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Re: Farmhouse File Box

Love how you did this...but do not know what the tea & vinegar technique is for aging wood....could you enlighten me?

Re: You Guessed It - More License Plate Art!

Beautiful! My favorite has to be the St. Louis one, because that's where I am!! GO CARDS!!!

Re: Sizzling Mid Century Wall Art

Love the colors & the style....good eye!!

Re: NASCAR AW 300 Trophy

Awesome!!! I love it!

Re: The Great door Project of 2012

I'm in St. Louis....did you happen to find this @ Gringo Jones'? (BTW....love this!)

Re: Unidentified Find

An awesome antique bedwarmer! Need one now!!!

Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

I think this would look great in a bar area! Maybe it could hold shot glasses, corkscrews, etc.

Re: Apothecary Fall Mantel

Absolutely love this collection, as I am in the medical field....one of my favorite pieces that I own is a medical book that dates back over 100 years!

Re: Before and After: Shangri-la Dresser

An amazing transformation! How did you prepare the veneer surface & what type of paint was used??? Love it!

Re: Junk for Storage

Shotgun shell casings for drawer pulls???? Awesome!!!

Re: Broken China Mosaic Table

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the blue & white!

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

Reminds me of 1966, when my dad took us cross-country (Rte. 66)from St. Louis to L.A. in a '60 Chevy wagon (Mom & 7 kids!) Great memories!


From what I've seen on Antiques Roadshow, much dating is done by examining backgrounds, clothing/hair styles....in this case, hmmm....But a really cool pic!

Re: Vintage dress form all dressed up...


Re: Attention Idaho Junkers

Makes me wish I lived in Idaho...tell them to open a Missouri shop!

Re: Jewelry Display from a Salvaged Lamp

Very clever! Anything that is cast iron will withstand a lot of wind...and the jewelry is beautiful, too!

Re: A Little Bird Told Me...

I REALLY love this Cardinal, as I'm in St. Louis & a huge Cardinals fan!!!

Re: Dumpster Dresser: Before and After

I like your choice of hardware; More streamlined, less chunky; Good job!

Re: Chair Redo

LOVE this retro chair!!!

Re: Wedding Decorations Thus Far

Very clever! It's going to be a beautiful, romantic setting. Something like you might see on HGTV.

Re: Free to Fabulous!

That turned out to be a beautiful piece!

Re: Garden Gate Valance

I really like this, and may have to "borrow" the idea, also!

Re: Can you feel the islands?

YES, I can feel the islands!!!!

Re: windows in a pergola

I'm imagining taking a leisurely stroll in this yard..how inviting! Thanks for sharing.

Re: From rags... to riches.... literally!

How lucky you are! I love the style & best part...you didn't have to do a thing to it, except remove the outer covering...touche!

Re: An ordination gift of old, old organ parts for a shiny, brand-new pastor.

Very nice!!...but have to ask...what's with the "Bible Lotto"???

Re: Record players as art :)

What an awesome idea! I like the wall mount better...may have to "borrow" this inspiration...Thanks for sharing!

Re: Louise's Basement goods

Beautiful!! Are those keyholes in the centers of the drawers??

Re: Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

Love seeing your creations!

Re: Got Mums?

We didn't have milk delivered, but some of our neighbors did; what a great find!!

Re: Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

Agree with the others...more rust/distressed look....what were you charging??

Re: Coffee Pot Bouquet

Oh, I can't believe they would want to throw these away!! I recently received an old tin coffeepot that my parents used when we would go on camping trips years ago; It is a cherished item...not sure what I'll do with it, but right now is displayed in my kitchen. Those enamel ones rock!

Re: Vintage Garden Items

Where is this???

Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

This is an amazing project! Kudos!!

Re: Yeyas Antiques & Oddities. Making a Junk Idea A Reality!!

Hey, move this place to St. Louis! I would LOVE to shop here!!

Re: Mosaic Table

That is absolutely supreme! I love doing mosaic tile & this is over the top, for sure...how long did it take?

Re: Dog Beds.

I'll bet you have no trouble selling these!! Don't forget the kitties, though (I'm a cat-person)...

Re: Wagon Upcycle

I have an old Radio Flyer wagon that I was using to tote dirt, plants, etc. around the yard, until one of the wheels broke. Now I have inspiration! Thanks!!

