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In addition to my day job as a high school teacher assistant specializing in art for special needs students, I teach watercolor to adults and art classes to kids. Its amazing how adept they are at salvage art! Theyre sooo creative. I just put some objects in front of them and away they go!

I am also a muralist/watercolor artist/potter/photographer/junker. My art also consists of found objects, paper and fabric. I design jewelry too in glass slides, seaglass and ceramic. Im writing a whimsical guided journal for wannabe artists too.
See my website cottagesweetcottage.com and my Etsy shop of same name for more cool ideas!
I love this site and get so inspired looking at all your projects.
I had a shop in 2007 and miss it so much. My goal for 2009 is to open another shop that is a studio and retail space where I can also hold art classes including salvage art!

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Blue Horse Assemblage

I cant believe it but I had the exact same idea as "To Ride A Horse is to Ride the SKy" horse assemblage BEFORE I saw it!  I had been working on this for about a month because the horse is...

Found Object Artist Paul Kant exhibit

The photo posted is one of my murals and does not go with this post...I dont have permission to post Paul's work. Just wanted to direct you to a creative artist who uses found materials to create his...

More Repurposed Jewelry

My very own seaglass collage creation! I collaged a piece of a map onto a light aqua seaglass and strung it on an old faux pearl necklace. I then soldered around the edge of the seaglass and hung it...

Salvaged Brass Keyhole Necklace

I dont know what these are but I found a ton of em and it inspired the mad jewelry designer again. They look like keyholes. I placed a shard of red stained glass inside that I collaged pieces of...

Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

How cool is it  A) to work in a school system (Im a teacher assistant specializing in art for special needs kids in one of the most art-heavy schools in the country) and B) to have a snow day to...

Salvaged Secretary

Help! I bought this cottage style secretary for $75 cuz I fell in love with it! I painted the fire damaged interior and some of the outside so that looks good. Now the smoked mirror front has a big...

Whitewashed and Collaged Wallpaper Hutch

Heres a way to makeover a old 70s dark wood hutch that was soooo ugly someone actually GAVE me! I whitewashed it, added silverware pulls and collaged on bits of torn vntage wallpaper to the entire...

Broken China Pendant

I saw piecesofthepast's gorgeous broken china bracelet and it reminded me I made a few pieces of jewelry with china shards with a stained glass method. But I'd like to learn how to make silver bezels...

Repurposed Tiles

So the deadly three Ws are giving me LOTS of creative junk time! Weight Watchers and Winter! WW took away my bread and carbtime and Winter took away my walking! So Im spending more time than ever in...

Wordy Birdys

Fabric scraps, buttons, feathers, sticks, keys, scrapbooking words and paint samples make up the bodies of my recycled art Wordy Birdys. Each one is completely unique and carries an...

Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

Got this retro wagon wheel rocker in the TRASHPILE! Can you believe somebody was throwing this beauty out??? Burgundy naugahyde upholstery is completely intact. It only needs the nailheads reattached...

Storm Window Display Shelf

I have a junk dilemma! A friend gave me two 5 foot tall storm windows. The vintage VHS video in front shows scale (waiting for someone to repurpose THOSE now !!!!). (And, BTW, why did...

Repurposed Jewelry

Oooh I just love making jewelry from junk! Heres some examples of my latest crop! Glass slide collage with old newspapers/cookbooks, stained glass bits, even pieces of my watercolors! Nothing is...

Salvage Hot Spot

In the Albany area of NY state, there's a great little place called At The Warehouse (.net) where they have all kinds of crazy things to create with or to buy already made from...

3 Rosy Tables

Thought you all might like to see the 3 tables I painted. I found a set of 2 matching vintage dark wood tables and another one with a shelf under it at my favorite store, The Side Of The RoadnbspI...

Guttercap centerpiece

I placed 4 rusty guttercaps into each other in a cross like forn and placed a wire stemmed flower in the middle as if in a frog.

Repurposed Typewriter

OK this one is little wacky but hey it was fun! I found an old typewriter in my boyfriends basement and I LOVE the turquoise color. I just HAD to find a purpose for it.  So it now hangs in my...

Junk Christmas cards

Im a card designer (among many other things!) so my junkers eye is always on the lookout for cool things to add to my cards. This years batch of Christmas cards came out so well and I got so...

