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Re: Projects from the Pages of a Book

So many good ideas, I don't know which one to swipe first. I love the idea of putting the page in a clear vase. I have some lovely sixties pics in a magazine. I am going in search of my clear vases and see if mine can look that cute. You rock!

Re: Sometimes it's ok to break a dish (or two)...

Back in 2002 or around that time, I belonged to a group called Garden Junk on MSNBC. It has been taken down now but we did hundreds of bowling balls covered in all sorts of things. I covered one in pennies, those half marbles from the craft store, and old jewelry. One girl even covered hers with nails, gluded on upside down so the sharp point stuck out. She called him Spike...yes we named them. LOL It was an addiction But my favorite of all was the mosiac ones.

Your pieces are beautiful. I love Terri's dragonfly. The colors are so pretty. That table needs to come to my house. LOL Below is a pic of my Ladybug Bowling Ball.


Re: Happy Mother's Day

Give me this any day. I would love to see a can like this with Sunflowers in it. Or those lovely Pink Shasta Daisies. Great and wonderful idea.

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

I think that is so perfect. I have some small feeders like that but here on the Coast, we just don't see too many of these large ones. You can bet, this pic will go into my favs until I can find some. So pretty!

Re: Wall Hanging Made With Multi-Colored Springs

I have always loved springs. This piece is just off the wall.. : ) You ae going to have people everywhere looking for springs. I remember someone throwing away an old bedspring once, and I took it apart and used a few of the springs for plant hangers. I am going to keep my eye out for small ones now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Pop Art Bracelet

Where is Uri Geller when you need him. LOL. I would like to know how you bend these too. I was thinking about trying a heat gun and see if that softens the metal enough to bend it. Probably a dumb idea.

Re: Sew Simple Tassel

This is so cute. I just happen to have some old wooden spools I found at a garage sale. I have one with emerald green thread. I think I will skip the paper, just leave the pretty thread, and add the top knob. I have a nice large, pretty blue and green bead that I think will work) and add a pretty blue tassel out of some silk cord, to the bottom. Thanks for the idea. You inspired me. I am going to make one for my ceiling fan chain too.

Re: How to Spiff Up the Biff

OH, I love that. It is a fabulous way to show it off. And how cheerful it looks with your embellishments. I love embellishments.

If I could find one, and trust me, I will be looking at all my horsey friends to help me find one....I think it would look cute if it had little hooks hanging from it. I could use it as a place to show off my fancy potholders in the kitchen. Of course, I have no wall space anymore since I started junking.

Re: Happy Spring

I would love to run around barefoot in your head sometimes. There is just so much creative stuff going on up there. Once again, you teach me to look with a fresh eye at ordinalry things. You are my current hero.

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

This is a fantastic idea. I am just learning how to weave. My DH made me a loom from some nails and an old counter top with a back splash. It is so much fun and this has to be the ultimate way to go. I would never in a million years have thought of this. Thank you. I'll bet someone in the family has one in the attic.
I also like the link I clicked on that showed a spring being used as a piece on the wall to hold all sorts of things. Thanks again. I love this site. It is always inspiring.

Re: HAPPY EASTER! vintage bunnies & lots of them.

I would love to run across a box of these. I do find a lot of those wooden tulips on sticks.

Re: Floods

I like the look of a wasp nest too.

I collect diffrent types of nest. For those who wonder if you can fire a dirt dabbers nest in a kiln, yes you can. I glazed them and they turned out great. : )

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

The little doorknob vases are so cute! I have an old glass one somewhere in my junk. I am going to look for it. I think that would be cute too.
I love the domino place cards too. How clever. You are such a natural for TV. I think junkers just may be more laid back than other people. We don't stand on pomp and circumstance as my Mama used to tell visitors to our home. : )

Re: How to Make a Quiche Pan Frame

How many ways can I say wonderful. Thanks so much for the tute. I will look around now and see if I can find just the right photo for this project. I too, get bored with the usual way of displaying photos. We like for people to admire our photos but in the same boring old frames, they often get overlooked.

