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Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

I have an old cast-iron clawfoot tub in my yard that I plant herbs in (sweet basil, tarragon, garlic chives) and peppers and tomato plants in. I have a salad in a tub! Everything grows great and weeding is very minimal. My garden is also at a comfortable level for tending as well.

Keep all your great ideas coming!

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

What an idyllic setting! I have a very similar 5-acre hobby farm setting. I love my old barn! Sadly, I will be leaving it next spring when I move to Arizona (and I will be selling off all of my treasures). :(

This photo definitely says "summer". Thanks for sharing.

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

I have a few vintage soda pop bottles that I have collected which are completely outdone by what you have collected. I, too, collect old pop bottle caps. I plan to turn them into a cool, retro belt.