Esther Lyndon-Jones, Menai, Sydney, AU

Esther is an ambitious marketing executive. She wants nothing less than everything in life, which is why she enjoys every moment of it. From marrying the best husband in the world and having the cutest little boy to working for an amazing cleaning company and preparing and indulging in only the finest food, Esther thanks God for each blessing that has come her way and for the many opportunities ahead. She is a fast-learner with an affinity to interior design, home improvement, cooking, gardening, decoration and all things DIY.

Even though the career ladder is a challenge that she would face with great determination, Esther would always prefer the cozy home life where she will have every freedom to take care for her two boys (husband and son) and to spend as much time with them as she possibly could!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/15/1986

Member Since: 06/06/2014

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