Cindy Pierce, Hart, MI, US

I love repurposing. My eyes light up when I find something unusual (mostly things I dont know what they are), I can have a purpose in a second. I now have time to do this fulltime as the company I was working for has closed with the economic situations in Michigan....... I will now be junking and repurposing full time, Im creating the website, the blog, finding junk (bad time of year for that in this area!), and in the workshop.....

Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/04/1970

Member Since: 08/23/2008

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Family Tree

My most favorite thing in the world is my family.  My 2nd?  Taking pictures of them and displaying!  I try to come up with creative ways to display my precious people.  Here is my...

Picture Holders

A couple of salt/pepper shakers turned photo holders.  Started out with a very tacky salt/pepper shaker, threw on some red paint, added a few rusty wires in 1, and a bent up fork in the...

Memory Lamp

The adults in our family draw names for Christmas.  I drew my niece who is in her 3rd year of college and just moved into her 1st apartment.  I went diving into the junk pile......came up...

My Creative Inspiration Desk

This was a desk I thought to be solid cherry!! HAHAHAHA!  I started stripping and there was laminate on the top and the outside of the drawers -- which was coming up and ugh!!  So instead...

Neighborhood Junk turned into a Beautiful Jewel

Our neighbors know of our junk turned beautiful projects and offer us anything before they throw it out.  My JB made me this jewelry armoire from boards that once was a garage wall, roof...

My Rendition of the Falloween Clock

I loved the look of Sue/Kim's and Junk Sphisticate's clock in their Falloween display!  However, no clock and no ladder......so this is my rendition!  These were all things I had laying...

Dining Chair Turned Picture Frame

Ok, so my Mom thinks I've lost it!  I've had this HUGE antique dining room table and chairs for a few years and it has limited me to what I can put in the area -- so I dismantled!  Put in a...

Vacation in the U.P.

We spent Labor Day weekend in the U.P. of Michigan (where I grew up).  My JB just started getting to know the U.P., so we drove west on the shoreline of Lake Superior.  I found some great...

Bathroom Stand/Mirror

We're into burning wood.......love the grain........We found an antique mirror, hung it over the stand which is made out of the arms and braces of those old wood chairs and couches.  Love the...

Old Look Stands

Found an old pedestal dining table (actually had 2 of these pedestals on it) on the street, with the laminate top totally ruined.  Took the 2 pedestals, added tops foraged from other finds...

Plant stand

Found an old washtub stand and copper washtub for $5 at a yardsale.  Rearranged my plants on the back deck.  Looking for another stand -- when locked together upright to be my towel hanger...

Recent comments

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Candy, I absolutely LOVE this!! Yes, I can see that fryer for many uses!! And I love the collection of milk glass......


Re: My Potting Shed

Very nice piece of transformed junk! And it turned out so charming! Can't wait to see more of your transformations!


Re: handkerchief angels

Perfect idea for all those hankies that can be found at yard sales!


Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

Jenny, as always, this is an amazing art piece! It sounds like this one you had the quote and was looking for the unique assemblage. Do you normally do it this way? Have the quote and then find the creation, or do you create the assemblage and then look for the perfect quote?

Re: Trash 2 treasure

Yes, much better!! Actually, very beautiful...great legs on that one!

Re: Kids Kitchen sets

I love these!! We have actually been planning one for our granddaughter...........the stand is a great idea!! I kept my old sink faucet for this purpose, and found an old enamel bowl for the sink. Thanks for an idea for the base, I do have one I can recycle.



Congratulations, Janis!! Love your style in all of your projects! I especially love this........i really didn't know you could get exquisite style with leafing...hmmmmm...


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

I REALLY LOVE THIS, GEO!! So many possiblities with this one!! Great idea and well as pulling it all together!! Stunning!


Re: A Wish For The New Year...

Here's to a wonderful New Year to you Kari! Thank you and everyone on this site for their inspiration and their kindness since I joined! It has been a great experience and an inspiration to go forward with "junking", giving me peace, hope, good will & time!! Love your rendition!!


Re: Button Crazy!

Welcome to the site, Button!! Isn't this site so much fun?!?!? Love the vintage buttons! Can't wait to see more of your designs!!



Re: Who's There?

Oh my, HOW FUN!! These are just spectacular, a much inspired conversation piece!

