I'm from up north in Minnesota. I have been junking for over 15 years. Most of it has been to decorate my house which is your normal 70's bi-level. I would rather have the old country look. I ride horses and am into the old and new country looks. I have done alot of things for friends and for raffles @ church. I decorate our church entry ways for the different seasons with my own stuff. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I do it because I enjoy it so much.

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He's not a dog or cat but he's sure handsome.

This is my 12 year old quarter horse Shilo. He is wearing his christmas halter, it is made from a red rope halter, garland of twine, rusty bells and vintage fabric plaid bows. Now isn't he handsome?

Dog Collar Contestant

O.K. so he isn't a dog, but he is dressed for Christmas. His name is Shilo, he is a 12 year old Quarter Horse. He has on a Christmas Halter. Made from a red rope halter, some twine, rusty bells...

Believe and you shall recieve

This is in my Living room all year long. It is painted by me on an old wooden ironing board. It brings a little bit of the holidays every day.At the top is a Breaast Cancer Awareness Angel, she is...

Patio Falloween up North

I'm a little bit country and alot western.  We Grow our own pupkins and gourds. Lots of foliage in the area to pick this time of year. Makes for a great place to have a cup to drink and a warm...

Recent comments

Re: Looking for inspiration for a few items?

If you could plug the holes it could be made into a fountain of some sort.But yes the flower thing is an easy way out.

Re: Recycled Fire Place Pumpkin

That takes the hat! Awesome idea and very original, Great job.

Re: wind spinners

Soon Spring will be here right???? These would look great hanging in the trees, or in the garden, you can never have enough junk in the garden. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Valentine Fun

A great way to display old valentines. I have a few that my dad gave my mom when he was in WWII, they are both gone now and I have always wanted to do something special with them, this has me thinking.!!!!!!! Thanks


Re: kitty kat found object sculpture made by my friend Ron

Absolutely Love it!!!! The head and face are awesome. Your friend has a gift he didn't know? Well he should know now how much we all love it. And that he is very gifted.


Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

You could remove the top part and use the bottom as a bird bath. Just adhere an old saucer, pan, bowl anything in the form of a bowl would work. Or cut out the spindles and turn the top upside down to use as your bird bath, of course you would have to line it with something amazing but I'm sure you could come up with something, maybe mosiac? Just a thought.


Re: Wine Rack

Very cool!!!! I have an old sewing machine but it is still in its original form so I would hate to break it up, but if I see a broken one I now know what I can do with it. Plus who doesn't like wine?


Re: All wood whats it !!!

I Agree it is some fancy foot massage.But what great possibilities with all those balls. And small shelves. Can't wait to see what you come up with. And the price was definately right.


Re: Merry Christmas to Me

$30.00 what a find!!!! I would have bought it for alot more. Beautiful piece and I can't wait to see what you do with it.Of course the boys dressed it up nicely for the new years.I'm not sure white is your answer though, there are other colors out there.


Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Absolutely LOVE this project. I love anything red and also the old coffee pot. This is a very cool project. Well done!!!!


Re: Viking Cowboy and Sailor Joe Lock People

I am truly inspired ! I have a lot of these locks and have been wondering what to do with them. Now that the Holidays are over I hope to have some time to work on a few things and this has given me some inspirtaion to maybe create some men or women of my own. Thanks for the idea.


Re: Toilet Topper

Very Cool idea and what a great display for the bathroom. Love the look and the "cost" Thanks for sharing and Welcome.


Re: Fifteen Minute Laundry Room Fix

Hey great idea for the laundry but my fav is the industrial drawer. I don't seem to be able to find the cool knobs that actually say "hot,cold", but I'll keep looking.


Re: Mobile Boutique

Very Inspiring, I have worked in a nursing home for many years, could you drive that bus up North to us. My residents would love to play Dressup. And they have so much to offer us. You have made many smile and remember their past I'm sure. Thanks for giving back to those who have given to us.



You have made some incredible junk pieces. I love old doors and making tables from them, they have many uses. You have some incredibly good ideas. Thanks for sharing, and another man in the junking groove! Got to love it!


Re: Painted trash to treasures

You do good work! Love all the painting techniques, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but....

Love this!!!! And to think it is made from ladders, now don't we all have a few of them around? Love the fact that it could have many uses. I like the idea of a make-up bench. WAY TO GO!


Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

Very Elegant find! How lucky to have unearthed such a piece from that date. Great idea.


Re: Horseshoe Cake Pan Message Center

Very cool idea and of course we all need to be more organized. I have never seen a hoseshoe shaped cakepan before. Very LUCKY for you.



