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Garden Junk Totems

Here are my versions of the garden junk tower that Chovey & JunkerMidge shared. It all started when I wanted a unique Mother's Day for my garden-lovin' Mom. I've made these for my family and...

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Re: Urban Farmhouse... an Ohio Hot Spot

I L-O-V-E the Urban Farmhouse! I live 3 hours north of the shop so I'm only able to visit once a year (when going to Columbus for christmas shopping). It's nothing to spend 2+ hours walking around and seeing something you didn't see the first (or second) pass around! The staff is nice and I can always find something I can't live without! :) I've never been to any place quiet like it. If you make the journey to visit, you certainly won't regret it!! Cindy

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

Great idea for using up leftover beads!!! Adding this to my project list :) Cindy

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Love all these ideas! Cindy

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

How nice--thanks for the inspiration! Cindy

Re: Garden junk!

These are neat-o! The last picture (that you bought at a flea market) is what my father in-law called a corn planter. I have one displayed in my home that belonged to him (and it still has some seeds in it :). He used it to replant seeds in his garden the spots where seeds didn't sprout.

Thanks to all for the inspirationional posts! :) Cindy

Re: Garden Totem With a Light Installed

Sweet idea!!! Cindy ;)

Re: A Touch of Class

Another great idea o'queen of junk!! Cindy ;)

Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

Very the idea!! Cindy ;)

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

You're a lucky junker! WA2COOL!!! I'd love to see what becomes of these finds! Cindy ;)

Re: Is anyone going to the 650 mile garage sale this week?

This is our first year...our plan is to start in Van Wert, Ohio and head south on Thursday. We're only hittin' the trail for 2 days so we have no idea where we'll end up!!! Happy Junkin' & be safe!!

Re: Garden Junk Totems

WOW!!! $40! I sold a couple of them at the Springfield (OH) Flea Market in May for $15. I try to keep my cost low (visioning my huge black lab toying with one-yikes!). Although the first one I made for my mom probably cost me $20 in materials. I'm located in NW Ohio.

Re: ~ Vintage Ornament Wreaths ~


Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Super idea!!!

Re: Garden Junk Totems

Glad you like them! I use a waterproof adhesive that can bond glass and ceramics. If can be found at your local hardware or a mass retailer that has a hardware section.

Re: Nature's Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer's Market

I LOVE the garden dishflowwas!!! Super neat gift idea for the gardener with my Mom. How do you attach the copper 'stem' to the dish?

I appreciate each of you that take the time to share your ideas on this wonderful site. As a mom of 3 and working full time, it doesn't allow much creative time, but JMS energizes me!!!