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Wow! love this site! I love Victorian,Cottage,Bohemian styles. Add a little rust and chippy paint!!! And well Be Still My Heart! I love hiding modern speakers in early kerosene heaters or wooden radios from the 30s. Old doors and windows are lined up waiting for inspiration,and at least 6 or 7 old wood stoves are in my plans too.My Bear just looks at me and shakes his head and then loads the truck (so glad he got that 1 ton w/a lift,he dosent know what he in for! hehe!

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Sows Ear Bath House

Wood fencing,a cast iron tub and sink,lots of misc. and you have A Sow's Ear.

What is this? Take a guess! What would you use it for?

A night stand,a bar,a podium? could be any of the 3 but,it's a 1930's White, Parlor Treadle Sewing Machine.I like the enclosed cabinet,not sure it will stay a treadle machine it would make...

Radiant Fire

Found at a yard sale and the clays were found on Ebay,all in all a neat treasure for about $30.00

Instant Family...Just add Rust!

Gotta love the family,and so many of them!



Santa,seen today at MillionHeir Store.

Here he is,browsing the isles of the local MillionHeir store,in the middle of July.Santa says"with the economy being the way it is and so many folk loving Green it's time to embrace the styling here...

Coming attractions

These came from a theater in Chicago,I have 4 and considered making a foutain or fashion a table or lamp(might be interesting but would have to remove the legs) Any ideas?

Time Traveler !

Early steamer truck,entertainment center?

Roadside Treasure

Last year this little beauty was setting on the side of the road,we stopped and talked to the little lady and she was glad to see it gone.

My Cement Garden

A old cement mixing tray, large bucket,farm hand water pump,odds and ends all found at yard sales. add a few flowers and don't forget the frogs!.

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Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

Love this idea.

Re: $92.00 Kitchen Makeover, Re-use, Re-Purpose REBORN!

I love unique kitchens,right now We're remodeling our kitchen too.Love your ideas!

Re: Pets and junk

I love Flea Lions,and feel your loss too. Mine are everywhere. One is helping me type right now.

Re: There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

Charming!,note to self...find a old saw horse.

Re: HELP!!!!

There's a product on the market called"Looking Glass" by Kraylon,ava at Micheals. Love this stuff,it can be used in several apps. Make an antique mirror almost instantly. spray the glass with the silver,allow the silver to dry and then drop or spray a bit of water on the sprayed area. The finish bubbles up.When the water drys apply the black finish coat. Looks like a antique mirror with little exspence.

Re: Help Everyone.....Old chandelier I need help on identifing age and value!!

From what I can see it's all there. Mine was in peices, stacked in a neat little pile and the lady said "I think it's all there" yours is wonderful,just the way it is. Maybe a little light cleaning,with a soft brush for dust but,I wouldn't add any paint.It's one of those "If you love it,buy it now,cause it'll be gone when you come back" type of things",like I said I've seen 3 or 4. I think they're sort of rare. I guess if you were to have it re-wired by someone it might cost about $75.00 (here in Ca.anyway) I think I would still ask $250.00-$300.00 just the way it is.By the way, sold mine in 2004.

Re: Barn In Your Bathroom

Love it,I had tons of old fencing and a bathroom that need fixin' so I did the same thing your doing. I call my bath "Sow's Ear Bathhouse" I'm hopeing the "Silk Purse"living room will happen latter.

Re: Help Everyone.....Old chandelier I need help on identifing age and value!!

Ment to add the paint finish is orig.

Re: Help Everyone.....Old chandelier I need help on identifing age and value!!

I had one just like this. I also know it's a amazing chandlier.1850 is way off I would say 1920-1930'S,perhaps when the first "Ben Hur" movie came out. Mine came to me as a basket case and I re wired it.I ended up selling mine for $350.00 but,it took a while sence it's so diffrent,a gentelman bought it for his den. I have seen one or two on Ebay as well and you might ck. the advanced search, completed auctions,it's a great place for research too.

Re: Vintage Ice Box

I have a old refrigerator (called a 1932,High Boy) and love your idea for storage and book shelves. It's very much like this model,love it because it's so unique,I've only seen 2 mine and one on another webpage. I was wondering what paint you used? and how you applied it.

Re: Recycled Piano

What a cleaver idea Susie!

Re: Floating Photography

I love old frames too,great ideas!

Re: Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

Wish you were here to paint the one I have. I call it
Little Pig from the min. I saw it. Your is so cute!

Re: Bye, Bye Baby...

Hi Laurel,What a fun time!How much fun this room must have been to decorate. You and your little one have so many adventures ahead. I can't wait to see all the plans for the future.

Re: Ye Antique Gun Nut

What a special gift!

Re: This hydrant is now hot hot hot!

I had 2 made into lamps.

Re: Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

I think she said white but,Apple works for aches and pains, Just add a cup to bath water and soak!

Re: Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

A friend told me vinegar works well for removing rust,haven't tried it yet but,worth a try.Maybe you could try it on this can.

Re: bench trellis

What a great idea!,I have a 40ft. school bus,full of seats.

Re: More TRASH to treasure

A great reading lamp! I can see these in a office,love them!

Re: Old WoodenBookshlef

Great story!,wonderful treasure!

Re: More Freebies!

I have a sewing cabinet that's a puzzle too,mine is all there but,someone got the bright idea to paint the lovely oak a dk.turquoise,I'm in the process of stripping it and will make it into a filing cabinet or a coffee table,someday!.Hope yours becomes something fantastic!

