see your "stuff"!!!! gailmarie

Re: Old electric panels?

These panels are SUPER!!! I can hardly wait to see what goes in them and how they get finished. gailmarie

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Classy, classy, classy!!! Your photos deserve to be in a magazine spread, showing how much fun it is to use vintage with your basic black and white color scheme. Every single item works well by itself, but put together......WOW!!!!!

Not sure which are my favorite... I would say your mannequin picture ranks right up there, mainly because I too, have a mannequin that I got as a freebie (the theater was going to toss it). It is so old it has holes in it, but I still LOVE her!!! The coffee grinder is magnificent by itself. LOVE what you did with the coffee-in-a-tube look. Your pictures add a feeling of modern charm. I LOVE your posting. Oo-la-LA........

Keep up the great work Lani!!! gailmarie

Re: Boot Scoot ~N~ Birdie

What a clever idea!!! It turned out great. gailmarie

Re: Gotcha covered

FUN!!!! I thought it was real when I first saw the picture. Great job, you talented non-cowgirl!!! gailmarie

Re: Flatbed Trolley gets a new Life as a coffee table!

WOW!!!! Very, very nice. gailmarie

Re: My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

At THIS rate, instead of moving into your NEIGHBORHOOD, I'll just move into your house!!!!!

You have been showing us some SUPER work lately and I love everything so far. This is no exception. Wonderful idea and great look. Thanks so much for the "how-to" pictures. Who knows, someone (like me) may need them in the very near future!!!

Can't wait to see more. gailmarie

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

OMG - I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever you do, don't let Jim see this. He'll probably try and get it from you!!!!!!!!

You are SO right. The artwork is wonderful. I can't say enough about this piece. It is one of the best yet. TOOOOOOOO cool my friend. gailmarie

Re: Look What I Saved From the Trash!

Okay, give me your address - I'm moving to your neighborhood!!! You have been one very lucky woman lately, I see, with your latest finds. The antique barrister wasn't enough, hey??? You needed MORE??? :o)

I thank God there are people like us out there, to save things from being added to the already overflowing landfills. To be able to find and restore/fix things is a true treasure in itself. Us junkers ALL deserve a pat or two on the back.

One of my sisters lives in a city that have an annual "dump day," in which everyone is allowed to put things they don't want, out at their front curb. Anyone can come and take what they want (for free). Whatever doesn't get picked up, goes to the dump. I sure wish all cities would do that. It would be a get way of "spreading the wealth" and reusing.

Sorry, I got sidetracked...... fact is, your goodies as of late are true family keepsakes. Just think of the stories you can pass on!!!!

Congratulations on you finds ~ gailmarie

Re: See the Light

SOOOOO glad you opted to try and save the lamps!!! They both turned out GREAT. Wonderful look. The river rock is an absolute delight as an embellishment - how fun!!! gailmarie

Re: Gone Crazy!

You have me laughing at your latest "tales of woe"!!!! I can TOTALLY relate to what you wrote. Many times people aren't sure what to say to me about my artwork and what comes out of their mouth is well...... let's just say, I usually walk away sad, mad or feeling blue. It is so wonderful to share with people that can understand and be encouraging.

The bed knob idea is fun! The one you showed us is wonderful with all the detail.

Here's wishing you success in finding some good ole' junk at your next rummage sales. My heart goes out to you because of your limited availability of junk in your area. I would be at a lost if I didn't have my resources..... and yet, you continue to come up with ideas.... You go girl!!! gailmarie

Re: Key holder

These are absolutely delightful!!! What a great way to display your keys. gailmarie

Re: Projects from the Pages of a Book

(Music Maestro, please) "WHERE do I begin.... to tell a story 'bout how great these projects are..... a sweet love story that is older than the sea, a little story 'bout your lovely small framed trees......mmmmmmmm"

Okay, so the words aren't exactly right, but these projects brought to mind the theme from "Love Story," since I am in love with them ALL!! (And yes, I sang the song as I was writing the words above!!!)

Every project shown here, is book-worthy. The artwork from the book is a hoot! I do enjoy the artwork during this period. It is usually plain and simple, with little frills. Maybe we got the saying "less is more" from the 50s - ????

aDORE your idea of the luggage tags, adding the names and using them as napkin holders. By the way, just how MANY sets of dishes do you have???? The plate shown matches the "napkin tag" perfectly!!!

LOVE the picture in the glass vase/jar. I never would have thought of that. What an awesome way to add charm and charater to any party.

The invitation is a "keeper." It's so cool, I wouldn't want to throw it out.

I could go on and on, but YOU get the message.... LOVE the ideas and the projects. Can't wait to see what's next in that creative brain of yours!!!! gailmarie

Re: Stool Transformation

Amazing results!!! gailmarie

Re: Antique Barrister saved from the Trash

I forgot to say....don't let the previous owners see this piece, they may want it back!!!!! gm

Re: Antique Barrister saved from the Trash

GORGEOUS!!!! Your hard work and efforts sure paid off nicely. WOW, this piece is outstanding. gailmarie

Re: Old blue bottle bug

Keeping Bzzzzz-y I see. What a hoot. Can't wait to see more.
Great sense of humor in your pieces. Welcome!!! gailmarie

Re: Antique oil can bee

Too funny!!! Love your work. gailmarie

Re: Bug from old key

LOVE this!!! gailmarie

Re: Upward Ho!

AWESOME!!!! That makes it all worth your efforts. :o) gailmarie

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

ADORE your roses!!! The other pictures show good ideas/projects too. Welcome fellow junker!!! Always glad to see new members with new ideas. gailmarie

Re: Upward Ho!

GREAT job!!! Now that it's been up for a while, I suppose you can't imagine your ceiling without the "glamour!!!!" What does your hubby think??? gailmarie

Re: A street light named desire...

DANG it WOMAN!!! What a great find and a SUPER idea!!! Can I be jealous of you as long as I promise it is a "happy jealousy?" This project is beyond wonderful. I think your idea is just great. I never would have thought of it in a million years. What does your husband think of your brillance NOW??? gailmarie

Re: Lotsa boxes...

Absolutely adorable Marie. Everything about the piece is wonderful: the colors of your treasures, the fact everything has special meaning to you, the overall look of the finished piece. I think your table turned out GREAT. Enjoy!!! gailmarie

Re: Vanity Makeover

COME on!!!!! Who wouldn't want this??? SOOOO glad you were the one that found it and saved it from a landfill.

You did a great job with this gorgeous piece. Guess this will become your famiy's new heirloom.

GREAT save! gailmarie

Re: audballs

Fun, fun FUN!!!!!!! Please tell us what you used and how you created these projects. I would love to do a similar project with my 6 yr old nephew and 9 yr old niece!!!

Adorable - all turned our great.

Okay...... here it comes..... they ALL bowled me over!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Sundae in the Garden

It's crystal clear to me........ this one is a WINNER!!!! gailmarie

Re: Little-bit Junky Wedding Table Decorations

Such CLASSY junk!!!!! Truth be told, I would never consider any of this to be all looks brand new.

I commend you on your results and thank you for sharing the ideas and photos with us. Wedding planners could learn lots from you!!! gailmarie

Re: Lights, color, glass

GREAT idea!!! I'll bet this area sparkles at night and highlights the glassware, bringing out the color even more than in the daytime. gailmarie

Re: Oyster Shell Fireplace

Nice job. gailmarie

Re: Welcome to my cottage......maybe

Great project!!! LOVE your sense of humor. gailmarie

Re: Bench/Coffee Table

Very nice job!!! You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments. gailmarie

Re: Bed Spring picture / card / recipe / note / holder

Adore the simplicity of the bed spring and alligator clip. It adds so much to just about anything.... guess I need to find me some rusted bed springs!!! gailmarie

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

HOLY COW (that's "Wisconsinite" for: "shazam" or something else that expresses great amazement)!!! Each and every piece is wonderful and looks SOOO good together.

