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I love junk & have been passionately collecting since I would pick up unique bottles in parking lots, take them home & decoupage them. I think I got the bug from my Grandmother & now my Mom & I can't stop. It's a family joke & they don't understand what we see in an old shutter or chair left on the side of the road. It's just calling my name. With my flower shop I can continue Professionally Collecting Stuff in the Rough & I love it.

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Re: Sea Glass Mirror

Thanks for such a beautiful piece. I love your pictures of the snow in Ct. & hope I can visit my best friends mom some day. I have always wanted to go in the fall but your pictures may have changed my mind. I love the red barn. Kevin

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

Candy, I love the lampshade. What bulb did you use? Something with low wattage? Now I know what I'm going to do with all the torn lampshades I've been saving. This is beautiful.

Re: My Potting Shed

Eliz2nd, My favorite picture is the last one. It caught my breath. The inside is beautiful especially if you are looking at the snowy wonder from the inside. This is wonderful & I'd love to see more.

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

OK Sue, we have an opening at the flower shop the week before Valentine's Day. Interested? I just love this so much. I found a bed pan in Granny's attic but it just won't get the same response. And it has to be just the right customer. You have me looking at things in a whole new light.

Re: Punched Tin Message Board

Marty, I love this & saw it in a teenagers room last month. What a great idea, she had pictures on hers. I just noticed your chair that I'd missed earlier. I just can't throw away a broken chair of my moms. So I think I'll cut it up & give it back to her this way. Cute. My thoughts are with you daily cause I know how hard it can be sometimes. You are right about destressing.

Re: The Garden Room - (Part 2)...details, details, details...

You girls really inspire me. I have made a new rule. I won't pick up anything of the side of the road (my favorite supplier) that I can't carry easily with 2 hands. This past weekend the neighborhoods I drive thru were full of gems & I was a little amazed at the other gatherers. Secrets out. I want to keep 2009 simple & your garden room is my inspiration. I love doing vignettes at the shop & if they are similar to the garden room I will be able to do it quick. Tour down Christmas, now up with the Hearts.
Beautiful Job. Kevin

Re: Upcycle your cabinet doors: Part 1

When am I going to learn to carry my screwdriver with me. I sat in the van looking at cabinet doors trying to talk myself into taking them home but I didn't have the vision. DH has said don't bring anything else home & you would have to see the garage & shop to appreciate his concern. I promise to do something with my "stuff" everyday. Cross my heart.

Re: wall art

This is so cute. We decorate with stars whenever we can. (since we are in the Lone Star State, I'm looking for them all the time)You have a great eye for detail. Welcome & have fun.

Re: Studio Junk

Hi Fauxwoman, My father's family is from Greensboro & I always heard about the Revolution area. My great grandmother worked at the Mill as did most of the family. How exciting, I can't wait to get back for a visit. The cotton mill hear in McKinney, Tx has been turned into a wedding & event center. My grandfather worked for Fieldcrest there for a few years in the 30's & they made denim. I have an old mold he used for making denim crayons to correct flaws in the fabric. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Re: Scrabble Collage/Easel

Now I know what to do with my grandmothers scrabble board. You have helped me decide because I didn't want to not make her apart of it. We spent hours playing scrabble together. Welcome to junk & I loved you blog. The frogs are beautiful with the light shining through. What a gift.

Re: The Story of the Christmas Camel

How touching & this is what Christmas has always been about, memories & the stories. This little guy has a story now. I found pictures yesterday from 1957 at my grandmothers & I saw all the great "memories" I have displayed in my house today. Thank you so much.

Re: Grandma's chair

I have never seen this before & I can't believe it. It's so simple & I love the different colors & textures. Great Idea?

Re: Vintage Christmas

I have this picnic basket & now i know what to do with it. I wish it could talk (I say that all the time) to tell us the stories of where it's been & what my grandmother fixed for the scrumptious meal.

Re: Terrarium

Terrarium's & miniature gardens are coming back in a very big way. Hard to find small plants in our area but I split ivy & anything else I can to make them smaller. This is perfect.

Re: Holiday Home Tour

I just love the colors in this home. I had found it hard to decorate but muted golds & stark white with the turquoise is beautiful. I am decorating a home in Dallas for the Lakewood Tour of Homes next weekend Nov 15 & 16. The home is decorated with the same colors so I think neutrals will be best. Love the old homes & although it isn't a Holiday Tour it is a fund raiser for Lakewood Elem. Lots of history in the older area of Dallas. We're just missing the chilly weather that gets you ready for the holidays. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to do pictures so I can share.

Re: Love My Chair

This looks like one of my Grandmothers chairs I didn't bring back to Texas. You might find the fabric you want at one of the many fabric stores near our shop on Midway Rd. There are 4 very large stores between Beltline & Trinity Mills in Carrollton. Are you going to cover it yourself? I would like to learn how to do this with the 3 chairs I've collected lately.

Re: Great Find

What a great find & at a great price. So cute the way you display it. Kevin

Re: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

Lanette, I love this tree. We have had old trees with broken stands & tops & look what we could've done. And it's the slim line that fits so well anywhere. Did you use all the branches or was there some left over?

Re: Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

This is so cute & I have several boxes of these chimneys we've been trying to find a home for. Just got in some more light covers that look like they were on fans. Thanks for letting us know about Neath the Wreath. I'll try to go Sun.
Third Mon. Trade Days is next weekend, Nov. 14,15 & 16 & we'll have our first booth there. Wish me luck!

Re: Ultimate Junk Shed

I am so excited. I am printing this & putting it up at my shop. Mom & I have listened to our sweet relatives who don't get why we love "stuff" & I'm always so excited with our treasures we find. Don't you dare paint it. It's beautiful. I wish you the best with the sale.

Re: Candelabrum

This is great. We always acquire candles after weddings we do & now I know what to do with them. Hopefully I can share some pictures soon.

Re: Going Junkin'

Wasn't it fun. We have been adding pieces to the shop for months & next week we will take a small haul to Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Tx. It will be our first attempt at flea marketing & I can't wait. I've learned so much from all the blogs & am constantly inspired.

Re: A Saturday Surprise at Petunia's

Thanks so much Sue. I love the look of this shop & am sad when you talk about it being one of the last weekends to play. We lived in Minnesota my senior year of high school & miss it so much in the summer time. Here we are in Texas & I will try to remind myself how lucky we are to have so many days to find my favorite things, on the side of the road. I love all the florals you use & am excited to open my emails or go to the Junk Market site whenever I can. What an inspiration all the ladies are to me. We just picked up 3 van loads of treasures for our shop. I'll post pictures soon. Happy hunting.