Geraldton, AU

Originally from New Zealand, I have lived in Geraldton, Western Australia, for over thirty years. I'm an artist and my usual medium is acrylics but I also enjoy creating junk sculptures and assemblage. I live in an old home with an eclectic and ever evolving mix of old things, remade things and art. I love to fix, remodel and repurpose. You might say I have a passion for junk and its possibilities.

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Some weeks are better than others

This was a great week for junk. First I found some old hospital intravenous-drip trollies, four for $7 each, haven't worked out what to do with them yet, then an old bakers rack, which is...

A forgotten corner of the yard finds a new personality

There's always someplace in the yard that gets forgotten. And there's always some junk with no place to go. Well there is a perfect solutuion, you just need to put the two together :)

Old Trouser Press

Does anyone have any ideas regarding repurposing this lovely old trouser press, before I list it on my junk and vintage page? I have had it for a while and have not come up with any interesting ideas...


I am lucky to live on the western coast of Australia and visit the nearby Abrolhos Islands frequently. Lately I have been using driftwood to create assemblages. They have that weathered beachy look...

Roller Warrior Woman

I owe this 'Roller Woman Warrior' creation to Gadgetsponge. I've loved his assemblages so much I had to find some old skates and make one of my own. They say that imitation is the highest form of...

Old Birdcages

I made the white cage assemblage a few weeks ago and I enjoyed the process so much that when I found a couple more cages I made two more. These birds don't need any feeding and they don't make a mess...

'Rescued Rubbish' Lamps

Last week I had a lot of fun holding a recycled art project called 'Rescued Rubbish'. These were a few of the lamps made.

Recycled Art Project done and dusted

I've been busy lately with a recycled art project called 'Rescued Rubbish'. It's all over now and things can get back to normal, but it was a lot of fun with good friendships made and some wonderful...

Rescued Rubbish Art Project

The past month I have been collecting junk for a project I am doing called The Rescued Rubbish Art Project, which is a series of artist and community workshops repurposing and recycling throwaway...

Rescued Rubbish

As an artist I usually paint, but when I get an urge, especially between commissions, I like to create junk art. As a seller it is starting to run neck and neck.


Shelves are such handy things aren't they? Some people like them behind cupboard doors and some people like them open and accountable. Doesn't matter how you like them, we all need them... but some...


I have way too many chairs.

Light Up My Life

As an artist I love colour and with plenty of lamp light, colours glow.

Baccy Tins & Shipwreck Nails

I love old tobacco tins and metal matchbox covers but they tend to gather dust. I just found this very large and beautiful old vase and, upturned on a turned wood base, it suits them perfectly...

Rose's Junk

I love this site. I love it because it is a huge community of people who like junk like I do! I am an artist and I live in Geraldton Western Australia. This city has a lot of money rolling around and...

Recent comments

Re: B-I-N-G-O...and BINGO was his name-o!

I say awesome too! What a fantastic creation :)

Re: upcycled box and drawer knobs..CADDY

Oh dat is sooo cute!

Re: Old Trouser Press

Thanks for the ideas, I am measuring up some lidless old boxes and chests I have around the place. The table/trolley ideas led me in a good direction :)Could go with the wall art except I don't have any wall space!

Re: My Newest Addiction

Yes, one of my favorite obsessions too :)

Re: Scrappy Side Table

cute, this is my kinda gear, like it a lot :)

Re: Attention Idaho Junkers

awww, I wish!

Re: Chess Anyone?

Totally fabulous,what a great idea!

Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories

Lucky lucky boy! Particularly love the cage light shade :)

Re: Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

Too clever! I agree totally with SantaClaus. I just got rid of a beautiful old racket a couple of days ago, darn!

Re: Olde Headboard bench

This is very cool. The combination of the antique headboard with the soda crates gives it a touch of whimsy that is quite magical. Well done ramblergirl, I love it!

Re: Wildlife Assemblages Formed From Re-Interpreted Refuse

These are very good, love 'em!

Re: Does this Side Table Stack Up?

great find!

Re: Final Destination - 1956 Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament

Cute, I would love a closer look :)

Re: Roller Warrior Woman

Thanks for all the great comments. Roller Warrior Woman is now living in the Netherlands.