I fell in love with the barbed-wire lamp the second I saw it. I barely got an "ahhh" out of my mouth, when I read it sold the first day. Although I am jealous someone else got it, I can pretty much guarantee they will be loving it and showing it off, for many years to come.

Georgia and Melissa were very good to help out in your time of need. They are what friends are all about.

Hope the sale went great for all. gailmarie

Re: wooden shoes

Good job Marie!!! What a nice job you did on the pair. Just adorable. gailmarie

Re: More Garden Junk!

You've got yourself some awfully cool junk there.... good mixing and matching. gailmarie

Re: Another Tote Bag

I ADORE this. Not only is the look GREAT, the overall piece is a super way to organize things. gailmarie

Re: fencing in the platters

Well, how cool is THAT???? Love the fencing and the way the platters look with the fencing surrounding the pieces. Very, very neat idea. gailmarie

Re: My Little Turtle-Pig Meter

SUPER save!!!! You are right, it looks great inside (and can guess it's adorable outside as well).

I want one....I want one!!!! gailmarie

Re: Teen Scene

FUNKY!!!!! LOVE the room. Your daughter did a great job putting everything together. Can't wait to see more - from you BOTH!!!! gailmarie

Re: Get your Lighting in Gear!

Love the lamp - VERY chic. The sign adds so much to the overall look of the area. Wonderful as always. gailmarie

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation


Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

WOW - every page is better than the one before it (IF that's possible). I sure wish I could be a part of your sale.

The pictures are great. I love the fact you used one of your pictures for the postcard, to announce the sale. C-L-E-V-E-R.

Best of luck to all involved in your sale. gailmarie

Re: Time to use some of these buttons...

How sweet this is. What a clever idea. gailmarie

Re: Cooper's buddy!

CUTE as can be! Makes me want to learn to weld even more.

Re: How To Resize Photos

I did it!!!!!! I did it!!!!! My first post is "live" thanks to you and the others that responded to your post (by the way, those cherries look awfully inviting right about now).

Thanks again Candy, for getting the ball rolling. Soon you will see more posts from me.....I credit you, my friend..... you and my husband. gailmarie

P.S. It will be slow going for now, as our computer is old and I am still getting used to the Graphic Converter program that Macintosh has. Slick though it may be, it's still a little scary for a beginner like me.

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

I'm with Marie....... wa wa wahhhhh!!!!!

Milwaukee, WI is closer than California, but not close enough. Sure wish I could be a part of this sale. I can only guess at how wonderful it will be.....

(a.k.a. gailmarie)

Re: How To Resize Photos

As usual, you are AWESOME!!!!!

Unfortunately, we have a Macontosh at home, so the Microsoft instructions won't work for me (dang, I wish I was still working....they had Microsoft!!!!!).

I will have to see if my husband can help me. I haven't the foggiest idea how to use the "graphic converter" that I need to know. It's too bad, because the art gallery I have my stuff at, is needing pictures too (Calgon, take me away...).

Nevertheless, I am sure you have made many newer people happy with your instructions. It IS frustrating not being able to share your work with others on this site. Someday soon, I shall get my stuff on this site. All I ask, is go gentle with me.....

Candy - you da BEST!!!!!! gailmarie

P.S. Here's a BIG hug for helping those of us that tend to be a little "computer challenged."

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

Too cool!!! Love the coat hanger idea. The whole piece is a work of art. Sure wish I could find such a great piece like this, for my walls.

Since I know you (and others) can relate, I have to tell you my latest junk story: One night a few weeks ago, my husband and I went walking and ended up finding a vintage Hotpoint refrigerator, someone was throwing away, at a nearby business near our house.

The street is a very busy street, but did that stop us?????? Heck no!!! There was Mark and myself, unscrewing by hand, whatever we could get off the Hotpoint, so I could take it home and reuse at a later date. I was able to find a very cool thermometer, some shelves, and a few other very cool pieces. I was SOOO proud of our finds. We decided from now on, to always carry a screwdriver, pliers and a bag or two when we go never know WHAT you may find!!!

Again, your piece turned out super. You have much to be proud of. gailmarie

Re: Firewood becomes trellis project

VERY fun!!! Love the look - it adds charm and coolness to the piece. Tell your daughter she did a super job with the birdhouse. too. So glad to hear she likes to create, just like her Mommy. Keep up the good work. gailmarie

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

That is quite the transformation.....kind of reminds me of the ugly duckling story. Your end result is beautiful. gailmarie

Re: Door Becomes Twin Headboard

Cool as can be. gailmarie

Re: Garden Totem

Fun!!!!! Love the fact it matches your chair cover. This is by far, one of the coolest totems I've seen. gailmarie

Re: Pyrex Trays - Takes 2, 3, 4.....

As Laugh-In's German soldier (a.ka.a. Arte Johnson) would say, "Vvvvvvveeeeerrrrry interesting..."

Good ideas - well executed. Enjoyed them all. gailmarie

Re: old road map wallpaper

va-va-va-ROOM!!!!!! What a super cool look to the bathroom. Super idea. I can't imagine anyone NOT liking this look!!! gailmarie

Re: Reece's Piano Staff for his Teacher

This is extra cool to me, since I took piano lessons for over eight years and voice lessons for about five years. I LOVE anything that has to do with music. This project turned out so great!!! I can only guess how special this is to your piano teacher. I would absolutely LOVE this, hanging on my wall!!!
W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L job Reece..... gailmarie

Re: Reece's Tin Man Lamp - A Father's Day Gift

Super job on the Tin Man. Glad your Dads love it and have your newest creation on display. What a cool Father's Day gift!!! gailmarie

Re: Pretty in Pink

Nice save!!! These turned out great. gailmarie

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

Another "simple, but elegant" project. Nice work!!! gailmarie

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

LOVE your photos and what you have done with the numbers. Your home MUST be a showplace. Would enjoy seeing more. gailmarie

Re: Got Gas!

LOVE this one!!!! I have my own collection of gas cans lined up in our garage. My husband isn't "into" them the way I am, but lets me display them anyway, and ooh and ahh over them as often as I need to. Not sure why I like them as much as I do. I will have to show him what you did with yours and see what he thinks.

Totally enjoy the other parts to your lamp. They all go so well together. gailmarie

Re: my first headboard bench

Fancy schmancy!!! What a great job you did, on both the bench AND the playhouse. I can only imagine how special your granddaughter feels, when she comes over for a visit. Do you ever get to see her though??? I'm sure she is outside playing "house" ALL the time!!! gailmarie

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

What WONDERFUL junk!!! Everything works so well together. Love the rusty finishes on things. Sure wish my home was as nice and inviting to look at, as yours.

LOVE the wheel axel piece - how very original to use as a planter. Not to be outdone by my other favorites: the dispenser, the Paris bench (priceless!!), the motel chairs, the factory table and the matching sinks.

Your talent for mixing and matching things is apparent. I can only hope your family, friends and neighbors feel the same way about your talents and all your "stuff." Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely pictures with us. After seeing all this, I now know, I need to get out and find more stuff for my home!!! gailmarie

Re: ~ Vintage Ornament Wreaths ~

These are stunning. I love the way the light hits them and makes them sparkle. gailmarie

Re: The Rusty Gardener

WOW - these pictures are GREAT!!! LOVE all your cool "stuff." Thanks for sharing. gailmarie

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Simple and elegant at the same time. VERY nice. gailmarie


Oops - typo.... I meant "that she can't find beauty IN the most simpliest of things" (not "is"). I was too excited to post my comments, I failed to proofread before I hit "submit"!!!!

