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im a nurse working at a local hospital. i have been recycling for yrs . going bagless at groc and department stores. i garden and compost. i sew some [mostly craft stuff] . i like antquies but not period looks. i do some bead work, love to paint and decorate. the creative outlet is really important to my health and spirit! sue i like what you said about we are drawn to different things, this is so true. i love metal stuff old farm tools kitchen ware+ wierd metal and glass [old green and milk glass. [ my husband has been a welder /blacksmith]. we have an anvil and a forge in our almost every woodworking saw out there! i have my own drill, ban saw, dremel, cat sander and router:). dont know how to use them all yet but im determined. when i learn to download my pics will post our table my husband and i designed and he welded forged in our garage so cool

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recycled candle holder by mhc designs

rusty old horse shoes with my fav color of insulators . my hubby did the welding I only picked out the perfect insulators , a perfect marriage ;). it was actually harder than it looks to get it lined...

functional sofa table

this is a sofa table that slides over the cusion so you can set your coffee next to you ;). We have used it so much I need to refinish the top. My husband did the steel fabrication and I did the 7...

our aspen coat rack by mhc designs

my husband did the steel fabrication and I did the paint . This is a 7 layer technique with lots of texture.

functional repurposing ;)

When I started making my own laundry soap I had to have a cool container to store it in. So a pairing of lidless glass canister with old pot lid. The blogs are great at tutes on how to apply...

an affordable knockoff ;)

Pottery Barn knock off. the drink dispensers in pottery barn catalog are $79.00 with the stands at $20.00 to $25.00 . So being frugal my stand was $1.00 and my dispenser was $4.00. The tray is a...

junk swap

its been awhile but finally got the photos taken . Still playing with my camera. Sooooo much to learn.

junk swap ;)

well the rake head was great i have a hand forged one that my husbands grandfather made yrs ago it holds out keys headlights ect. also Pam sent me parts from a mercedes ha ha will be the closest ill...

vintage chimes

finally got one done. I have been collecting silver sugar bowls for a few yrs . I used fishing leaders +vintage silverware and a thrifted sugar bowl, I've seen these on line for $25.00 to $50.00 ...

better pics of my silverware chandie

I know that I have posted this before in fact this was my 1st ever post. a real stretch for a not so computer savvy person. So for my b day this yr my honey bear got me a nikon camera .Way over my...

upcycled footstool ;)

i was inspired by miss mustard seed and donna of funky junk. this is a solid piece but so awful. i never really liked the legs but after i painted them white not so bad. i could not get that vinyl...

thrifted anthro knockoff

saw a anthrpologie knockoff on line. which was actually better than the original [$300.00] .so since gretchen inspired me to collect vintage jewelry i had quite a bit ;). this was made with old...

junk swap 2009

recieved these cards fron gretchen. repurposed as love notes for my tree ;). i was going to frame them but this is better. tis the season. oh and merry christmas to all ;)

junk swap no 3

made this necklace for nurses day raffle . used a key with scrabble letters , then added blue charm and a bottle with pearls from gretchen. taking pics of small items is really difficult for me so...

junk swap no2

got these cabinet doors for $1.00 ea .so made chalk boards. no 1 for my daughter celebration charm is from gretchen for junk swap ;). no 2 is for raffle for nurses week.

true american junk;)

saw this on the way to Grand Falls Az [ this is a spring time water fall in az] i so wanted the perfectly rusted seat springs but needed a bolt cutter to get them out so had to be content to get the...

junk swap no1

recieved these swedish flash cards from gretchen, this is an over head light in my hallway. before run of the mill now it makes me smile ;). did use glue dots to cover the bulb holder with wide...

junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

so got my box from gretchen ;) . too fun like christmas, i know ya'll understand. my favs the vintage kodac film can,  vintage coin purse, bottle caps, mother of pearl buttons watch piece...

whatnots and thrift store finds ;)

found these wood cabinets doors for $1.00 each wow couldnt resist. any ideas ????? the denim will become curtains for guest bedroom. the cantine will be a vase shades of sue. the metal banding will...

coat tree

i designed and my husband built this for us. its pipe and different sizes of rod . heavy+ very sturdy. will do the faux birch at some point. looks great in our home. big fan of hooks here ;). so...

last score 09

a single mom at work wanted to get a wooden kitchen for her young son. so during a mountain snow storm on wed i found this at the local goodwill. it was priced at $16.00 but got a discount and got it...

lamp finial

been thinking of a christmas finial for some time and when "itsnotjunktome"[ i think] did her finial got inspired again. soo here it is, did bleach for 2 days the previous color was pretty ickie this...

what will it become?

when im at work my girls [aka jessie and katie] stay in the old laundry room its off the garage and has a cement floor. ive tried pillows and rugs they become toys and end up outside. so i made a dog...

