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Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

This is a great idea for rush, splint and binder cane chairs when a caner cant be found or it is cost prohibitive. By the time one of these come in for a new seat, the chair may be structurally compromised which can add to the cost of a new seat. This is a great alternative and the board may even be upholstered utilizing nufoam, material and a stapler. At any point the chair(s) may be restored back to it's original meant seat. I also make this recommendation for handcane, machine cane as well as blind cane if someone is unable to afford a new seat. This way it may be restored in the future when funds become available. Great idea ladies now I may also make this recommendation for rush, splint or binder as well :-) www.weavingrestoration.com www.facebook.com/weavingrestoration