Love your style and use of the old and rusty tools. WELCOME to the world of stange cargo from all Junkers. It is a craft and everyone has a piece of it. Sort of like a "mosiac"


Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

Another great design from you! That is a really cool sled. I have a couple but they are not that old. Of course the whole room is great, but you didn't make the lamp????? Shame on you, I know you could do something amazing for that room.


Re: Old window projects

Love all your ideas with windows. I now know what to do with a few of mine that are minus a pane or two.Thanks for sharing.


Re: Cast Off Pedestals

Very nicely done. A simple yet elegant look. I love the distressed white look also. Thanks for sharing.


Re: found this the other day.. anyone know what it is?

That was also my first guess. Love the patina on it, what will you do with it now?


Re: Memory Lamp

This is a great memory lamp, your niece is one very special girl to have you for an Aunt. And a Junking Aunt @ that. I know she will appreciate this for years to come. Can you draw my name for next year?


Re: Thinking Big!

I love anything made from doors and this is a great piece. I also love grates, and you put a grate idea on this one. Keep up the BIG WORK!


Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.

I Love the fact that you are a man and can think like all us women when it comes to junk, only in a more mascuine way.This is going to be great also, like all your projects are.


Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

WOW!!!!!! You could be the next DR. FRANKENSTEIN !!!!! He is Fab. Great Work.


Re: Indoor Window Box

Love it, but what is it made of? It will be a great window box.


Re: found this vintage coke light up sign at the scrap yard tuesday

Wow what a find!!!! Show us the after look when you get it put in the kitchen O.K?


Re: My very first "junker" project!

Great Idea, WELCOME!!!! This is a great loking piece. I have a similar looking lantern that would work like that. Thanks for the idea.


Re: Angels Are Among Us

Love the angels, and the size of them. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Dog Collar Contestant

Thanks to all of you who think my guy is as handsome as any of the other pets. And he definately is my baby. My life! If you believe you will recieve. I have always wanted my own horse, since a small girl. But never the opportunity to have one till I was 42 years old, so now I consider myself a very lucky cowgirl!!!!

Re: birds of a feather doll

She is amazing!!! Love her face, your friend must be very special and LUCKY to have you for a friend. Great piece.


Re: Old trunk Makeover

Cool trunk, I have one similar, that is layered with 2 other trunks for an end table.Inside I keep old photo albums and pictures. Great storage pieces. Love your Decoupage look.


Re: Northwoods Christmas tree

Very cool tree!!! I hope you fared well through the Blizzard we had over the weekend. The toboggan could be used now @ my place, we recieved over 8 inchs of snow. Love your look. I am from Minnesota also.


Re: found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

I'm not sure but I think maybe my Dentist had a chair like that back in the old days. No not really but he had the mentality of that chair. He actually slapped me across the face because I was crying. Now do you think I like going to the Dentist? NOT!!!!!! But it is still a great find, kind of creepy, I hope you turn it into a great place of relaxtion.


Re: more vintage gloves

In the dirt?????? What an amazing find and they appear to have cleaned up great. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


Re: finally did something w/ one of the windows

I Love windows, I don't think you need to add anything to fancy it up, just fill in the open spaces with somemore memorabilia. It doesn't have to be a picture. I'm sure you can come up with something.Good Luck and Good Find.


Re: Found...in my own garage!

Very cool Urn I really like the fact that your hubby picked ot up for you. Nice bit of holiday cheer in it now.


Re: The Story of the Christmas Camel

Wonderful story, great little guy. He now has a place of honor as he should. Blessings to all.


Re: My sunrrom at Christmas

Love al your decorating, I especially love the fact that you put the milk strainer in the house, I have mine outdoors.Very cute ideas and put together like a true junker.


Re: Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Love the Santa who is peeking out of the fireplace, kids of all ages would love to see that face on christmas morning. Great Job on the whole vinyete, and it's in your bedroom another bonus!


Re: Here are a couple things i got the other day....

I am totally jealous ,those are great finds. Love the glass doors, can't wait to see what you do with them. You sure do get some great deals. Keep up the good work.



Have you done any with an iron bed? I have one and other than putting it in my garden would love to make a bench out of it. Any and all suggeations welcomed. By the way I love your bench bed.


Re: Bike Tires

Wow they are beautiful!!!! Very Inspiring. Who would of thought it was a bike tire? thanks for sharing.


Re: Have You Got The Time?

Your friends son is one lucky boy, that is a great clock. I personally have never seen those man blocks before. But what a grear gift. Love all the other clocks as well, I too love anything rusty and geary.