************** LOVE this birdbath ************* gailmarie


Your finished piece is truly a work of art!!! I am not much into birdbaths, but THIS makes me want one!!! Everything about this piece is AWESOME. I can't say enough about this piece. As for "that woman" at the sale, I actually feel sorry for her, that she can't see beauty is the most simpliest things. How sad for her, how lucky us junkers are!!! gailmarie

Re: Hey Mr. DJ . . .

What a SUPER job you did!!! I LOVE how the records are put together. Great idea hanging the rod by the saddle buckles. The look is AWESOME!!! All the objects on the table add so much to the overall look. Your Dad will absolutely FLIP over this tribute to him. What a wonderful idea. Why, this could easily hang in a radio station, music store, etc. It is truly a work of art, as well as a work of true love. You are not only talented, but a daughter any Father would be proud of!!! gailmarie

Re: My lunchtime menu: JUNK!

Man, oh man, are YOU the lucky one!!!!!! The sales I have been going to lately, have been a waste of time (except for maybe 2 church sales and a barn sale last week). What I wouldn't do to find some sales like this. LOVE the clocks!!!! I could have spent a fortune at this place, guessing by your photos. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the pictures and making me feel bad (kidding.....)!!! gailmarie

Re: Painted Laminate!

The new look makes your kitchen seem more homey and more roomy. Looks GREAT. Enjoy!!! gailmarie

Re: Cast iron treasures

WOWIE - you sure got yourself some cool stuff. These pieces are wonderful. It appears the paint and pieces are still in very good condition. Congratulations on your great find!!! gailmarie

Re: My Bird Bath Creation

WOW - the rusted piece sure came ALIVE with your paint job!!!! The detail is magnificent. You sure got yourself a wonderful looking birdbath. gailmarie

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

What a novel idea! I adore the fact that some of the cards were positive comments about one's self. You can never have enough affirmative sayings for me!!! The mouthpieces are works of art on their own, but with positive comments, like you have, they become more special to the viewer.

As always ~ you and your projects rock!!!!

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

This is amazing. Almost makes me want to start such a collection!!!

Your display turned out GREAT. It just all flows together so perfectly. Love what you did with the bottle caps.

I was not aware soda bottles had "themes" - too funny!!!

Thanks for sharing this with us all. gailmarie

Re: Quick Project #1

I'll bet your friends will LOVE their gifts. I know I would. What a fun present! gailmarie

Re: Twig jewelry mobile...

The end result is wonderful!!! gailmarie

Re: Quick Project #1

GOOD job!!! I could also see the bases in assorted colors. That could be fun too.

I'm loving the door knob idea - CUTE! Thanks for the directions. gailmarie

Re: "Flowerbed"

LOVE the look!!! gailmarie

Re: Herb Sink

Fun project!!! I could also see a few containers around the base of the sink with additional herbs growing. When you are through with the sink, can I use it??? :o) gailmarie

Re: Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

Wonderful cause. Wonderful people. Wonderful job!!! gailmarie

Re: The REAL Inspiration!

I would LOVE to live in a place like that (once it got fixed up a little). Or maybe have it as my art studio....THAT would be even better!!!

Sure wish I could get my hands on one of those shutters off the windows. They have a character all of their own, don't they? Thanks for sharing. This is a very cool find. gailmarie

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

WONDERFUL project idea!!! Love the story that went with it. The end result is GREAT. I adore the picture with the rusty post behind the table, the plant and lamp on the table.

Funny you used these cardboard corners....I took quite a number of them home from work last year, after we got some large deliveries. I wanted to use them somehow, but never got around to it, so I ended up recycling them. If my basement was larger, I probably would still have them - ready and waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them!!!

(By the way, my husband thinks we will get our camera THIS week sometime..... you know what THAT means!!!! Thanks by the way, for your comments about my lack of posting. It touched me quite a bit and had me laughing at the same time.)

As always - LOVE your post/project/pictures!!! gailmarie

Re: Feet Shall manifest

Very interesting design. Good media mix. gailmarie

Re: Side By Each

I am liking the idea of planting your garden up "high" like you have done with your tomatoes. I have a bad knee, so I can no longer kneel on the ground. You have solved my problem completely!!! Now, all I have to do is find one (or more) of the divided double stainless steel sinks, like you have and create away!!!! It looks good and gardening will be a breeze. Thanks for coming up with this idea and for sharing. gailmarie

Re: Old Shipping Crate Flower Boxes

Looks SUPER duper!!!! I love old crates, especially with wording on them. It's always nice to see them put to good use.

Sure wish MY husband knew how to weld (or better yet, wish I knew how).


(P.S. part of our new camera came in the mail today.....soon I will be able to post. Thanks for all your motivation - and of course Geo's.)

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

Thanks Sue! Will keep my eyes peeled and will look harder in the dark corners of the antique malls I frequent......there's hope for me yet!!! gailmarie

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

I do a lot of theater work and have been in a couple local ads years ago, as well as had a small role for a medical company's film. You can imagine how much I ADORE this project!!! I would love to own a large film reel like the one you used. When not in use, it would sit grandly on my wall or in my studio, just for me and my theater friends, to admire. This is a wonderful idea. Do tell, where on earth did you find the film reel???
gailmarie the envious one :o)

Re: Fire-Planter

OMG - I LOVE this piece!!!! Great idea about plants in it during the summer. I could also see it being used inside as a (fancy schmancy) magazine rack (but watch when your friends leave that they don't "borrow it" - I know I would!!!). Beautiful design. gailmarie

Re: Sew Simple Tassel

Kelly green (not keely green)!!!!!

Sorry for the misprint. gailmarie

Re: Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

WOWIE!!!! I adore the ice-chest from your in-laws. It looks very well-kept. I can only guess it will remain so, by you and you husband. Aren't family heirlooms wonderful??? I've got quite a few, that I wouldn't part with for the world.

Your display made out of table legs is ultra-cool and yet chic. What a SUPER idea. Sure hope you gain more confidence and show us more of your work.....MUCH more!!!!! gailmarie

P.S. I know how scary it is to post things.... I still haven't (mainly because we lost our camera back in early Dec.) My husband finally ordered a new camera (yikes - no more excuses for me!). It will be here soon, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get up the guts to "show and tell" !!! :o)

Re: Vintage Treasures Market

Best of luck at your sale!!!! Wish I could come. gailmarie

Re: The "Barn Chics"

Lovely displays - even outside (tables with tableclothes)! This looks like a GREAT place to shop. Sure wish I lived closer. I would LOVE to be one of your repeat customers!!!
Wonderful mix, delightful use of the barn and it's architecture. Best of luck to you. gailmarie

Re: Sink planter

Cool beans!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Sew Simple Tassel

Cute idea! gailmarie

(I must be lucky, as the antique malls around the area have had quite a number of wooden spools (some even in a keely green color), so I bought them all for future projects (namely, for my sculpture work). If you'd like, I could keep my eyes open for more of them and let you know if/when I find them.)

Re: Navigational Chart Tote

SUPER idea!!! THis project turned out great. gailmarie

Re: Vintage 78 Record Clock

Nice little number, Jenny!!!

My favorite Aunt gave me her 78 record collection many years ago. I have always wanted to do something special with them. Guess I may have to do a similar project with my favorite 78. The only problem is, I LOVE both songs on the 78 (Side one: "Poco Loco in the Coco" - a silly little song that I still find myself singing; Side two: "If I Knew You Were Coming (I'd a Baked a Cake)").

Good suggestion about bringing a AA battery with you on your hunts. Super idea.

Love your little stand for your clock. Adds much to the piece. gailmarie

Re: Drop me a line...or a cookie...or a muffin!

Adorable!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Now it's a coat rack...

