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Im married with 2 kids ages 16, and 17. (believe me when i say they think all my antiques and collectables are junk) My sister and I love to go to antique stores here in our area, but after a while you see the same things, I purchased the Junk Market Style magazine in 2006 from the local Wal-mart where I work and I havent found another one since. I love that magasine, I have already done a few of the ideas in the magasine and have more I am about to start. I love seeing what wonderful things people come up with.(just yesterday i did the old milk bottle holder(I had a hard time finding one, found wire basket with 6 tin cups inside)with the 3 large candles and the 3 jars with flowers. it is the center piece on my dinningroom table. I cant wait to see what you all have created. thank you . Joan
P.S. My husband Mike feels the same way as the kids...

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Our Family Photos

I saw this project on this site already and I found 4 more FREE windows and decided to make a family window of my own, Thanks for the ideas! I'm taking it with me to my next Craft Fair to give others...

Autumn Centerpiece

The basket was given to me by my 2nd employer. Her mother in law gave it to her and she said that she has nowhere to put it and asked me if I would like it. Who am I to turn down a good pieceI...

Window of Memories

Well I completed the long Window, It has got my sons Senior photos on it. Nick was surprised that the window was just for him, I told him I had another idea for his sister Courtney because I know I...

Window Finds

Found the 8 pane windows leaning on a tree in someones yard on Saturday on my way to my 2nd job, I stopped in on my way home, knocked on the door, asked if they were keeping them and now they belong...

A table for the Family

I was able to purchase this from a co-worker for $150. Bargin! At first I was not to happy with the chairs, but my sister said that they make the set, Well lets just say, I love Them...I'm happy to...

Handy Trivets

This was in the Junk Market Style Magazine. I wish I had a laundry room like that one but I put these on the back of the basement door and they keep my cleaning utensils out of sight, and sometimes...

Autumn Nights

Yes, these were taken just before dark, 2 are with the flash and 2 are without. The candles are battery operated and they flicker. We got them last summer but never used them. What a great use now. I...

Decorating for Autumn

Just some pictures of some Autumn decorations I have done in the past, Not sure what I will do this year. Believe me, the wheel in my brain is turning..  DAILY !  

old window table

This is not finished yet, still not sure if I am gonna add a top so my daughter can use it as a Zen garden or if I want to use it in my room. The spindels were cheap and the window well that was...

"Wine or Rolling Pins"

I saw this idea at Antiques USA in Arundel Maine  and I picked up the rack for $9.00 and though it is brand new it is used for exactly what I wanted to use it for , the Dairy box I got there...

A ladder is more than a ladder

I got the ladder at a flea market for $5.00 and brought it home not knowing what i was gonna do with it, then I thought I could hang it above the stove to hang pots and pans  on but this idea...

fence frames

Once agian I did another project from the magazine, I went snooping in the garage and found a bundle of wooden stakes to mark property or a work area, well they have been in there for about 2 years...

old fence projects

I purchase the shutter at a antique store for $2.00 and the Fence was 2 6ft section that was in my neighbors yard that they were not gonna use. I got the idea for the fence rack from the premeire...

Recent comments

Re: Fifteen Minute Laundry Room Fix

Sue, I love that idea with the hot and cold handles, for me though my laundry is downstairs and not so great looking. I suppose i could do something like that on the back of my bathroom door to hang housecoats on. Wow. In the first junkmarket book you showed your laundryroom and in it there was a cabinet that u use for a hamper, I want you to know I tried for months at flea markets and antique shops for a cabinet like that and had no luck. Maybe when I start agian this year (when money is there) I may just find one. everyones luck will change sometime, I hope..
Great Job! Joan

Re: My first project

Great Job. Just wait and see what great things everyone has created, there are some fantastic ideas on this site. Welcome and can't wait to see more.


Re: salvaged wooden post

Congrads on your finds, I use those posts to make legs for the old windows that I find and make them into a table, I have 2 tables already and about 4 more I want to make but have run out of post, hopefully I will find some soon, happy hunting and have fun.


Re: Over run with windows!

Welcome Amber,

I also have a thing with wooden windows and I also had no idea about what to do, I have a few things posted on this site of what I did, i love coming home everyday and seeing what new things all my junk buddies have come up with, The doors are beautiful and would make a great table. Also go to the site that Gretchen had suggested, you will be amazed. Welcome to the family and Have fun and Enjoy>


Re: China Candlestick

What a beautiful centerpiece, I also love the mirror. You have done a great job with all your projects, you have some great ideas with your finds. keep up the great work, I find myself getting on this site everyday after work just to see what you all have done. thanks Joan

Re: Window Finds

I can't wait to use the long window, I am gonna clean it up and hang it in the livingroom in a corner(kittycornered) and put my sons Senior pictures in it.(My sister took about 8 different pics and you know that u just can't pick 1.

Re: Window Garden

FABULOUS! I love windows, What a great Job, Can't wait to see more.

Re: Junk Finds used in Displays

Awesome Finds, I wish I could have kept alot of my grandparents things, but at the time not interested. Boy, how I wish I could turn back time, I'd invite all you to come along.. Great job, looks nice.


Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

How lucky are you, What a Great Job. I have a large yard, but i guess i have to give my husband something to call his own. lol. plus I have no old chicken coop.


Re: Picture Holder

Great Job, Never be afraid to post what you have created, I was the same when I posted my first item. As long as you like it, that is all that matters,but I have never read anything bad, all the collecters and creaters on this site are Awesome. Welcome to the Family, I look forward to seeing more of your Ideas. Agian, Welcome.


Re: Bathroom JUNK makeover!

Awesome. You have some great ideas. Keep up the great work.
I am so amazed with what you can do with the simpelist of items.

Re: old window table

I have to drive by the shop in Ogunquit tommorrow after my 2nd job so I am gonna stop in and pick up another set of those spindles. I decided to make another one. One more window left.
Thanks for all the comments..


Re: Picket Fence Decor

FABULOUS! These are two of my favorite things, fences and enamel piece. What a creative idea. Great Job. Keep up the great work.


Re: Ink Block Photo Collage

You are just amazing. I log on everynight and I am so glad to see new things! kepp up the great work.

thanks, Joan

Re: "Wine or Rolling Pins"

I would love to be in Sanford Florida but No, I'm in Sanford Maine. Not that far But believe me when I say totally different weather.

Re: A ladder is more than a ladder

I never thought about decorating it for all the different holidays, thanks for the ideas...

Re: Family Scrabble Board

AWESOME! I absolutely love it. it would look good on my cellar door where the message board is to use for appointments, like to use it if you don't mind. Yard Sales are great.

Re: Painted Window

Beautiful work. Great Idea, I made a window picture display for the mud room with picutres of the past and attached some coat hooks, well lets just say i need to do alitttle repair so I can rehang it, the wet clothes that got hung on it brought it to the floor, I'll fix it thought, Great Job

Re: Like a Ladder in a Candy Store

If my kids were still trick or treating they definatley would want to go to your house, great idea, also love the wire basket that looks like a spider, keep up the awesome displays.

Re: old fence projects

Thank you Gretchen, I will have to take a ride to the book store. I have so many things that I consider collectables that I could do so much with, just check out the Hoosier (which I got for a steal, seller was upset it wasn't selling for $795 that they let it go for $500, its what you call, right place at the right time.) All the items in there mean alot to me, when my grandparents past away my sister and I were alot younger and we just let everything go with the house, when we go antiquing or collecting now we see so much that our grandparents use to have. We could just kick our own butts, Thanks agian for the comment, they are appreciated. I will be doing alot more, Hope we can talk in the future, take care and keep junking.