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I am not very talented with a sewing machine, but I love JUNK! I can see treasures in almost anything and hate to pitch stuff as it "may be" useful. It's a chore for me to stay organized; however when "things" begin to collect; it's time to share the goods with someone else. I love the junk market ideas and would love to travel the U.S. to see, in person, some of your creations.

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Old Window, New Year

I love the old windows.  At Christmas, I put the old photos of the kids taken with Santa through the years. Now, I made a calendar for the year with pictures from an old calendar and peel and...

Friends are the windows to the soul.

I found a small window for my bathroom at a market sale and today found a couple of dried flowers framed to add alongside. 

Spring Wreath

I redid my winter wreath today.  Removing Christmas bulbs and ribbon, replaced with my "Avon" garden tools, and a burlap bear.  Then I hot glued a little straw hat and three flower seed...

Key Catcher

This Americana key catcher was a gift my kids found for me at Christmas.  I just recently got the hanger on and finished decorating it.  I love when the kids go "junking" with me.

Cataloging a new adventure!

Look what I found on the "get rid of table" at our school library!  I snatched it up, my sweet father-in-law gave it a coat of polyeurathane and it now has a place on my kitchen counter.

Laundry room curtains.

I needed "curtains" for my small laundry room window.  I remembered mom had given me the dresses I'd worn as a child.  I bought a small rod and hung "my" dresses up.

"Pin" and Purse

I took my daughter's tan jeans that were pink lined and made a purse.  I added a few old buttons and a very old and very large safety pin.  The little pockets on the front are great for her...

Lamp to Luve

My grandmother had a pair of heavy brass lamps.  When one stopped working, I took apart each piece.  The middle part became a great toilet paper holder (with a spare door handle on top) and...

Recent comments

Re: Rustic Ladder Bedroom Shelf

I love this ladder! It's definitely a country romantic addition.

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

What a distinguished piece; absolutely beautiful!


This is lovely. I think the old windows offer a great view into so many creations.

Re: At the end of the rainbow... an ANTIQUE SHOW!

Where at in Grayson? My daughter attends Kentucky Christian Univ. in Grayson. Sounds like a good mother-daughter weekend!

Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

That is lovely. Way to see a diamond in the rough!

Re: 4 Old Plates = 10,000 Lakes

My granddad used to keep license plates all over his garage. I love your idea.

Re: Has anyone seen the spices?

Great job! I love it.

Re: A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

I love this idea! My daughter is a freshmen in college and had so many pics that she wanted to display. We found an old fisherman's net at a garage sale and she bought some wooden clothespins and has a great wall display at school. You all inspire us so often. Thanks junker friends.

Re: Junk up those windows!

These windows are simply lovely! I would never have thought of such a terrific/different idea. Congrats on a great "viewpoint".

Re: Kitchen "Door Knob" Apron Hanger

What a great piece! I love that scripture too.

Re: God Bless America!

I love the presentation and the #4 is so different. Fantastic!


I love this fireplace. I see you're from my state. I'd love to come visit your studio.

Re: Rusty metal thing

You have the neatest ideas. What beauty you bring out of everything. Thanks for sharing; wish you lived on my street.

Re: LOVING summer break!!

Great way to start your summer off! I love the shovel; what talent. You did a great job with the table too. Enjoy!

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

What an awesome memory box. I have my granddad's old coal mining hat and boots that sit in my living room. It's a special reminder that we follow in big footsteps. Enjoy your happy memories.

Re: Cleaning out the closet

What a precious idea! My mom sewed my Barbie's clothes also and I still can't part with them.

Re: Salt and Pepper Shaker and Found Objects Garden Plant Stakes

Precious ornaments for your garden! Great ideas!

Re: Hall tree benches

What a lovely hall tree! So clever; great job!

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

Absolutely gorgeous! You definitely have a talent there lady.

Re: Once upon a time.......

What an awesome idea with an awesome presentation both visually and verbally. Thanks for sharing!

Re: GIONIS ON A JUNKIN' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm partial to the stepladder! It has so many uses! Enjoy.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

What a terrific ottoman! That is lovely.

Re: blue and white from all over

That is absolutely beautiful. I love blue and it looks great!

Re: Bed in the Flowers

The red just makes the "Secret Garden". Makes me want to pull up a comfy chair in the shade there and read a good book. Lovely idea.

Re: Wreath of Rust

cute, colorful, and catchy; great job!

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

They are both beautiful, but I dearly love the cupboard!

Re: Things are always a changing

What a "happy chair". And a lovely blue!

Re: Antique Show and Sale a Success!

Hopefully I can get to that sale next year as my daughter plans to go to KCU in Grayson, KY. Looks like fun!

Re: Lil' Cowpoke Armoire

That is a really neat piece of furniture. Great job!

Re: Need a Pencil?

I've started one for my room at school. All my "junkie" friends have such great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

Precious reminders of how we are to flavor the world with our faith. May God bless you and your creative mind for sharing His Word.

Re: Another Party

What lovely ideas! Your librarian must have felt so loved and appreciated. You did a fantastic job!

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

Great piece. How creative; both useful and pretty.


Oh, I love the whole wall! You could charge admission just to let us tour your home. I know it's warm and inviting.

Re: Spring fever

Very pretty Spring decorations; I love the strips of music.
They add a lovely touch.

Re: Coffee Tray

How clever; awesome idea!

Re: Grandma Memory Collage

Lovely treasure; I especially like the touch of the doile.

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

How pretty! Keep it up; no telling what you can create next.

Re: Clothespin Bag

I like it too! It's cute, functional, and resourceful. "Cherry-O!"

Re: chalk board door

The teacher in me just loves a good chalkboard! That will be very useful, not to mention decorative. I love it.

Re: front of my house

What a lovely place to relax or share a cup of tea with a friend. Beautiful!

Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

How pretty! Very resourceful too.

Re: Star Attraction!

Oh girl, love your idea! Keep your eyes on those toss piles. You "rule"!

Re: Objects as Art

How interesting! Simplicity and creativity at its finest. I would never have thought of such a neat way to put these pieces together; I love these.

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

Great creations! What a lovely bird cage. I may have to copy that idea.

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

I'd like to say thanks for all your encouraging remarks. I love spending time checking out all the wonderful ideas on this "junky" site. I find myself wanting to check my neighbors' stuff before the garbage truck arrives. Is that healthy? :)

Re: The Lighthouse Bed

I have a soft spot for lighthouses since we started our marriage, 25 yrs ago at Cape Hatteras. Your bed is just darling. I think your idea works beautifully.

Re: fake fireplace out of twin headboard

This is a gorgeous piece of furniture! What talent and creativity!

Re: Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

What a fantastic idea; you must make all your neighbors smile!

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

As a school teacher, I love your map! It would be a sweet addition in any home or classroom.

Re: Datebook Wall Art

I think your display is fantastic! How resourceful. Pretty in pink as well.

Re: Bags from Recycled Blue Jeans

I was just ready to take some "unwearable" clothing to goodwill, but knew I'd seen some neat things made out of denim. I think I'll save the blue jeans and put them to good use. Thanks for your help. Great work on the bags.

Re: Hardware angel ornaments

I love the angel tree decorations; they are wonderful!