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Valve Handle Bonanza

Ok, this isn't a finished project...yet!...but I was so thrilled with this gift from a neighbor that I couldn't wait to share it. I was so giddy that I found myself overcompensating with a...

Junky Chicken Coop

This henhouse was constructed using old fence boards and recycled cedar shakes from the neighbor's roofing job. As the roofing guys were removing the old shakes I asked where they took the old...

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Re: Fairy House

i love this! all the random, unconnected items are used in such a creative way. great job!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

I just bought my copy of Junk Beautiful last! Talk about right up my alley! My grandfather, who passed away last April at the age of 99, was a garbage man his entire life working life. I inherited a warehouse full of beautifully aged junk - amazing collection. So anyhow, I was flipping through the magazine and nearly fell off my chair when i saw the refrigerator magnets made from old game peices. Here's very first task at my very first job (in 1974, when I was 13 years old) was to collate those game cards and put them into a plastic bag! my parents were partners in the company that manufactured that product, called 'Fraction Dominoes' and my father was a co-developer of that product. Thanks for the great magazine and especially for the opportunity to share with other junkers!