Re: Boot Scootin' Bags

Being a country girl and a lover of the color red in any dimmention, plus I love my cowgirl boots, this is my kind of purse. What are the fringes made of? Very beautiful and creative, do you have a special sewing machine that can do leather? I'm totally jealous.


Re: Denim & Lace!

Now who could resist a purse? This is fab, love all the different elements. Very unique.


Re: Like a puzzle...

I absolutely LOVE this!!!!! Wish I had one in my house. Very Beautiful. You have donea great job.


Re: More old windows

Thanks for the great idea to add to the window a cross. I am in the process of decorating our church entryway for the holiday and that would make a great statemnet. I and everyone else have alot of windows and the more ideas the better. Thanks for sharing.



OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am so jealous, we burn wood and would love to have a log roller. It wood keep keep someone busy on their day off!!!!! You made great purchases. Can't wait to see what becomes of them.



Oh that is so cool!!!!! What a great find. I personally love wheel of fortune, am pretty good @ guessing the answers also. Of course that is because I"m sitting @ home. But this is a great piece. You can't go wrong doing anything with it.


Re: What Do You Make With One 5 Gallon Bucket and Two 3 Gallon Buckets???

Really great job on the painted faces, we all have more talent then we think! Very creative idea also, could be a fun easy get together for a group of ladies to do.Thanks for sharing.


Re: Christmas Bling & More Great Ideas

Love the chandelier with all its bling!!!!But there is always room for a tree of some sort isn't there? I have also displayed ice skates along with a sled and ski poles. Makes a great winter statement. Thanks for sharing.


Re: FLEA BAG!!!!!!

Love the look and my JH has that exact same belt, but i know he won't let me have it. Did I hear the word Flea??? This makes a great piece for the atr of flea marketing.


Re: Oh?! Did you think these were vintage radios?

Very creative idea, who would've thought!!! Really cool radios too. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Refrigerator Pocket Organizer made from Recycled Frame

Very organized! I agree that it is a very clever idea to clean up the fridge. I don't have kids young enough to have papers anymore but I know several people who do and this would make a great gift. Thanks for the idea.


Re: Just some footstool fun

Very cool idea and who doesn/t have an extra pop crate around. But the sweater idea is fabulous!!! Very creative.


Re: Snowman Project

Very Cute!!!!!! Love the boa did you make that also? I think it is also a snowshe! She would light up any home.


Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

Love the terminology and of course the candleabra! You have a way with words like I've never heard. All the different thingys just fit into place and make a glamerous piece. Now for that bath!!!!!!!


Re: Whisk Up a Little Ambiance!

That is truly a light fantastic!!!! I have never seen a whisk like that, how big is it? Anyway it is Fab!


Re: Champagne Glass Christmas Tree

Very elegant! Love the creativity of it and who could'nt use another wine glass? Love it !

Re: Drum Side Table

Never seen this done before,Love it!!!!! Way to go !


I have that flowered fabric as curtains in my house. It would definately go very well in my living room. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sweater Stocking

Love that idea!!! I do some sewing also and that is pretty simple but I never thought to do it. You have a creatve mind. Way to go!

Re: Shabby hp garden sign on a vintage metal garden chair.

Truly amazing paint job. You must love roses, but then who doesn't? Great creativity.

Re: Junking on a TUESDAY???

Definately a treasure full of junk in the back of that pickup. Way to go. I have also seen those tri leg stands as bases to old floor lamps. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.

Re: Shabby hp vintage shoes.

Again a great painting job turned into beautiful junk. Great talent!!!! Of course everyone loves shoes though some of us arn't lucky enough to wear anything with heels. My JH is shorter than I am. But you can always dream of being a princess and wearing these shoes.

Re: Latest Projects

Very cool stuff. I have painted screens with snowmen also, and windows too. Come on all you junkers all you need is a paint brush and some paint and you can do it too. Love the sewing machine. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Some of my dumpster /junk makeovers,I can't beleive what people throw away !!!

You said it girl, the things people throw away. You have done a great job turning them into good junk. Love the bunny!!!

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

Very creative!!!! Love the fact that you actually did dumpster dive, Most folks would be scared to do that. Thanks for sharing. Love Your tree and display.

Re: Over run with windows!

I also thought of a room divider I have put 3 old doors together for this purpose. I also used stained glass paints and did a treatment in the glass. Welcome and hope to see alot more of your junk>

Re: Something other than angels!

As I said before you make beautiful junk. We knew you could do more than angels. Thanks for sharing.

Re: OOPS, More angels!