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!! Marie, I am so happy for you, as I know you collect elephants. You were right in grabbing it up and using it as a rack for "whatever." It looks great. gailmarie

Re: 1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn

FUN!!!! My family had a tandem bike growing up. I sure wish we would have kept it. This brings back very good memories for me. Enjoy (as I know you will)!!! gailmarie

Re: Vintage Pitch Pipe Flower Vase

LOVE the finished look - a true masterpiece!!! gailmarie

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

This is SUPER!!! Love the finish and all the goodies that you chose for the numbers. You should be very proud of yourself. gailmarie

Re: Garage Sale Continued

Nice segment - wish they would have allowed you more time.
Guess you'll have to go back soon!!!

Growing up, my Mom and her friends, would always have a rummage sale every year without fail, so I learned lots of good ideas by trial and error. As you stated, the number one "rule" is to have GOOD, READABLE signs!!! I can't tell you how many times to this day, I drive by signs I just can't read (the sign and the print are WAY too small; there's too much info that can't be read and has no business on the sign because it's too distracting; address and times too small to even see, etc). Either you have to slow down (causing traffic problems) or drive by the sign a few times until you can figure it out.

Other items of interest:
make sure your merchandise is CLEAN; always put your jewelry items near the check out area (we've had shoplifters at a sale and it wasn't pretty...); do not leave DVDs, tapes, candles, etc in direct sun all day long....they may melt or become "unusable;" likewise, items in plastice bags tend to absorb moisture when left in hot sun all day; keep reorganizing throughout the day, so display looks appealing to buyers; set up your goods according to category (crafts, tools, antiques, toys, etc) - this helps buyers find things more easily; have clothes set up according to size and post the sizes clearly; make sure to have a large mirror handy for buyers to see what they look like, when trying on clothes, hats, etc; if your clothes are out of fashion, consider trying to sell them as "Halloween wear" (this has worked for me); make sure you have enough money and coinage to start your sale with - I've seem it happen where the seller couln't make change and lost out on the sale (plus, the buyer went away mad); have enough bags and boxes and other wrapping materials; try to have your merchandise up on a table or shelf whenever possible - most people aren't used to looking down under a table to find things - they want to find stuff and get going to the next rummage sale!!!!

Most of all, have FUN with your sale. Greet the people that come to your sale (this morning I went to a sale and no one bothered to say hi to me, which I thought was a bit rude) and try to help them.

Sorry so long, I got carried away. I just LOVE rummage sales!!! gailmarie

Re: garden flowers

Very clever!!! I especially like the birdhouse perched on top of the ladder - FUN!!! gailmarie

Re: Time Well Spent

Very homey... makes me want to come by for a visit! gailmarie

Re: A Desk Re-Done

VERY nice look! Adore the barber tool holder. The tools are great (would use them in my sculptures).

Hope Elizabeth was thrilled when she came home to her new up-dated desk top (I know I would be). gailmarie

Re: Faucet knob art

I too thought this was one of Jenny's.... What a fun piece!!! What a great idea to keep adding more as you find them (just be careful of how many you add, so the fence doesn't fall over!!!). Enjoy ~ gailmarie

Re: Loaf Pan Candle

YUMMY!!!!! Love the look and can only guess you will want this candle lit all the time!!!! Wonderful you have 3 wicks in each - wish all big candles did. GREAT idea. gailmaire

Re: I saw the light- it was ugly!

I too, planted herbs in tall silver/metal containers (similar to yours) that I bought at a local thrift store. LOVE how it looks!!! The only concern I had, was how hot the metal will become and whether or not there would be any damage to the plants and it's roots, due to the (possible) extreme heat of the summer heat.

Please consider repotting the plants while they are small, in a terra cotta planter and then putting them back into the metal bases to show case them. You can always cover the top with stones or mulch to hide the terra cotta pot.

Love your bases. Can't imagine them as lamps!!!

May your tomatoes grow big and strong!!! gailmarie

Re: Instant Table

Thanks so much for the info regarding your cool candle holder. I will have to check out JCP in the very near future. Lucky for me, a new store just opened about 2 miles from my house!

Thanks also for explaining "the chalk thing" I was asking about. Here in WI, we call it "caulk" or "caulking," so I now know what you are referring to (silly me). I never thought about using it to hold things together, so I learned a lot today from you!!!! :o)

Appreciate the fact you got back to me so quickly. gailmarie

Re: Red HOT Kindel vanity REDO

VERY impressive!!!! LOVE what you have done with this piece. gailmarie

Re: Instant Table

Okay, now getting a close-up look of the candle holder, I like it even MORE (than in your patio shots, a few projects back)!!! What is it/was it and where can I get one??? It is so cool.

(I'm a city girl, so I don't get the "chalk thing" you are talking about. Could you explain what chalk does? Do I need to add chalk to my projects???). :o)

Thanks for doing a close up on this. It sure is neat. Especially heart warming the milk can was from your Grandparents' farm. Those are the antiques that mean the most to a person. gailmarie

Re: Wall Hanging Made With Multi-Colored Springs

Come ON...... you have the junkyard guys putting stuff away for you????? How blankety-blank cool is THAT????? Our junkyard won't let me in to look around. I am TOTALLY jealous of you (in a nice way, of course).

Your hanging is out of this world!!!! I adore it completely. Not sure how you came up with the idea, but it deserves a standing "O" (ovation).

You rock Jenny. Consider me an adoring fan of yours. Can't wait for the next project you come up with. In the meantime, I will be admiring this one for the next few days!


P.S. If you need to get rid of some of those washers you talked about, please let me know!!!!


Great job on both projects. LOVE the glitz you added to the seemed so fitting. The stand is a great idea, too. gailmarie

Re: Patriotic Clock

Great idea!!! gailmarie

Re: Tea Cup Chandelier

Congratulations on a job well done!!! gailmarie

Re: Recycled Shade Arbor with Stained Glass Window

WOW!!!!! I sit in awe of you and what you have accomplished at your cottage home. This is just wonderful. SUPER idea with your PPZ (puppy poop zone) - great sense of humor - you had me laughing throughout your missive!!! I can only guess your landlord LOVES you as a tenant and probably wants you to live there "forever." You add so much to your home. You have made yourself one heck of a place to live. It's homey, colorful, peaceful and quaint. You have every right to be proud of what you have accomplished. Thanks for sharing. gailmarie

P.S. If you are ever in the Milwaukee, WI area and feel the need to help others, please let me know!!!!

Re: Coffee Grinder Gets a Caffeine Boost

SUPER idea! Everytime I see a coffe grinder, it is marked way too high for me. You got yourself a great deal and a wonderful way to show it off and get use out of it as well. Cool... gailmarie

Re: Footboard "Fretwork"

Fun, fun, FUN!!! Besides being my favorite color, red adds so much to whatever and wherever you choose to put it. In your case, this piece stands out and says "let's have a good time" (and of course, "watch your head" to the super tall). I can bet your friends will marvel at this wonderful idea. Can't wait to see more. Enjoy! gailmarie

Re: Sewing Machine Plant Stand

This looks GREAT!!! Excellent use of the Singer sewing machine base. If you ever tire of it, I too have a container garden and would love this piece in my "garden"!!! :o) gailmarie

Re: Bookseller's Garden Trellis 2009

How fun!!! From the looks of it, I'd say this would hold just about anything - perfect for runner beans and peas! Very creative. Once things start growing, could you show us more pictures? I'll bet the whole thing will look awesome, once the veggies start moving through/up the trellis. gailmarie

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - tis the season - to "flea"

Congratulations on your success and fun-filled trip!!! It sounded like a great time to be had by all. gailmarie


Nice save!!!!! Very cool. gailmarie

Re: Garage Sale Heaven

Anyone that went through that much effort to design such a cool sign, MUST have oodles of awesome stuff!!! You are so lucky to have spotted this sign. Wish I could join you. Looks like this could be the rummage sale to beat all others. Have fun and buy, buy, BUY (and then show, show, SHOW us what goodies you were able to get)!!!!! gailmarie

Re: Rustic planters from repurposed dock boards

Great look - color - use of salvaged deck boards - and design. Now grab a chair, an ice cold lemonade and sit back you two, to enjoy your new planters. They are cool, as cool can be! These finished projects are well worth the oohs and ahhs from your fellow junkers. Simply marvelous. gailmarie

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

I spent a long time writing you a response earlier this week and then "poof," it was gone (to say I was mad, is an understatement)! So, here I go again, as this project cries out for me to sing it's praises....

