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My Funny Valentine

I have seen melted record album fruit bowls on JMS, but I needed a couple of romantic Valentines Day Candle Holders. So.....I added a few charms, sparkles and beads....and here are...

My Version Of RoadTripLouise's Bracelets

The clasp is a vintage earring that my mom gave me (Thanks! texasjunkermom).  I think it turned out very nice.....Louise, remember that by copying your bracelets, I am really giving you...

Bags from Recycled Blue Jeans

I have 2 boys at my house who always play hard in their blue jeans and wear out the knees....so my newest project was "born".  I have used their jeans, as well as my own, and designed some bags...

My very first "junker" project!

This is my first junker project....A Brownie pan, a soap dish, and a lantern repurposed to become a candle holder!  I have been reading about all of your creative projects on the Junk...

Recent comments

Re: What can you do with pink records?

I melted some albums in my oven and made candle holders....These would look great in a room if someone liked pink A LOT!

My post with the candle holders is called "My Funny Valentine."

Re: Bad Dog

No, no....he was framed...Framed I tell you!

No, actually in picture number 3, he is smiling that sheepish grin that says, "...but Mo-ommm,I thought you said this is where you wanted to plant that new DOGWOOD tree! OOPS....my memory is a bit RUFF around the edges!"

What a darling, sweet dog!


Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

This is an interesting conversation to have here on the Junk Market site. I am quite sure that this is a subject where our personal experiences play a huge role in our opinions. Our thoughts on this probably won't change just by reading another person's thoughts, but it is a very important discussion, none-the-less.

That being said, I am sure there are many times that property can APPEAR to be abandoned but does that mean a person can go in without invitation. IMHO....Cared-for or not, frankly it is someone else's land and property and should be respected as such. There are many reasons why a house, barn or building can appear abandoned, but essentially the question of whether or not someone has cared for the property is irrelevant. Possessions left in the elements are still someone else's possesssions.

I think discussions like this are great and important on a site like Junk Market. There are many NEW "junkers" and SEASONED "junkers" alike who need to spend time thinking about this and making their own choices with integrity.

I think no matter what our intentions, we need to JUNK RESPONSIBLY.


Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

I like these ALOT!

Each bottle has its own very unique "personality."

So great!

BTW....I went to your website as well!

And I tried your berry cobbler recipe. We had ours for supper tonight......DELISH!

My mom and I live in the DFW Metro area and will be checking your website so that maybe we can make your next craft sale!

I enjoyed your bottles and all the goodies on your website as well!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: ugly coverup

This is GREAT! It looks like your fridge has a wall on one side, but is showing on the other....did you disguise the open side as well?

I would LOVE to do something like this in our kitchen!

Anyone have any ideas about a similar project for a stove?

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Ice Tongs Paper Towel Holder

I have JUNK ENVY!!!!! This is terrific! Wow!


Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

I LOVE THIS! And against the beautiful blue wall....very striking! I am looking forward to more photos of your office re-do!


Re: My Funny Valentine

You guys notice I "stacked the deck" so to speak? I see comments friends from my work and from my childhood...as well as my mom!

This is a wonderful surprise to read such nice responses from everyone!

I am loving working on these candleholders and I have ideas for other record album projects rattling around in my head....just waiting to get out!


Re: My Funny Valentine

She is just being a partial Mom!!!.......but I AM glad you liked it!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your nice responses!


Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned


Could you please describ how you made the button clasp? This is the first time I have seen one where the string is visible through the holes in the button! I love that!

It is the perfect combination of dressy and casual!!!!

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

This is beautiful! I would love to do this with my china!

Do you mind telling us what you do to the edges of the china pieces so that the bracelets are safe to wear?

Also....I would love to see pics and read your how-to directions about the typewriter keys! Those sound really fun!

Thanks for sharing!


Janis......One more question....How do you care for your doilies? I don't want mine to look starched and "perfect". I like the casual, effortless way yours look. Can you tell me about that process, please?



SweetMelissa said it very well....You "funkified" the doiley!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

I love also that wonderful jar.....did you buy it with the writing or did you add the writing? If you added it, how did you do it?

I would love to see a close-up of the jar, too, please!

Can I come over and look around?

Thanks so much for sharing!

Re: use up your eggs...

WOW!!!!! This takes your breath away!!!!!

I will definitely be checking out your recipe to see if I can make some treasures as well!!!!

This is just Amazing! Judi

Re: White on White

Redesigned.....Could we possibly have a tour of your house in pictures.....please? Every room looks just beautiful and comfortable and so well put together! We just want to see more if possible!

Love your ideas......Judi

Re: Guest Bedroom

I would love to stay in this peaceful, girlie room! I am guessing the baskets are replacing former drawers in the dresser? SO BEAUTIFUL!

So glad you shared your pictures....Judi

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

THIS IS SO COOL!!!! Have you shown the man who gave you the scraps? I am sure he would be amazed!

Wow! You and your husband are truly talented because of your vision and your creativity!


Re: new life for old jewelry

Wow!!!! I love your creatively fastened creations!!! AND necklaces from Grandma makes them so much more special because of the sentimental value!

It made me consider doing something similar with a vintage brooch (sp.?) Do you think that would work?

My mind is racing.....

Thanks for sharing!!!! Judi


This is gorgeous!!!! I agree with NebraskaJunker that yours is prettier than the Pottery Barn's!!!!

If you don't mind giving a bit more information.....
Do you get the silver leaf-ing at Micheal's or a similar craft-y store?

You mentioned that it was easy....."easy" as in "wait-till-my-kids-are-in-bed-easy" or "wait-till-my-kids-go-to-Grandma's-for-a-few-days-easy"?......lol......there are degrees of easy, right?

You are extremely talented!!! Congrats on being a Contributor!


Re: Screen Door Dresser Mirror

This is creative, whimsical walk down memory lane! Who doesn't like screen doors? It would be very comforting to sleep in this guest room....and you can't beat the price!

Looks like a Bed and Breakfast!


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

This is STUNNING!!!!!

You have such an eye for seeing possibilities.....Come to Texas and I will take you shopping!!!!

Wonderful Job!

Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

Lani is right.....ELEGANT is the word for this piece!!!!

AND, it is so exciting when you have something that reaches back so far into the past!

LOVE IT!!!! Judi

Re: Mobile Boutique

Way to "pay it forward!!!!" I think this is a wonderful idea!

I, too, am a Texan....from the Dallas area. I am very familiar with Canton Trade Days.....SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Thanks for sharing your amazing project with us! Judi

Re: Earring hanger

This is great! I am glad you listened to the hanger....lol...You will enjoy your earring hanger for a long time!

Welcome to JMS.......Judi


This is a fabulous idea!!!!! It is just a fresh approach to vintage clocks and old pictures!!!! Wow!!!!

Thanks for sharing this with everyone!


Re: Old door vanities and benches

These are so fun!!!!!

You really made me think about where and how I could use one in my home!!!

Great job!


Re: Towering blast from the past

BTW......I went to your profile and I love ALL of your projects!!!!! You Rock!!!!


Re: Towering blast from the past

I love this! It is very creative and you did a wonderful job on it!


Re: My very first "junker" project!

Hi, Jenny, and THANKS for being so supportive! This is definitely a place where a person can start seeing limitless possibilities!!!