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

You are one clever crafter. I have a lot of old vintage zippers that I just stare at and would never think to do this. I learn so much from all of you. I think I am going to wrap one around that old lamp I have. It is fine but a bit boring. This idea will add a little interest.

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

I really like this look. I like necklaces that dangle like that. Thanks shbbychick for telling me what you call that style. Now I want have to call it that dangle thingie on the end. Haha It is the waterfall style.

Re: Ugly Clock turned Message Center

I am going chicken wire shopping. Do I buy that at Home Depot, maybe or do I have to go to a farm supply store? I can just imagine all different ways to use that idea.


I love these little sets too. I collect corks so if I find a set that doesn't have tops, I can use corks. I will have to start looking for pretty knobs for some of them. I love the old buttons on ribbon, tied around the neck. So vintage looking.

Re: Junky Clipboard Turned Handy Photo Holder

This is a great idea. You could change out the pic from time to time too.

I have seen these little mini clip boards around. I think they would look cute the same way only make them to sit on your desk or a table, maybe with a small easel.

Re: Sewing Room Wall Peg

I am proudest of the simple creative things I have come up with and they always seem to be the most useful because we design them out of a need. I love the spool idea.

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Shoot, that's not so great. Anyone with an ingenious mind, awesome skills and a load of creative talent could have come up with that. LOL

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

This is my favorite of all the uses for piano rolls I have seen. It is fabulous! And the musical instrument is just inspired.
I always think big, so I am thinking,,,an old guitar, several of the rolls for lamp shades, maybe three....I can just see a great looking floor lamp. LOL..yes I know, as my DH says, "Rein it in".. ; )

Re: Eight Ways to Deliver a Valentine

Love the grass idea. You know, you could also use Lemon thyme. My thyme seems to survive anything. It did well during the hot summer with over 90 degrees and now in the Winter here which does go down to the twenties for several nights in a row, it is looking and smelling great. So you could keep it outside. I love old farm implements too. I never know what most of them are, but the faded red paint always catches my eye.

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

How cool! I love using old things to hold boquets. I haven't seen one of these in a long time. I have the old pink rubber type that is flat, but I don't think I could get it to stand up right.

Re: Junk is for the Birds

Great birdhouse. This sets my head to spinning. You are such an inspiration to me.
I think I can come up with a birdhouse...let's see..washers, ball bearings for the holes, elbow pipe joint for a stove pipe....that sewing machine plate for a door....painted dominoes for the siding...

Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

I lvoe this. I wish I had a stirrup. Don't see too many horses around here but I can probably find one in a junkshop. Not a horse, a stirrup..I just read that back. LOL

This is a great idea. When I first saw it I though it was a horseshoe, attached to another horseshoe. : )

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

What great ideas. You got my head spinning with new ways to decorate these. I love the mixed metal look. And the Orange! I have some jewelry dangles from vintage pieces that is going to look wonderful on these.

Re: Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Very creative. I like the way you used the Santa face in the center. I think a big wreath would work too. And some pretty Christmas stockings, hung on the mantle. One of those big electric candles on either side of the fireplace.

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

I am a recycling fanatic. I hate to see good things thrown out. Better to throw them on your tree. LOL...I think this is a great idea. We did this when I was growing up but it was done because we were too poor to buy anything for our tree. Mama was very creative though and we always had a great tree without buying things. The only thing we bought was lights and angel hair. Mama would wrap the lights in angel hair and it gave a spooky look, but she liked it better that way.

Re: Funny or embarrassing junking stories, anyone?

fellowjunker, we had almost the same experience. We thought we were walking around an old, abandoned house and opened up the door to see two people on a bed. A man and a woman were both sitting up, holding the covers to thier chins and staring at us. It was spooky.

The grass hadn't been cut in years, and there was junk all around the house. Maybe, they didn't belong there either,,, it could have been a love nest...LOL.... We said sorry and ran like a bat out of Hades...: : )

Re: From Cast-offs to Creatures

I love the paintbrush people. I have to see what I can come up with. I have some little brushes..maybe I'll make little people. lol