Great job!

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

Now this is something any boy would think is cool! Even the lamp on top I'm sure you redesigned from something else!! Great job!!


Re: Picture Holders

It's funny you guys would say a recipe holder!!! I have a large serving fork stuck into a metal candle holder (I have to clean the wax off the candle holder.....already have it by my baking center in the kitchen!! "Junking Minds" think alike!! LOL


Re: Towering blast from the past

I like this!! You would have to do some saving to get those bats to be so symmetrical.......I would have a stash of bats that wouldn't line up with my luck!! Great job.


Re: Angels Are Among Us

I love these!! Angels come in all sizes...

Re: Vintage Christmas

LOVE THIS!! Very charming display.......I love baskets and they just pull everything together so nicely!


Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

As always, Janis, just beautiful!! I can just imagine your house!! Silver, white, black, and sparkling!! BEAUTIFUL!


Re: Winter Wonderland & Old Book Display

Very good use for the old cookie jar!! I use books all over for giving height, color, and definition. I collect all colors and thicknesses at GS, most of the time they give them away! I have a library of books to choose from -- looks nice as a library and they're all right there when I need a certain color or thichness!

Love your ideas,

Re: Another Door Project

I love this!! It would be great inside the door for collecting keys, etc. Great ideas you and your mother have!


Re: wonderfull good find this week.

Oh, what a find!!! I've been looking for a few of those myself!

Doesn't a good treasure find just help the bad not seem so bad?

Can't wait to see what you do with all those!! Mimitoria put one on her wall as it with other pictures and it looks very nice....table top......chandelier (with vintage christmas ornaments hanging off of).......OH MY OH MY!!

Have fun,

Re: Believe

Just beautiful, junktique!! Isn't it just amazing how 2 basic colors like black and white just make everything "pop"? I love the combination with the elegant beads. Just beautiful! Great uses for those old picture frames that are in the "freebie" boxes at yardsales, too!

Keep junking,

Re: Ultimate Junk Shed

Great job to your JH!! Aren't they wonderful?!?!? All the precious treasures wrapped in that metal........(jealous).


Re: Pfarkel sisters are getting ready for a fall/winter 'Junk' Boutique

OOOhhhhhhhh, I see some things in there I NEED!!! Wish I was in MN!!! Good luck on your sales!



Great finds!! Love that 1st basket!! Good luck on your openhouse!! Wish it wasn't so far away!!


Re: Just "be"

Exactly what Amy said.......simple & elegant is the exact thought I had when I first saw the picture. Great mixes to create this. And yes "be" is something we need to think daily........inspiring.


Re: Happy Hallowe'en Junkers

Oh, Janis.......rust & ribbon.......the best of both worlds combined for just a fabulous look! Love it!



Re: Bird In A Cage

Wow!! This is assemblage! Very unique, almost like caricature.........

Welcome to the site.........please keep sharing, you have such unique pieces!


Re: Spinning Fan Blade Server

Another great industrial creation! Love it! Oh the possibilities with all those old fans out there! Hmmm..this gives me an idea for an old rotor I have in garage (might be a little heavy, but it won't topple over!!)! Thanks, Kimberly!


Re: Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

This is a FABULOUS idea!! Thanks for sharing and I don't think I've welcomed you to our junking community!! Love to see everyone's creativity.


Re: "green" birdhouse

Love it!! Another use for all those beer caps!! I wonder if those would rust???

Great job,

Re: And...A Cozy Guest Room Too!

Kathy.......WOW!! That about says it all!! Very fabulous!! The more I look at your guys' white chippy, the more I am liking it!! Now I just need to get JB to look at it every day to get used to the idea of painting wood!! LOL!!

You 3 girls did an awesome job!! Never doubt a woman and power tools!!


Re: Nemo 20,000

Never a sickness, some may call us crazy, but never sick!! LOL!! Very creative piece you've done here!! I checked out your website, some very inspiring art you have there!! Can't wait to see your "blues" piece you're working on.....

Welcome, and keep junking!


Re: Old Chandelier Turned Fabulous

Can't wait to see it rusted.......it will be just gorgeous!! Can't have too many chandies........

Welcome to the site.........you will enjoy yourself here, with all these creative junkers!! I have!!


Re: Help!

OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!! And to be FREE!! I have been looking for a tea cart (that's what I would make it) forever! And you did not hear this from me, but I would whitewash it...junkin gioni gave me her process which was very easy & cheap & turned out great! Check out my post here for the process: http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/1764/website-issue-comments-on-my-posts
It would look cute with vignettes of old bottles, tea items, old pictures, etc. put on top.

There's 1 idea for you, you can bet you will get many others from the creative junkers on this site!!

Welcome to the site and please keep posting your ideas!


Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

What a creative idea!

Welcome to the site!! I checked out your blog, you have some very creative ideas to use thrown out items!! Love the tombstones!

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Weekend Finds

LuAnn, you got some great finds!! Those baler tines are just awesome.......lots of ideas with those. And the wooden fan thingy is a very nice rustic piece!!!

Happy creating,


P.S. Is it snowing there? Some hail just went through here, heading your way!!

Re: Needlepunch Designs added to washboards for display.

Welcome to the site! And thank you for sharing! These are very innovative, love them......I will have to see what needlepunching is all about.

Keep posting,


Re: Trash Barn - Searsport, ME

Me too from Michigan -- there just has to be a place in this state like that, doesn't there??!?!?!

How lucky you are to be close to this place!! Thanks for sharing the location -- I'm sure if any of us are on the east coast, we will be visiting!!

BTW -- love your blog!


Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Gretchen, this is just amazing! How lucky the antique dealer is to have that great building, it just fits, like it was meant to be! Thanks for sharing your find and the history.


Re: A Mini Holiday Project

Nice, nice, nice......very simple, very much needed piece to top off an arrangement for the holidays!!

Love it!


Re: Junk Journal

Oh, way cool!! These could be for anything, not just our junking dreams and ideas!! And so much more beautiful than the ones you buy in the store -- another idea for gift giving! I will have everyone with junk this Christmas -- LOL!!

Have fun,

Re: Junk Pockets

Beautiful!!! Making do with what you have and making them beautiful too!! I've always had the problem of everything else in my house nice, but the craft room was always left alone.......I changed that and it sure does help alot to feel like being in there and keeping it organized. These are just great! Thanks, Sharon for posting -- I think I can beautify some file folders to keep projects organized better!!

Happy junking,

Re: Angels, Angels and more Angels...

Oh, these are just too cute!! Gave me an idea......I create some type of ornament for all the brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandkids for christmas.......I can miniatures of these! I won't even have to sign them, they will forever know who made it!!! Thanks for the great inspiration, Sharon!! Love them all!!

Do you just glue everything together or is it wired someway?


Re: Another Conservatory

Luann, you're just teasing Georgia aren't you? The fairy place sounds pretty neat.......you'll have to show us!!


Re: Rustic Elegance Floral

If it's not a fish basket, I can get mine to work anyway!! Just ran and checked and it will fit just fine against a tree cookie! Never thought of hanging it! Thank you!

Keep inspiring us,

Re: Rustic Elegance Floral

WOW! Absolutely WOW! Love it!!

Is it a fish basket?


Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

How COOL is that!! and think of all the stuff you pulled out that can be made into something....... great find!!

Welcome and thanks for sharing your project......I checked out your website, can't wait to see more of your one-of-a-kind inspirations and creations! You found the right site for creativity!


Re: Curbside Make it Pink Project

Free is the best!!

This is absolutely beautiful!! The diamond on top gives it the "pop"!


Re: Thank You!

No, thank you!! You have a lot of inspirations to share and we junkers love seeing things created.....gets us inspired to come up with more new things!! Even though sometimes we have the same items, everyone has a different idea and it is just awesome seeing what other creative minds come up with!!

Re: My birdfeeders

These are just cute!! Lots of possibilities......and the smaller ones on the wheel are just awesome!!

I checked out your blog -- you have a great talent painting!! The gourds are just gorgeous!!

Welcome to the site and please keep posting your finds and creations!


Re: Cereal Bowl Photo Frame

Welcome to the site!! Thanks for posting your creation!!

I love displaying pictures differently.....the hot glue, did you put in the corners or something to make it "float" off the bowl? That is neat! I found some transfer paper (like the old models transfers, just not as thick) that I printed a picture on then transferred to an old saucer..but I like the hot glue effect too! Much easier!!

Keep junking,


Re: help, I need info, I'm new at this?