What a bargain! Love the faces how do you do them? They are very creative as have been all your junk. Keep it coming!!!!

Re: wonderfull good find this week.

I am truly jealous, what an amazing haul!!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I hope things are better for you now, junking is a great stress reliever.


Re: Advice needed for project

If you are going to put a hole in the middle of it and then cut it will you have enough to put on that board? If so drilling a starter hole should be all you need to do. Then are you going to cover up the cut? This is a fabulous piece of tin. Can't wait to see what it turns into.

Re: Mining for Junk? Absolutely!

I think it is some kind of drawers also.


Re: Traveling Spa

I would love to come and stay at your house for a relaxing night. What a great way to open up yourself for others.Love the hat box.


Re: Ultimate Junk Shed

Very Cool shed. It should do the trick for protecting your junk during the winter. Hope the snow isn't too deep this year.


Re: Believe

Believe is my motto. You have done it up good. Very elegant and yet simple. Great Job!



You have found yourself some great finds. Nice potato baasket, and love the barbedwire wreaths. They will go far.


Re: Candelabrum

I LOVE your whole outdoor look!!!! The candelabra's are great. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Welcome to the world of junkers.

Re: industrial lamp turned display

Very Cool idea. I love that you used scrabble letters to fill it with. I"m a huge scrabble fan! Keep up the cool work.


Re: Garden Mosaic Sun Face For Under $1.00

Such a beautiful smiling face!!!! He would reign in any flower garden. Great way of using up free resources. You Go Green Girl!


Re: Happy Hallowe'en Junkers

Love the pumpkins! I agree rust and ribbon a great combination. Happy Halloween!


Re: Make it Pink for My Sis

Amazing Tribute to your sister! I have sisters that I love dearly and would hate to lose. I know that they would say the same for me. I being the youngest and the one to have had breast cancer. It is a fitting tribute to any and all angels up in our heavens. Thank You for all you do. Thanks to everyone who supports this terrible disease.

Believe in the Power of PINK!!!!!

Re: A Junkin Pumpkin

Happy Halloween to you also! What a great pupmkin, and I'm sure your daughter-in-law is very appreciative of the end result and her day off. I hope is is as beautiful there as it is here today. Thank God for Indian Summers!!!!! I especially love the ears. Thanks for sharing!


Re: from hitching post to bookcase

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have been looking for a horse hitching post for years they are very expensive @ sales.I am envious that you have such a great one with a wonderful memory to go with it. You Go Cowgirl!!!!!


Re: another window / another idea

Very Cool window, I love windows and have several, I have used calendar pictures in mine also. Makes for a great theme in a room. Good Job.


Re: Beehive

Pretty Cool, I have an actual wasp hive I don't know what to do with. Too big to fit under a glass cylinder.It is attached to a twig. Any suggeations?

Re: Spinning Fan Blade Server

Did you make the cupcakes too? Very cool idea and you can obviously use this for all occassions.

Re: Angels, Angels and more Angels...

Very cool!!!! I have a few of those odds and ends laying around and a sister who collects angels, I just may have to Kopy your design. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Weekend Finds

I am sooooooo jealous!!!!!! I would love to have found some of the branding irons,and hay bailer springs. You kbow that I'm alot country up here. Can't wait to see what things you come up with. We had our first snow yesterday, but the sun is shinig today and it should all melt.

Re: help, I need info, I'm new at this?

Welcome and I have to agree with everyone else, I'd let it get it's look au-natural. Great pieces as they are. I have a copper boiler filled with white birch branches. Love the copper pot with the spiket.

Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

I also am a survivor of the big "C". Was never a pink person, but @ least for one month of the year I don all the pink I can. Thank you for all your wonderful junkitems and insperation. Truly all women are blessed to be a part of this site and for the love of JUNK! You are inspiring!!!!

Re: Last one I Promise!!!

As you have shown us all you have a great junk eye! That is what this is all about, turning something discarded for it's usual purpose into something amazing! You go girl!!!!!

Re: Are You Sick of the Silver Yet??

Very cool, looks like you have mastered the art of garden chimes. Never can have too many.

Re: Trailer Trash Ball

What a unique idea. It fits well with the Halloween season. You are all a little scary!!!! Looks like a blast, thanks for sharing.

Re: From Cast-offs to Creatures

WOW! What more can you say! AMAZING! Love all of it and the fact that he recycles from anywhere and everywhere. He has some talent.


Welcome to the site. I'm from Mn but close to ND as well. All the girls have given you wonderfull ideas. I love doorknobs and have done the board thing and then hung pictures from the knobs. The wheel idea is great as a wreath, you have alot of things already that could go on it. Everything and anything can become a lamp or candle holder. You Go Girl!!!! Can't wait to see what you ahve come up with.