Re: Cozy Corner

I can't believe you got that garden bench for $15!! Seems like everything in the St. Louis area is a bit pricey, even @ the Habitat re-sell store...I love it!! (but would expect to pay @ least $50 or up, here)

Re: Refurbished Thrift Store Tables

I love what you did with these tables!! Painting over the glass was sheer genius!!

Re: HoJo's Menu

I remember HoJo's very well! Love this creation (and the great prices). BTW, just a guess, but are you left-handed??? As a lefty, I noticed that your painting of letters appears to be from right to left, so as not to smudge the lettering.

Re: Repurposed Wooden Cigar Boxes as Art Purses

All Beatles.....all the time!!! A girl after my own heart!

Re: 67 VW Bus End Table

Love this! My son, dtr-in-law & granddtr. are in Pittsburg, KS, teaching @ the college (well, not my granddtr)...a really cool design! Thanks for posting...

Re: Triplet graduation

This was so clever & creative...I love it!

Re: Vintage china bird feeder

Did you use the clear caulk? Was it easy to work with? Looks great!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

WOW!!! Love it!!

Re: Junque Jewelry

Nice lookin' stash....you must be in the midwest; I'm in St. Louis & my yard is a swamp!


Beautiful mosaic work! Never thought about doing that with a toilet...am thinking that adding a fountain & placing it in a flower garden would really make it pop.....or something...

Re: La Cage Aux Fabulous Fowl

That is so tweet! Very creative!

Re: Tightening the Belt(s)

I like that! And I have some chairs just like it...How did you secure the belts in place??? Very interested in making one.

Re: Recycled Pipe Desk


Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

A very beautiful piece...what a great find!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Always interested in seeing your posts....boggles the mind...so creative!

Re: Bird Feeder Finished

It's all about color...choosing the right one always difficult for me...this is bold & great!

Re: Photos from the "JUNK FEST AT THE NEST"

Wish they had the Junk-fest in/near St. Louis....I am in LOVE with that kitty being held. Look at those eyes!! Can you tell, I'm a cat-lover??

Re: Coming attractions

Depends on how large they are & what they are made of; pic is great!

Re: Ode to Miss Gulch

I would never have thought of placing this bike up there! You've got me thinking in other directions, now, thanks!

Re: Gardening With Junk

I really like this pond...hope to someday do the same.

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Ooooh! Love the floor-length mirror! I have a fetish for mirrors, too!

Re: mosaic garden table

Very nice!!!

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

Excellent!! I like the domino/tile table, too!

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

You GROW, girl!

Re: my junky little garage

I'd say that counts as a project; wish mine looked like that!

Re: I've been pickin'

Oh, such cool stuff! And I like the Double Cola box, too...

Re: blue bottle bonanza

Hard to find the blue ones...very nice!

Re: my english bully

He's a cutie!! Not spoiled, is he??

Re: Wooden Spools

Looks nice! Can't put anything in my windows, either; windows are "cat television"!

Re: Bottle Rocket

This is awesome! Memories of Mercury & Gemini....

Re: Junk Swap # 1

Nice! And gives me inspiration for my cookie cutters. BTW...Bubba is su"purrr"b!

Re: Picket Potting Bench

Hey, you really ARE clever!!! Nice!

Re: Been Busy Lately...

Wow! What patience (and strong fingers) you must have...looks wonderful!

Re: Junk Swap Project just in time for Easter!

What a neat idea!! Love the "marriage" of bulbs & shells; who woulda thought!

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Outstanding! 12 circles, perfect clock! And red!!! love it....

Re: Coffee Tray

What's that good-lookin' stuff on the plate??? Oh, and yes, that was a great idea, using the film canisters....excuse me, I need something to eat, now!

Re: West End Salvage

Wish I could discover a place like that around the St. Louis area!

Re: Transform a chest of drawers to a small dresser.

I really like that! And it doesn't look too difficult...like the color & trim

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Clever name! Always enjoy seeing your posts...

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

Wish I could train my husband to do that!!!

Re: Please help us....we would like to be a bench someday....

I like the burlap look, but find it to be too "scratchy" & not comfortable....you could go oriental, with a glossy red,with gold trim??? Waiting to see the finished product!!

Re: Arachnibot

Very creative for a 12-year-old! What kind of a grade did she receive???

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

Now you have me eyeballing old tool chests! Nice job.

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

Hey, Grasshopper! You've inspired me! That's beautiful. Thanks for the pic. Junqueartiste