Terrin McKelvey-Green, zolfo springs, FL, US

I Love treasure junking! Seeing discarded treasures along the road or at the local dumpster, gets the adrenaline pumping! Sometimes, my husband cant believe the things that I drag home, turn out to be such expensive pieces of art!!! He likes the money though! I am an arist, scuba diver, equestrienne, short story writer, poet, and best of all, A JUNKER!!! My home is done in early attic potpourri, no rhyme or reason, from lace to burlap, crystal to styrofoam! Whatever works for the moment. Give me ducktape, a hammer, a nail, and I can fix it. Give me junk, and I can create it! LOVE IT LOVE IT!

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Wall Piece

Found a mirrored "window" for $1.00, a wood shelf for 75 cents, and some discarded shutters in a dumpster.  I put it all together and it made a wonderful, unique wall piece!  It was so easy...

Cracker House Window with a Scene

Found window at a yard sale for a $1.00 and knew I could do something with it.  Got out the old brushes and started to paint!

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Re: Madeover Table found at Scott's Antique Market

Lucky you! Like the look! Truly shabby elegant!


Ya did Great on this one! Made one similiar back in the 70s! It's amazing how things recycle~just like history! Great Job!

Re: window table

Love it! Just a treasure!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Love the decor!!! I did something similiar back in my early years of "after the divorce" era! Had a set of 3 old matching suitcases of my grandmother's. Needed an end table, and Zam-Sham, they appeared with a new look! Boomers get it done!!

Re: A romantic pair lights up our life!

Absolutely Awesome!!! Love the paper shade trick!!! Gives me an idea for an ugly shade my friend has on a beautiful base!!!! You go Junker!!!!!

Re: Cracker House Window with a Scene

Thanks to all of you who have commented on my picture! Candy asked about the paint that I used. I just had some old folk art acrylics around the house, and used them. After I finished the painting, I sprayed a real light coat of Sealer on it, then later on put a heavier spray coat of clear protectant on it! I just use whatever is available! It was the first time that I have picked up a paint brush since the hurricanes of 2004, came through and ruined all of my good brushes. The brushes I used on this painting came from a child's painting kit I picked up at a yard sale for 25 cents. I think I might get some good brushes again! But again, thanks for all of the positive comments! It made me feel good!

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

Oh you LUCKY person!!!! To Die For~~~~ I am jealous!!!!!