dressed up chairs

really wanted to dress up my dining room chairs, so i sewed a button to the top of the chair cover. used ribbons i had saved from sheet sets, gift bags,candles ect, added these great leaves [got on...

simple monday tree topper

my mom wore this pin on her winter coat, she passed away in 1980. so i married it to a crocheted medalian my maternal grandmother made [i got a bunch of these] . this has been my tree topper...

junk art fan pulls

got inspired by roadtriplouise few months back she made these great necklaces soooo i thought would make great fan pulls since the one in my craft room broke. ;)

wood rack

last yr we had a tremdous amt of snow, my husband had shoulder surgery in dec. so we brought wood inside and stacked on floor . worked really well but was a mess and scuffed up the woodwork and wall...

15 yr old unfinished project ;)

ok not junk but unfinished projects got to figure in there some where!  get this started this about 15 yrs ago. friend at work had a baby was doing his room in target baby jungle. sooo...

fun with words

i havent had any luck finding scabble tiles, so where do you folks get them??? but did find this game actually found 2 games word up , great letters. was going to do jewery but letters are too big...

simple monday fix to unfinished project ;)

so its simple monday and i finally figured out how to finish off this project. yrs ago my husband pulled this wood stove out of our garage he had replaced it with a more efficient model. sooooo that...

lawnchair to patio pillow

my daughter + her friend are big time cardinal fans. so the chair broke as they do. but the fabric was still good with these great embroidered cardinals . soooo i dug it out of the trash and sewed up...

my version of $100. shower curtain :)

so saw a shower curtain at anthropologie for $100. liked the look not the price. got a bedskirt at thrift store $6.00 [shabbie chic] added a queen bedskirt and shower curtain i already had. married...

ive had this glass jug for 30 yrs

this is a glass jug got from a friend about 30 yrs ago :) even my husband likes it as a lamp. shade close out item from target got a while back. notice its green :)

my washer in full bloom

this is my washer even the scoffers see the beauty :). placed so i can enjoy from my kitchen

freebee's from a friend

so we were busy over the weekend. a friend of ours is moving soooo i got the washer :) did give them some cash for gas tho [it was only right] the washer was cooler than i remembered. it will be a...

spring is finally here :)

these are my 1st daffodiles . the wind lately has been ferocious so if im to enjoy my flowers snip and bring in. the sea glass actually acts as a flower frog

a good day shopping :)

found these lamps at 2.95 ea so bought all 7 of them. :) you cannt even get lamp parts for that. got the cart for $3.00 may try to post the other picture

earing holder

for years i've been trying to find something cool for my post and ear wire earings. so a $2 goodwill frame and jute. the jewlery becomes the art. my friends at work are ordering them up :)

spoon lite cosie

spoon lite cosie, not sure what is saved so may try this again, tada! saw a spoon chandie in a mag for about $4000. too rich for me so this is my  version :)

Recent comments

Re: From Drab to Fab!

ha ha dont ya just love to repurpose ;).and validation when others get ya !

Re: Texas Planters

ha ha I made a lamp out of 1 few yrs back this is soooo much easier


rust is my fav color well 2 nd maybe after green ;)

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

ha ha I have a matched pair of those hinges chippy paint and all ;). I am thinking a bracelet for one now I see the other can be a necklace.

Re: Button Pins

wonderful so creative so much better than mass produced ;)

Re: DIY Tip - Pain in the rump, lumpy / separated paints

this is brilliant! i use a dog slicker brush to clean my paint brushes . my furgirls wont let me near them with it anyway. ;) also i see those beaters at thrift stores for $1.00 all the time

Re: JunkSwapTreasures

so i was thinkin that galvanized piece could be a lamp shade or maybe a bird feeder. and the cookie cutters fashioned into a spring wreath. the medical tubes are water tight soooo i was thinking 1 flower stem also they could work to hold seed beads. always thought the flash cards would make a great garland for a childs room ??? have fun . ha ha the lucky penny was just fun glad you liked it ;).

Re: a 'Novel' idea

absolutely darling ;)

Re: The Chippy Chirpy Reverse Paint Dresser

wow did you do this freehand? beautiful design worth all the effort ;)

Re: Cider Jug Lamp

wonderful I esp like the junkie embellishments.Good for you ;).

Re: How to Display Pumpkins

well i thought i was the only one not so fond of halloween. classie fall stylin works soooo much better for me

Re: A Vanity Just Like Grandma's - my 1st post!

that mirror is absolutely fab great job. welcome ;)

Re: Tell me whatcha think... I need an idea.

i would prob funkyjunk it. a crate sign if you may ;). good luck neat piece at right price

Re: Farm Junque

what is that thing? thanks for the idea of the murphys oil soap . we got an ox bow from family last summer and it might help restore it.