Welcome to the site!!

I'm with Gretchen, I love my patina silver! Silver will naturally oxidize because of the elements in the air.......but I did find a very neat trick for cleaning silver on the internet -- put a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of your sink, add water, then 2 TBL of salt. I tried this on some silver spoons I had that were real bad and they came clean! It actually smells like the liquid silver cleaner I have.

I don't know if this is the type of help you were looking for, for these items, but there's a tip for other silver!


Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

Congrats Georgia on your new rank!! I've just been waiting for the formal welcome from Sue!! LOL!! Very well deserved, I love looking at your posts -- it helps the brain work!

These chandy's are just SO WONDERFUL! I am so going to make one for my craft room, right above my inspiration desk!! I think a Christmas one too! Is that a PINK tree?!?!? How cute is that???? A junk filled pink tree would make a great Breast Cancer Awareness project!!

So glad you're here,


Re: More on Chimes

Oh, now I get it!! Those are great!! Those silver pots are everywhere at yard sales........they get dirty and people almost give them away instead of cleaning..... and with all the shiny, those would look wonderful in the sunlight!

Re: Getting Ready for Christmas

You have come to the right place to share your ideas and creations for people to appreciate them!! There are so many different "wares" and styles here, but all is appreciated, because we all have the same love, recreating "junk"!

Once again, beautiful!!

Re: Baby Shoe

LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Now these are just adorable!! Those would make a great "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament -- with details written on the bottom.......


Re: Silver Clocks

Janis, these are just beautiful!! Wonderful ideas you have reusing silver pieces!!

Ha, the picture thing........even when I turn them on my computer, sometimes they just don't seem to keep that way when you upload them...... I'm just going to take pictures straight on without turning camera!!!

Keep creating,


Re: The Ups and Downs of a junking Weekend

At least you did get to go junking!! There is absolutely nothing here!! other than people's garbage piles!! and it's wonderful to find another person with the same love you do -- especially in person!

Happy creating your junk finds,


Re: My Creative Inspiration Desk

I love the whitewash technique, Gioni.........I have a feeling I will be doing alot more!

Re: Bart Doll Finished!

Cynthia, you have done a great job on these dolls!! I've been collecting "junk" for 2 for myself. Sharon really started something here!


Re: Autumn Centerpiece

Never give up something rusty with personality!! Great job on the centerpiece -- year round base for all sorts of decorating!

Keep junking,



Welcome to the site, Stormy! Hope you enjoy our site -- I've been very addicted since I joined.

Very good idea for a large trunk! I have never thought of using one for seating!! You have storage too!

Love your decorating, hope to see more of what you repurposed!


Re: Junk silver!!!

Beautiful!! Add some mini pumpkins and gourds you would have a beautiful fall piece!!


Re: More Silver!!!

Add a candle and you have everything! Wood, metal, light, crystals -- you can't beat the look combining everything junk together -- makes for one classy piece. Love how you have your house decorated. I have always been one to leave wood in its natural state -- this site has had me actually thinking of the white look...hmmmmmmmmmm. Junkin' Gioni would be proud!

Happy junking!!


Re: Last one I Promise!!!

This is very neat! Turn an old toolbox into a classy container -- whooda thunk, huh? Very nice look!!

We love silver (heck, we love everything!), fellowjunker. Don't give up on showing us what you have!!


Re: Are You Sick of the Silver Yet??

And what is this made out of? Very interesting piece!!

Re: For the Birds!!

I absolutely love this! What is it made out of? I see the bling, is that some type of plate? and the stand part?

Great seeing you posting!!


Re: Fall Decor... enjoy it while we can!

Yes, my street is about to peak colors, too!! Then hopefully everyone loves the color white!!

Very nice fall decorating.......love all the colors, metals, and especially the column -- adds some nice detail. It will be nice to see what you do with it through the seasons!


Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

Gretchen -- the bird feeder would be a great piece to add some metals to, to rust........I like it added to the top of a cut down tree - perfect!


Re: Junk Finds

Is this the one you've peeled everything off of -- steel, veneer and plywood? A sander using SandBlaster sand paper 60 grit will take glue off....is the glue in an area you can do that?

It will be a beautiful when you get this done! I love the chair too - a cool piece!!

Remember to post when you get them done!!