Re: Antiques

These old machines are fun,I can't help but wonder about the lady that first used this. Are you going to try it? I have a parlor machine and if I will ever try using it. It's got some strange bobbins not at all like today's machine.So it might end up on Craigslist too.Another one I have will end up as a coffee table or a filing cabinet.

Re: Antique tea kettle

I can honestly say that Tea is a favorite of mine,found a Rose tea that is fantastic! Love your pictures and hope to see the next "feast for the eyes" that you add to your page.

Re: Instant Fireplace

I added a pic. of one of my Radiant stoves hope you take a look and enjoy.

Re: Instant Fireplace

I love old stoves of just about any kind,found one(pictured on my page)on the side of the road and I have another that I found at a yard sale that is similar to this one,I add a pic. so you can see it.

Re: found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

I have a friend that has a early 20c. autopsy table,maybe from the same era as this chair,Spooky! but, in reality it's beautiful. It has fancy cast iron legs and is really a work of art. Really! I'm not kidding!I guess down the road I'll try to get a pic. talk about a unique "Potting Table"hehe

Re: Has anyone seen the dictionaries?

I have 2 huge English dictionaries and a box of old German books,have no idea what they say but, My HubbyBear is of German descent so I'll find something to use them on. If you would like a book or 2(of the German books) let me know and I'll share.

Re: Gardening in extreme circumstances...

What a inspiration! I live on 2.5 acs. of pines,oaks and weeds.Thank you for the ideas!

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

A friend of mine swears by vinegar,says's it better then Navel Jelly.

Re: High Tech Message Center



Love old furniture and fabric "be still my heart" I have yards of fabric and chairs that are waiting for the right combo.Your chair and table are so cute together!

Re: Time Traveler !

Thank you! I love this ol' thing,sold it and then drag it back. Thought it might be neat as a coffee table. if I lay it on it's back,maybe add glass on top too. It's about 5' long so it would be huge.

Re: Time Traveler !

It should be fun! of course I'll need to unload that 40' school bus and find it. Anybody want to help? there's lots of Unique Junk in there.

Re: Pull Up Your Pants!!!

Pants on the floor!Pants on the floor! hehe!

Re: All Tied Up in a Bow

Love the bow and the snips,but Coco has won my heart.My Flea lions love to sit in the middle of my projects too. Ms. Nosey was always supervising, and Morris claims furniture as his.

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

Dimonds leave me cold ...all I want is Junque!


I'm not sure I'm explaining this right but, why not put glass in it and make a collage of your photographs. Or maybe one large photo in(black and white) cut into shapes( sm. squares and layered)and framed by the door.Anyway it seems interesting in my minds eye.

Re: Santa,seen today at MillionHeir Store.

Of course he is!Something for everyone there!


It's wonderful! hall tree,add a few coat hooks a mirror maybe a shelf to hold keys ect.A few sturdy shelve brackets on the bottom and it'll be freestanding.Whatever you do I want to see pics.

Re: Heavy Duty desk Vice Grip

Wow! guess it's time to raid Bear's garage,I love old rusty(like most on this site)and there's tons of stuff in there. What would you do with a 1923 automotive floor jack? Guess I'll have to add a's really unique.


I love the texture

Re: Time Traveler !

I was thinking that I might use it for a linen closet in a sm. bath but,the bath I have in mind is already stuffed to the rafters.The shelving is indeed a prob. It will be a while before I can use it anyway,sadly it's buried in a storage shed.

Re: Coming attractions

Their made of cast metal and are the sides of a fold down seat. About 14"x24" and are very heavy.

Re: Time Traveler !

Yes!I've had this for a long time,sold it,missed it,bought it back. I'm thinking in my office.


I love old rockers,I'm also a firm believer that you must have more then one! so I have at least 10. Love this one and have a neat old rocker that needs to be recovered.Hmmm perfect!

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

Great idea! I have 3 floor model raidos and haven't decided just how or where to use 2 of them. I did add a car speaker to one and was thinking about adding a clock to another,the third raido is a 1923 metal coffin raido with a seprate small speaker ,lost the top so added a few very small lights and a glass shelve for the top.

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

I love Christmas!A Santa (1950-60's Santa manikin) has taken over my office and sits in a comfy red leather chair,he's 6ft tall, has a cheery red suit, black boots and a new wig and beard(wish I could load a pic. but,I'm having trouble with my program)He's my best Sally's find(Salvation Army or some might call it the Million Heir Shop)Jim,He would fit in so well with your Vintage Christmas delights.Ho! Ho! Ho!

Re: GIONIS ON A JUNKIN' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the little corner cabinet!

Re: A night at the doll cemetary...

Dolls are spooky! When I was a kid my mom had a doll hospital,talk about spooky! We had arms,legs,heads,torsos drawers of glass eyes and hair.Just about everywhere!.And one time, a antique doll body the size of a sm. child hanging from a chandilier.(Beleive me it's a long story.)Any way I like your unique(spooky)style.

Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

Hi Jenny;
Love this! I got a pair of these lamps a while back and was looking at them and wondering "What in the world am I going to do with these ?" Now I know!

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

Would look great in a kitchen with a unique potholder above it and maybe some shelving with white restrant dishes and last but not least a bunch of old colorful tins on the shelves.

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

That tall typing table? Add a butcher block top and it's a fun work space for a sm. kitchen!

Re: Some more of the Master Bath

Great ideas Lezlee,I have a stack of old doors and windows. Also re modeling my sm. bath and your designs are inspiring! I just hope mine will look as sweet.