Painted China Cabinet Doors

I painted a couple of antique china cabinet doors with enamel paint to be hung as wall art. The beautiful brass pulls were left as is.

Junk Kitchen Makeover

I junked up my kitchen by decoupaging cool torn turquoise paper on my cupboards and whitewashing the dark panelling!  I even subbed old silverware for the drawer pulls! The counter top was a...

Vintage Bulb and Reflector Wreath

Vintage bulbs and their reflectors get a new life on a wreath made from grapevine from my backyard! A little bird and a wooden hand add whimsical touches.

Recent comments

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Im in!!!

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

I saw a piece of artwork online and thought Id share it with you re trophies! Matthew Schlagbaum did a strange sculpture with them. I found it on google images.

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

I love your horse! Go and see mine I just posted that is the same idea but I have been creating it for a month and didnt even see yours! I live 1/2 hour from Saratoga Springs so I am always inspired by horses!

Re: Blue Horse Assemblage

my website is cottagesweetcottage.com. Etsy store of same name. eBay store Mary Frances Boutique!
I don't exactly know what the base is but its very heavy. Composed of open holes all over it. Maybe from a farm machine?

Re: Blue Horse Assemblage

my website is cottagesweetcottage.com. Etsy store of same name. eBay store Mary Frances Boutique!

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

Wow I thought I was a tuff New Yorker but listenin to you hardy snow girls makes me feel a little spoiled! We're pretty good here with the snow emergency equipment but I guess Minnestoans are a tougher breed than us New Yorkers. I am so sick of snow and ice but it gives me studio time!

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

Only 1/4" inch? We got a foot! I was digging out in shifts. I cant believe your kids dont get snow days! Im so s-p-o-i-l-e-d! We get at least 1 a month!

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

Did you place them in a bezel? Id love to learn how to do that! Ive used a stained glass method with a shard of china. Do you sell them? Can we see more?

Re: Refinished Furniture

Wow love the table papered with pages from a book! That book is glued to the table?
Ill have to post the door I covered with a newspaper from 1927.

Re: Repurposed Tiles

Oh yeah-LOVE that W! Wii fit is so fun!
Ive got about 20 more tiles so Ill be busy.

Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

O wow these are COOL. Makes me yearn for flea markets to go huntin for bits n pieces.

Re: Old window art created from recycled glass

Wow its gorgeous! Take a shot of it in the sun so we can see!!!

Re: Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

Wow thanks for the site tips! Ill check them out!

Re: Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

Wow thanks for the site tips! Ill check them out!

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

Candy, I gave one of my map collage necklaces of Ireland to a friend for Christmas and she is ordering maps of Germany and Paris too! Im addicted to these silly things. So much fun.

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

Yes, chosmosw, I do! I sell them through my website, cottagesweetcottage.com and I'm going to be placing them on my eBay store, Mary Frances Boutique as well as my Etsy store! I'll post a link.

Re: Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

Theres more to this story too!!! I actually saw it in my neighbors trash one early morning. I "nonchalantly" walked by it and kicked it to see if it was intact. I shook it to see if it would fall apart. I pulled it away from the other trash and it was in one piece! So I actually dragged it to my house 3 doors away and while dragging it, my neighbor came out and said," its a nice chair, huh?" I was a little embarassed that I was "stealing" his trash but I lied and said it was for my sister! There is a certain thrill in trash pickin, eh?? :)

Re: Storm Window Display Shelf

Wow those are great ideas for my storm window display. Im getting inspired.

Re: Window Garden

This has got to win some kind of prize on what to do with old windows! How creative and gorgeous! Sue, are you listening?? How about giving abitofparis a Junk Medal??? :)

Re: Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but....

WOW this is SO cool. What a great design. I can see your design being coveted by the "cottage" industry! I just might try it myself with a couple of barkcloth seat cushions!

Re: Old window projects

What is it about old windows?? I love them tooooo. Im always making them into tables, shelves, frames, etc. I just got some pale blue, mint green and pink painted ones! I love your projects.

Re: Junk Kitchen Makeover

NO actually they were EASY! I bent the spoons so the bowl faced out. I then threaded a piece of picture wire through the hole in the drawer from the inside, throught the spoon loop, back through the drawer and twisted it.

Re: Towering blast from the past

I am soooo doing this for my boyfriends bedroom! Hes a diehard Yankees fan and would LOVE this. And bats as curtain rods and blue/white ticking as curtains.