"I, Who Have Nothing" want to tell you that I "Can't Stop Loving You" and your work!!! "With These Hands" of yours, you create true masterpieces. Who wouldn't want this Tom Jones inspired piece, lighting the way to their "Green, Green Grass of Home" (or maybe in your case, the living room)??? Why it's "Not Unusual" to marvel at your talent. We all have done it before and we will continue to do it again.

Thank goodness you know how to wire lamps properly, as to avoid "Burning Down the House."

Seriously, this piece is brilliant in how it came to be, how it turned out and the writings that went with it. What a fine sense of humor you have! "Some Other Guy" may not, but then again, they aren't Jim Healy!

Thanks for letting me "Take a Minute Of Your Time." "I Get a Kick Out of You" and your ideas. Although I'm not a big fan of Tom's, I am one of yours.

"All I Can Say Is Goodbye" for now. Keep up the good work. LOVE this piece. gailmaire

Re: Adirondack from salvage

A+ Trey!!!! Wonderful use of vintage materials, it's usable AND sentimental at the same time. How fun is THAT??? gailmarie

Re: Potting Bench Made from Barn Salvage Project

Adore this little number. Wish Wisconsin was closer to you.... gailmarie

Re: Screen Divided made with Metal Fencing

Nice job! gailmarie

Re: Potting Bench made from Scraps and Junk!

WOW!!! This is great. Tell your husband he did a super job. How fun it was all done with left-overs. Happy planting! gailmarie

Re: My Junk Haul!

You sure got my creative juices flowing....... oh silly me, that's drool running down my chin, as I gaze lovingly at your new founded stash of goodies!!!!!

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on some (most) of the items. What a wonderful thing your neighbor did, by giving you so much FUN stuff. Can't wait to see what all this becomes.

(I can only guess your neighbor's family was happy to see this all go, so it's a win-win situation for all.)

Congratulations and have a blast creating!!!

Re: Happy Memorial Day

Well, THIS looked like a lot of fun!!! Great ideas shown. Can't wait for more instructions on the centerpiece. Love all the ideas - the pictures sure helped. Makes me want to clean the house and throw my own junk par-tay. :o)

(The picture of Sid cracked me up! I thought he was showing you where to kiss him!!!!!) gailmarie

Re: How to Make a Metal Basket Planter

What a GREAT idea, using mouth pieces for legs!!! Although I am creative, I doubt I would have ever thought of doing the same thing. Thanks for sharing with us. LOVE the photos (as always). They are a great help. So now I want to find me a basket like yours and some mouth pieces..... yeah, like that's gonna happen!!!! Guess I'd best start looking.... gailmarie

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

Coolness plus!!!! Great idea. The photos are wonderful....can almost hear the laughing and talking from those at the get-together, having a blast as they cool down!!! gailmarie

Re: Rusty repurpose!

This piece is GREAT!!! I too have the metal shoe forms and shoe tree (not sure what to call the piece the shoe forms sat on) that were my Grampa's. For years, I intermixed them among my plants and other "junk." But this gives a total new idea on how to use them. The overall look is wonderful - even stunning. So happy you had your "Aha moment" and decided to share with us all. gailmarie

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

THANKS Jenny! I guess I worry about kids using the "good stuff" in case they accidentally touch the glue and then rub their eyes (truth be told, I actually did that the first time I used Gorilla glue......I thought I was going to go blind!!!!!).

Interesting there was no glue used in the boys'artwork...

Also thought about a great idea to get classes going, IF you can get your local newspaper to agree to it..... you could have an article written about what you do with the kids and show a few kids with their finished projects. If you would offer classes that way, I am SURE they would fill up in no time! Keep me posted. I am so into this and happy for you, that you have found a way to help kids be creative.

You go girl!!!!

Re: Sink Strainer Windchimes

How fun!!!! gailmarie

Re: Shabby Chic Windchimes

Looks great!!! gailmarie

Re: Doggie "Porthole" or Living Room Window in Garden Gate

What an original idea!!! So glad to hear it works. Adorable picture of "the kids" looking out the window! gailmarie

Re: One cool ride

Too funny! If I ever saw this car, I would have to take a ride in it, just to say I did!!! What a great idea and wonderful artwork. Thanks for sharing this. I think my parents would have loved to have this car while we were growing up (7 girls and only ONE car for the longest time.....). My Mom would many times tell us she felt more like a taxi driver than a mother!!! gailmarie

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

Thanks so much JunkMama.
I had a great time. My husband and I took our neice and nephew to the Milwaukee museum for a sleep over. What a blast!!! (and no, nothing came to life as the movie "Night at the Museum" showed.... Adam (6 yrs old) was a little worried about that at first). :o)

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

I LOVE what you have done for your friend Geri's sons - letting them create true works of art!!! As one who went to school originally to become an art teacher, I know the importance of letting kids create. Let them use their imagination, and this can lead to great things as they grow up. (By the way, I can only guess their friends are pretty jealous of Reece and Jess by now and want to get working on their own I right?????). :o)

The projects here turned out SUPER!!! I am curious as to the glue they used for their projects. I have a 6 year old nephew and 9 year old niece I have been doing projects with since they were about 1 1/2 years old. The next time they come over for a sleep over, I would love to let them loose in my junk and let them create a project of their own. However, I am not too sure if I should let them use the Gorilla, cement or hot glues I have, or stick with something less harmful to kids. Any thoughts???

Again, thanks for doing this and reminding us all how kids love to create. I can WAIT to show my niece and nephew these pictures and start letting them go to it!!!

Best of luck with this new endevour. I hope you get your wish really soon. I may suggest checking with your recreation department in town. They are always looking for art teachers for the summer months (it may be too late to get into the summer program, but fall and winter may work - once word gets out on you, the classes will probably fill up fast). I did this for years growing up and enjoyed it. If that doesn't work for you, you could contact your area schools and see if they would let you come in as an art teacher for a day or more. Just show them your pictures and provide them with your game plan. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you well,

Re: Nature's Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer's Market

It was so good to see all the activites going on at Nature's Nest. The best part, was seeing how many people were interested in the festival. Kathy Rose is a true role model - with her beliefs and the way she lives her life. May there be many more like her in years to come!!!

Thanks Sue, for putting this on the website. It is always so much fun to see what others are doing "out there."

By the way, LOVE the gate and the spool-table. Wonderful end results!!!


Re: Pop Art Bracelet

Oops.... I almost forgot the most important thing.....

Happy Birthday Paisleygirl!!!

Enjoy your special day. :o)


(My bday was May 16th, so although we aren't the same sign, we share the same month!!!)

Re: Pop Art Bracelet

Very unique idea. Love how you incorporated the rhinestones, stamping, painting, etc, into your pieces. It is a fun look. I can't imagine you NOT doing well selling these pieces!

(By the way, I have been trying to flatten vintage silverware to have my niece and nephew make wind chimes, but I am having a terrible time trying to flatten the piece completely (esepcially the spoons). Since it looks as though you haven't had the same "bad" luck as I have, could you please tell me how you flattened the piece so well? I am using a rubber mallet on the vintage silverware, while it sits on a flat piece of wood. Any suggestions from you would be GREATLY appreciated by me - and of course my niece and nephew.).

