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My mother in law turned me onto thrifting..which has slowly evolved to more ambitious forays. At the beginning, before the invention of portable hand sanitizer, if it looked like I might get my hands dirty, I would pass. I stuck to the trendy little thrift stores, which have slowly gotten popular over the years and therefore are now in my opinion, sometimes overpriced. With money being the motivator (isnt it always? lol) I have braved the barns, abandoned houses, warehouses, and dumpsters of the world. I think my finds are forgotten and lonely and need someone to reawaken their intrinsic beauty and appreciate them again. We are so quick to forget the old (things, buildings, people) and just move on to new new new. I love finding beauty in something forgotten and appreciating it again, wondering about its past, the people who used it. Its sort of an homage to them to make it useful again. That is why I love to junk, and this website has created a head explosion I cant keep up with! Thanks to every brilliant and creative one of you! I am excited to be here! K- junkinpunkin

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Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

Here is my latest critter coop turned storage bench. It was a fun quick, and totally free project, and now sits in my kitchen.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

This was a huge dark brown mirror I bought at a junkstore for $20 bucks...it was so big I couldn't imagine what it was used for, except maybe in a department store, and it was really beat up. We...

Datebook Wall Art

I found this calendar datebook in a trash heap in an abandoned house, so I tore out the pages, which were vintage botanical prints, and framed them in $2 oak frames that I  painted a pale pink...

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Re: Need ideas!

I think they would be cool as a tile backsplash in a kitchen or on a counter or table top. glue em and grout em. unless they are paper. then it would be a no go.

Re: Altered Altar

Ok, i know you have the whole wood being outside thing....but i think it would be gorgeous seperated, and then used as outdoor walls in a garden...painted white then covered with weather based sealer, sort of like an outdoor garden room...a place where you could do yoga, have a fountain, very zen, quiet religious moments, a get away place. The porportion is so big that unless your ceilings are at least 15 feet the dimensions are going to be off...if you have a long drive and live on wooded property, a property gate would be beautiful as well. But man, are you one lucky duck. Somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have done something good.... :)

Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

When I posted this I of course did not intend to set off a firestorm of junking ethics or morality debates, and I am sure that no post will change anyone's opinions, as we all have had experiences that have developed our character. My maternal great grandmother's house was boarded up by her four sons and left exactly the way it was the day she died until it caved in and rotted, along with everything in it. I remember as a child going and peeking through the windows and seeing quilts, old photographs, silverware, furniture, just left. How this is honoring someone's memory I will never know, because it broke my heart, even as a child, already being a lover of antiques. Just one fork, one quilt, one glass would have been highly treasured by me as a little girl. I think most times when this happens, greed is the motivation. I dont want you to have it, so no one gets it, and eventually it just rots. So an anbandoned house with things left like that to me represents a selfish ignorant family who cannot have adult conversations about their loved ones things and divide them fairly. I am sure that is not always the case, but like i said, it is all in personal experiences.

I don't consider myself a thief, and I suppose someone else's abandoned falling down property is still their property. But if it is left so poorly cared for then in my mind I lose respect for whatever owner there may be. If they leave their property so wide open they surely must expect that to happen. I lived in Costa Rica for many years, and they have a saying...pero dejaste la casa sola, which means, but you left the house alone.....I suppose that also has rubbed off on me.....If we espouse a philosophy of recycle, repurpose, and resuse, then maybe we all should be more involved in our communities getting that message out. An "abandoned" property is an eyesore to the community and poor use of the environment. The owner should be required to make the property presentable, or after a time, the county should be able to level the hovel. Like I said, I certainly didn't intend to start a political conversation. From now on I will just use those politically correct junking buzz words like "curbside" find.

Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

Oh no, it was clearly abandoned. The house's roof had caved in and all the windows are busted out and clearly the house had not been habitable for years.
In fact, the house has been abandoned the entire time I have lived in this town, which is over 10 years. If a house looks like it is still under ownership and cared for by its owners, I would never go on the property. If there is a no tresspassing sign, I honor that as well. Even if the house/barn looks abandoned but is locked, I would never bust a window or a lock to enter. I only go in places that are wide open, often having been left to the elements and subsequently are falling down. I am very careful about examining a place to determine if it looks cared for, attended, or used.

I am so sorry that someone stole things that were on your property. That is a shame and I would never do that. I would hope that you took appropriate measures to make your property look cared for, because childhood treasures deserve that, and you didn't leave them laying around to rot in the weather. I hope I am not being rude, and don't offend you.

Re: Vintage Clock to Fresh Chic Chalkboard

Tres belle! Tu parles francais?

Re: Ready To WORK

I am hassling my husband now for his shed. I want to attain this master junker status. lol. And didn't you post that paris lamp? Black and white, in little strips? I have thought of that dang lamp a million times now. It was soo exquisitely creative and beautiful, it totally flipped my bippy. You are awesome.

Re: Doing some light sewing...

Saw an old sewing machine just yesterday and thought of this lamp. Wanted it soo bad but was just flat broke. :(. But I have the idea now, and I am just now learning to sew, so it would be a perfect project in honor of that new frustrating pastime, hehehe. (I am determined though. If millions of chinese people can do it, surely I can...) Although they say that China has more honors students than we have students...(I am a teacher so those anonymous "they" tell us these things....)

Re: pub window rescue

This is a really pretty display, love the window and quilt, great colors. So pretty.

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

Ahhhhh.....so contact paper is the secret. never would have thought of that. This is simply gorgeous. So Zen. Relaxes me just looking at it.

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

You have the coolest ideas. I gotta learn how to use some power tools and hook thingys.