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Oh My Gosh!!! How did I not know about this site till now? This is like home for me. I finally found a group of people who love good junk just as much as me. I am married with 3 sweet children and have always been blessed to get to stay home withthem. This year my youngest went to preschool and that got me thinking about the future. What can I do to earn a living while still being available to be there for my kiddos when they need me? Should I go to school, get a job? I always dreamed about redecorating and redoing stuff but for my occupation.... surely nobody junks for a living!? Then I saw Sue speak at a Home and garden show and the wheels started turning. What an inspiration! I believe that the neatest thing about taking a piece of junk that someone has given up on and sent to the trash heap is that that is a perfect picture of what Jesus can do for all of us. Jesus works best with the broken, worn out, cracked up lives. He sees a beautiful end result when everyone else sees garbage. A new creation! I am so glad he can use such a flawed medium as the human spirt to make his masterpieces!

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I saw you at the Home and Garden Show this weekend in OKC and wanted to thank you again for all of your wonderful ideas, encouragement, and especially for the sweet memories that you helped make by offering my girlies the chance to sing their version of "Twinkle, twinkle little star" on stage. They will be talking about that for a long time.
Love the website and will be spreading the word about it to my junk lovin friends! Amber Austin