Re: my Christmas Junk Challenge

so if it was me i would paint it with chalk board paint and hang with shovel part up and maybe do a distressed white on the rest of it also would prob trim off the handle. hang by door for notes ;) good luck

Re: Spindle Lamp

hi jim another great lamp ;). where do you get your vintage looking cords ? and since i have had some stained lamp shades i will defend them ;). had a ceiling leak, but i suspose it could be a wild party . also i buy old shades for the frames some are pretty dang cool.and i cut off the ickie plastic/fabric

Re: Vintage Wall Candle Holder

so if you want some back ground on that candle holder i have it :). that is a home interior piece 70s i think. originally had viened mirror in the back part. i know cause i have one just like it with out the mirror cause it brode during a what you did with it. ;)

Re: What is this?

i think this is a wreath holder. with the great white color you could use this year round

Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 4

donna at funky junk made coasters and white washed them very cool. you could do numbers or letters on them. you could also use them as backing for hooks or candle holders or attach a vintage mop holder with a bottle for a flower. good luck

Re: Cool as Ice Junk

sue love this . but have a prob my email address has changed :([not my idea]. so dont want to lose my green colleen thing how do i change this ???

Re: Freeze Frame

so sue not sure what this is but my guess is it is a window from a vintage trailer. far too cute. also i have been using staple gun on sawtooth hangers works great.

Re: A New Desk for Captain America!

score x4 forr mom ;)

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

pretty dang cute ;)

Re: Mother's Day gifts

annie you are so creative, some mom is going to be pleasantly surprized ;)

Re: Television Table

wow what a great idea,love the hidden drawer. ;)

Re: I made my office playhouse inside!

annie, there is a blog out there called "funky junk" with a tutorial on photos esp good for point and shoot cameras. also they suggest picassa [its a free download;)]its wonderful you can crop resize straighten and sharpen ect your pics. its wonderful.even my husband is impressed. i know those who are experienced photo people its way too simple but for the rest of us very so inexperienced takes me quite a while to post things. but im determined.also if you get your photos too small it will not post so the size is really specific.

Re: junk swap no1

ok, my bad. guess the only language i know besides english is spanish. and since im from the midwest im a mix with good portion of german ;). too funny ;)

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

wow how cute is this great, rebirth ;)

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

really like the look of this good job ;), and the basket great topper

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

my father in law was a blacksmith in iowa. when we inherited the shop there was a bunch of these,[i wanted them, they thought i was crazy] i believe they are mower guards i have about 10 of them mine are somewhat more rusted tho with aho1586 on back. and they are dang heavy. great idea i may have to borrow it ;).

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

Gretchen you are sooooo talented ;).folks even tho the pics are great they are alittle short on how beautiful these pieces are in person. they truely are crafted with love. and as someone stated earlier "life is too short to wear department store jewelry".
on a different note Gretchen i have figured out how to easily get the dang lables off the bottles;). so will send more your way. also will post soon on my swap projects it really stretches the creativity. thank you Sue for this fun opportunity :).

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

jim only you could have this vision ;). wonderful display

Re: junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

ok, went back and checked that photo tutorial is on funky junk interiors. for most of us with inexpensive cameras is really good info :). spent the weekend glued to my craft table the wheels are turning

Re: you can't always get what you want...

great thinking out of the box, this attitude will make your home one of a kind with great style ;). please make sure you share the end project. also i find great items at strange places. so what may appeal to someone writing a column may be too expensive or not junkie enough for us. keep up the great energy ;)

Re: Light Fixture Planter

sue i kept and old fixture didnt know why until now. but mine is not as great as yours. thanks for the inspiration

Re: I need help with this one!

ok love the color cause ya know its green ;). that looks like really sturdy stuff so i would go with the woven thing. like chair seat or basket do like the idea of lamp shade. and bec 4 ideas are great. good luck

Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

sue im sure this was no easy task for you, thank you for the opportunity ;). just sent out my box now im worried will it arrive in 1 piece??? hope you like what i picked out for you gretchen ;)

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

sue, very thoughtful rules of engagement ;). excited to get started. ive been shopping and will try to send pieces that will appeal to my pardner.altho many of the participants havent yet posted any projects. i expect this to be a fun creative process ;). thanks for the opportunity. let the games begin ;).

