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I have been collecting since I was a little girl...I love flea markets, yard sales, auctions, and the list goes on. My kids have always said that our basement is a warehouse...so a few years ago I set up a booth at the local antique mall so everything didnt have to come home. It helps me to continue the thrill of the hunt! I love finding stuff and figuring out what on earth to do with it and Ive been following Sue Whitneys work for quite some time now...she is absolutely awesome!!!!

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Vintage Dressforms All Dressed Up

Throughout the year I dress up two vintage dressforms for various holidays.  Christmas outfits are always a favorite!

Bee Hives!

Found these cool bee hives in PA. They needed some work...we used pipe bands inside to secure them, added casters. Instant end tables for sunroom or porch. Love them!

Tennis Bracelet

I made this cute tennis inspired bracelet for someone @ work to give as a birthday present.  The racket was part of a keychain and I just added some chain, some pearly beads, and her initial "S"...

Tape Measure Bookmarks

I found this cool old tape measure at a flea market recently and remembered I had seen online a project where the tape was used for bracelets. I loved the bracelet idea and I will be making some, but...

Junk Tree

A little bit of this....a little bit of that...and a cuckoo clock topper makes for a funky, junky Christmas tree!

Postage Jewelry

I bought these metal pieces on ETSY to use for my typewriter key jewelry, but also found the plastic inserts...so I used old postage stamps and wording from old mail/letters to make these cute...

Retirement Present

I made this special card for a friend who recently retired.  I added some cute features to an old photo: old skeleton key, a watch piece. decoupaged some vintage postage stamps, a queens...

Work is for the birds...

Converted an old metal lunchbox into a decorative birdhouse. 

junky lamps

I've been wanting to make some lamps and I finally found the perfect shades!


Old trim, an old wall candle holder, and an old jar...makes a cute architectural flower vase 

Apt for Rent

"Cheep Cheep" Birdhouse

junk jewelry

I've seen so many neat jewelry projects on here and I've been wanting to try some myself. Although mine are extremely amateur...I really like 'em!

architectural hangings

I bought these old trim pieces at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, VA...left the peely paint and added some neat elements to make pretty, decorative, functional pieces!

More Vintage Valentine Fun

These are my homemade victorian valentines.

Vintage Valentine Fun

I posted some homemade valentines a couple of weeks ago...here are some more! Cute kiddie valentines transformed into even cuter ones, I think!

valentine art

I love making art with old paper, cards, stamps, etc. and I knew I had been saving all those broken cigar boxes for a reason! Just decoupage some vintage paper and other cool stuff onto the box...


I have recently been making journals and they've been a hit! I take composition notebooks (the ones with the hard covers) and I cover them with good scrapbook paper, vintage maps, pages out of old...

Irvington Farmer's Market August 1

On Saturday I set up shop at the Irvington Farmer's Market (a great little river town in VA) and boy was it hot, 95 degrees!! But it was a fun day with lots of good homeade food, produce, and...

vintage playpen/crib shelves and spring junk finds!

Love this time of year....yard sales, flea markets, and sunshine so I can create outside!

junk birdbath

I saw a similiar birdbath while in Shupp's Grove, Pennsylvania. A fellow junkmarket member, JunkChick, has an awesome little shop there called North of Eden Creations and she makes birdbaths...

typewriter key jewelry

Last fall I started making lapel pins with my old typewriter keys and vintage buttons and they have been a hit! I make charms, pins, bracelets...always using buttons as the background.  I have a...

School Desk & Chair

Here's the FREE desk and chair set I posted yesterday in my flea market finds. Today I painted it, added a vintage pencil sharpener and ink bottle, and I think it turned out really cute.

Flea Market Finds

Our weather today was absolutey gorgeous and there were yard sales on every corner. I had a very productive day as you can see from my pics!