Re: My First Junk Chair

Love it :)

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Nice! That would go well on my dressing table :)

Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

Another fabulous creation! My silly doves are trying to build a nest on a ladder rung now :)

Re: better pics of my silverware chandie

This is really lovely, I'm glad you re-photographed it or I would not have seen it. Good-luck with the jet flying :)

Re: Old Coke, Sprite crates as CD Holder

Smart mom :)

Re: Our trip around the Bay

Very nice :)

Re: Roller Warrior Woman

Thank you! No I'm not addicted though I do still have another skate to use. Too many other projects to do though, loads of junk and not enough time! :)

Re: Rescued Rubbish Art Project

Thanks for the comments. The project is done so a lot of this stuff has gone, but it's full again with more! Ha ha can't stop now :)

Re: Light Up My Life

To Emmacay, all the lamps use ready-made lamp assemblies :)

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

Tres neat as always. I particularly like the Dainties Tin House. I finally found some old skates and have incorporated an old tin into the construction. I will post it soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration :)


Your pieces are unique. i like them a lot :)

Re: Old Birdcages

Thank you ladies. The wood blocks are from old pallets. The local mens' shed use the pallet timber for all kinds of things but these bits they throw away. I grabbed a box of them so I am thinking of different ways to use them.

Re: Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

I was thinking... the brake? the brake? what brake? And then ohhhhh the brake!!! hilarious!

Re: Bewitched

Hey I'm delighted to find we share a birthday!

Re: Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

Oh this one is just too groovy! I love the way it's functional as well. I'd love to be storing my accounts in this.

Re: I'm not distressed now that my sunflower is!

Yes, it will look fabulous!

Re: Recycled Art Project done and dusted

There was a lovely book lamp made, I will post some of the lamps soon :)

Re: Stained Glass Lantern Upcycled Light Fixture Birdhouse

I agree with Lani. You must have so much fun putting these together :)

Re: Recycled Art Project done and dusted

Thank you. BTW I made the sign from one end of an old bunk bed, top trim is off the headboard of another bed,the other bits are an old oil painting, a couple of hanging basket planters, a couple of Christmas ball decorations for the pupils,and the back stand is the ladder off the bunk. The eyelashes are cable-ties. Being large, colorful, and a bit weird, it was eye-catching and helped bring people in off the street.

Re: Light Vases


Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

Amazing and beautiful, really well done, gotta love those graters!

Re: Dry Goods Shoe Sign Gone YEYAS!

I love it too, about as good as it could be :)

Re: Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

I think these are fabulous! Love them! It may be the place you are consigning them to. These sort of things really 'shine' in a minimalist setting. They might be getting crowded out amongst a lot of other beautiful old stuff. Maybe you should try somewhere a bit more upmarket or arty to sell them?
Personally I sell my things through exhibitions and they sell really well like that. When I have consigned to stores I have been nowhere near as successful.

Re: Sunflower unfinished

Good on you girl, I guess it's because there's plenty of shiny and new in the shops already and people go to antique shops to buy something old. Yes I like this one, it's lovely.

Re: Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

I agree with the other two comments. If you want the colors either distress them a bit or wipe some dark tint (burnt umber is good) into the recessed areas and rub it back off the proud surfaces. You might need to scratch the post up a bit. The unpainted wheel in the background is so much nicer. But then maybe this just needs a few rusty bits and pieces draped from it?
No one game to put a price on it?

Re: Moving things around in our Junk Store and bringing in new Old Junk!!

Love those rusty old trucks. Thanks for posting your shop pics. It's the next best thing to being able to come and browse :)

Re: Some weeks are better than others

Yes a bird feeder would be great especially now I have some birds! And guess what, I found some old skates this week too! I'm on a roll ha ha.

Re: Old Molds

oh, oh, oh amaaazing! Talk about the mother-load!!!

Re: Rusty Finds :)

Nice finds!

Re: Rescued Rubbish Art Project

Thanks guys, junk is still mounting and believe it or not I am still working amongst all that mess.
I've done over a couple of chairs and an assemblage sculpture since I took these pics a couple of days ago and it is very awkward working where you are always backing into something!
I can't wait to get the Rescued Rubbish Art Project shop keys so I can cart this lot into town. It's a huge old furniture store so I will be going from one extreme to another :)

Re: Rescued Rubbish

Thank you! Yes I like the oil filter best too. I have an old rusty green pool pump, similar size (big), that I am itching to do something with now :)

Re: From Metal File Holder to Picture Holder

Really good re-purpose, simple and sweet :)

Re: Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

You know I didn't really get it, with all the birdhouses, but then I found your incredible website and now I totally get it. Fabulous stuff and the bird pics are very special. And coincidentally, a Mr Dove has just spent the past two full days building a nest, twig by twig, for Mrs Dove on top of a set of old traffic lights in the corner of my partners work area only to have the whole thing collapse and 100 pieces of bird-nest fall onto the workbench and floor leaving not a single twig behind! Not very good at nest building those doves. I was worried for Mrs Dove because she had looked ready to pop. So Mr and Mrs Dove slept rough last night and meanwhile I got up on the work bench, in my heels as we were going out, and covered the top of the lights with chicken wire and replaced some of the twigs. I could hear Mr Dove hard at it when I first woke this morning and went out to find Mrs Dove proudly sitting on her flash new improved nest. All happy :) Maybe not a big deal to you but special for me as it is more often lizards visiting here.