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

so all you guys and gals in junk land . just got back from post office and my pieces are here ;). with pres day and me working 12 hr shifts just couldnt get down there sooner. they are even better in person, omg just absolutely fab !!!!!!
i got jb6 jb23 and jb 70-ss. gretchen is an amazing designer ,these are all very unique and much more affordable than many mass produced items. also she is a wonderful person to do business with, fast response great service ;).
the one box i think was also vintage which i love.
its kind of like ebay did i win did i win which actually added to the fun ;). guess im really happy.
so if any of you are thinking about purchasing your very own gretchen creation, i can recomend it, so just go for it ;)

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

youre too funny, my honey bear is buying me gretchens designs ;). he thought i would want diamonds too but that is what i chose. i dont like to junk store shop with him because he makes noises about i have to get rid of something ealse. silly boy ;). love your haul really scored here.
esp love the vintage jar

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

gretchen thanks for responding ;). ive ordered 3 pieces. hope i get them its a little like bidding on ebay ;). did i win did i win!
i hope i get you in the swap since i have some very special things i will send you :) hint hint.
i took all my nonworking wrist watches apart today. you are so inspiring . have a good one colleen

Re: Got Ideas?

i would put castors on these and use for muddy shoes and boots ;).or hang on wall as a shelf. good luck looks like a lot of fun.

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

sue it does make us wonder about what else you have tucked away ;).
oh i finally personalized my pic with my 1st ever posted project.i thought it was fitting ;)
wouldnt these shakers be great for a shower or wedding??? very stylish .

Re: Patina or Dirt???

oh i have junk envy ;).esp like the green
we have had patients up here in no az who have had hanta virus. and sometimes they dont make it. so be careful ya'll thankyou for the public service announcement ;)

Re: Window makeover

very creative really like the pic of the boots ;). much better view.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

wow cool project love that you gave the directions;)

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

gretchen, i did go to your blogspot. the site was beautifully designed. [why am i not surprized] you are soooo talented ;).
i really love how you used the silver, gold,black metal all together. the little bird nests are to die for. the question i have is what kind of wire did you use? gage ect?
how do you organize all your beads and elements?? id like to see pics of your work space ;).big fan here

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

wow gretchen this is so beautiful. have you been published?? and where do you sell your pieces and what is your creative name? i want to take classes from you . but dang im in az. been finding some bling finally pricey but worth it.;)
i was going to do an art piece for my manager set the vintage screens by cash register. went to look some more and they sold them.omg really surprized how upset i was. still stings. oh well . needed to get that off my chest, i knew folks here would understand

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

junkygal i went thru all the profiles [in the swap] and you were the only one i found in az, geez. i'm up north. maybe sue will pair us up . im not sure how that will happen. sooo welcome i was feeling so very alone. colleen

Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

love the wine bottle lite its like 2010 version of lava lamp only so much cooler ;) . i want to see the rest of the projects tho, curious here.

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

ok i want to play ;). i'm jumping up and down. how fun ;) colleen

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

oh susie how cute makes me smile ;). gosh im sooooo sick of winter. this brightens up my day. i got a small case a few months back, how time flies. i will create, i will create, i will create ;)

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

i really like the chippy white but alas im far more rustic right now.anywho will check out the blog . its amazing what a junker can envision ;)

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

so wouldnt no1 be great for childens art work and update with the seasons. wonderful idea great finds ;)

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

i like soapstone but its pricey , i went with wood got at lumber liquidators was actually less expensive than laminate. reason is because you dont have to pay for installation. also i wanted rustic if it gets dented or scratched just sand out also used the wood counter oil stuff from ikea . my sis has granite tiles several have cracked. i have seen where they have done pine 2x4 that was pretty cool. do also like the concrete. please update us, we are curious souls ;). cabinets look great ;)

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

just what is that turquoise glass ??? too pretty tho.
great start to a new that i'm a proud tractor owner is even more important to watch where the funds are going. did find an old canteen but no cute jacket for it so i'm going to make my own.
im like so many on this site i look at most things differently now, what can it become, truely get sooooo much inspiration form this site. ;). let the fun begin. after the child kitchen i scored last dec my coworkers are paying attention to possibilities.

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

so jim at the end of 2010 we will have to remember this project as one of the top ones for this yr. wow great job i have always like the verigris finish , i also have always looked forward to your projects ;). chairs also very cool


i'm green with envy over your green walls, dont think my hubby would be understanding. he saw our attick/storage room the other day and was shocked. he is a fan of the off white wall. i would like to sign up tho to be one of your students ;). they are soooo luckie.

Re: lamp finial

ok credit goes to makinithappen . i went back 6-7 pages and found the post. :) sorry.