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us!!! gailmarie

Re: Rag rug

Very nice job Marie. I can see why your dogs think this is for them to nap on - it's made with lots of love no doubt, plus, it's comfty and just their size (am I right?). The colors are wonderful together. They sure brighten up an area. I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of this rug......well, if you don't, your dogs sure will!!! Enjoy ~ gailmarie

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing

Fun, fun, FUN!!!! I especially like the picture you took outside, showing your project. What a great idea! Everything goes so well together. Makes me wish I had more wall space in my house. gailmarie

Re: Antique ottoman

I LOVE what you did with the ottoman. It looks very comfortable and the colors all go so well together. Super job! gailmarie

Re: Happy Spring

Sue, thanks for the epoxy tip/response (and so fast.....). As soon as I write this, I am out the door to buy some (I think I need to get stock in the Gorilla Glue company at the rate I keep buying their product)! I wasn't sure what to do with the metal on metal thing. Thanks to you, I do now. gailmarie

Re: Happy Spring

Are you getting sick of all this praise??? WHAT - you're NOT? You want MORE????? Okay then, here goes!!!!

The project is OUTSTANDING! As your next-door-neighbor (Wisconsin),I fully understand the excitement of FINALLY getting to put plants outdoors. It's a high no one can explain if you don't live in this next of the woods.

Sue, this planter sure does grow on you! The more I look at it, the more I love, love, LOVE it!!! The overall look is fun and perky, yet artsy and daring. I adore the planter from bottom (drain stopper and door knob) to top (clothesline and spring). What's in between is pure candy to the eyes. The baseballs are a hoot and a half, the rocks not only look good, but the weight will help steady the planter on windy days. BOY, you have thought of everything!

I applaud you for your concept, the photos are a joy to look at, the verbage is a great help, and the overall look.... stunning.


(P.S. Do you recommend the epoxy instead of the glue for holding things together????)

Re: Bathroom "Chandelier"

Aren't YOU the inventive one!!! Isn't it wonderful when mistakes can be "corrected" with new ideas? This turned out great. Congratulations on the end result. You should be very proud of yourself. gailmarie

Re: Before & After - Part 1

Both turned out great! I especially like the night stand....VERY much worth the time and effort it took to re-do. gailmarie

Re: Antique Sale FUN!!

I couldn't agree more with the comments before me. Your displays are wonderful. The total overall look entices buyers to come in and buy!!! So glad to hear you did well. Congratulations. gailmarie

Re: Happy Mother's Day

I LOVE the look!!! I have oil cans, but nothing as neat as this one. Your Mom is very lucky. From the looks of this as a vase, I'd make sure I'd have it filled all summer long with different flowers. Truly inventive and truly beautiful. gailmarie

Re: Found Dentist chair in my BASEMENT under the stairs!!!!!!!!!!

OMG - what a find!!! Unbelievable. The first thing that came to mind when I saw your pictures, were shows our theater group could do with that equipment as props: Cactus Flower, Little Shop of Horrors, etc. The second thing was: "I wonder how much you could get for something like that?" Interesting that the equipment is in pink.... Best of luck trying to find a home for this stuff. VERY cool. gailmarie

Re: Got Me An "A" !

Candy - your ideas are marvelous!!! I would never have thought of drop cloths for curtains. Your home must be a showcase. Too bad I don't live closer to you. I would want to drop by for a "tour-de-house." Thanks for all your help on this one. :o) gailmarie

Re: vintage playpen/crib shelves and spring junk finds!

WONDERFUL stuff!!! I am sure your display will be long gone, very soon. Love what you did with the playpen/crib - very fun. gailmarie

Re: Old Window redone with chalkboard and mirror

Very nice finished projects. Hope to see more of your work. Welcome, fellow junker!!! gailmarie

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

It's not too late for the birthday cake idea Junk Mama. My birthday is May 16th.... it would work!!!! gailmarie :o)

Re: Market Bags

Very nice!!! I would suggest you make extras and carry them with you wherever you go. People may stop and ask where they can buy them. If the price is right, you may be able to sell them on the spot _ I know if I was at a sale and didn't carry a bag, I'd pay good money to have a cool one like yours! Great idea. Love the end results. gailmarie

Re: junk birdbath

It think this turned out ADORABLE!!! What a great idea. I hope you get lots of use out of this one. gmhaller, bfa

Re: "old School"

I've seen school lockers in a book recently, but can't remember the title. They had them done up for a mudroom, which I thought was an awesome idea. If that doesn't work for you, you could use in the garage/basement for your planting stuff; or maybe your art or junk supplies. Sure wish I had your dilemma!!! I saw some lockers at an antique mall recently, for over $300 - a steep price for someone that recently lost her job due to downsizing... I may suggest going to your library and searching through some flea market/home decorating books. You may find some ideas that would work for you. Please take pictures of what the lockers end up "home" to. We'd all like to see your final decision, I'm sure. Have fun planning!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: French Bed Canopy

LOVE the rusty barrel wheel!!! Wonderful idea what you did with it. The end result is adorable. I can even invision some small Christmas lights around the wheel to add a little extra touch. Job well done, gailmarie, bfa

Re: Suitcase Parts

This turned out great!!! Love the buckles and luggage straps on the sides, to tuck away extra treasures. Especially fun about the "2 holes at the top to hang it on the wall." Job well done. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Another Vintage Ad Frame

Adorable. Simply adorable. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Umbrellas

What an awesome idea!!! This sure does add to the look and feel of the shop. Adds color and pazazz to the surroundings. FUN!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: How to Dress up a Dinner Party

Where do I begin???? WOW......

First of all, this reminds me a little of an idea from one of my old bosses. She would go out and buy a full place setting of a china pattern she liked (vintage or new, it didn't matter), plus a napkin holder or other item that would go with the setting. She would then invite friends over for a luncheon, with each table setting (including silverware and glasses) being different from the next. She told me her friends (many of them quite well-to-do, which cracks me up even more) would actually stand at the tables and FIGHT over who got to sit where!!! I found that to be a very unique idea and always planned to do the same some day.

Secondaly, your ideas are SUPER. I'm not sure what I love more, the placecard, placecard holder, tealight, or the cuffing-the-bottle idea (which is a HOOT in itself)!

I guess maybe the way everything goes together so well is what I like the best. The colors all seem to compliment each other. I'll tell you right now, if I ever got the chance to sit down at one of you tables, I'd be fighting for this stuff to be in front of me at the table!!!

LOVE this project. Can't wait to see more. gailmarie, bfa

Re: My auction buy!

Love, love, LOVE the little black number! Would like to wear it out-on-the-town one night. Our costume designer at one of the theater groups I am with, would want it too. The one with the flowers on it, I would wear just about anywhere in the summer months. Not sure about the blue number though.....I think one of the garden gals would grab it up first! Your hats are wonderful. Unbelievable you got these for so cheap. Good work! gailmarie, bfa

Re: My auction buy!...

You sure drive a hard bargin!!! Glad to hear you had so much fun. With these kind of bargins, you can't go wrong. :O) gailmarie, bfa

Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

Love the look. The bent forks are great with or without charms. Thanks for sharing. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Hanging Planter

GREAT job with this one. Love the look, the color and the rust!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Garden Chairs

LOVE the rocking chair!!! Glad to hear you do so well with the garden chair idea. gailmarie, bfa

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

Another good job, Junk Mama. I could see a birthday cake on this as well. Has your daughter had her birthday yet? If so, mine is going up!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Junk Mama Birthday Gift for her Shabby Chic Daughter!