Re: Halloween Magic!

What a great centerpiece! Love the look. I'm sure you will be able to use this for other holidays also. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Junk is for the Birds

What a great birdhouse. Very imaginative, much better than using the kiddie paints. It really is a piece of art!!!! I'm sure the folks in Atlanta will be very suprised and glad to see what a little or should we say alot of JUNK can build.You could say this is the house that junk made.Truly an inspiration. Thanks for all you do.

Re: Memo Gate

What a grate idea!!!! Welcome to the site and glad you were able to post your project. Are those pictures of family members? They are way cool.

Re: outside fall decoration

Love the fall display, looks like you have found your nitch, welcome to the Junking site.

Re: lamp and bowling ball coat rack

WELCOME and great retro junk. That is said in the most generous way. We on this site all love junk and it is not a bad word @all. Can't wait to see more.

Re: Patio Falloween up North

Glad that you all like my Patio, I was able to turn my picture around on my PC but can't quite get it done on here,Sorry! I hope it doesn;t make you all googleeyed.Thanks a bunch to Luann who gave me specific instructions on how to post pictures. I hope to show more stuff soon.

Re: Bewitched

It was fun to meet you yesterday up here in the North country. Too bad you didn't get to experience what we have to offer. If you make the trip again let me know. Love the spooky clock theme, and the old ladder which I happen to have 1 or 2 in my barn. Thanks for this web-site and all the amazing things tht you do for those of us that LOVE JUNK. HAPPY FALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

Re: Falloween Porch

So glad that you and everyone else like Z-eek!!! What a great name, it fits his personlity, love the orange hair thing you added. You did a great job on your porch. Happy Falloween!!!!

Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

Great Porch! Love the cart. Have to finish my Patio and hope to post also.

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

I had a clock picked out also. But an ingenious idea as to how to display it. Love the whole halloween theme. I think that there are alot of us 70's gals.

Re: "Wine or Rolling Pins"

That is a great way to display your rolling pins!!!! LOVE the idea. I don't have many rolling pins, but I do have wine. Cheers to a great idea out of the box as they say.

Re: Hair Salon or Dentist Office--you tell me??

I agree it is a dentist tray. I used to be a hairdresser and have seen alot of the old stuff, not familiar with it in that context.But alot of awsome ways to use it, and I know that you can do it. Way to go!!!!!

Re: My Fall Junk Exchange gift

Way cool idea with the meat grinders LOVE IT. I had a great Fall junk partner also. That is a great idea. You are one lucky lady.

Re: Don't You Love Free Junk?

Love the whole free junk thing, you got some awesome treasures. You have great talent and I'm sure will come up with alot of great junky things. Could somebody out there please tell me how to post my stuff? I know I'm up here in the sticks(Minnesota)but I have the love for JUNK also. Thanks any and everyone.

Re: Autumn Luminary

Definately why I am Kopy Kat Kim, I will make a version of this. It will go great in my outdoor room.

Re: Happy Falloween to All

AWESOME!!!!!!I am a Minnesotan also. We still have the native bird hanging around this week, but the weather has been beautiful, I have been gathering a bounty of what my JH calls weeds, to add to my fall decorating. I also do a western theme in mine, it is the best time of year to go riding.But yours has inspired me to go over the edge and play it up big. I will have to contact my junkbuddies to figure out to post a picture when all thru. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all you do.

Re: Spools, spools, spools

Love the idea and I would love one on my patio, (no porch) I love the colors, the only spools I have seen are wooden ones for a loom, Not the fancy colored ones you have. Curious as to their use also.

Re: Barn door picture frame

Love the old barn door look, I took one and turned it into the top of my bar. Then used the wood to cover the remander of the bar which was an entertainment center. Put a piece of glass on top to preserve it.Now I have a one of a kind western bar.I will try to figure out how to post a picture someday and show everyone.

Re: Utica Antique Market Haul

Looks like you had a good junking day. I've never heard of it before, but then I am from the Northwest. I also love Mccoy. Isn't that great!!!!There are alot of us junkers out there who love the same things.Talk soon.

Re: Last Year's Fall Scene

You are sooooooo going to love your fall junk swap!!!!!!! This is right up my alley, and I have done so many things similar. Great picture.I have to learn how to post pictures. You are awesome....

Re: Flat Cheese Grater Contest

Sounds like a grateidea!HaHa! But I haven't the time right now, still working on my August junk swap. But I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with.