Re: Farm Rescue

great save, i'm with sue junk envy ! love the patina ;)

Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

oh mb those guys/gals for design star have nothing on you. well thought out great colors loved the grafics. i would love to have this as a craft room. but will tell you with all my collections would get messy in a hurry. you so deserve the award whoop whoop ;)

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

luckie you;) even the case is way cool

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

bless you an your lil guy ;). hope 2010 continues to brings you health and wealth. god bless

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

sue luckie you in the tropics , im sitting here in a mountain snow storm. looking to buy a tractor so we can dig out soooo i can get to work. i totally love this site helps to keep me almost sane. i get the bestest ideas here ;). what a great idea to start this . what will 2010 bring? so to you and all out there merry christmas and to a great new year ;). the members are the nicest folk out there ;)

Re: Junk on the Horizon

you did your dad up proud girl, this is soooo cool, art and momento thats the best gift, im sure he will treasure it. what a great idea ;)


so janis such a good job here love the christmas bling ;). im having no luck in scoring vintage jewlery or much silver. what there is here is pretty dang pricey . well happy merry !

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

sooooo sue dont you think a pattern for the pop can star would be great in that holiday book??? ;).you could do all the holidays or maybe just christmas and thanksgiving together , just a thought. and i agree with geo id help but geez im so far away.

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

oh jim your tree topper is the bestest ;)love the tree, could go in that book sue ;).

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

ya know you could maybe do this with glass lids as well ;)

Re: Alter-na-tree

how fun is this;). gave me a great idea. love the vintage ornaments

Re: Pop Can Stars

ok i want the pattern please share :). i agree with jim great add for coke.

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

sue only you could envision this. im really seeing another book ;)

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

welcome ;). love the colors in your center piece.

Re: Merry Christmas!

i know the catalog you speak off ;). i do get great ideas from them. but with a sharp eye you can duplicate in a much thriftier way. glass greens and christmas colors just seem to go together. love your displays.

Re: Kissing Bulb...The How To

sue great idea. but i see a new book; holiday decor with junk ;).this is ingenious ! creative you truely are blessed with good junk ju ju ;)

Re: Red Birds and Holidays

i,m also a former midwestener i guess the only cardinals around here are the football team ;). the red color of this is amazing luckie you.

Re: Christmas and Old Stuff: Priceless

oh my makinithappen love your idea of the ladel bouquet! how cute is that ;). isnt this the bestest site?

Re: What Can I Do With A Table Top Greenhouse

ok i was so caught up in the season didnt see the jan thing. love rustydiva's ideas. i corraled my spring creamer sugar,also had small nests with ceramic birds sat them on old rusted pieces. really liked the towel idea and the gardener gift idea. good luck.

Re: what will it become?

so makinithappen be careful what you wish for ;).jessie s one of the funnest dogs ive ever had, shes not lovie tho. it took me 6 tries to get a pic of her. the project is not fancy but is very functional i was frustrated that i couldnt leave a big pillow out there and every rug got tore up huge mess. i had everything so no shopping involved really liked that.

Re: What Can I Do With A Table Top Greenhouse

i have this in a galvanized color, last year i did the village tree thing that loving craft suggested. it was too cute. or center piece with maybe with greens ornaments+ of coarse rusted junk pieces ;). maybe filled with pine cones endless possibilities, if the white doesnt go with your decor could paint using that great metal spray paint [comes in hammered metal very cool] have fun

Re: 'Tis the Season

sue love the red + the fresh greens ;). i got an old coleman cooler last week for $10. my husband is skeptical. so we'll see.lily is adorable but how did you get her to pose??? my girls, i have to catch them sleeping or i get the tail as they are scampering away ;)

Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

well i dont have any of these but how cool is that ;). no army surplus around here either. oh well . want to thank you sue for your vision in this site. its like this huge junking community. how friendly! i get great ideas and so much encouragement, this is a very positive force, soooo may the force be with you ;)

Re: A new addition to the front yard

so very cool but how did you attach those glass insulators?? did you have to drill thru that glass?? ;)

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

i love your sense of decor so much more interesting than traditional furniture. i like rustic off the beaten path pieces also. this and your other pieces are amazing character ;)

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

so i was looking at my 'collections' door knobs, insulators, old kitchen stuff, buttons and green glass [big surprize there] rusted metal everything. frames lamp shades and lamps[ones that speak to me]. ive added on since being obcessed with this site. the color green few shades i dont like . i have green in every room very subtle tho. found some vintage flower frogs the other day. i have a rather small craft area. the garage is off limits. but we have a fairly full small barn/shed and an attic no basements in the southwest. i have to be careful with the clutter. im finding im much better at shopping that actually creating. need to work on that part :)

Re: Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

great mix of fancy/vintage/industrial. lots of character ;). i also like the copper wire against the chippy white paint of the base. i havent been able to find any really cool old lampshades :(. great idea.

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

i'm with you. i try to get the best deals out there. so you go girl!!!!! i think repurposing is the best. i also get that adrenalin rush. i work with folks much younger than me. so im trying to show them how to repurpose and conserve. i scored 3 dooney and burke purses and a leather backpack plus other stuff for $5.00. last week i got a liz claiborn woven leather bag for $2.00. i do not consider myself cheap, but thrifty, which by they way is the new chic. i also think this kind of decorating has a lot more character ;).and and i actually get to support some great thrift stores aka salvation army, womens assistance league and a hospice thrift store .

