Melody Keller, Mohawk, NY, US

Hello fellow Junkers. My name is Melody and I live in Upstate New York. I worked in a Nursing Home as Activity Director but I am retired now. Staying home will give me the time I need to JUNK! I have two Children, a Son and a Daughter. I have one grandson that was adopted from Korea. He turns 6 in April. Of coarse he is the joy of my life. He runs the computer better than grandma! This site is so inspiring and I do see many projects that I am planning to do. I enjoy repurposing items. Havent had much time for that but now that I am home I will be able to work on my projects. All of you fellow junkers should be very proud of your work.....Great job..:)

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Re: This coat rack / hat rack was made with two doors.

How cool is that!!! I love it, you did a great job!


Very creative and beautiful, I would love to have this in my house. I think I will hit the garage sales, you have me interested in finding the items to make one for "ME" :)

Re: Wooden Utility Spools

This is a really neat project when all done. I have a Utility spool sitting behind my shed just waiting for something like this......Cool :)

Re: Girls' night at the's nothing but fun!!!

This is a great project, I would love to try one or two! Great use for old rusty things that you don't know what to do with! How much fun!!!

Re: Nature's Junk

What a great find! Nature diving can be lots of fun also. You used this in a very creative way and will get lots of use out of it.....:)

Re: Recycled Window

Beautiful work, love 2 C more. I to work with broken glass but for some reason it never looked as beautiful as your glass does! I did my whole King size headboard in broken glass. I love working with glass and love seeing what others have done...great Job!

Re: shaker tops

What a wonderful collection of shaker tops, The way you have them displayed is also great! Would love to see the snowmen with the unusual hats of shaker tops....Cool idea


LOVE both of these!! What "Grate" work. I wonder if my hubby would let me have one of his license plates???hmmmmmm????:)

Re: Tool Box Planter

I also have one, I use as a planter now . Did at one time roll my bath towels up and put them in it in the batroom. You have some great idea's, Love looking at them and I am sure that I am going to "Borrow" some of them! :)

Re: Exotic Dresser Revamp

Very nice job! Quite creative with the use of the gold pen. I love that idea....Really sets it off.

Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

Very nice idea! It turned out Great. Love the"COUNT"

Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

I love the whole room (even puppy!) The glidder is great! Love the greens, creams and whites ,

Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

"Welcome Spring"! that is so nice!!! Great ideas from you as always. I just made a (small) bouquet of posies on my Kitchen table out of Buttons and a $dollare store container. I feel bad as I don't know how to post my pictures on here. BUT I love all your projects......

Re: Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

Wow, that is too cool! I wish I had saved all my corks from my wine, I would have made a wreath out of them. This is a good idea for my son's bar!!! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Arch Window Stained Glass!

This is way to COOL! Love it. U R very talented. I LOVE glass. My BF does stained glass work so I get all her broken glass. I do all kinds of things with the glass and what fun it is !!!.Keep Up the good work! Love your creativity.

Re: It's all about the wine...

WOW how creative are you!!! I love this and it is "One of a kind" it!!! :)

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

My hubby and I used our dish like this years ago but it sure didn't look beautiful like yours....Love the setting and what a great job! :) If I had seen this last year I wouldn't have let my bh offer the dish to his neice!!! YAAAAAA

Re: Shutter Mail Holder

I love the mail holders. I have made a few but they certainly didn't turn out as nice as yours. The key holder is a great addition!:)


How cute is that! I don't have any aprons but I do use the old hanker chiefs for my curtain in my bathroom. I Love vintage linens to.

Re: Trash 2 treasure

YEP, I had two of them when I was first married.. UGH but did you ever do a transformation! Great Job..:)

Re: East meets Midwest

OMG, you R very creative....Who would of thought you could get that beautiful piece out of all that stuff>>>!!!:)

Re: Old Gas Stove Grates

These are GRATE (Great) !!!! I would hang these up in my home as I love them. I love wall pockets of any kind... Was in the process of making some out of material/fab stiffener.

Re: curbside find..

That is beautiful.......How lucky R U!!!! Love your other items with it to.....:)

Re: Priceless

Very nice, love the color and the needle point is chairs/tables

Re: Bags from Recycled Blue Jeans

Very cute idea if you sew......Me, well If I can't GLUE it, I don't do it!!!! hahah:)

Re: My Potting Shed

The Poting shed is so Charming......I have a potting shed and I can tell U that it doesn't look anything like yours!!!You put mine to shame!!!!! I am going to fix that as soon as I can get out ....SNOW/WIND up here on the Hill...


Great finds......I am with KopyKatKim....I to am jealous of the log roller. What a great find!!:)


The look is great! Love how U put it all together...:)


Love it! The look is so cool and unusual!


Love this idea, always wanted to make one....Will take me more than 45 minutes though!!! LOL :)

Re: Another suitcase project

This is amazing! I love the old pieces done up like this. Would fit right into "MY" room LOL.:)


Great idea, I do have some shutters in my craft room. I was going to make a Board for BILLS with them but now I think U changed my mind!!:)

Re: Not just for sleeping anymore!

Love this idea!!! Being new on this site I am finding so many wonderful creative ideas! When I can get out in the garage in my little room I will start playing...Here in New York we can't play out yet either......:)

Re: Problem solved

Love the idea, I have small garden iron thingy (LOL) that I have sitting in my bedroom for my jewelry. Fun to find different things to "Hang Around". :)

Re: Doorknob jewelry holders

Very creative idea, I have a few here and now I know just what I will do with them....:)

Re: Old Dresser re-painted

How neat it that!!! Good way to keep all your potting materials in one spot. I might just do that myself as I love the idea!

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

What a great idea! Now you have me wanting to go out and find one! You are so creative. Would love to see your shop as well. Your home must be amazing!!!!