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Family Scrabble Board

This is my family Scrabble board that I put together for Christmas last year.   Found the deluxe board @ a yard sale for 1.00 & my family loves it!  Had red letter tiles, which I...

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Re: Guarding the garden

This is sooo cool! Excuse me while I go break the handle off that rusty old shovel...get your paints out, lady!!! *elaine*

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

I almost feel like crying when an old bucket falls apart, and you are too right about forgetting reassembly. Great repurpose of the pieces...hmm...now where did I put that broken bucket? :o} *elaine*

Re: Simple Mondays

Hey Sue...Cool Monday Simple design! I don't think we need to worry about ADD..only JDD {junk deficit disorder!} would slow You down!!! Have a great week *elaine*

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Sue...Haven't commented in a while, but just had to say I LOVE the little herb garden!! Cool reuse, and the fresh white & green color scheme says "AaaHhhh!" *elaine*

Re: How to Wrap Gifts for Teens

That wrap idea is so darn cute! My sweet Mom used to say something about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse...and I think I finally understand that saying...in the best way! Almost...I said almost ;}...makes me wish I had a teenaged daughter! Merry Christmas, Sue! *elaine*

Re: Memory garden

WOW...what a beautiful garden, and what a wonderful tribute to your Dad. The plants are lovely, and the brickwork done by your husband looks so professional...is he a brick layer by trade? I've rescued old bricks, but have never come up with anything on that scale! Lovely! *elaine*

Re: Picket Fence mirror/shelf

Love the mirror! What an awesome project...really like the way you put all the pieces together..best of luck with your sale! You guys are all so inspiring...makes me want to get out in the shed and create something...anything!! *elaine*

Re: fence frames

Cute frame idea...may have to blog-lift this one myself. Thanks for your comment on my Scrabble board. It's enjoyed by everyone who sees it. Garage shopping, huh? Don't have a garage, but maybe it's time to go shed shopping again. I know there's got to be a bunch of projects in waiting out there! *elaine*