Re: Hemming-Way

omg jim i got an exact match to your smaller one at a thrift store for $1. then on vac saw one in an antique store for $10.00. great idea love it love it ;)

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

kathy wow did i say WOW !!! loved the pics esp the invite to join this great online community ;). wish i was closer, i really liked the button jewelry.

Re: what to do with cute old purses, flowers, and ribbon

i know you can paint a sofa,craft paints with additive for fabric cannt recall the name tho. i would prob do the whole thing in an off white add color with pillows so if you got tired of it would be easier to change.i would crackle the wood or paint it a cream and sand off some umber over the top. the purse idea is really good. like the gift bag thing ;) please post pics of piece after we are a curious bunch ;)

Re: Introducing Ruby Rose & Amy Bakes Cupcakes

wow those cupcakes are a work of art ;) almost a shame to eat them. trailer is too cute would like pics of inside tho

Re: A Simple Monday "Ah Ha!" Moment

how clever is this ;). but what the heck are those things???
the addition of the keys wonderful.

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

wow great price and after ;)good colors just the right amt of rust

Re: Projects-In-Waiting...

the fencing i would use as a valance on a window, or attach together with zip ties on sides, then you could make a chandalier with tea lites. sue did this i think. i like the memo holder idea as well. the shutters i would use doors poss maried with an old drawer to make a cabinet. good luck ;)

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

thanks so much for sharing, my heart goes out to you and the others that were affected by 911. it still causes me to get misty. be well!!!

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute

omg this was so cool, i was so upset yesterday i couldnt comment. i didnt lose anyone on 911. but i remember where i was, and how surreal it was to watch those buildings come down. even 8 yrs later im concerned for all that loss of life and distruction. this was a beautiful remembrance of that day.


so janis, did read your post. its kind of amazing where i find nurses. this kind of creativity helps me to recharge. so as sue says be well. loved your profile esp the naughty dog part. i have a 3 yr old german short hair that gleefully dumped all of my large planters in the back yard, then she chewed on the pots the stinker ;) colleen


dear janis, i found one of these hobnail lamps at a thrift store really cheap, but it was a pin up lamp but i think i can reconfigure it. so what a great idea ;). so i went to your blogspot and the really cool thing was last week i got a stamp holder for $1.00. been looking thru the site to find the idea i knew i had seen and there it was on your bog spot. thanks ;)

Re: Help...Any Creative Ideas??

my craft laundry room is only 9x12 so pretty small. i have 2 shelving units with plastic bins and i try to keep like things together. like lamp parts, fabric , paper supplies paints ect. but i also like to have things open for inspiration. do know that martha stewart did a craft armoire that was pretty does seem to be a constant job to keep it organized tho. good luck ;)

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

sue would never have thought about using those coasters. guess thats why you are really the junk diva ;)

Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

dear carrie im sort of sewing impaired, like craft sewing only. yrs ago did make all my maternity clothes -twice. i love ruffles but they are trickie, so i came up with the idea of ruffled bedskirts most of the work is done ;). also because the straight line thing is a problem. the shower curtain i used was a thermal weave so all i had to do was follow along the line pin and in the end the idea was not mine but the execution was. the price very affordable

Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

how funny are you! i keep telling my husband that its all about presentation. he just doesnt get it but oh well. love the cooler, and the lunch box,the caged chicken just cracked me up ;)

Re: Freeby :-)

i would try something really different like chalk board paint, that way you could label the drawers like dishes , linens , serveware. it will sell no matter what but this would make it really unique. and might appeal to more folks. good luck great piece ;)

Re: A shabby chic lamp makeover

love love your application the texture of the chenile is perfect and white very chabbie chic ;)

Re: Simple Mondays

sue really like the idea of simple mondays ;). but i actually like mondays mostly because i generally dont work them ;). but like a good recipe you know the ones with 5 ingrediants or less. pairing 1 or 2 items together are my favs. will be waiting anxiously for your posts. now where to get those antlers ;)

Re: jewelry treasures

omg these are too cool. i have pieces of this and that really inspired me ;). how fun would a fishing one be ?[ of coarse with the barb cut off ]

Re: New roadtrip finds.

like the old spring with the pics. wouldn't that be great at christmas with cards ??? great finds ;)

Re: my washer in full bloom

guess i should've named it a blooming washer. my husband said i should send a pic to maytag. to inform them that they last forever :)

Re: ive had this glass jug for 30 yrs

i tried a lamp kit from home depot but just wasnt sturdy and the right diameter so got this one from ballard designs. it was cork so did have to carve it down some but it is really solid. :) good luck

