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the Craft Wall Experiment

Now that I have an empty bedroom to turn into my workspace, I decided to experiment on the wall in my living room, which is where I work now. I used liquid fabric starch, an old, clean paintbrush and...

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Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

i LOVE this! i actually have one of these and i'm going to use it as a door pull on my pantry :)

Re: Help...Any Creative Ideas??

flickr.com has a few groups where people upload pics of their craft rooms/areas... off the top of my head, i can think of groups named "craft rooms", "my crafting room", "pretty organized" and "operation: sewing room organization"... i've found lots of great ideas there!

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

YAY!! wish i was already there, can't believe i'm gonna miss it :P hope everything went great, Great, GREAT today!!!
love ya, georgia2

Re: Junk Market Centerpiece

i LIKE that! beaYOUtiful, my clever little peach!

Re: Adirondack from salvage

wonderful! what a wonderful way to save memories!

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

mmmm..., that "scraped look" is yummy!!

Re: Vintage School Map Occasional Tables

ooooh, a cool GEORGIA table! love it!

Re: Sterno Burners are NOT just for Tea.

mmmm..., yummy, ORANGE!!

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

those are YUMMY!!

Re: the Craft Wall Experiment

yes, LOL! i forgot to mention that part :)
it's a crib mattress spring i found at the thrift shop for $4.

Re: Coffeebot

oooh! what a handsome devil!

Re: Industrial Can Lamp

i believe you have created the new [truly genius!] home decor buzzword: feminine industrial!
oooooh! i just LOVE the way that sounds!
and you've gotten your new workbench all yummy and messy, too!
btw, i LOVE the lamp :)

Re: G E O

you KNOW i think this is awesome... :)

Re: pincushion

WoW! i have the book with the directions for these, and have actually made a couple, but i just can't seem to make them turn out as lovely as yours, they're wonderful!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

you SO rock the junk, my little georgia peach :)
this is EXTREMELY yummy!!

Re: Just an old window and old linens.

love, Love, LOVE this idea, rose! beautiful job! and the best part? i have all the pieces to put one together :)

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

loverly! SO cool when end results = vision! woot!

[btw, rats love drawers]

Re: Chaise Lounges from my childhood!

aahhhh... those are lovely, especially because of the memories :) my grandparents had some of these, too! love them! actually, i think i'd like to have one for my bedroom, as a chaise :)

Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

THAT is cool...
i love it, too!


Re: Rust Brothers No More

oh. my.
i spy so much cool junk there that i think i'm gonna cry... [sniff]

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

yay! one of my favorite things EVER has a brand new look! it looks WONDERFUL!


Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

(oops! sorry about the ALL CAPS, wasn't yelling, honest :)
i actually have one of those and had NO idea what to do with it (i just loved it when i saw it)! what a wonderful idea, thanks!

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

you KNOW i'm not in the area..., but i CAN be!! please, Please, PLEASE remind me when the next one comes around! i just might need another road trip by then :)
and next time, i won't bring ANY SUITCASES..., unless they're EMPTY ones [more room for tasty junktiques!!]
love ya, georgia-the-rat

Re: Another Cheese Grater


GreGarious GeorGia the Guru of GadGets does it aGain!!

Re: A Girly Gift Idea

i know what that is!!
it's a little old, bakelite table loom, a Weave-It! i recognize the 3-pin arrangement around the edges. they've become popular again with the weaving set and i've been having a hard time finding one, especially on eBay, phooooey. i'm not a weaver but i saw a quilty project i wanted to try... i may just have to make myself one, i DID find a nice website for THAT :)

Re: Paper Craft Caddy

btw, i DID spray a couple of coats of sealant on mine...

Re: Paper Craft Caddy

i LOVE these things!
i have one on my cutting/craft table right now that's holding my Christmas To Do patterns, fabric and notions. before that it was on my desk, full of BILLS.
i DEFINITELY like it better without the bills!

Re: CHeese Grater Contest

you are the cleverest georgia i know!
heh :)