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No spring chicken, I have never had much money, so have lived with junk all my adult life. I have just bought my first home, a rustic, river-side cabin, which is perfect for junk. I am an artist, working mostly with collage and - you guessed it - junk, but I also paint, sew, garden, and even make ceramics and knotted jewelry. It is my goal to find a way to consolidate all of these interests into fabulous art pieces - but, as I said, I'm no spring chicken. I have to work fast.

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Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

Amen to everything that was posted here! I am a retired art teacher, and your comments have inspired me! Best wishes, Karen

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

It's a "perpetual" calendar, right? Is it made of something you can use with magnets? It looks like it would be fun to have appointments and special events "posted". Obviously, I will need to try this with one of my old cookie sheets (if they aren't all aluminum).