Re: My Picks from Oronoco

i think all junk ladies are are the same leval, but since blonds have gotten such a dumb rap in the past let the fun begin [by the way im a silver blond :)] my husband smart guy does not tell blond jokes too funny

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

great idea! :) i have corraled my curling iron in a beautiful vase. and my hair dryer in a mail cubie thing so that also holds all the hair products brushes ect. i have a lighted nook in my bedroom for makeup and hair games.:)

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

great idea! :) i have corraled my curling iron in a beautiful vase. and my hair dryer in a mail cubie thing so that also holds all the hair products brushes ect. i have a lighted nook in my bedroom for makeup and hair games.:)

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

great idea! i think would also work with some of those old candle sticks :). been unable to post for awhile got a new computer not sure what this issue was. but im back. do check site almost daily

Re: Needing advice

well i have new laptop and it wont let me comment :(.but i am the master of it will figure it out! but i might put a cookie sheet in the bottom to protect the wood . good luck

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

this is too funny ive had plexi glass for yrs and didnt know how to cut it so off to buy a cutter :). thanks for the info.
sue this is such a great friendly site THANK YOU for bringing us together!

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

this is too funny ive had plexi glass for yrs and didnt know how to cut it so off to buy a cutter :). thanks for the info.
sue this is such a great friendly site THANK YOU for bringing us together!

Re: Time for Junk!

so i have 2 of those metal things r hand corner, what the heck are they ?? i was going to use them for lamp shades. but a clock hmmmm! love your clocks esp the pot lid :)

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing

i never thought about the back part of the frame , old ones are petty cool the velvet is amazing, great look ;). i have always liked the empty pic frames.

Re: Trash Bin

actually i would use it for dog food. poss paint it to match decor. use the drawer for brushes leash ect. ;)

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

really cute :). so how do you cut plexi glass?? i've always wondered

Re: Dustpan Note Organizer

very cottage ;)

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

wow !!! love it want it :) very clever

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

omg what a fab/cute idea!:)

Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

omg too cute and you know i've got forks left over from my chandie project :). question tho how did you get the handle bent over?

Re: Coffee, tea or Ivy?

very unique! good idea to paint the inside of the carafe, love the ambience :)

Re: Weekend Finds

cool stuff what are you going to do with those mini tart pans ??? :)

Re: Another JUNK wind chime...

neat idea better than stuff in a land fill:)

Re: record challenge - butterflies are free and so are records

esp love the card/letter holder wouldnt this be too cool if you used old christmas records to display your christmas cards ??? i think it looks as tho cutting those records is done with a ban saw / drill.

Re: Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

so question how did you get the silverware out ??? and how did you attach the suction cup???

Re: Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

what a great idea. really thinking out of the box :). like the chippie finish

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

omg this is tooo cool! and the flowers are looking good for just being planted. like the design of the legs. so where the heck do you get turkey feeders??? we have wild turkey here ranches but no farms. and jim i thought you were the lamp god. way to go :)

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

omg this is tooo cool! and the flowers are looking good for just being planted. like the design of the legs. so where the heck do you get turkey feeders??? we have wild turkey here ranches but no farms. and jim i thought you were the lamp god. way to go :)

Re: Cast Iron Stove Picture Frame

great look, i have an old stove its just gorgeous, originally was in our garage as a very inefficiant heater was replaced now is in the garden. my husband actually likes it!

Re: Bird & nest

i would so wear this :)

Re: Vintage Tray Transformed

the redo so much better! like your style :)

Re: A planter, or not a planter, that IS the question!

marie love your work! esp love the cement mixer. a friend of mine is giving me an old wringer washer today :) so it goes on back patio cause my puppy [shes 3 now] has a fasination with my planters.

Re: A planter, or not a planter, that IS the question!

marie love your work! esp love the cement mixer. a friend of mine is giving me an old wringer washer today :) so it goes on back patio cause my puppy [shes 3 now] has a fasination with my planters.

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

sue you are such a midwest girl, none of that full of yourself stuff :). watched the video too cute. also finally got your latest book yesterday, it was worth driving home in a mountain snow storm . ive been collecting old door knobs for yrs so one more good idea.
so ditto on previous comments :)

Re: JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

10 is a very small number, in the junking world. i like old kitchen metal, actually any old metel from door knobs to farm stuff, lamps even just for the parts, lamp shades, glass ball jars to funky stuff,vintage purses oh i could go on and on.:)
sue esp love the chairs , question any ideas how to get those lamps of mine apart?????? tried wd40 top and botton very stubborn .