LOVE this project. The look is SO Shabby Chic. I especially like your choice of paint color - watermelon pink - YUM-my. The teapot is adorable (and of course, ties everything together). Great choices here. I can only guess your daughter was THRILLED!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: LP album trays

Thanks for explaining the "museum corners." If they are what I think they are, you can also find them at any frame shop, as the framers put them on the bottom of all pictures, to keep the frames from hitting up against the wall when they hang. I usually get them at Michaels (in the frame shop) or any other craft store (as well as hardware store). gailmarie, bfa

Re: My latest "creation"! Am I still having fun, or am I just losing it?

Please excuse my misspelled words. Once again, I didn't proof- read my words before submitting. I was just so excited with your project, I had to tell you what I thought, right away!!! gailmarie

Re: My latest "creation"! Am I still having fun, or am I just losing it?

I think she is absoultely perfect the way she is. What did you say her name was? Rose? Rosie? Fern? Agnes? (She looks like an Agnes to me) Daisy? I know, we could go on and on with the names, but she really needs one, since she now appears to be your "silent partner"!!! I would totally think it neat to walk into a place with someone like Aggie to greet me. I think she adds just the right touch as a "greeter." You could play this to the hilt, by having a contest to name her; or as the seasons go on, change her outfits; use the basket fir sales goods; etc. I think she is a hoot. Aggie the Gardener Gal is a sure hit with me!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

I can hear Madonna's "Vogue" in the background playing, as I look at your work and all I can think of is: "Oooooo La La." This is a VERY nice piece. Very "FRESH" (sorry, had to say it...) Hope to see more of your work. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Got Me An "A" !

I really need to proof my comments better before submitting. I just noticed I said "odd-white" instead of "OFF-white" when describing your carpet and curtains!!! I had a good laugh at my own expense though. Feel free to laugh too - it's been a long day for me and I guess I am more tired than I thought. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Got Me An "A" !

Thanks Candy for the name and info on the paint color. I really, really like the look, with the aluminum letter, white window trim and borders, and the odd-white of the carpet and curtains. I think I may end up at Home Depot in the next day or two to see if I can get a can (or two) made up for me (if at all possible). I think the color would go good with just about anything and would sure boost my moral in my basement work area. Thanks again for the info! gailmarie, bfa

Re: LP album trays

Let me "sing" my praises for THIS project! What a super idea you came up with. I do a lot of work on-stage in musicals as well as straight plays, in area community theater groups. This would be a nifty-cool gift idea for cast members and people behind-the-scenes. I have never worked with resin before and am a little afraid of it. How did you get the ends to work out so perfectly without running over the edges?

(By the way, I noticed you are from the Madison area (yeah) - I am from the Milwaukee area. Maybe someday you and I can meet? How cool would THAT be? Any upcoming flea markets I need to be aware of in your area?)

After seeing your work, I realize I should have hung on to my record albums.... darn me, what was I thinking shen I gave them all away, years ago????? UGH!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Greetings from Project Land

Best of luck this weekend! Wish I lived closer, so I could attend. Nice stuff. gailmarie, bfa

Re: A Vintage "Bless You"

You did it again JunkMama1 - fun, fun, fun!!! Who wouldn't want to use tissues out of this tissue box??? Keep 'em coming. gailmarie, bfa


LOVE the spinning wheel! Brings back lots of memories for me. In college, we used to card wool and pet hair and then tried our hand at spinning it - it's a lot harder than people think, but the results are well worth the effort. Ah,good memories... It appears you got some very nice goodies. Congratulations on all your finds (besides the spinning wheel). Can't wait to see how the items are put to use. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Who needs a scarecrow when you've got a Gardening Angel?

Very clever!!! I especially like her "wings." I'm sure with your "Garden Angel," your garden(s) will be very blessed this year. Good job. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Howdy Pardner

Beautiful flowers + one cool box = winning combination!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: typewriter key jewelry

U-N-I-Q-U-E, C-U-T-E, F-U-N, C-O-O-L, N-E-A-T-O ...... anyway you spell it, this is a GREAT idea!!! Good job. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Old door key holder

LOVE the look of the knob and latch - chipped paint and all. What a great idea! gailmarie, bfa

Re: dreamsicle linen & silk lampshade tied w/ a bow

Absolutely lovely Troy. The color is perfect, the design is so de-LIGHT-ful, and the detail is just plain fun! You have such a way with your designs. It's like "high fashion" meets "vintage." I love your work and always look for more. gailmarie, bfa

Re: freebee's from a friend

WOW - you are very lucky to have such a friend. Each piece is wonderful and has lots of potential. Please make sure to share with us, your finished works as they are completed. Have fun!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Shabby Cottage Plant Stand

VERY cool rusty stool. This will add much to your garden, I'm sure. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Got Me An "A" !

Love the "A" - especially against the color on the wall (what color is that?). Best of luck on your collection. Will keep my eyes open for any "A's" around here and let you know if I find any. gailmarie, bfa

Re: spring is finally here :)

What a wonderful idea - to mount the vase into a rusty spring. I love the look. It sure does add panache and fun to the vase. Great idea and great look. Also like your laundry/craft room sink idea. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

Lovely....simply lovely. I never would have thought of doing this. Together, the twig and spoon handle compliment each other. The project may be simple, but not the results. LOVE this! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Thanks for brightening my morning (with your project, pictures and fun comments). The colors work well together (but you knew that already, you picked them out!). The planter is GREAT - who would have thought turkey feeders would make such a cool planter (actually, I never knew there was such a thing as a "turkey feeder")? You always have such fun and interesting projects. It's too bad Marie/oldnews beat me to claiming your new masterpiece, as I would have loved this in my yard. Guess I'll have to look around for my own turkey feeders!!! Love you work Jim. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Ugly brown jewerly box - turned vintage chic

KUDOS to your husband for finding this for you. I find it very cool that he asked if you could do something with the jewelry box. And secondly, LOVE your sense of humor! That you found a vintage 40's ad with a woman holding a jewelry box, is just too ironic and FUN to boot!!! The picture adds to the charm of the piece. You did a great job with the redo. Very fun. gailmarie, bfa

Re: A planter, or not a planter, that IS the question!

Marie - you are a hoot!!! Each planter has a story, which makes this group of photos extra fun to look at and read. I especially like the memorial to your late husband. I can only guess he looks down on the planter and smiles each and every day, being reminded of your love. The work boot is a fun story too. I can bet your son tells all his friends about it. Thanks for sharing your photos and your stories. These all are great ideas. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Business Card Holder

Love the idea and the look of the vintage phone. Isn't it amazing what people can come up with? What a super "call" - showing us this piece. Thanks much. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Vintage Tray Transformed

What a SUPER way to redo! I absolutely love what you have done with the tray. Great idea. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Former Spice Girl - now a Chic Shelf

Adorable - very Shabby Chic. gailmarie, bfa

Re: vintage button pendents

The fourth one down looks EXACTLY like one of mine - it freaked me out when I saw it (although, mine was a pin)! I used to make wearable art for over 15 years and then took a break from it to try my hand on larger recycled goods. To say I LOVE this piece and your other pendents is a given. I hope you have as much fun as I did, making jewelry out of vintage buttons and other goods. I never went the pendent route (now I wish I would have, seen how your pieces look)- only pins, bracelets and earrings, so this is fun to see what others do. Not sure if I am ready to give up all my vintage buttons just yet, but if I ever do, I know who to go to (Gretchen, you are included in that remark as well!). Keep up the good work. Hope to see more. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Dockboard table

LOVE how this turned out. The stand really adds to this piece. I especially like the design of the wire stand, next to the old wood table top. VERY good mix. As we say in the theater, "Bravo!" Can't wait to see what's next on your plate. gailmarie, bfa