Fish Box Cat Bed

I had seen this project before but it was a doggie bed made from an old box. So when I saw this fish crate I thought "what cat wouldn't love to sleep in a fish box"? So I added some...

milk bottle lamp

Thank you everyone for the all great ideas for the vintage milk caps. Midge, I couldn't wait to try your suggestion and here it is!

cabinet door chalkboard

I had two old cabinet doors, so I decided to make a chalkboard out of one. I left the original hardware, painted the frame green, painted the inset with chalkboard paint, and attached piece of a...

Need ideas!

I love JM and I check it out everyday, but this is my first time posting. Yesterday I bought a whole can of vintage milk caps (probably a couple of hundred)...they are 1 1/4" diameter.  I need...

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Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge


Re: Dresser Bench project

Very nice....I just recently did one of these too. I will post!

Re: Fashionable Junk

LOVE THIS!!!!!!! That's all I can say...this site never ceases to amaze me!

Re: Happy May Day!

Love all the names so far!
Here are my ideas:
1. "FLEAPURPOSE", the repurposing flea!
2. "FLEACYCLED", the recycle flea!
4. "SCRAPPY" the flea
5. "THRIFTY" the flea

Re: AA/JMS Vintage Redesign Jewelry #3

I am always in awe of your jewelry...LOVE IT ALL!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

I loved it the first time this project posted and I love it ALL over again this time! I want to marry Jim! HeHe!

Re: from green to dream!

Oak!!! It's my favorite...this really turned out beautifully, good job!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

LOVE IT, WANT IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT! Would you consider moving to Virginia? EVERYTHING you create is PERFECT!!!!

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

Great transformation...glad you posted!

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

they are all cute... I especially love the domino/tile table!

Re: Need your help with this Adorable Vintage Parlor Table & Chairs

I have a similar set that I painted each a chair a different color...pink, light blue, light green, and yellow...and made some cute cushions with fabric that had all of the colors. I left the table white. It's very cheery!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?


Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

I love all of them...very cool!

Re: architectural hangings

OnEaglesWings I actually saw your root starter posted a few days ago. I made my pieces back in the summer..just never posted them. When I saw yours I remembered I hadn't done it...so thanks!

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

Love these!!! I have a ridiculous amount of ceramic tiles leftover from bathroom re-do....I will definitely be using this idea. Thanks!

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

Way, way cool radio idea! Love it!!!

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

Awesome booth...I'd shop there in a heartbeat!

Re: wild and wacky custom desk / table

Really, really neat table/desk. The whole design is just awesome!

Re: Clean up finds

Looks like a great haul! I've just started working with paper items...would love to see your greeting cards/invitations for inspiration!

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

I am practically throwing a hissy fit right this moment! Oh how I wish I could be there, but I live as far east as you can get...Virginia!!! I can only imagine the goodies you'll have...uh-oh, I feel a temper tantrum coming!

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

Can't really tell if the hooks are all even with each other...but how about using it as a wrapping paper rack/holder or if you're into sewing..maybe rolls of fabric?Or lay boards on some of the rows of hooks and make a shelving unit to hold photos, candles, whatever! No matter what, it's a keeper!


Re: Pop Art Bracelet

Very, very cool! I love them! Enter me, please and thank you!


Re: A lamp is a lamp, is a lamp...again!

Yea baby! It is fun, funky, and fine..way to go!


Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

A perfect match...what a great idea! Way to go!

Happy junking,

Re: "old School"

What a great mudroom piece! Each member of the family can have his/her own locker for their daily school and work stuff. Decorate the inside of each one to reflect each personality. Lucky you...I think they are awesome!

Re: Umbrellas

What a wonderful store display...ceilings are sometimes so tall and empty and this is a great solution. Great idea!

Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

This is so cute...I love everything about it! I can't wait to try something like this. I have bent forks and scrabble tiles waiting for just this project! Another great post..I love all your ideas!

Re: vintage button pendents

I love old buttons...good job!

Re: Chick feeder

Very cute and how easy!! I have passed up so many chick feeders over the years...I won't next time! Love your scissor collection too.