I am married to a wonderful man and am the mother of 4 wonderful children. 2 girls and 2 boy. We are farmers from Nebraska. I enjoy going to sells of any kind and creating things from my finds. My family is very supportive of my hobby and even likes to help me find things.

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Junk Finds

These are 2 pieces that I found in the school junk pile. I am working on them now and hope to have results for you soon. Does anyone know how to get old glue off of wood. The drawer is all there but...

Picture Holder

This is my first picture I have posted. Although I have been admiring all of the ones that you all post for a very long time. I am always afraid to do something for the first time so here goes. This...

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Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

How do we sign up to be part of the junk swap?

Re: Projects-In-Waiting...

I think they would look great if you welded some of them togehter and made a headboard for a bed. You could also just hang it on the wall as is and use it for a picture/memo holder and use magnets to attach them.

You could put legs on the shutters and make side tables or night stands. Thats all I can think of now. Good Luck!!

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Love it. Isn't it great to have a way to escape and just be yourself and create.

Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

If these are something you are looking to sell, I would be interested in an H. What a great find. Big letters like those really make a statement.


Re: Vintage Typewriter Gets a New Home


What a really fun area you have created in your basement.It really looks great. Love the black in front of the green wall. It really makes it pop. Thanks for posting your pictures.


Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed


What a cool scale. I think it would be fun to put on a table somewhere and make it a season display piece. For example maybe some pine branches and cones for Christmas or other Christmas things. Pumpkins and gourds for Halloween/Thanksgiving and etc. for other holidays.


Re: Witch Potato Mashers

Very cute. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Curbside Make it Pink Project

Thank you so much for sharing your project. It is truly inspiratonal.

Re: Last one I Promise!!!

Can you tell me what kind of paint that you used. Did you use regular paint or did you spray paint it?

Re: Autumn Centerpiece

The centerpiece looks great. I agree, never give up a good piece.


Re: Last one I Promise!!!

That is so cool. I had to look twice to even see that it was a tool box. AWESOME job. Loved all of your posts.


Re: Junk Finds

Yes this is the piece that I took all of the layers off of the top. Quite a job. Thanks so much for the advise on the glue. Chipping at it was driving me crazy. Almost have the chair done will post when I do. Thanks.

Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

I love the whole look of your house and your yard surrounding it. I so appreciate the inspiration that you always send our way. Thanks so much for sharing.


Re: Fall Decor... enjoy it while we can!

Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Love the column.


Re: My Creative Inspiration Desk

What a beautiful piece. I am now working on a desk that I had the same problem with. I am now down to the wood. I got the desk from the school junk pile. Tore off 1 layer of steel, 1 layer of veneer and 1 layer of plywood. I am now down to the real wood. I can only hope mine will turn out as good as yours. Thanks for sharing your idea.


Re: Neighborhood Junk turned into a Beautiful Jewel

That is so cool. It is so great he can take all those different pieces and make it into something so beautiful and functional.


Re: Memo Gate

What a cool project. I was just telling my daughter that is a senior this would be a great thing to take to college for pictures or memos or whatever. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Fall Wedding Decorations

We live on a farm and my daughter has talked about getting married here. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful and wonderful idea.


Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

Georgia, what a wonderful way to use pink. Hopefully one day God will help us find a cure for such a horible disease.


Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Love, Love, Love the colored pumpkins and the stenciling is also very neat. Thanks for sharing.


Re: latest quilting projects I've made

Love them all. The tote has to be my favorite. Thanks for posting.Can't wait to see more.


Re: outside fall decoration

Welcome to the sight. The display looks great. Can't wait to see more.



Those are "boo"tiful. Where did you find the letters?

Re: Autumn Nights

Looks great. I especially love it at night.


Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed


Your potting shed is like something I would like to do with one of the chicken coops we have on our property. Was this one in really good shape? One one I have would need a new roof. I was starting to think it would not be worth saving. Thank you for the picture and for the reassurance that I do want to do something with mine. It is AWESOME!!


Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

Your porch looks wonderful. You really know how to put displays together. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Thank you so much for posting that note of encouragement. You know God works in mysterious ways, I was just thinking I really just need to do this. I have been lurking on this site since it started. I can probably tell you at least 2 or 3 projects each one of you have done but have been afraid to respond or to post. Although I have still not posted a photo I am working on some things and hope to get pictures up soon.
Any way enough babbling, thanks again for the encouragement.