Re: frozen in time

I really like what you have done with your media. Such a crazy mix - it works WONDEFULLY well. How fun. gailmarie, bfa


TOOOOOO funny!!!! Not only do I love how these turned out, but I too, recently made my version of "the Potheads." I can only guess we fit the saying "great minds think alike." Can't wait to get pictures of my work, so I can display them on-line. Very fun stuff Angelz! I laughed out loud when I saw them. Thanks for brightening my day. :o) gailmarie, bfa

Re: Terracotta Moss Garden

What a neat way to display the moss, fern and stones. Makes me want Spring to hurry up even more, here in WI. I like the finished look and can only guess how it will look once the ivy starts to "take over." I hope you plan on letting us see your work, as it gets further along. Great piece! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Junk-O-Rama Prom Memory Frame

I love how your Post Office box door/photo holder turned out. It looks G-R-E-A-T!!! I do think I need to move down to Texas though... it appears ya-all have lots of fun "down there" (I live in the Milwaukee, WI area). What a absolute HOOT to actually have a Prom for Junkers! I was very impressed that Doug-the-Welder (better known to some as "Blue Eyes") was there. Does this mean he is now "one of us"?????? Thanks for sharing the project with us all and your happy memories. I am "happily jealous" of all the fun ya-all have and look forward to more stories and more projects. gailmarie, bfa

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

LOVE your shades. Such talent, such creativity. Can't wait to see what you do next!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Garden Chairs

Wonderful designs!!! I admire anyone that can paint like you. Can't wait to see more projects. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

LOVE it!!! Good work, both of you. gailmarie, bfa

Re: What do you make with a pile of exercise equipment junk metal?

How fun is THAT???? Maybe someday my husband will get bit by "da junkin' bug" too!!! Love that you gave your husband "the look." We all know that look all too well!!! Thanks for sharing. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

LOVE this idea!!! The finished project gets an A+ in my book. The pictures were a tremendous help, as were the recommendations. I would have never thought of pulling out a strand on the burlap, to get a straight line for cutting. The overall idea is just super. Also enjoyed your sense of whimsy by using safety pins! :o) gailmarie, bfa

Re: This weekends finds and projects

Great stuff!!! LOVE the wheelbarrow. gailmarie, bfa


Cool stuff!!! I especially like the tables. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Floods

Very cool. Most interesting media used. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Great Crates

This is a great endtable idea, Jim. LOVE the look with the colorful accessories, which brings so much life into the room. I too, like the look of crates. I have been using mine for many years, stacked on top of each other vertically, so the logos can still be read from the sides. This then becomes my bookcase(s) for all my piano books and sheet music, which I keep right next to our piano. At one time, they even held up a portable piano (they are that sturdy). Enjoy seeing your handiwork!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Jazzy Junk Jewelry from Marburger

Such talent. Janet's pieces are individual works of art!!! I would love to see more of the pieces and hear her tales on each. How fun. Thanks for sharing. gailmarie, bfa

Re: First attempt at making rust...

Who would have thought of "spicing" up a towel hanger by using cinnamon??? What a wonderful idea. I may have to try this myself sometime. It looks good - like real rust. What did you put over it to seal the piece? Did the cinnamon run at all or did it stay put as you sealed the hanger? Thanks for sharing your great idea with us. gailmarie, bfa

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

WONDERFUL!!!! What a great finished project. Thanks for sharing. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Block-O-Blocks

Fun, fun, FUN!!! Love the look. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Upcycled Pillows etc.

I am enjoying looking at your work emensely (I found your pieces earlier this morning on JUNKMARKET Style and now I see you have added more finished work). I noticed a few pieces have price tags on them, which I am assuming means you are selling your work. I certainly can't imagine people NOT buying your lovely and colorful pieces!!! Keep up the super work. gailmarie, bfa

Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

LOVE this!!!!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

My artwork (soft sculpture and werable art, now branching into the word of junk), has always favored "the circle" in some form or another (soft sculpture and werable art, now branching into the word of junk). So you can guess I am loving your work shown here!!! Wonderful - just wonderful. gailmarie, bfa

Re: S T R A N G E CARGO...... the saga continues.

It looks like a tour through your home would be an inspiration to us all. LOVE all the wonderful pcs and how you have them displayed!!! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Strange Cargo Returns.

LOVE the hammer display!!!!! I have some old ones laying around too (along with other vintage tools). What a great idea!!! The window turned out great -isn't it nice to be able to create a work of art out of family pcs? The table - ingeious. gailmarie, bfa

Re: spoon lite cosie

Thanks SO much for the instructions, greencolleen. I sure wish I could do a similar project, but our ceilings are so low in the house. I think our front and back doors would hit the silver if I tried to hang something on the light fixtures. Maybe I'll do one of these babies on our outside light. Mmmm, what do you think the neighbors will think on a windy day??? Keep up the good work. :o)

Re: Coffeebot

What a dude!!! I would LOVE to be served by him. gailmarie, bfa

Re: the Craft Wall Experiment

This is not only wonderful to look at, but a great way to hang things. MUCH better that a boring old bulletin board. This ads pa-ZAZ to any room!!! Clever, clever idea. gailmarie, bfa

Re: The Prison Door-- Chapter 1

You are SOOOO much like me -- I always take a bag with me when I go walking. You never know what you might find (as you well know). Thanks for sharing your secrets with us and of course, pictures of your pieces. They are absolutely wonderful! gailmarie, bfa

Re: Another Mint tin project, Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Too funny - LOVE it!!! Who the heck doesn't need company in the kitchen while they cook? gailmarie, bfa

Re: spoon lite cosie

I adore this project. I have seen windchimes done with vintage silverware (which sold like crazy at a booth next to me years ago at an art fair), but THIS, this is even better!!! KUDOS to you for doing this on your own, after seeing it in a magazine. Not that I am planning on doing the same (although it IS tempting), but how did you make this work? I can't figure out what you did.... gailmarie, bfa

Re: City Wide Garage Sale, Georgetown, Texas

Looks like great fun! Does anyone know of any large sale in the Milwaukee (WI) area?

Re: Ghost

This piece touches me. I especially like the fact that you broke the glass and left it that way. Can't wait to see more of your work. gailmarie, bfa

Re: The Prison Door-- Chapter 1

Awesome!!! I love the look. How did you get the cardboard to form like that? How will you display the piece?
Very interesting....

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

GREAT idea - LOVE the look. This is my kind of junk!!! :o)

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

Now you make me want to go out and buy some vintage salt and pepper shakers and do the same!!! LOVE your idea and how it looks. I have a niece and nephew who I have been doing projects with since they were less than 2 yrs old (they are now 9 and 6). This will work so much better when they decide to use glitter (which we all know kids adore and tend to over-use!!!!). Clean up with be a breeze too. Thanks for sharing this super idea with us all.

Re: orange pomander (made from buttons)

LOVE your idea - especially the trees!!! Good color choices.

Re: I'm the new kid...and I brought my toys

LOVE your junk! Last night, I too had success at our local Salvation Army. I spent a long time digging around in a box of junk and came home with lots and lots of good stuff for about $8.00 (in fact, several people at the check out kept asking me why I was buying the stuff I had on the counter and what the heck was I going to DO with it all???). I can't wait to get started on some new projects. All I need is more junk....

I am a new member as well. Isn't it wonderful to have fellow-junkers who can relate to what we find fun and exciting? Ever since I found the magazine "Junk Beautiful" and this site, I have been on the website at least twice a day. I haven't been this motivated since college, working on my art projects.

Can't wait to see your stuff!!!

Re: Embellishing Old Mirrors

Went to Google and typed in "Marine Goop" and quite a number of sites popped up. It appears you can purchase Marine Goop at Kmart as well as order on-line.

Also, Gorilla Glue has come out with an epoxy that looks promising.