Re: Junk Built It

Now this is my kind of junk!! I LOOOOOOVE it!! I wish I had a granite dumpster, I may have to go find a granite company and ask some questions!

Congratulations, Contributor! A very well deserving badge!


Re: Converted garage sale find.

I love the old red wagons! Reminds me of my childhood with my brothers -- those were the days! The perfect way to add creativity to the garden!

Welcome to the site!


Re: The Softer Side of Industrial

I checked out GardenAntgsVintage blogs of Judy's '07 Christmas open house.........what a fabulous idea!!! All year long you collect, display in your house to make it just beautiful, then voila - SOLD! Start junking, shopping, creating, displaying some more! What more could we want?!?

Thanks, Sue, for introducing us (those of us that don't have a Marburgers, or a Canton, or a Junk Bonanza, and on and on) to the shows that you attend so we too have ideas of what is actually out there. We live vicariously throught you!! There are so many of us that are creative in the country and so many that aren't -- we owe it to those that aren't so they too can help keep the "junk" living!!


Re: Fall fix-up!!!

Welcome, Liljunkie!

Your falloween porch makes a very nice welcome to your home! Some old, some new -- comes together with a very nice look. The old ladder even gives the scarecrow a nice prop up! Thanks for sharing with us.


Re: Cytology Spice Rack

Very ingenious, Sue! Might have to give this one a try -- spices are always disorganized! Even some things in the bathroom, too......hmmmmmmmmm

Lani & Gretchen: You can get the grommets at the hardware store, they have all different kinds, so you can mix them up like Sue did.

Love seeing your projects,


Re: Window Pane Photos

I love this!! The large black and whites really make a statement!! I haven't seen a window with so many panes, great find and reuse. You have some very clever ways of decorating your on the cheap and oh so nice!! Keep posting!


Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

Congratulation, Lani!! A very well deserved position.....I love your posts and I keep up to date with your blog. Some things are more detailed there!!

GRATE job with the chargers -- this adds lots of charm to your chunky table!! The parts of the farm disc is just wonderful!! For those that don't know what they are, go to cssudderth's rusty bird bath, your candleholders are the middle part between the discs.

Re: Neutral Fall Outdoor Decor

Love the look, Gretchen! Nice little details that all work together to make it look comfy!



LOVE IT!!! I like the cozy desk and chair.........very nice!! So the right side is the wall you built to hold your fountain right? Very creative -- that makes square foot living space!!! LOL!! Great job....you're forgiven for not buying junk!

Re: Junk is for the Birds

Very creative, Sue!! Just seeeing creations like these get the creative juices flowing for more things that can be created out of basically nothing into something superb!!

For outside -- if a cedar house was used it would withstand the outside elements, and the screws are holding the washers in. I also checked out the Gorilla website -- some of their ideas for using gorilla glue outside was building a birdhouse and repairing a birdbath -- IT SHOULD WORK!! But the sandpaper probly wouldn't withstand!!

We would all be the envy of our neighbors with this outside!!

Re: Window of Memories

Oh Joan, that turned out beautiful!! I love the look of just leaning it in the corner!! Having to cut the bottom off gave it a purpose of being leaned -- it worked out wonderful, almost like a ladder!!

Keep posting, love seeing your creations!!


Re: Memo Gate

Welcome to the site!! Great idea for the gate! Keep posting your ideas!!


Re: China Candlestick

Great idea to give height......I've used candlesticks, cups, bowls, etc....but the lampbase gives great signifigance! A grouping of different heights and different bases would be fabulous!

Re: Window Finds

Awesome finds!! Freebies are best!! LOL!

Re: Shuttered shelf

LOOOOVE IT!!! The embellishment really give it the "POP"!!Does the back have a shutter too or is it open? Very creative, girls!


Re: A "bottled" centerpiece...

Wonderful job, Kathy! Old bottles are one of my favorite. I have found quite a few on my back hill (almost ravine). That must be where people long ago threw their trash, and they're finally working their way up! I got turned on to denture cleaner and it works great -- what little discoloring is left adds to the charm!

Great job with the bling and I love the mirror you've arranged them on also -- finishes the pretties of perfectly!


Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

Ok, here is something I probably have enough windows for!! Your conservatory is very beautiful........please post picture of your Christmastime (it's coming up you know!! 76 day til Christmas!) conservatory. It's a wonderful fit for your sideboard -- like they were meant to be!


Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

Geo, that is just wonderful.......great inspiration behind the meaning!


Re: One More Junk Doll!

Thank goodness for that never ending junk drawer, eh? LOL!

Re: Glass Bottles!

Those are just cute!! What size bottle is that? About how tall?

Very creative!


Re: A table for the Family

That's what I always wanted was a huge dining room table!! Then I got one.........I've just recently dismantled.....It was just too big in my diningroom. The tabletop is actually the headboard in the spareroom!! I don't exactly what I'm going to do at Thanksgiving -- I have a little over a month to create something!!

Great find,


Re: Fall Wedding Decorations

Oh I love it!! I love how you used Junk Basket Lady for the wedding!! She can be used every season!! Your son may have waited for the last minute, but look how things turned out!! My thought is, the last hurried minute is the best -- you take your instinct and go -- first thoughts are always the best!!

Great job!

Re: Window Garden

You did a great job!! I like the end table underneath...fabulous idea! And the half spindles added at the top, great detail!

Keep creating,


Re: latest quilting projects I've made

The the wine tote.......is that quilted, too? They're all beautiful!!

See this isn't hard, is it? Once you get started.......

Have a great day junking!

Re: outside fall decoration

Oh, this is charming! Love it!

Posting wasn't difficult now was it?!? LOL! Welcome to the site and please show us some more of your finds from your road trips, please!



You've been robbing signs, haven't you? LOL! Love it!

Keep up the creativity,


Re: XRAY Light!!!!

Oh how fitting to halloween........you are way to creative......you make anything work for anything!!! Keep the mind working!!


Re: Handy Trivets

I'm digging out the trivets I know are deep in the cupboard somewhere!! What a great thought!! I can use something else at Thanksgiving dinner!! Something beautiful for those ugly housekeeping tools!

Re: Few Weekend finds

Love the crate slab......the books would be hoot to go through! Will love to see your posts when you get some done!!


Re: Autumn Nights

A very nice welcoming to your home!! Great job!


Re: Picture Holder

Thanks for posting! Never be afraid here!! Nice piece, and it can be easily changed out at any time to go with your current decorating!! Keep posting!!


Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Oh this is absolutely fabulous!! You make us junkers that do not have room for a potting shed at all jealous!! Love the use of all the reclaimed pieces of "junk" to make this just lovely!

Re: 1940's cook stove

Oh how unique and neat!! Love it!

Re: old window frames

Welcome to the site! Wonderful pieces, I especially like the dried flower one! Thanks for posting.....

Re: Glass Conservatory-By Request

I'm trying to find the windows too! For maneuvering -- how about a little cart like the one Chovey "Some Fun Decorating"
has under the suitcases? The wheels could be sort of hidden by putting them back a little further, or find some really cool looking ones.........just a thought I had, as I have to move everything all the time for a new look and cannot imagine lugging that thing......

Re: Bathroom JUNK makeover!

This makes a fun bathroom!! Great job with all the reclaimed finds!! Makes for alot of storage while still being pretty!! Love it!

Re: Some Fun Decorating

How fun!! Love the multiple suitcase stand!!

Re: destroy all humans..lookout it's mr time-o-lite the robot

Great job!! What do you do with your creations?

Re: a good day at the scrap yard

Oh wow!! I'm loving the post office sorter!! A lot of possibilities with that!! Is it wood? How big is it?

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

Very creative pieces put together!! L O V E I T ! ! !

Re: part of my mad scientist lab where it all comes together, talk about junk!

OMG -- I would have too many sleepless nights with all the thoughts of what I could do with that! Please please post when you get things created!! Would love to see what you come up with that mega load of "not junk"!

Re: Projects - for the Scott Antique Market

I love the hanging rack.......I remember the copper rose.....looks so nice white with pink and white knobs! Beautiful.....

Re: Picket Fence Decor

BTW -- welcome aboard!! I checked out your website, you have lots of picket fence to create with!! I'm sorry about your losses with Ike, but you can recreate!!

Re: Picket Fence Decor

i love it! very creative, definately not crazy!

Re: Dressed my nest

You did a great job with the limited space.....many people would have left it plain!! Great job with mixing all the pieces!

