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Mayo d' Flores (May of Flowers)

My own creation : malditamaxx.. 

Feed me up ( the plain drawer transformation)

thats it for now. more to come..

recycle addict

vase= empty wine bottle, acrylic painted frame= driftwood

It's twiggie time!

Give your tin can a twig-overlayed make over and relived the dead grass in your backyard! This just one of so many ways to clean mother earth. Thumbs up if you're with me.!

Turn me up and down.. let's dance..

This is one of my out-of-the-junk creations. We'll the idea just crossed my mind while I was  sitting alone wondering what would kill my time. So i got up roam inside our house and poof!.. Ive...

Recent comments

Re: Another industrial mirror!

metal and the mirror.. oh i love those!. it's like going back old times. great job!

Re: Pipe Wrench Bird

so cute. nice creation.

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

i like the flowerettes.. kind of romantic..

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

..nice one..

Re: It's twiggie time!

There's a lot you can do with twigs. I'll never get tired picking them up in the street even though I almost hit by a car. ;D

Re: flowers that NEVER need water

so amazing.. what a piece of art you got there!..