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Im a new junker I guess you could say. I have always loved art and thought seriously about going to school for it. Now Im recently done with school and a stay at home mom and am craving something to do at home. This fits. Guess thats me in a nutshell.

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cool drawer pulls

SWEET drawer pulls... I just need to figure out what to do with them....

Addy's lightswitch

I live in a small apartment where i cant paint the walls so when I was deciding what to do with my little girls room all I could do was paint the furniture.... and the light switch.

Music stand turned side table

Found an old music stand at a thrift shop in town and used an idea out of Junkmarket Style to turn it into a cool side table in my living room. Jazzed it up a little with some decorative paper and...

urban stool

Old magazine letter clippings painstakingly sorted by color and then decoupaged onto this old stool painted black. It's my first project and Ihad a lot of fun with it.

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Re: Music stand turned side table

I use it in my livingroom right now and it works great but Im thinking I should probably sell it or find another place for it because my six month old will probably be trying to pull herself up with it before too long and that could be disasterous.

Re: Embellishing Old Mirrors

I love this! Im curious about what did you used to make the hands stick.

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

Oh... if I were a bird... Id love to come live there! Very creative!

Re: A variety of tables

Beautiful ideas! I really love the door made tables! may I ask where you got the legs? Did you get them from other pieces or individually from a hardware store?

Re: Snowshoe wall hanging with old mitten

great idea by the way!

Re: Snowshoe wall hanging with old mitten

Im new at junking and was wondering how you sell? Yard sale type deal? craft fair? what do you recomend for someone who lives in an apartment and a small town?