Re: A squirrely little fall display

Very unique and good use of alot of things together to give a very fall piece!! Good job!

Re: For the love of Clock Faces!

Very clever way to display them all!! Love it!

Re: Thrift Saling in Wisconsin

Oh, what a great find you had!! Can't wait to see how you display these in your house! I love the reds in the first picture.

Re: A ladder is more than a ladder

Room for collecting more enamel pieces! Great idea! A pot rack at an angle!

Re: "Wine or Rolling Pins"

oh how neat!

Re: A Little Fall Decorating

love the vessel sink's usage -- i have things like this all over the house, looking to make more

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

I love this -- there could be an old clock rejuvenated for every season!! Great job!

Re: I Scream, You Scream . . .

Also -- i see your old bottles look pretty good, does anyone have a good tip on cleaning "dug" bottles? I can get the outside pretty clean, but I can't get to the inside well at all.

Re: I Scream, You Scream . . .

Makes for a nice display of old bottles as well! Very nice!

Re: old window

Thanks for posting!! See, you can never have enough windows!! Great idea and with the light coming through behind them is great -- makes the jewels sparkle!!

Re: Don't You Love Free Junk?

Great finds!! Is that an old c clamp in there? Maybe that's not what it's called, that's what i call it. Happy creating!

Re: coffee table

Welcome to the site!! What a great recycling project!! I bet your daughter loved it! I love the black steel look especially for the price!

Re: Ugly Table Tile Redo/Kitchen Project

Magnificant transformation!! I've been playing around with an old desk as an island in the kitchen with tile on the top, i keep putting some on and swapping out to see which ones i like best before i put it down for sure.....we have lots of different ones left over from different projects and friends. The wood trim is a great idea for the overhang without cutting -- i never thought of that!! Thanks!

Re: My bed

Delightful!! The headboard is great, and again, you can never have enough windows!!

Sue -- don't you ever sleep, I see the time you commented!

Re: Yes.. another window shelf!!!

Love the window, you can never have enough!! When your house is full, give them as gifts -- my sister loved hers!!


I just checked out your website -- GREAT USE OF USEABLE JUNK! One piece of junk at a time, this country could be cleaned up with all houses having the shabby-chic motif!


These are great!! Great use of all materials together!! And welcome to the site -- another junker to give us inspirations! Thanks for posting.

Re: fence frames

Great job!! Isn't it great when you can clean something out of the garage?? (Now there's room for more!)

Re: Mosaic table top

Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing your work! Very creative......had a great inspiration the second I realized what it was!! Thank you for that!! Gotta find that box of stuff I collected years ago! Keep posting your creations, please.........

Re: Strawberry Tea Set Bird Feeders

Welcome to the site!! The teapot and cups are just way too creative.......LOVE IT! The cancer society is very lucky to have 2 very creative and charitable people on their side!! Great job!

Re: Noodle Board

Great idea!! I'd never heard of a noodle board.....that's my next project! Welcome to the site!

Re: Vacation in the U.P.

Mimitoria: Thank you! Here's the website I used to get the photoediting software... http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php. I've played with it for other things and love it!

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Exactly!! The day I joined I looked through EVERYTHING!! Got the camera out and started shooting pictures of the things the JB and I have done. There are not 2 things the same on this site. I have taken someone's idea, put it in the head and have come up with something totally different, but it started with someone else's project! I have joined other sites, but JMS is the easiest going and non-biased....if someone doesn't like your project, they don't say it, they just don't post!! Everyone is just great!! Every one that hasn't posted: POST so we can use your idea!!! We will save this country one piece of junk at a time!

Re: Family window

This is great! How is the knife and fork held in place, i can't really tell in the picture?

Re: Shelves are Collages just waiting to be filled!

I love your collages of all things together! Fits perfectly together! I can just imagine the rest of your home decorating..........love it!

Re: Useful Suitcases

Love the suitcases!! I started collecting the old suitcases to store my pictures.....

Re: Junk Table

Wonderful! The longer it waits, sometimes it comes out even better!! I've got a few of those projects still hanging out in the garage!! I keep telling the JB they will get done!

Re: Barn door picture frame

I love this!! Isn't that wood awesome? We've been looking for some old barn wood.........love that paint color behind it too, really makes it stand out!

Re: Grow Shovel

L O V E I T !