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

Oh I love this, so many neat bits so cleverly used. And the headlights, so very cool! I recognise those steamer fins, they make fabulous doll armour too. I am still hunting for some old skates!

Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

I just have to say DITTO to all RustyDiva's comments :)

Re: Destination Chair

Very nice, I like it a lot :)

Re: outside creations

Agreed, weird and wonderful :)

Re: ,A Farmall Grille, Rusty Gate, Cracked Father Timepiece and you have a Great Recipe for Rustic Gold !

Great stuff, especially the neon clock, what a doozie!

Re: Kilroy Was Here

Kilroy cracks me up too, I love the whimsey :)

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

I can just imagine you having a good chuckle while you were making this one. I love it. I'll be looking for some old skates next time I go op-shopping :)

Re: Old door is for the birds!

Wow I just found this, those birds are so beautiful.

Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

Great re-purposing! You can always add an old tin sign to the top when you find the right one. I like RustyDiva's patio cushion idea as you can use it as a seat then as well :)

Re: Light Up My Life

I have plenty more too :)

Re: Wine box bookcase

Very nice and I like the contents too :)

Re: Chairs

Right, thanks Jim... I think :)

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

I like the chandelier idea too and extending on that one could be a hanging planter with an assortment of terracotta pots or how about a suspended pet bed on the porch with a nice comfy cushion, could look groovy?

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

This would have to be my favorite thing on the whole site, just fabulous :)

Re: "...the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17b

This is fabulous, perfect in fact :)

Re: Yeyas Oddities Garden Junk

Yep it's pretty cool. I can imagine it up as a wall feature above the entry of a barn type building or a shop front.

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Oh, oh they are so nice. They would look so good as pull out drawers on old (new) purpose built wooden shelves indoors. They would have that old bakers rack look that I love. And they have just the right industrial look for interiors, sort of a waste to put them outside? I'm just imaging all the stuff I could store in them, I hate putting things away in cupboards where they can't be seen, especially collections :)

Re: Steampunk Charging Valet

Wow, I hadn't even heard of a valet station... had to google it. Seems it must be an American thing. Anyway, yours is very cool :)

Re: Rusty Wagon Wheel & Milk Can Table

Nice :)

Re: Chairs

Yep, just regular acrylics with a sealer on top :)

Re: Industrial Style Coffee Table & Other Finds

What divine finds! re the wire screen... I have an old firescreen hung on the wall, which I use as a memo board/ ideas board, using fridge magnets to attach things. This could be quite a feature used this way? cheers Clarerose :)

Re: Light Up My Life

Thank you. I don't know how it is there in the US but here in Australia we aren't allowed to rewire lamps and sell them. They have to be done by a licensed electrician, making it an expensive proposition to sell them, unless of course you ARE a licensed electrician :)

Re: Shutter Headboard

Gorgeous, I love the combination of plasticy new with the rustic old doors :)

Re: Baccy Tins & Shipwreck Nails

I couldn't get a very good photo of the glass in glass. It actually looks lots better for real.

Re: cottage mail

I really love this, if I hadn't done my letterbox already...

Re: Baccy Tins & Shipwreck Nails

Yes wouldn't they, but I have lamp bases coming out of the proverbial. I shall post some soon :)

Re: Head Shots

Oh I've never seen these before, they look neat. Whenever I find a doll, to use for my assemblage art, I always dismantle it immediately. I love having tins of assorted arms, legs, torsos and heads around my studio. Is that a bit strange?

Re: Rose's Junk

Yes Beth, that's what it is. I got it to re-purpose somehow, it's just so cool looking, but I am thinking I might try it out in front of the telly first! Sit back in the lazy chair and do a few miles workout :)

Re: Copper Bowl Used As A Sink

Wonderful!!! And I love the wall behind too :)

Re: Rose's Junk

Well I am happy to hear that because I saw the picture of Yeyas sign and I thought, if I saw that in my neck of the woods, I would be running so fast and when I got there I would kiss the ground! I love your place, love, love, love it!!!

Re: It may be junk, but it always "...yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." Psalm 1:3

I have watched this wonderful site for a while and have finally joined just so I can comment on your chairs! I am so glad you didn't paint them! So many people do and it is often the case, as with these gems, that they are better left to speak for themselves. Yummy, love them lots :)