Re: Need ideas!

wow you guys are creative! like the idea of valance i might attach at 4 corners and do rows for a kitchen valance.[tie together with string or fabric maybe 2-3 fridge magnets just to bring in another element. but but maybe a rug ??? like decopage to a piece of linoleum and coat with several coats of varaphane :)

Re: Gatherings - A Great Place to Shop for Good Junk

so wouldnt those button hangers be cool with necklaces hanging from them esp with a vintage/cool junk hook :)

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp

jim thanks so much for the additional pics :). what kind of glue did you use ???

Re: Generator lamp

who knew a generater could be soooo cool, , great thinking out of the box :)

Re: cabinet door chalkboard

you go girl!!! yard stick great idea :)

Re: a good day shopping :)

the pic doesnt really show what quality these are .this is not the brass plated variety, so patina solid brass and heavy glass, so my delema at this time is how do i get them apart. these guys are solid. but im determined soooo thinking shells, hardware, bottle brush trees [christmas] buttons marbels, could do photos :) any ideas how to get them apart guys??? im pretty handy trying top and bottom.and jim actually bought that mold thing for a shade. got a espresso maker going to be a lamp some day its about the right size.

Re: Upcycled Pillows etc.

ok so you have insired me found 3 100% wool sweaters really cool colors, washed them in hot water and dried in dryer. do i need to repeat this ????? love your work :)

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp

jim i so love this look! the colors are too fun, i will be looking for old funnels, one question tho how did you attach the lamp parts and how is that funnel supported??? great idea thanks:)

Re: My Junk Lamp

omg too cute , but dang now i'm going to have to learn how to crochet! what gage of wire did you use on that shade

Re: City Wide Garage Sale, Georgetown, Texas

so sue when are you coming to AZ ??? so the alley stuff is that the free stuff? or how do you find whom it belongs to? glad your having a good time :)

Re: City Wide Garage Sale, Georgetown, Texas

so sue when are you coming to AZ ??? so the alley stuff is that the free stuff? or how do you find whom it belongs to? glad your having a good time :)

Re: spoon lite cosie

started with a wire cage thing, not sure what to call it . but did think you could use a tomato cage or one of those garden half basket things. i did a rust finish so the spoons would pop. went to home depot and got the best metal bit for my drill i could find. had some silver wire [cant remember the gage] to wire the spoons on . and wal-la. i have fans in my kitchen and dining area and i was determined to have this in my house somewhere. good news is this is the maindoor to my house so i get to enjoy it a lot :).i used black wire to attach to base of my light with s hooks and ball chain, didnt want to drill into my ceiling and i have to be able to change the light bulbs. oh and the spoons were 50 cents husband tells my family to hide the silver :)

Re: spoon lite cosie

i could hang outside but i really like the way the light shines thru the spoons. this is in my breeseway in front of the door so does chime some. i cannt get a pic of this with the light on.

Re: My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

well i actually got it to load into site i think we'll see . im so inept at this computer thing forgot to right click so i think i figured it out . but then went oot and not sure how i did it? do the pics and posts post next day??? or right away. i have a kodak camera for blonds, which means i dont have to read the instructions before i use it:).so i will get out the instructions and resize that as well. thanks candy +gretchen

Re: My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

i also need remedial photo posting. been working on this for over a week aaagh!!! ive done some projects and i want to post .did go to photo size but then where did they go omg this is so frustrating. they do not auto resize. how long does it take to load into site ???? please help!!!!

Re: Time for an old drawer to SPRING to life!

so how functional is this piece? i would put an s hook on bottom drawer pull , for keys. and put my cell phone on the shelf. and would the planter be too cute with an arrangement for each season? so to me this is year round!!! good job.

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

got a catalog the other day and they had made the absolute best pendant lites with insulators. and you have a whole stash of them . so sue oh goddess of the junk how the heck do you drill thru those insulaters???

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

ok i'm jealous not just the space you have but you've got some great junk!!! looks like my fav goodwill with all the good stuff pulled out:). i have a 12x9 ft room that is also my laundry. do have 2 shelf units and some wall mounted shelfs as well.

Re: How to Store Ribbons

i have a few of these wagons so may do a easter thing then a ribbon cadie after :). but im like the rest running out of counter.
sue this is off subject but i'm very computer unsavy. soo got this great idea want to post cant get the pics in what am i doing wrong? i need remedial picture posting.

Re: Kitchen Redo

this is my 1st post, love love love what you did! did i say loved it???? great idea i have a toy hauler [ trailer] and the cabinets just stink.... soooo im going to do this :). just have to figure out how to glue the wallpaper to the cabinets not wood. we redid our kitchen few yrs back did the wood counter too like that, but actually had to get new cabinets mine were actually falling apart. and i wanted drawers and pull outs.
question did you paint the hinges or replace them?? also did you do a glaze over everthing to get that great finish?